BALH Frustration/Complaints Thread!!!

Posted: 7 years ago
Bade Ache Lagte Hai

Hi BALHians Hug,
Post Leap there have been many situations where we wanted to after seeing the episodes. And there have been several topics around the forum in which members are venting out their frustrations, such threads are making the forum look messy and therefore the BALH Dev Team have decided to create a thread in which members of the forum can vent out all their frustrations.

All members can use this thread to vent out their frustrations in regards to anything with the show: the storyline/cast/CVs/anything at all.. You can post all your negative thoughts/feelings/anger towards the show out in this thread.

Before posting, do keep in mind some of the main forum :

    No CAPS - Posting in all Capital Letters is not permitted. This represents "shouting" on the internet and can be viewed as offensive. In order to stress a word or a couple of words that can be written in Capitals or in Bold, but please DO NOT write the whole post in Capitals or Bold or large font size.

    No Personal Attacks/No Bashing - Bashing is NOT allowed here!!! That goes for members, actors, characters and Dev. Team members. Please keep in mind that when you bash a character or an actor it may hurt the feelings of other members of the forum and can cause conflict on the forum.Some members have the habit of taking pot shots at fellow members including the Dev. Team, especially if they make any post criticizing something regarding the show or a jodi. Please DO NOT take personal digs at members including the Dev. Team nor make fun of them or their posts. Be prepared to hear criticisms as well, to get more participation discussions are needed and not just praises. If you feel the criticism is wrong, reply to it properly within the limits of IF COC. What some of you are doing is breaking the COC. Bashing Dev. Team Members is strictly against IF Rules.

    No Chatting/Spamming - DO NOT chat or spam, try to stick to the topic when replying. Do not go off topic.

    No Comparing Shows- Comparisons btw shows / actors is not allowed on IF. Each show has its viewers and each actor have their fans. Many a times such comparisons lead to fights. Its a humble request to all members that Please DO NOT post topics comparing shows/actors/characters with one another as they hurt the feelings of fans who watch that certain Show.

And lastly..

             Use the Report Button- If you see anything inappropriate in this thread, DO NOT take matter in your hands and let the Dev. Team handle it. Please use the REPORT button on the right hand side of the post. If you find anything inappropriate in any thread / post please DO NOT retaliate or argue or start a fight. Make use of the 'REPORT' button and let us know. We are here to solve the issues, please allow us do so.

All frustrated comments should be posted in this thread ONLY. All other posts/threads will be moved into this thread/closed.

If anyone has any objections/questions/queries regarding this thread PM either Fivr(-Fivr-)  or Maria(-MariaMars-).

Happy Venting Out Your Frustrations! WinkLOL


BALH Dev. Team

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Posted: 7 years ago
thanq maria dis is deffo needed now LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
thankx Maria.. We really need dis now.. Hw could cv play wid little chintu Peehu?
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Posted: 7 years ago
Wow...this thread was needed...specially for  viewers who suffering from BALH suffering depressionLOLLOL LOL LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
AngryAngryAngryekta kapoor u SUCK to the power infinity...plz reunite them soon...viewrs r dyin to see dem reunite...Angry
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Posted: 7 years ago
YESS!!!! EXACTLY what we needed! HugCan I start off by saying wth was up with Ram when he left the hospital today! "My wife Ayesha"  Angry Is he mad?! wth!! I was sssooo pissed! I totally understand his situation hey knock yourself out but escorting ayesha out and saying your wife ayesha! AAAHHH!!! Technically they're not even married! Angry  Angry  Cry  

And then when he asked for custody OMGCry I died literally Totally understand hes going to show priya what he went through but still I couldn't handle it Angry

I feel like caps should be allowed it explain more words in a much better way LOL
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Posted: 7 years ago
I would hug you if I could Maria! Thank you so much for this!! Hug
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Posted: 7 years ago
First of all thanks for opening this thread. Though I am very much indifferent to the show.. I am sure it will be useful for the other members who are upset and furious at the CVs.
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