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Hi All, After a long long time another one in the Life's Moments Series(if you dont know much about this series ... its a series of OS each of which deals with a day in happy married life of ArHi) , This one is a result of my rants on how much Arnav's other relatives have been taking his money for granted,but his lawfully wedded wife, still needs a upgrade in her wardrobe... Please do read and enjoy and yeah let me know what you think Big smile

For my other works in this series, here is my Index:51533738  
Life's Moments- Lets go Shopping
Arnav came into his bedroom carrying the file which has the family's expediture list...

As he entered he saw kushi sitting in the recliner stitching something.
"What are you doing?"
"some sewing"
"I can see that... I meant to ask why are you doing it.. it seems like one of your old dresses"
"haan... this stitch has come off at the seams for this kameez. So I am just stitching it up"
"What is the need.. you can araamsey go for a new one"
"New one? just because the stitches have gone? you must be crazy"
"Crazy? me? unbelievable!"
"then what.. why should we spend unnecessarily when it can be  sewn?"
"No Kushi, I am serious, why dont you go for shopping and get yourself a new one?"
"I will go as soon as I have saved enough for that"
"What the"
"what? what the?"
"excuse me? but did I hear that you are saving money to get clothes for ..  why cant you ask me?"
"no thats alright"
"No it is not Alright..." he said pullingout his wallet "take one or two of my credit cards... you dont have to save money to get things for yourself Kushi"
"No No.. Thats not required Arnavji... Actually I dont need new dresses.. I have enough"
"Rubbish" he said and started dialing Aman's number
"Hello, yeah  Aman, open a new credit line immediately for Kushi's wardrobe at AR... yes thats right... yes... confirm once it is done"

he cut the call and looked at her..
"there... you dont have to carry credit cards even... I have made arrangements so that you can just drop in at one of our showrooms and pick up whatever you like"
"What was the need to do this?  I have enough dresses"
"yes, thats why you keep stitching this right?.. come on now, I am taking you for shopping"
"No... I am fine.. Arnavji... I shall get some when I really need it... when I have saved enough.."
"Ok.. Now I get it... you dont want to use my money.. isnt it?" Arnav asked her a bit offended that his wife doesnt feel she has the right to use his money.
"Nothing like that...I.. you are getting it all wrong"
Arnav looked at the file which has a bunch of Anjali's credit card bills and Mami's credit card bill... When his sister, mami and every other relative had been rightfully using his money, his wife, his lawfully wedded wife who has more right on his money than anyone else had been having second thoughts on exercising her right...
He knelt down beside her, keeping the file on the bed. He took the dress that she was stitching from her hands maing sure that she didnt get pricked by the needle.

"Kushi, You are my wife ...You have every right to use my-No- Our money... and Its offending when I think that you dont feel it is your right to use the money that I have earned..."

But Kushi brushed it off
"Arnavji, you are reading toomuch inbetween the lines.. I never felt that way"
"Ok if you havent felt that way, then come with me now, we will go for shopping"
"Arnavji... " she sighed, trying to take her kameez back from him to resume her sewing
But Arnav pulled the kameez away from her reach and threw it on the bed.
"I am sorry Kushi.. I never even realised, that your needs have to be taken care of.. I just assumed that you would do it yourself like the others in the family do...I never realised, my wife would have to be forced to use her own rights"
"what the? you are over reacting on this"
"over reacting ? me? ok alright... you bring your savings... I am taking you for shopping now" Arnav told her in hope that when the  bill has to be paid he can pay it off...
"No Arnavji... I cant spend it now..."
"I am saving it for someother purpose..."
"what purpose..."
"your birthday is coming up and I.." Kushi shut up realising she is blabbering her plans for his birthday..."No forget whatever I said..I need the money for something else"

"Oh really...I have had enough of this Kushi... come right now with me" Arnav told her dragging her out of the room down the stairs towards the entrance to RM
"where are you dragging me Arnav ji" Kushi kept asking him, trying to ease his tight grip on her hand with the other hand.
"Chotey? what happened? why are you pulling Kushiji like this? surely you both are not fighting again are you?" Anjali asked her brother from the hall
"No Di, we are just going out for a while."  he smoothly informed her and pulled his wife out, shutting the door behind them.
"Arnavji.. why do you behave like this.. what will they think?"

" Shutup and get into the car"
Kushi glared at him for a while but eventually then got into the car
"Are you Angry Kushi?" he asked her while driving on the road.
but Kushi was giving him silent treatment.
"When you think that you have the right to spend your savings on me... Dont you think I have equal rights to spend my savings on you?" he asked her.
Kushi looked at him for a instant, he was smiling at her. She turned to look outside and they did not speak much after that...

Arnav stopped the car at one of the showrooms which looked expensive.
"Come. this is one of AR's exquisite collection showrooms" He informed her.
Kushi tentatively got out of the car and stared at the clay models adorned with expensive outfits. Arnav looked at his wife's discomfort and simply tok her hand tenderly and went in.

Soon there was a buzz of staff, coming in to take care of their Boss's and his Wife's needs. But Arnav didnt wait for them to show the collections, He simply wet ahead and picked up a handful of beautiful suits.. Kushi who stood beside him kept gasping looking at the prices.

"Try these out.. the trial rooms are over there" He told her
"No Arnavji.. these suits are all..."
"they are traditional  kushi... and trendy too... I knwo you will be comfortable in these..."
"No Arnavji... The prices are too high.. I dont want to ..."
But Arnav cut her in quickly, grabbing her hand and walking her towards the changing rooms...
"What are doing Arnavji.. people are watching us"
"Then better stop talking about prices and try these suits..."
"Arnavji.. I"
"I am not paying for these.. because it is already ours.. got it?" he told her shutting her up unitl they reached the changing rooms

he opened one of the trial rooms and pulled her in and shut it
"What are you doing?" she asked him
"What ? I want to try these on you"
"why did you come in and shut the door?"
" because you are so much fussing and also I want to make sure that they fit properly" he winked at her, making her to open her mouth in perfect O.

A few minutes later, the staff saw their boss emerge out with his flustered wife, and gave one of the staffs to pack most of the dresses that he had picked and asked someone else to put two of those dresses back in the collection.

Kushi saw him paying for the dresses and enquired him about what he had said about owning the dresses already..
"Oh that... I do it so that the accounts are clear" he explained her and they walked off towards the car..

Arnav noticed that Kushi was silent again
"what happened kushi?"
"Didnt you like our collection here? I can take you to another Showroom then... or maybe some other fashion house owned outlet?"
"No No.. I liked them...all of them... I was only little ...hmm no nothing.. thanks a lot" Kushi blurted out smiling at him
Arnav smiled back at her but understood that she was still uncomfortable with the entire shopping agenda and got another plan to cheer her up.

The car screeched to halt and Kushi snapped out of her reverie noticing that Arnav actually stopped the car in Chandini chowk area...
"Chandini Chowk?" Kushi wondered aloud...
"Hmm... you like shopping here right?
"But we just shopped"
"we will shop again... at your favorite place... " he informed her simply

"But... You dont have to do this... You are spoiling me..." She told him
"No this is not called spoiling... this is called pampering... I am allowed to pamper my wife... Aint I? " he asked her taking her hand in his once again... pulled her into the crowd, She smiled at him lovingly...
"And by the way I forgot...no pom poms... and no velvet suits.. and no rainbow suits as well...ok? I wont pay for those"  he said winking at her, earning a whack in return...
-The end!


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Posted: 7 years ago
nice one...lovely OS...loved the Carring arnav..
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Posted: 7 years ago
awww so sweet...Embarrassednice 1...
nd thnks fr d pm dear...Smile
loved it...Smile
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Posted: 7 years ago
Loved it Vi.. really really hope they show us some normal scenes like these Smile
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Posted: 7 years ago
he's lovely!!Smile

Thanks for nice post
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Posted: 7 years ago
wish this happens in the show!!! khushi seriously needs some good salwar kameejs. 
beautiful os...loved it
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Posted: 7 years ago
Absolutely adorable! Khushi should go ahead and spend on everything she wishes to purchase otherwise Arnav's wealth will lie around idle and on Manorama mami's jewelry and Laxmi's fodder while Khushi writes 300 rupee lautane wale documents LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
hey vi grt os...they shud show such day to day moments in arhi's life nw...its high time!!! LOL
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