OS: Possessive Little Raizada

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Posted: 10 years ago

Another random OS. It is based once again on Arhi and their son.LOL Someone requested for an OS like this. So this goes out to her. Sorry I don't remember your name.Embarrassed

and for the one who requested an angsty OS, that is coming up too. Give me sometime.
And please note, I'm not accepting any buddy requests becoz I don't believe in sending out PMs to anyone. If you were destined to read this story, you will manage to find it somehow.LOL
"You came home early today." Khushi said, still concentrating on her favorite serial on the tv, when Arnav stepped into their bedroom after returning home from work.

"Yeah, coz tomorrow is the beginning of my long one month vacation. And I thought we should start celebrating from tonight itself." Arnav replied, walking towards the recliner and removing his shoes and socks and undressing himself. In the centre of the room, a huge pile of lego blocks were scattered and his two year old son was trying to construct something with it, occasionally looking at the tv when some song started playing on it.

"I was thinking maybe we could go on a week long trip to Switzerland. Weren't you always pestering me to take you to Switzerland after watching DDLJ?" Arnav chuckled, as he went to the bathroom.

"But Arnav, won't Arush feel cold over there? He might fall sick. Let's go somewhere a bit warmer." He heard Khushi's reply from the bedroom.

Washing his hands and face and wiping himself clean, Arnav returned back to the room, and climbed on the bed beside her.

"I was thinking of leaving behind Arush at your Buaji's place." Arnav whispered, lying on the bed behind her as he pulled her backwards on his chest.

"Arnav! Haww…" Khushi stared at him dumfounded with her mouth open wide, scandalized at his suggestion.

But then, both of them weren't aware of Arush, whose neck had turned in their direction at the mention of his name and was now staring at his parents, especially his Papa.

"Come on Khushi. It will be like a honeymoon." He winked at her. "And Arush loves Buaji right? He'll enjoy the change." He added, kissing her neck, hugging her tightly from behind.

But before he could complete, he felt a light smack on his arm and found a furious pair of tiny hazel eyes glaring at him.

"This, my Mamma." Arush protested angrily with his husky tiny baby voice as he desperately tried to free his mother from his father's grip.

Both Khushi and Arnav stared at their son completely flabbergasted with his sudden behavior.

"Arrghh… arrghh…" Arush growled, showing his tiny white teeth, using all his strength to push away Arnav.

"What the!" Arnav let go of Khushi, before his son could start getting violent with him.

"Bot the!" Arush imitated his father, as he propped himself between his parents and stood in front of Khushi, blocking her from his father's view. And he turned around to hug his mother fiercely, showering her cheek with cute pecks and turning around to glare at his father in between. "My Mamma…" he said smiling at his mother as dimples curved his chubby cheeks, and started telling her something incomprehensible in his baby language.

Khushi silently nodded, smiling back at Arush, one second looking at her son while the other second looking at her completely baffled husband. "And you are my rashgulla." She said, pulling his cheeks and kissing him all over his face.

"Ermm… can I also join this mother and son hug and kiss session?" Arnav asked awkwardly, confused at what just happened a few minutes earlier, reaching out to hug both of them. But as soon as he touched Khushi, he received one more light smack from his son.

"My mamma. Arggghhh…" Arush growled, scrunching his nose as he pushed away his father's hand, while Khushi burst out laughing seeing her son's antics. And before he could react, Arush climbed down the bed and within a second, came back with a lego block and started poking his father's hand with it.

"Ow!" Arnav groaned, wondering whether to laugh or cry at his son's antics.

"Lard Governor! I can see that your son is very possessive about his mother just like you. Looks like we have to take him to Switzerland along with us. Isn't it, my possessive little Raizada?" Khushi asked, cradling her son in her arms, as she tickled his tummy, while Arnav stared at the duo helplessly with his puppy eyes accepting his defeat in front of his son.

"Not fair!" Arnav whined and buried his head on the bed.

"As if you are any less possessive." Khushi replied, rolling her eyes, as the entire room filled with their silly laughter.

Posted: 10 years ago
Aww!!Arush is so SO like his Papa!!!Cute!!Thumbs Up
Posted: 10 years ago
Adorable! I already want to hug ArushHug Seems like such a cutie Heart
Posted: 10 years ago
Dat was choo chweEt Tongue just luv al d arush o.s!!:-)
Posted: 10 years ago
I was the one who requested you and I am destined so I am here...I have to read...

I am really enjoyed that was beautiful...lol he was too possessive..bot theLOL

Arnav is also not less he wants to go second honeymoon where his son never ever allow him to touch his mom...wow.Love it..
Edited by riafna - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago
Love love love this.. soo adorbale, khushi is lucky to have such protective and possessive men in her life.. her little world..

Soo sweet!! <3
Posted: 10 years ago
like father  , LOLlike son
Posted: 10 years ago
I do remember telling you that i like such stories containing arshi and their kid
I would love to watch some thing like this on the dhow as well

But the update was sooo cute !
Jaisa baap waisa beta! Angry and possessive young babby :P
And i am falling in love with arush more!
Adorable little boy ! Loved bits of arshi's romance as well :)
In short fabulous ! And keep writing such stuffs rather than those sad ones
Since you are very well aware of the consequences afer that ! :P

And indeed i was lucky to come across this os
Love you!Edited by shreya0305 - 10 years ago

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