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Chapter 1: Page 1



Priya cried and cried and cried non-stop. She badly wanted to explain Ram why she went far away from him for five years and why she had to keep their daughter away from him for such a long time. She had answers for all of his questions but Ram, he was not in a position to listen to even a single syllable from her. He marched out of his office leaving her devastated. She was left all alone. Her mother, who pamper her when she met her for the first time after 5 years moved away too. So did her father, whom she loved equally. Ayesha and mama ji, who stood in the corner flashed their victorious smiles that pierced Priya in her heart.

She wiped her tears, composed herself and made her way towards the Sharma house. She thought - "Agar Mr. Kapoor chahte hai ki main unhe Peehu ki custody de doon, I will. Ram Peehu ke papa hai aur main achchi tarah se janti hoon unhe. Woh Peehu ko woh saari khushiyan denge jo main shayad kabhi naa de paongi. I need to sacrifice my happiness now because all the way, whatever I have done to Ram was not right and he has all the rights to punish me."

The same thoughts kept ringing in her mind and she aimlessly walked into the house when Peehu ran and hugged her with a thud. Priya, who jerked all of a sudden tried to say a happy "Hello" to Peehu when Peehu asked what was wrong with her.

As she sees Peehu talking to her about all the new things here Nana showed her and taught her, Priya couldn't help but smile. For a moment, she felt that it would be perfect to stay back in India. Peehu would receive all the love and Ram will have his daughter back but she wondered if her family, who started behaving like strangers would even accept her. 

She played with Peehu for a while and put her to bed.


Ram is so angry that he rushed into his room as soon as he entered the house. He spotted the photograph of Priya on his side table and lifted it to smash on the ground but he did not. He went to the dustbin and just dropped the frame in the bin. He was so hurt that Priya did not even tell him. She did not feel he was important. She hid their daughter from him. But not anymore. He swore to himself that he will never let that woman hurt him or his daughter again. 

He called his family lawyer.

Ram: Mr. Khurana, I want to transfer the custody of my daughter, Peehu Ram Kapoor from Ms. Priya to Mr. Ram Kapoor and Mrs. Ayesha Ram Kapoor. Can you come here the earliest possible?

Mr. Khurana: Okay Mr. Kapoor. I will see you in an hour.

Ram: Thank you.

Rajat walks in...

Rajat: Ram, whatever you are doing is not right yaar.

Ram: Rajat, have you gone mad? Tumne nahi dekha uss aurat ne mujhe kitna dokha diya? Aur mein pagal 5 saalon se apne aap ko uske maut keliye khosta raha. She cheated me Rajat aur tu uska saath de raha hai?

Rajat: Calm down ram. Usse apne point of view samjhane ka mauka toh de. Ram, I saw her yaar. She loves you more than anything else and I saw this for the 45 hours you were lying in that hospital bed. She sat with you the whole time and kept weeping continuously.

Ram: WOW! Looks like Priya ne tumhe yaha bheja hai mujhe manane ke liye and how can I forget, tu usse pyaar joh karta hai, bhaag ke aaya hoga mujhe yeh batane ke liye ki tu mera saath nahi uss aurat ka saath de raha hai.

Rajat: Listen Ram, after knowing that Pooja is Priya, maine apne dill mein joh bhi feelings hai, unko band kar diya hai. Ram, Priya loves you and no one can take your place. Just understand that. And yeah, Priya ne mujhe kuch nahi bataya. Mujhe Cady se pata chala. Woh bhi hospital mein thi Priya ke saath jab tum Priya pe chilla raha tha. Ram, I am not here to influence you. Just talk out with Priya aur differences solve karo. Come on Ram, hum bachche thode hai.

Ram: Thank you for your suggestion Rajat. Can you please leave before I loose my temper?

Rajat walks out wondering how Ram's anger can come down. As he walks down the stairs, he bumps into Ayesha and mouths an excuse me and leaves. He overheard a part of mama's and ayesha's conversation in the hospital when they talked about how it is important for Ayesha to be Mrs. Ram Kapoor if she wants to have all the luxuries for herself and Khush. Rajat wondered for a moment if Ayesha and Priya are really blood relatives because their values and thoughts are poles apart.

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Part 1 is updated friends
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nice start waiting for next
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really nice one and a good attempt ..please give a pm if possible when you update next part dont want to miss such nice ss ...please update soonClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Wow...!! Excellent, superbly written. Give part 2 soon.Edited by Pinkjali - 2012-09-27T17:05:49Z
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Superb start! Waiting for more! ThanksSmile
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Wow! Amazing start!! Loved it!
Waiting for the next part! Big smile
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awwwsome start...
luved it...
eagerly waitin for next part...
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