FF Western twist to BALH

Posted: 2012-09-27T22:22:39Z
Hi Guys,
I am new here. I generally do not watch many Hindi serials. Only limited to Ram Kapoor. Although I like the new twist in BALH of raging Bull Ram. I have some additions to the story line. So my FF starts from the day Ram is out of hospital.
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Posted: 2012-09-27T22:42:26Z
where is the FF..? Plz Update soon
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Posted: 2012-09-27T23:06:41Z

Ram regains consciousness. The ward comes to ask him if he should let everyone in the room. Ram asks him to request his family to wait. He dresses up and goes to the waiting lounge where he finds all of them waiting to see him. Ram looks around the room for Priya. Rams asks soumya where Priya is ? Soumya : She is in the temple praying for your health.

Ram : (With a smirk) Sure !! Can you call her and ask her to meet me. I wish to meet her right now, this instant.

S: (calls Priya) Bhabhi, Bappa ko hosh aa gaya hai. Aur wo app ke bare mein puch rahe hain. Aapse milna chahte hai abhi. Kaafi gusse mein hai.

P : Unko bolo mein aa rahi hoon. With teary eyes she starts running. And then suddenly she stops. He is angry. That means he is not himself. And to get him to be the Ram I know I need to act wisely. She looks at the idol and bows her head one last time.

She asks everyone where he is. Soumya tells her he is in that room. While she is walking to the room. She feels this shiver in her bones and a panic in heart. She knows what she is going to get right now. After all he has a right to be angry with her. She understands that and knocks at the door and enters.

R: Looks back his shoulder when he hears the door knob click.

P: Ram !

R: (He is angry but still that word gives him a funny relief. For a minute he forgets everything and wishes he turns around and gives her a hug. Without exchanging words. ) Priya !! Please come. Have a seat.

P : ( 5 Saal baad hum mile hai and that's your first line. ) Its Ok Ram.

R: Can you not calling me Ram.

P : Please call me Ms. SHARMA then.

R: Ms. Sharma ?? (With anger visible on his temples. In disbelief that she has even disowned his name) Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor, woh kaha hai.

P: Jahaan Ram hai, Mr. Kapoor.

R: Mujhe Peehu ki custody chahiye. Mein papers taiyaar karva raha hoon. Jab tumhe bulau toh sign karne aa jaane.

P: ( Her heart just sank with these words, every inch of her soul and heart were in tears, but she knew he is angry and he will not listen to anything. ) Ok. Aur Kuch ?

R: ( With a question mark written all over his face, as to why she did not plead to him, why she did not try to explain to me what she had done. But it was his heart talking and the moment he had seen Priya he stopped listening to his heart. ) Nahi aur kuch nahiā€¦

P : Can I ask you for a small favor Mr.Kapoor.

R: (smirk) Sure Ms. SHARMA ( with anger)

P: Please take care of my Ram for me.

R: Before he turns around she leaves the room. And leaves him with hundred questions. She did not even get to see her face. But for some reason his anger went a little down when she said My Ram. He is still in disbelief that Priya did not try to justify herself or plead.

He comes out the door and starts walking out. Just then he sees Priya standing their with Peehu.

P: Peehu apne Papa ke paas jao.

Peehu: Papa matlab ki Golu Papa.

P: (J ) Haan Golu Papa.

Peehu runs towards Ram. In two seconds Ram's expression change from  to .

He leans down and hugs peehu gently but strong. Tears falling down his eyes, still in disbelief that she is his own daughter. Priya standing close looks at this and feels relieved. Tears roll down her cheek with happiness that Ram n Peehu were together. Ram is looking at her from the side of his eye and still is unable to understand Priyas emotions.

R: Meri Rockstar !! Meri beti !! 

Lifts her in his arms and looks at Priya. In eyes they exchange words. (R: I am taking Peehu with me for a while. Wish to be alone with her. P: Jaaiye ! par uska khayaal rakhna. )

R: Peehu aap mere saath ayenge.

Peehu: Hum kahan jaa rahe hai Papa.

R:  (That word just melt him every time he heard it.)Hum thoda Peehu aur Papa time spend karne jaa rahe hain. Phir mein aapko wapas mumma ke paas le aaoonga.

Peehu : Looks at mumma for approval.

P: (Nods yes)

Peehu : Toh phir chale.

Ram n Peehu leave the hospital in a car. Ram had completely ignored his whole family right now. But everyone understood. After they left. Krishnaji asked Priya what happen inside.

Priya : Ram ne Peehu ki custody maangi hai. Sole Custody. ( Tears rolling down her cheek)

Krishnaji : Kya ???????????? Woh aisa kaise kar sakta hai. Priya tum jaanti hona ki who tumse kitna pyaar karta hai. Phir yeh sab kyun. Mein usse baat karoongi. Aane do use wapas.

P: Ma abhi who gussa hai. Aap abhi unhe kuch mat kahiye. Bas unhe Peehu ke saath waqt gujarne dijiye. Mein jaanti hoon wo mujhse gussa hai. Aur yeh jaish (fair) bhi hai. Meine unhe paanch saal Peehu se door rakha. Bhale kuch bhi reason ho. Par unki beti se door rakha. Woh abhi kuch nahi sunenge. Aur dadi, rishabh, Vikram, Neha..aap sabko pata hai Ram ka gussa. Unhe job hi mujhe saaza deni hai denedo. Koi unse kuch mat kaho.

Vikram : Lekin Priya

P: Vikram tum Ram ke sabse ache dost ho. Tumse accha kaun jaante hai ki Ram jab gusse mein hote hai wo kisiki nahi sunte. Apne dil ki bhi nahi. Aaj jis Ram ko humne us room mein dekha wo Ram to the magar wo Ram nahi jo ghar par hai. Balki wo Ram the jo office mein deal karte hai. Mein Jaanti hoon mujhe kya karna hai. Bas aap sab log mera saath dena.

With that Priya turns back and closes her eyes. Thinking to herself. Ram ko jitna bhi gussa nikal na, mein unhe nikaal ne doongi. Unke dil ki yeh angar jab tak nahi bujhengi mein mere Ram se kabhi nahi mil paoongi. ( FB: Ram acting he had headache and makes her press his head. Ram trying to surprise her. Ram taking care of the goon who was eyeing her. Ram on the C night) Mujhe us Ram ka intezaar karna hai.

To be continued.





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Posted: 2012-09-27T23:11:23Z
Originally posted by kchinoy

Hi Guys,
I am new here. I generally do not watch many Hindi serials. Only limited to Ram Kapoor. Although I like the new twist in BALH of raging Bull Ram. I have some additions to the story line. So my FF starts from the day Ram is out of hospital.

hey this is your first post here, huh? so first of all, a warm welcome to BALH forum Big smile Smile
now where is the FF, mate?? looks like your FF is caught up in the hospital with Ram... ROFL ... ok I was just kidding Wink plz update asap Big smile
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Posted: 2012-09-27T23:12:50Z
wow first part is here :D
going to read it right now ;)
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Posted: 2012-09-27T23:14:17Z
sorry for the double post, don't know what's wrong with my phone? its posting same thing twice Confused ConfusedEdited by -evan- - 2012-09-27T23:19:05Z
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Posted: 2012-09-27T23:17:01Z
sorry double post :(
don't know what's wrong with my phone? posting the same thing twice Confused
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Posted: 2012-09-27T23:22:36Z

R n Peehu return to the hotel room where Priya is waiting for them. They both return. Priya sees that Peehu was in Rams Lap. She calls out to Peehu.

P:Peehu yaha aao.

Peehu: Hi Mumma, pata hai hum log mall gaye the. Waha par papa ne mujhe bahut saari shopping karvaayi'..aur

P: Peehu bach Papa abhi thik nahi hue hai. Aap unko godi ke liye mat force karo pls.

Peehu: Ohhh sorry mumma.

R: Standing a little far and panting.

P: Ab aap Papa ko bolo Sofa mein bethne ke liye. Aur unka sir dubaao. Jaise aap mumma ke liye karte hona waise. Aur unko thodi der ke liye sula do. Aap kar paonge.

Peehu: Haan mumma'yeh toh peehu ke dahine haath ka kaam hai. Yeh dekho.

Peehu goes to Ram

Peehu: Papa aap yahan baithiye please.

R: He sits down on the recliner.

Peehu presses the button and makes it comfortable for him. Ram looks at her and smiles with joy.

R :Thanks my princess.

Peehu: yeh lijiye Paani.

R: Nahi Princess mujhe nahi chahiye. Aap bas yahan par baitho aur mujhse baatein karo.

Peehu: Papa mein aapse pucha nahi hai. Yeh order hai. Paani Pijiye.

R: ( recollecting how priya use to order him) Looks at peehu and takes the glass and starts drinking.

Peehu: Pura glass khatam kijiye.

All this while Priya is sitting on the bed in bedroom and watching them in the sitting room.

P: Waving at peehu, telling her to put on the AC at highest.

Peehu understands the signal and does that. Peehu slowly caresses his head and asks Ram to close his eyes.

R: Arre yeh aap kya kar rahe ho princess.

Peehi: Aap abhi thik nahi ho. Abhi hospital se aaye ho aur rest bhi nahi kar rahe ho. Chalo aankhen bandh karo.

Ram looking at Priya, inside the bedroom with a book in her hand. He knows she is looking at all this and she is directing Peehu.

R: Peehu ab mein ghar jaata hoon aur wahi pe rest karoonga.

Peehu: nahin yahan par. Mere saamne. Mumma kehti thi ki aap hamesha kaam karte rehte the. Aap apni health ka kabhi khayaal nahi rakhte the. Kyun ?

R: Kyunki aap nahi the na. Is liye.

Peehu: Bas bahut chatting ho gayi. Ab close your eyes and go to sleep.

R: With content and his daughters hand on his head falls asleep.

And the snoring starts, Priya gets assured that he is fast asleep. She goes close to him and says Gudnite. Ram smiles in his sleep. This was the assurance Priya needed to know that he is just angry. She puts a blanket on him, caresses his head and gives him a peck on his forehead.

Priya tells Peehu also to take a nap. And she sits their looking at them. Sleeping in deep sleep. Thinking about how will she make him sit and explain why she did what she did.

Ok I will update soon the next part. Let me know if you like how its going.

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