RaYa OS- The Moment We Became One!

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Well friends I am back with another RaYa OS with a very different monologue which I wanted to see between RaYa. I wanted it write it back when the 5th march episode aired, but somehow it took me almost 5 months to pen it down.Embarrassed


EmbarrassedI hope you guys like this one!Embarrassed


HugHappy Ganesh Chaturthi To Everyone!Hug


RaYa OS- The Moment We Became One!


It was a day like any usual day would be. But her confession kept echoing in his mind again and again. She had confessed her love, her faith in him while he stood there dumbfounded as to what was happening. She had for the first time said it loud that she loved him. She loved him the way he was. She loved their life, with all its ups and downs. She loved him being fat, she loved his snoring, she freaking loved his every habit. She had confessed and then she left, never giving him a chance to explain. She ran away from his house to her parent's house. Now it was up to the almighty The Ram Kapoor to woo her and get her back.


He sat there on the same couch that she slept on every day. The couch lingered with her fragrance, her smell, her freaking every habit. The couch was her bed, she would sleep and read while he would silently stare at her. He would notice her big black eyes, her luscious lips and her unkept long hair which would make her look beautiful daily. He never took his feelings seriously until she had flirted with Ronit Roy making him even more jealous than ever. It's then that he realised to what extremes he loved her. He realised what he missed in his ego fight. He realised that he missed that one chance to let her know what she meant to him. He now had to tell her how he truly felt. That she was his queen. That she was his life and his world revolved around her.


He cried like a child. He was a defeated man today, but he was ready to hope again. To rise above and go get her back at any cost. Because if Priya was his soul mate so was he Priya's soul mate. They had to fight this and get back together.

He decided to head to her parents home, but then didn't have the courage to face her. He had failed her. He had failed their marriage, their love and their trust. He hence decided to pen down a letter.  But then again he felt it was better to go and directly confront her and tell her how truly he felt for her. That he loved her to bits.


He rushed down and drove all the way to Sharma house and barged in through the door.  Thankfully no one was there. That was all he wanted.  He wanted to talk to her all alone.  He was approaching her and she was walking backwards unaware of the approaching events.  He gently picked her hands up and kissed her hands. She shivered due to his intimate touch. He stepped back,


Ram: "Priya mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai." He said gently lifting her chin up to meet her eyes to his.

Struggling to get out of his grip, which was easier, said than done, she replied,


Priya: "Par mujhe aapse koi baat nahi karni hai."

He was still patient in his ways as he knew he had to take it slowly. He tried again, only to be slapped hard across his face.


Priya:  "Keh diya na ek baar nahi baat karni hai. Aapko samajh main nahi aata kya Mr.Kapoor?"


Now this was it, he had put up with all her tantrums, her allegations, now it was time for him to speak.

He grabbed her by her shoulders making her wince in pain, but today her tears, her pain weren't going to matter.  He had to tell her how he truly felt about her. But before he could speak again, he had the same response.


Priya:  "Keh diya na ek baar nahi baat karni hai. Aapko samajh main nahi aata kya Mr.Kapoor?"

He increased the pressure of his grip on her shoulders,


Ram: "Agar baat nahi karni hai to sun to sakti ho na?" he screamed.


Priya: "Kyun sunu main aapki baat?"


Ram: "Kyunki main tumhara pati hoon aur tumhe meri baat sunni hi hogi."

Priya: "Kyun? Agar nahi sunungi to kya karenge?"

Ram: "Main kuch bhi karoonga Priya."

Priya: "Kya karenge aap?" she said as she closed her eyes in possibility of his actions.


He saw her body shaking, her quivering lips and her closed eyes, only saying one thing, she was uncomfortable by his sudden intimate contact.  He loosened his grip, walked away a few feet and saw her. She slowly opened her eyes, making direct contact with his eyes.  She didn't know what to do. He again questioned her,


Ram: "Kya main tumhe itna gira huya insaan lagta hoon ki wo apne hi biwi ka faayda uthayga?"

She didn't know what to say. She had underestimated his love for her. He was ready to wait, as long as he had her, he was ready to wait. He was ready to take small steps in their relation as long as she was with him.

She slowly raised her eyes up and in a barely audible voice said,

Priya: "Nahi."

He smiled knowing the answer.  He took a few steps where she was,

Ram: "Tum sahi thi Priya. Tum sahi thi. Haan mujhe bahut bada ego hai. Big, fat male ego, jo itni aasaani se kisise nahi kahega ki wo us insaan se pyaar karta hai. "

Priya: "To main sahi thi." She continued while smirking. She knew this man so well. He smiled knowing that she knew him well. She could read his mind. She could read his eyes, and then today why couldn't she read that he was madly in love with her. He continued,

Ram: "Priya tumne sahi kaha tha ki main darta hoon. Magar main kaise na daroo? Ye sab main pehli baar mehsoos kar raha hoon. Kisi insaan ke liye ye mahsoos karna, ek aisa rishta nibhana jisme insaan sirf deta hai, magar wapas kuch nahi maangta."

"Priya maine hamesha se aise rishte nibhaye hai jahan maine logon ke liye kuch kiya kyunki logon ne mere liye kuch kiya. Maine aise kabhi pehle kisi ke liye kuch nahi kiya sirf unki khushi ke liye. Maine sab kiya mere swarth ke liye. Lekin jab tum mere liye kuch bhi kar sakti ho, to mujhe ehsaas hua ki main galat tha. Agar koi insaan mere kuch bhi karta hai, bina kuch maange, wo mujhse pyaar karta hai. Aur aaj main tumhe tumse maangna chahta hoon."


"Priya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho iska matlab ye nahi ki main bhi tumse pyaar karoon. Lekin main pyaar kar baitha tumse. Leking darta tha ki kahin tum bhi mujhe chod ke chali na jaao." As soon as these words left his mouth, her hand covered his mouth, silencing him, her eyes pleading to stop talking.

He removed her hand. He further continued,

Ram: "Priya agar tum iss rishte ko aage nahi nibhaana chati ho aur mujhe apnana chahti to theek hai. Pyaar main koi zabardasti nahi hai Priya. Agar tum talaak chahti ho to wo main dene keliye taiiyar hoon agar ise tumhe khushi milti ho to. Main bas tumhe khush dekhna chahta hoon."

He pecked her forehead before finally leaving,

Ram: "Bas yahi dua karoonga ki tum hamesha khush rahogi. Agar tum mujhe apnana chahti ho to main tumhara hamare par ghar pe intezaar karoonga. Agar tum nahi aayi to main soch loonga ki tum yeh shaadi nibhana nahi chahti. Main kal divorce papers bhej doonga. I love you Priya!"

The word divorce, the very thought of Ram leaving Priya made her jolt back. As he was about to leave, she clasped his hand in hers firmly and pulled him towards her so he faced her.  Her eyes showing the love she had for this man, which showed the trust she had in him, no matter what happens, they will be always together.

Priya: "Aap shayad aapke pyaar ka bagair reh lenge, par main nahi reh paoongi." She said as tears were rolling down her cheeks. She ran straight into arms. It was he took her first into his arms, but later he sensed her tightening her grip around his waist.

She spoke while listening to her heart beat in rhythm with hers,


Priya: "Log kehte hai ki jodiyaan to uparwaala banata hai. Phir hum uske faisle ko tod nahi sakte. Main hamesha aapki banker rehna chahti hoon."


Ram: "Haan Priya. Main kabhi samajh hi nahi paya ki meri zindagi main bhi koi aa sakta hai jo sirf mera hai. Priya aajtak main sirf logon ke liye jeeta tha. Par aajse koi mere liye jeeyega. Aur main uske liye. Mujhe maaf kardo, tumhe apni dil ki baat batane main maine jo galti ki uske liye."


Priya: "Aapko maafi maangne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai."

The couple stayed enveloped in each other's arms for a while till Priya rose up from his chest and placed a kiss on his cheek and said,

Priya: "I love you Ram!"

Ram: "I love you too!"

Finally both were in The Moment When They Truly Became One!


The End!



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Posted: 2012-09-18T12:57:14Z
Beautifull updaye thanxx for Pm
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Posted: 2012-09-18T13:11:24Z
Wow lovely dialogues
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Posted: 2012-09-18T13:24:17Z
Fabulous OS.
Brilliantly written.Clap
Priya flirting with Ronit Roy made Ram jealous.LOL He had not realised his love for Priya until then.Confused
Both fighting with their egos took me back to the days of the show when Priya had come to her Parent's Place.
Missing each other part written fantastically.Smile

 "Because if Priya was his soul mate so was he Priya's soul mate. ",   Fabulous Line.Clap

"Aap shayad aapke pyaar ka bagair reh lenge, par main nahi reh paoongi." Golden Dialouge of this OS.Embarrassed Edited by movie.buff - 2012-09-18T14:04:05Z
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Posted: 2012-09-18T13:46:23Z
u write realy nice  i like this os
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Posted: 2012-09-18T15:18:48Z
Beautiful OS...a different take on Ram's confession. I absolutely love that episode where Priya confessed her love for Ram...and your OS is a perfect way Ram could have confessed Embarrassed...thanks for writing and sharing with usClap
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Posted: 2012-09-18T15:58:58Z
This time u didn't pm me ... Anyways aap bulao ya na bulao hum to aapke likhe os par hi lete hai. It was fantastic, each and every dialogue was so magical. Thanks for writing it.
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Posted: 2012-09-18T19:39:41Z
superbly written . great update ya, why you took so long time to post here ...
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