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Day 3

Hello Everyone :)

Welcome to the Bigg Boss 6 Daily Discussion Thread (DDT) Big smile 

DDT: This DDT is for daily episode discussion wherein everyone who is watching the show can post the happenings, incidents etc from the day's show and then discussions ensue on these happenings.

Updates: We have our coolbie gypsy2525 to give us regular update. Smile  It is a request to all members not to post before 
gypsy2525 reserve her post for update and also not before the episode begins. All such posts will be deleted. Every day episode starts @ 9 pm I.S.T.

A humble request to all members not to chit chat in this DDT thread as many members like to read about members views on the episode and sometime they find it hard reading about it if there is lot of general chit chat across the pages. Hope you all understand.

About the show:
 The recordings of a couple of days are edited and encapsulated into an entertainment package. Hence what we get to see may be discontinuous and incomplete truth.

Every day the DDT will be posted before the episode begins by BB6 DT. Have patience, if and when it is late by few mins. Embarrassed

IF COC and BB6 Section Rules are applicable for all DDT posts. 
Please go through them.

Remember : "The only way to win an argument is to avoid it."

Suggestions are welcome. Have fun.

THANK YOU Big smile

Enjoy & Have Fun!!!

BB6 Development Team 
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Posted: 2012-10-10T09:15:48Z
It is a request to all members not to post before gypsy2525 reserve her post for update and also not before the episode begins.


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Posted: 2012-10-10T09:24:12Z
10th October 2012
Bigg Boss Season 6
Written Updates 


Its 5.15 am and sapna and ashka are doing the task for the luxury budget. Dinesh goes to wake Sidhu for the task and they both have  good laugh because sidhu wants to sleep .
8m- Wake up call is tip tip barsa paani. Urvashi aunty is full on with Sayantini. Rajeev ,veerjee delnaz dance . Sapna declares she hates mornings. Ouch
8.15 am- Sapna pulls Dinesh's leg and says he hit her and now who will marry her after having scars .Then she chants ullu banaya .bada mazaa aaya . Big smile
8.30 am- Sidhu teases dinesh that he is brushing filmi and raavan style. He has actually brushed for 15 minutes!!!
Rajeev ,urvashi and aashka are in the kitchen and they tell sayantini that karishma was shirking cleaning the bathroom work. Dinesh is still in the bathroom talking to cameras. Delnaz looks at him amusedly.
9.55 am - Sana says she was called in Bigg Boss because she had done a controversial ad for Amul Macho Underwear ad . She says people had burnt her posters and she wonders that she was fully covered up but was condemned for giving solid expressions. 
10 m - Sapna braids Delnaaz's hair who is dressed traditionally . Delu says she is waiting for something to happen and she will reveal it only when it happens . Rajeev comments on her salwar kameez and says this is my favourite outfit. 
Gulaabo makes Sapna wear a pink sari and sapna looks whacky dancing .LOL 
12 pm - Delnaz tells rajeev to go and call the captain in the bathroom. She tells niketan that when people are 
free they should come and help. He complains that kashif does'nt do any work . Rajeev tells delu that he will send sana and kashif to broom the place up. 
12.15pm- Sidhu and gulbo teach sapna to whistle 
12.30 pm- Sidhu tells rajeev that he had a deep conversation with delu . He says that she said it was over . Rajeev says he has no ego at all. 
Rajeev says he can transfer all his properties on her name .  He says he used to be outside her house with her not opening the door and threatening to call the police .Siddhu tells him that he is his elder brother and he will make sure that delu will get back to him ,but he has to make efforts. Rajeev says he is willing to do anything. Niketan tells karishma she is losing her hold on loverboy. She says she's made him her brother . 
She goes to the area where sana and kashif are working and karishma remembers she wants to get something from the bedroom.
Kashif says honey I will go and get it. Sana says Honey ke bunny tum kaam kar do .
Siddhu calls Delu and Rajeev Mr and Mrs Joker . Rajeev says delu ne mere ko ghar se bahar nikaala. Delu is wearing her joker's costume 
and rajeev helps her to zip up. Delu does'nt like it . She later tells Veerjee that she is not liking being linked up with Rajeev. She says she has moved on in life . She says everyone has a past and she does,nt want the pages to be reopened. 
Rajeev and Gulaabo are in the kitchen and he asks her about her family. She says she has a son and 3 girls. She says she runs an orphanage and has 90 sewing units .
2.30 pm - BB announces that the luxury budget related task is over . 
4.45 pm - Niketan tells that his kitchen duty starts. 
6 pm - He says he got a warning from rajeev not to be too touchy feely and he says till today I have never listened to anyone and I will break that guy's finger. 
9.15 pm - Sayantini is taking a walk in the garden and she hears someone calling to her . 
Kashif complains to Aseem about Rajeev .Aseem tells him to talk it out with rajeev .He tells Sidhu that he does'nt want to eat food 
cooked by rajeev.
BB calls Niketan to the confession room and asks him who were the least and most contributors in the task. 
Niketan says Rajeev contributed the most and Siddhu the least. He has to tell all the housemates whose names he has taken. 

All are discussing the items to order against their luxury budget. Aashka tells Niketan that all are concerned for the coffee because it is very 
expensive . Rest of the housemates want poha in place of coffee. Asha ka says everyone is willing to give up coffee. Vrajesh is irritated . Rajeev says that he has not taken anything of his choice. 
12 am- Urvashi tells Niketan that Karishma and Sana are willing to forego coffee. She says because it was available everyone had it .
Niketan says that he has chicken twice a day and urvashi says she has ham ,bacon ,sausages etc.. War of the food starts LOL
Day 3 comes to an end . 

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Posted: 2012-10-10T09:31:50Z
Nirahua is going to wake up Sidhu to do the task. Sapna is asking ASeem "susu aa rahi hai?" ROFL.
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Posted: 2012-10-10T09:33:21Z
Gypsy thanks for the update
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Posted: 2012-10-10T09:33:35Z
lol, Sidhu wants to sleep. Nirhua is laughing bcause he wont get to sleep in the day and will have to stay up 24hrs day. 

lol, he's saying let's plead to BB to give tasks for only 12hrs not 24hrs. Why aren't you letting us sleep. Aww. 
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Posted: 2012-10-10T09:34:13Z
Nirahua shut up already
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Posted: 2012-10-10T09:34:20Z
Everyone wakes up to tip tip Barsa pani. Task wale dance kar rahe hain. Especially Urvashi.
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