OS - Wo jo dabi si aanch baaki hai

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Hi guys!

Penned down an OS on special request from Amby. Big smile Hope you'll like it.

P.S. - It's quite long.

P.S.2 - RK-PK here are not only Pihu's parents, but the man and wife.


OS - Wo jo dabi si aanch baaki hai

It is Rahul's birthday party. The scene continues from where Ram is talking to an acquaintance. Ram is standing with Ayesha who is preening proudly, astonished to get so much of attention from Ram, this soon. Priya is standing a little behind Ram, in an earshot.


Mr. A - Mr. Kapoor, maine suna hai aap abhi abhi hospital se laute hain? Aapko dekhkar lagta nahi ki aap kal tak critical they. How are you now?

Ram - I am fine, Mr. Aggarwal. Thank you so much.

Mr. A - I must say Mr. Kapoor, aapko dekhkar yahi lagta hai ki aapke paas koi magic wand hai jisse aap itni jaldi itne fit ho gaye.

Ram - You are right Mr. Aggarwal. Magic wand toh hai aur wo koi aur nahi, meri wife hi hai- (he looks at Priya with a smirk and then at Ayesha) Ayesha. She is the one who healed me back to life.

Listening to Ram calling Ayesha his wife was like thousands of knives slicing through Priya's heart. Her eyes reflect the immense pain his words are causing her.

Ram - Infact, jab se hospital se aaya hoon, I feel like I have been leased a new life, all thanks to dear Ayesha.

He beams at Ayesha and then throws a glance towards Priya. He can see her rooted at the spot, tears brimming in her eyes. He wants to feel good at hurting her back but somehow, instead of satisfaction, all he feels is uneasiness and discomfort seeing her like this.

Just then Vikram announces for everyone to hit the dance floor with their partners. Ayesha asks Ram for a dance. Ram, not wanting to miss any chance of hurting Priya, extends his arm to her and they both hit the dance floor.


He places his hand at Ayesha's waist gingerly, maintaining some distance between them while dancing. (Now now, bhale hi Priya ko J karne ke liye kar raha hai ye sab... but, dance, that too with Conda! Uncomfortable toh hoga hi na bechara)

They start revolving on the dance floor. As soon as his eyes hit Priya, standing at the same place, he pulls Ayesha a bit closer and beams his biggest smile at her.

Priya, witnessing all this silently, tries to hold back her tears. Un-named emotions writhe inside her. Is it hurt; pain; anger or jealousy which she is feeling, seeing him so close to someone else?

She goes to a table, his eyes never leaving her, and picks up a glass of water.  She gulps down the whole glass at a go and coughs vehemently. Ram almost pulls his hands away from Ayesha to go to her but stops seeing someone else.

Rajat - Priya. Are you ok?

Rajat rubs her back and offers her his kerchief.

Ram's temper hits the roof as he watches Rajat comforting Priya.

"Anjaane mein hi sahi, but bahut pasand kiya hai main use." Rajat's words ring in his ears. This increases Ram's anger even more.

'How dare you, Rajat?' he seethes with rage, seeing him brush back a strand of hair behind her ear.

There, Priya is unmindful of either Rajat's or Ram's feelings at the moment. She thanks Rajat with a smile, unaware of the fact that even she talking with Rajat is making Ram burn with jealousy.

Unaware of Ram's emotions, Rajat tries to make Priya feel comfortable with his small talks. (Try as much, I just can't write nice things about this character, even in an OS, more than this. Sorry guys) Priya, though is listening to him with a smile on her face, her gaze still wavers towards Ram, every now and then.

At one such instance, their eyes meet and hold each other in a gaze. Both of them could see hurt and pain in each other's eyes.

Priya (through her eyes) - Why are you doing this to me, Ram?

Ram (through his eyes) - How dare you allow this Rajat to get so close to you, Priya?


Just then, Pihu comes to her mumma and pulls her dupatta.

Pihu - Mumma, idhar aao na.

Priya - Kya hua Pihu?

Pihu, taking her hand and dragging her away from Rajat - Kuchh nahi, chalo mere sath.

She drags Priya to the dance floor, where Ram and Ayesha are dancing. With one hand holding Priya's, she pulls Ram's jacket with another.

Ram (looking down at her) - Pihu?

Pihu - Papa, aap ye kya kar rahe ho?

Ram - matlab?

Pihu - Uff ho! Itne bade ho gaye par itna bhi nahi pata. Sab mummy-papa ek sath dance karte hain. Toh aap kyun in aunty ke sath dance kar rahe ho? Aapko toh mumma ke sath dance karna chaahiye.

Priya - Pihu?!!

Pihu, ignoring Priya's embarrassment - Papa, lao do apna haath idhar. (She pulls away Ram's hand from Ayesha's waist and puts it in Priya's hand) Chalo, ab Pihu ke mummy-papa dance karenge aur Pihu unki photo legi. Rahul bhaiyya ki tarah.

She beams at both of them.

They both look at each other and then away, embarrassed to the core.

Pihu - karo na dance! Dekho, kitna achchha song start ho gaya. Pata hai papa, ye mumma ka fav song hai, "O re piya".

Impatiently, she puts Ram's hand on Priya's waist and Priya's hand on his. Then flashing a smile to them both, she leaves the dance floor.

They look at each other helplessly. Ram slowly pulls her a li'l closer as Priya hesitantly places her hand on his chest. They both take each other's hands and start moving to the song.

Their minds race back to the time when they first danced together. It's the same situation today also. The same awkwardness, same hesitancy and same uneasiness. Their hearts were distanced then, just like now. The only difference is that unlike before, their hearts are broken. And that too by each other, the only ones capable to mend them back.

The hurt in their hearts are overpowering the love in there.

Priya (trying to break the ice) - Ram...

Ram - Mr. Kapoor to you, lady. I am Ram only to loved ones.

There. He slices her heart again.

Priya (recovering from the stab) - Sorry. Mr. Kapoor. I am happy that Pihu...

Ram - Please, mujhe tumse Pihu ke bare mein koi behas nahi karni hai. Pihu mere paas rahegi and that's it.

Priya - Maine Pihu ko promise kiya hai ki main use chhod kar kabhi nahi jaoongi.

Ram - Just like the one you made to me? Yaad hai, tumne mujhse bhi yahi promise kiya tha?

Saying this, he pulls away from her.

She looks at him, tears welling in her eyes.

Priya - I am sorry...

Ram - Excuse me, I need to go to my wife.

He looks at her with a piercing gaze and leaves from there.


Priya is standing in a corner, checking her phone when Rajat comes to her with a plate of food. Ram has his eyes on both of them, throughout. She bites on a chilli and Rajat goes to fetch her glass of water.

Ram(offering her water) - ye lo.

He comes to her with a glass of water. She hesitates but takes the glass and drinks the water.

Ram - kaafi khayaal rakhta hai ye Rajat tumhara, nahi?

Priya doesn't answer. She can read the jealousy in his eyes.

Ram - Toh, when is the party? I am sure Rajat ne poori planning kar li hogi. He is a damn good planner!

Priya (sizing him up) - Theek keh rahe hain aap. Rajat sir bahut help karte hain meri. He is really a nice person.

Serpents start writhing in Ram's stomach, hearing her. He takes the plate away from her and pulls her into an empty room.

Ram - Chal kya raha hai tumhari life mein, damnit?

Priya - Mr. Kapoor, aap apni life mein aage badh chuke hain toh aapko kya fark padhta hai ki meri life mein kya ho raha hai kya nahi? I am happy for you and wish you best of luck. Main aur kuchh nahi kehna chaahti.

Saying this, she makes a move towards the door. Ram holds her arm and swings her towards himself.

Ram - Exactly. You are right, as always. I am very happy in my life and I am sure ki tum sach mein mujhe khush dekhkar bahut khush ho. Aakhir yahi toh chaahti thi na tum? Ki main life mein aage badh jaaoon. (Sarcasm dripping from his voice) Main janta tha ki tum bahut khush hogi. Par phir tumhaari aankhon mein mujhe wo khushi dikh kyun nahi rahi hai?

Priya looks up at him.

Ram - Bolo Priya, tumhari aankhon mein mujhe wo khushi dikh kyun nahi rahi hai?

Priya - Mr. Kapoor, chhodiye mujhe.. Mujhe jana hai. (She tries very hard and manages to get away from his grip and walks towards the door)

Ram (taunting her) - Main jaanta hoon ki tumhein kahan jana hai. Jao, waise bhi Rajat baahar tumhara wait kar raha hoga.

She turns around and walks back to him.

Priya - Aapki problem kya hai Mr. Kapoor? Baar baar Rajat sir ko kyun hamare beech mein la rahe hain aap?

Ram - Main nahi la raha use beech mein. Wo khud hi aa gaya hai. Infact, ab toh mujhe aisa lag raha hai ki main hi tum dono ke beech mein aa raha hoon.

Priya - Enough Mr. Kapoor! Aap naaraaz hain mujhse toh iska matlab ye nahi ki aap kuchh bhi ulta seedha bolenge aur main sunti rahungi. Aap mere aur Rajat sir ke bare mein aisa soch bhi kaise sakte hain? It's so disgusting!

Ram - Achchha? Toh kya kar raha tha wo tumhaare sath baahar party mein?

Priya (almost losing it because of his unfounded accusation) - Wahi jo Ayesha aapke sath kar rahi thi.

Ram (thundering in rage) - Ayesha is nothing to me! Sirf naam ki biwi hai wo meri.

Priya - Same here. Rajat sir is nothing to me. Wo sirf insaaniyat ke naate custody case mein meri help kar rahe hain.

Ram (snorting) - Tumhein kya lagta hai ki main bevkoof hoon? Mujhe kuchh samajh nahi aata? Wo tumhaare Rajat sir, mujhse khud mere apne ghar mein, mere apne room mein, mujhe keh ke gaye hain ki wo MERI biwi se pyaar karta hai!! Ki wo tumse, yaani ki MERI Priya se pyaar karta hai, damnit!!!

She is stunned hearing this.

Priya (finding her voice) - Ye aap... kya... I am sure aapko... aapko kuchh galatfehmi hui hai Mr. Kapoor... aisa nahi ho sakta...

Ram - Galatfehmi? Yeah, right! Arey mere hi kehne par usne tumse pyaar karna seekha aur...

Priya - Ek minute. Aapke kehne par matlab? Aapne Rajat sir ko...?

She eyes him hard as he looks away in anger.

Priya (switching to the sherni avatar) - How could you Ram? How dare you? Aap apne dost ko apni hi biwi se... chhee!! Aapki himmat kaise hui ye sab karne ki? Kisne diya aapko ye haq?

Ram - Haq ki baat kar rahi ho tum? Arey, tumhein kisne haq diya meri life ke decision lene ka? Tumhare bina life mein main aage badhoon ya na badhoon, ye decide karne wali tum kaun hoti ho? Aur rahi baat Rajat ki, toh mujhe kya pata tha ki uski Pooja meri hi Priya hai? Tum toh mar chuki thi na hum sab ke liye?

This silenced Priya.

Priya (realizing that what he said was true, calms down a bit) - Aap sahi keh rahe hain Mr. Kapoor. Ye sara mess meri galti ki wajah se create hua hai. I am sorry. Main... main poori koshish karungi ye sab theek karne ki... I will..

Ram (raging) - Kya theek kar dogi tum? Mere wo 5 saal waapas la dogi? Maine jo pal tumhari yaad mein mar mar ke bitaayein hain unhein palat dogi?

His eyes pierce through her, making her shiver.

Ram - Tell you what? Tumhein kuchh karne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Tum jao wapas Dubai... Rajat ke sath apni zindagi jiyo. Main jaisa hoon, mujhe waisa hi rehne do. Please, mere liye aur koi sacrifice karne ki zaroorat nahi hai tumhein.

This hurts her like anything.

Priya (shooting ambers from her eyes) - Kya kaha aapne? Sacrifice? Mere pyaar ko sacrifice keh rahe hain aap?

Ram - Pyaar? Please Priya, ye shabd tumhare muh se achchha nahi lagta. Aur waise bhi ab hum dono ke beech is shabd ke koi maayne nahi reh gaye hain. Ab meri life mein Ayesha hai aur tumhari life mein...

Priya - Ayesha, Ayesha, Ayesha!!!!

She walks closer to him and grabs his jacket's collar.

Priya - Enough Ram! Main jaanti hoon ki aap ye sab mujhe dikhane ke liye, mujhe hurt karne ke liye kar rahe hain. Main jaanti hoon ki Ayesha ka status kya hai aapki life mein.

Stumped by her bold move and the proximity, Ram is lost for any retort.

Priya - Kya mil raha hai aapko mujhe sataa kar? Kyun kar rahe hain ye sab mere sath? Main jaanti hoon ki maine jo galti ki hai uski maafi milna bahut mushkil hai. Main jaanti hoon ki aap mujhse naaraaz hain. Aur agar aap naaraaz hain toh mujh par chillaaiye, gussa kijiye. Agar aap chaahte hain ki main aapki life se chali jaaoon toh seedhe seedhe mujhe bol dijiye. But is tarah mujhe til til kar ke maariye mat! Aap jaante hain ki main aapse kitna pyaar karti hoon. Aap jaante hain ki mere liye aapko kisi aur ke sath dekhna kitna mushkil hai par phir bhi aap baar baar Ayesha.. Ayesha.. Ayesha kiye ja rahe hain...

Ram - Achchha? Itna hi mushkil hai tumhare liye toh kyun chhod ke chali gayi thi mujhe? Aur ab jab main aage badh gaya hoon toh tumhein taqleef ho rahi hai?

Priya - Haan, ho rahi hai taqleef!

Ram - Kyun? Tab kyun nahi hui thi taqleef jab mujhe chhod ke chali gayi thi? Tab kyun nahi bura laga tha jab soch rahi thi ki main life main aage badh jaaoon? (he grips both her arms tightly) Tum chaahe jo marzi karo, hum dono ki zindagi ke faisle akele karo, chaahe jaise bhi sulook karo mere sath aur mujhse umeed karti ho ki main properly behave karoon?

She shrugs herself away from him.

Priya - I know it damnit! Mujhe pata hai ki maine galti ki hai.

Karte hain hum

Aaj qabool kya keeje

Ho gaye thi jo

Humse bhool kya keeje...

She sobs hard.

Priya - Galti nahi, gunah kiya hai! But ab kya karoon main? Ho gayi mujhse galti. Chaahne aur us chaah ko sach hote dekhne mein bahut fark hai. Jaanti hoon ki main hi chaahti thi ki aap aage badh jaayein par jab aapko kisi aur ke sath dekha toh bardaasht nahi hua... kyunki aap mane ya na mane... (she grabs his collar again) par sach yahi hai ki main aaj bhi aapse utna hi pyaar karti hoon jitna pehle karti thi. I love you damnit! I really, really do!

She breaks down on his chest, his collar still clutched in her hands.

His tears also find way out and flow inhibited. Involuntarily, his hands embrace his weeping wife in a warm hug; all the anger, all pain, all hurt forgotten for the moment.

Dil keh raha hai

Use mayassar

Kar bhi aao

Wo jo dabi si

Aas baaki hai

Wo jo dabi si

Aanch baaki hai...

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WOOT Thanks Partner!!!!

I Absolutely LOVED this girl! This is EXACTLY what i wanted! I wanted the whole dance thing, and then him pulling her aside, and especially what I wanted was for him to tell her that it doesnt matter what happens with Ayesha because there's nothing in between them but Rajat is in love with her! THAT IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! And you totally made it happen and of course added your own fabulous Punya Touches to make it perfect!! ROFL. We are truly telepathic girl! hahahaa

Love you babe!!
And yes, i did read this at 4 am. and yes i did sleep but it was at 6. LOL. And yes I will be paying for it in class today. LOL


BIIIGGG HUGGG daaarling! Wink

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Fabulous awesome kash aesai hi ho.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap Edited by jakther - 2012-10-04T05:42:38Z
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Originally posted by azk92


Abay! Someone make her sleep yaar! Loitering around on IF itni raat ko. Kyun?
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Originally posted by PunyaS

Originally posted by azk92


Abay! Someone make her sleep yaar! Loitering around on IF itni raat ko. Kyun?

I just came to check something and then saw your post ROFL! Chalo im going to sleep, will comment on this tomorrow morning! Goodnight babe!
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Awesomely written AmbyBig smileClapClap..thanks for the PM..StarStarStarStarStar
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Originally posted by PunyaS

Originally posted by azk92


Abay! Someone make her sleep yaar! Loitering around on IF itni raat ko. Kyun?
She is an official OWL. Chill maar yaar
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