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Plz assume It's story after last night precap.. Rajat went Dubai after knowing the truth and priya and peehu are at hospital




Ram look at our daughter.. you love her so much na.. she is your rock star na??

Peehu, come here beta.. He isnot your golu uncle, actually he is your papa.. Call him papa beta.. call him.. Papa is going to leave us again.. plz call him papa beta…

Peehu, who was sitting on the corner of hospital room, came near to priya beside the bed where ram was laying. She put her small hands on his heart.. and spoke " Papa, is mumma right? Are you going to leave us again.. I love you papa… Plz come back, I love you so much.."

This hit like the rocket in the inner corner of ram's brain and he started to react suddenly… this was clearly visible on the monitor.. Oscilloscope reacted with beep sound..

Priya called doctor.. " Dr. plz come here soon.. see, he's reacting.. plz come here"

Doctor get surprised by all this.. Patient who was laying on the hospital bed like a dead man reacted suddenly.. this must be magic.. They started further medical procedure.. Ram got consciousness back for a sec and went into same mode again.. P

Priya-  "what happened doctor.. why is not he reacting.. why is he not opening his eyes.. " She went near to ram and "Ram plz, wake up. see, I am here with your daughter. plz utho na. "

Dr. "plz Mrs. Kapoor, care of yourself. He is going to be fine. He got consciousness at least for a sec, it means he reacted. This will help us for further medical treatment. Don't worry he's gonna be all right."

Dr. left room after finishing their medical treatment and ordered nurse to come with him to bring other medicine.. Priya was all alone there near to ram.. Peehu went on bed early today..

Priya- " bahut buri hun na me. I kept your daughter away from your for such a long period. You were all right for such during these five years. But see, what happened today? When I came to you, you got serious attack. Actually I am the bad luck for you. I should have never come to you. Dr. said you left all your hope of living. Why Ram? Kya me itni buri hu ki tumhe mujhe dekhke jine ki chahat hi chhod di. Thank you to god that I had Peehu with me to bring you back to your conscious state. Otherwise I was going to be reason behind your death. I will never come to you again Ram. I will never ever."

Priya dialed some number and informed about Ram's condition.

After half an hour, there were kapoor family members. Nurse who was caring ram handed two letters to Rishab..Rishab was surprised by these letters.. He saw one letters for him and another for Ram.. He opened the his one..

" Rishab this is priya, your Bhabi.. I have left another letter for Ram. When he get better, plz give that letter to him. I know you all would be surprised by this letter but plz believe me, it's actually me who has written it for  you all. I know, there's lots of queries to be answered but all I can do now is request,
"plz keep your daughter Peehu to you. Ram will understand everything when he gets better"


Rishab showed this letters to all and everybody has same question in mind. Is priya alive? If yes then, Where is she now..?

After whole one week.. Doctor discharged Ram. He was back to KM. He kept asking about Priya and Peehu for the whole week but no one answered him properly, they kept saying that Priya didn't want to see him at this state so she is at Home. They brought Peehu to see him for once or twice. But they didn't give him a chace to ask about Priya to her.

Ram- Ma, priya kaha hey? Why didn't she came to visit me for entire week.? At least aaj toh aana chahiye than a mujhe lene? Kaha hey wo.? Must be in our room. I m going there.."

He was surprised. He didn't find her even in their room. Rishab followed him and gave him a letter. Ram all tensed with behavior of their behavior asked " kya hey kiska letter hey Rishab, Where is Priya? Plz keep that letter there on the desk, I will read it letter."

Rishab-" Bhai, it's Bhabi's letter for you.?

Ram took it immediately after hearing Priya's name and told Rishab to leave..

"Ram, you must be surprised by this. You must be wondering why I didn't come to you even for once during your whole hospitalized days. But don't worry Ram, I don't want to come you. I don't want to be the reason of your death. I saw how much serious attack you got after facing me. It was peehu who saved you. I m sorry for keeping Peehu away from you for five long years but I promise, I will not do it again. So leaving Peehu with you. I know very well how much you loved her. I am sure She will be happy with her  father. She will get all the happiness from her father which I couldn't give her. Hamare Peehu ko Kabhi apne ma key kami mehsus hone dena"


Ram was surprised that priya misunderstood. She blamed herself for his attack. It was actually the sudden appearance of priya and sudden truth of peehu being his daughter. But she misunderstood.


Dubai Priya's Book Shop.

Rajat- "plz Mrs Kapoor, why do you want to close this shop. Where are you going? Kya Ram se baat hui aapka. Are you going back to Mumbai?"

Priya-"no sir, I don't know where am I going? But I want to leave Dubai as soon as possible. I don't want Ram to find me again. If I stay any longer then he would definitely come here which I don't want. So plz I am clearing all you debt and rent and closing this shop."

Raja-"But why Mrs. Kapoor? Why don't you want to go to him. What's the reason behind? You hide your status for such a long period and when I find you are actually Ram's wife whom Ram loved unconditionally till the date don't want to stay with him. Why didn't you come here in Dubai five years back? Why do you want to hide yourself again?

Priya-"Coz I love his so much Sir, I don't want any obstacle and sorrow in his life because of me. I left his five year before to make him free of Priya. I left him coz I didn't want to suffer him because of me for fourteen long years. I wanted him to move on in his life. I know he loves me more than anything but whenever I come in his life he gets only pain and sorrow. Didn't you figure what happened to him when I went to him in Mumbai. He almost lost his life. If I leave him, he will live his life happily sir. Isn't this enough for me to live my entire life.. I love him so much sir. I love him.."

Peehu and Ram together-" We too love you so much Priya. Plz don't leave us."

Ram-"how dare you to leave me like this. What do you think yourself? How can I live my life without you priya? Chalo Ghar. We are here to get back you."

Peehu-" aap mujhe kyu chhod ke aaya mum..aap jante hey na/? Peehu ko sirf aap ke hat ke hi parathe aachhi lagi hey. Then who's gonna make paratha for peehu ? "

Ram-"and for me?"

Peehu- papa loves you so much mumma. We will enjoy our life together. Peehu, mumma and papa.. Happy family na?"

Ram- Yes beta.

Ram opened his arm inviting Priya and Peehu to come. Priya came into him with full teary eyes and peehu came running with broad smile. They were all together first time for six years.

Peehu- Papa, bhuk laga, chaliyena black forest khane.?

Priya- "Peehu, no unhealthy food ok?"

Ram-"Plz priya, at least for today, no more paratha fr today.. Only ghas phus."


Rajat- Chalo cholo it's treat for you all from my side on this Happy Happy Family Reunion.

The End…….
















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Posted: 2012-09-18T05:55:17Z
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Posted: 2012-09-18T06:06:22Z
Hey that was really a cute reunion...I loved it...
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Posted: 2012-09-18T06:24:44Z
wow! good one :D
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Posted: 2012-09-18T07:06:51Z
awesome great job...
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Posted: 2012-09-18T07:18:20Z
Fantastic and gr8 job. If this happen in serial to i will be the most happiest person.
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Posted: 2012-09-18T07:25:39Z
Well conceptualized, but I don't want Priya to go back again, all misunderstandings should end now
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Posted: 2012-09-18T07:39:27Z
Dilli a very lovely OS from you.. A first one..An attempt that really is nice and simple in its narration; but bang on what we all want.. Great job yaar.. Keep them coming.. Thanks for bringing smile on my face..
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