Series : Unconditional Love TS : pt 2/pg 64 (1/4)(Page 36)

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Wowww that was amazing!!:)
Loved it!!:)
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Awww so lovely...

I loved the twist at the end.. trust me wasn't expecting it to be like this...

its nice to show Payal as the younger sister for once... lolzzz

aweeessooommmeee kaam di...
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wow loved it!!!nice endin...
initiaaly nai samjha tat she was married...good suspense!!!!!!!!!!

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awesome yaar!!!!!!!! wonderful!!!
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Wow this is soo nice Smile
i loved it 
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From the author's desk:
Hey All, this is the first time I am writing for a series where a group of writers get to gether and present their work...
Thanks for the invite Shilpa and Jyo, and this is a brilliant ideaThumbs Up
and happy reading all of you... Hope you will enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing this... Do comment and let me know what you think. Cheers!
For my other works herez my index - 51533738
Secret Endeavors

Kushi sneaked into an empty classroom, checked around quickly and settled down in one of the last benches.

"so much for a bit of privacy talk" she sighed and quickly started dialing a number.

As the ring went on and on, she kept wondering why he was not picking up her calls from morning.

"Hello" a crisp husky voice finally answered her

"Arnav, I have been trying to reach you from morning... Why are you not picking up my calls?"

"I was in a presentation with some client Kushi. You should have understood it. you know I wont ignore your calls wantedly"

Kushi mumbled something

"Ok tell me quick... I need to go, I just came out of the presentation room to take your call"
"Arnav I am in a fix... I dont know what to do"

"Tell me what happened first before you drive me up the wall with your crazy antics"

"You call this crazy? wait till  I meet you"

"Ok ok relax.. tell me what?"

"I missed my period this month"


"yes.. If my mother comes to know about this... Oh god what will I say... Arnav I am a goner..."

"But ..but how?"

"how? you ask me how? "Kushi shrieked "after all you did"

"I did? the better word here is we"

"Whatever... Now tell me what to do"

"ok how long are you overdue?"

"10 days"

"What? that long?"

"I just realised two days back"

"Are you sure this is because you are pregnant or something?"

"How will I know?but..but I think so..."

"Think? ok... Did you check with some home pregnancy test kit?"

"I did.. two days back"


"It came as negative"

"ok then relax..."

"No Arnav it can be false negatives sometimes"

"But Kushi.. we were not that careless anytime... you know... I cant remember one situation when we did not have protection"

"oh really? What about the nainital trip three weeks back?"

"oh yeah.. But you told the day was safe"

"screw me...oh my god.. I lied to my parents that I was staying at preeto's place for combined study"

"Kushi... Even I lied to my sister too...I was supposed to be at bangalore fashion weekend show"

"oh yeah such big sacrifice... you lied to your sister... big deal! now everything will come to light...Oh my god.. what if I am pregnant Arnav? I still have my semester exams starting in two weeks and I have another semester to go... How will I complete my studies... Arnav Imagine.. me attending college with big belly.. Oh my god...My Mom Dad... what will they say if they come to know... Oh DM" Kushi started to sob.

"Ku..Kushi Relax, We will go to a gynec, take tests... before you go to panic mode"

"I have already booked an appointment with a gynec today.. Shradha Patnaik"

"What ? Why did you go to Shradha Patnaik?"

"Why ? she is one of the best gynecs in the city"

"She is my Sister's gynec too"

"Oh.. So should I cancel my appointment now and choose someone else?"

"No... Thats alright.. anyway I dont think she will recognise you.. and she doesnt know you"
"but she will recognise you na?"

"Do you want me to come ?"

"Are you kidding Mr. Raizada?" Kushi shrieked loud enough to attract the attention of a professor passing the corridor nesting the empty classroom that kushi was in at that time.
"Kushi today I am really busy.. It is only the tests right.. cant you manage?"

"You want me to manage? So much for chivalry... you had all the fun and when I suspect that I might be pregnant, you leave me on my own.. Thats so Manly.. What should I say if she asks me about the baby's father if she found me pregnant?"

"Kushi.. I understand... and you know I wouldnt normally ask you to do it yourself.. I have a presentation going on... The clients are here.. How will I..."

"I dont know Arnav.. I have an appointment with Shradha Patnaik in another 1 hour...I am not going to the doctor without you...  You choose who is more important.. Me or your clients" Kushi broke into fresh sobs as she cut the call and picked her bag to leave the deserted room.

Arnav  tried calling her again... But she cut the call.
He sighed...and quickly sent a message to her. Then he went into the room to inform the clients that Akaash and Aman will be doing the rest of the presentation and he needs to step out for an urgent personal work.

Kushi's mobile beeped.
"Bunk the next class, I will be waiting at the college gates to pick you up in another 20 minutes time. Dont be late"
She smiled through her tears as she read the message and went out of the room stuffing her mobile into the back pocket of her Jeans.

As she left she didnt notice Prof. Madhurima, standing near the slosed windows of the room giving a totally shocked expression after hearing what the girl had been talking over the phone for the last few minutes. She  knew the girl's name was Kushi Gupta, as the student was someone really popular at college both for her acedemics as well as her extra curricilar activites and was shocked that they girl would be having a physical affair with someone and was cheating her parents behind their back. She hurried to the office where the students records were kept and quickly took her parents contact number.


The Landline rang at the Guptas residence

"Hello" Garima's voice answered the call after a few rings

"Is this Kushi's mother?" Madhurima asked

"Yes, speaking"

" I am calling from your daughter's college. I am prof. Madhurima"

"yes professor tell me.. what is it?"

"I dont know how to tell you this. I overheard your daughter talking over her mobile to someone and she is suspenting that she might be pregnant. "


"I thought I shouldnt take this to the principal as this would affect her continuation in the college and you know how strict the principal is about the discipline..An unmarried girl being pregnant and all...I know how it feels... I too have a daugher of Kushi's age and thats why I am telling you this..and you know off late how much her studies have all gone down her standards..."

"But.. but.. "

"I think you have difficulty in believing what I say.. may be you can catch her redhanded at Dr.Shradha Patnaik's clinic in another one hour.. She said she had an appointment in one hour.."

"Th.. thanks Professor"


Arnav and Kushi were just out of the Gynec's room when Kushi noticed her parents entering into the corridor in which they were currently walking.

"Arnav my parents" She whispered clutching his arm

"Oh yeah... Holy **** I see my sister, Dadi and Nani too behind them" Arnav muttered

"yeah" Kushi bit her nails "where do we hide now"

"Kushi calm down...they already know we are here.. otherwise why would they come ?"

"How did they come to know?" Kushi wondered

"Are you sure you didnt blabber something to one of them about coming here?" Arnav asked her sarcastically

"What could you..." Kushi muttered but clutched his arms tighter as she saw the family approaching them "Oh my god they saw us.."

"Relax I will manage.. dont blabber about anything else" Arnav warned her under his breath as he saw both the families approaching them.

"Chotey" Anjali called out, nervously looking at the reports at Kushi's hand. She didnt want her brother to get into trouble now.

"Di, you here? Are you alright?" Arnav started as Kushi looked at him unbelievably... trust his audacity to act like that in a second's notice

"yeah but waht are you both doing here... we...we heard.. that.. kushi..."


"Anjali? you here?" Dr.Shradha who stepped out of her room called out

"Dr. Shradha.. we just came as we heard that my brother's wife is.."

"Kushi? she is alright.. She missed her period as she had been under a lot of stress and I have given her tablets.. she will be alright in a day or two" Shradha informed the family

"Oh ..ok.." Anjali sighed relaxed instantly

"You all are so worried that the entire family came to take her to the hospital? I dont know what the family would do if you were really pregnant.You are a very lucky girl Kushi" Shradha commented

Kushi smiled nervously as she saw the doctor walk away

"Oh .. We really thought... your professor called and told us...oh my god... We thought " Garima nervously smiled

"My profesor?" Kushi asked her while looking at Arnav while he rolled his eyes and mouthed "that careless!" which she ignored.

Kushi and Arnav have been married for almost 6 months now. He first saw her a year back at her college cultural fest for which he was invited as a cheif guest. He was instantly attracted to this charming girl who was an all rounder and best in every single competition that had been organised and by the time his car was moving out the college campus, he knew he has already fallen for this goddess. It was a cake walk for Arnav Singh Raizada to get her number and Address and finally started persuading her. Kushi was at loss about what to do... as she knew very well, she herself being a fashion engineering Student,  about this Ambitious handsome young man who rose to rule the fashion world in a few years, The Man most of her college girls were crazy about after his recent visit to the college for their cultural fest- maybe many a models were crazy about his too.. and he was behind her? How can she trust him? did he do this for fun? just as time pass? but as days went by she realised that his feelings for her was true and genuine and slowly started developing feelings for him too.

It was around that time when suddenly one day, the Raizadas had visited her house. Kushi was very tensed why they all has visited, Arnav's sister was very sweet and his Nani was kind too... But his Dadi seemed very strict and his Mami looked quick witted and all these women were accompanied by the great Arnav singh Raizada himself. But Kushi couldnt believe they had come to ask her parents to give her hand for marraige with Arnav.

Kushi's parents were skeptical and had told they were not ready for marrying her off before her studies completed. But it so happened that Dadi believed in Horoscopes so much and her pandit had told that Arnav had to be married in another month's time or his marraige wouldnt happen for another 10 years. And when they started showing him proposals he had denied to all those, saying he was interested only in Kushi. Both the families had discussed then and agreed that the wedding would happen but Kushi would continue with her studies after the marraige.

Then the wedding had happened, But only her close circle in college knew about this as kushi wanted to keep it like that...Kushi had been going to college from RM for sometime when her lecturers found her distracted in her studies and other extra curricular activities. Her reports were very bad after the marraige all thanks to her handsome and naughty husband.
So her family had suggested that she stayed at Gupta's residence for a month or two during her semester exams so that she can prepare well without much distraction.

"Aunty.. you people believed what that prof told.. Dont you trust us?" Arnav asked with his puppy dog face. Kushi rolled her eyes.. That look of his always worked with her mother

"No bitwa.. we .. no nothing like that.. I think I overreacted.." she said and turned to kushi
 "Why didnt you tell me Kushi.. I would have taken you here na"

"No ma.. I hmm" Kushi struggeld to find reasons.

"thats Ok.. he is her husband..." Dadi cut in strenly "But Arnav.. you are not meeting her at her college right? I already told you to stay away from her until her exams are over"

"Ofcourse he isnt meeting her.. We know about our Bitwa and bahu.. dont we subadra?" Nani told kindly but warningly looked towards Arnav

"Yes dadi, Nani is right... Our chotey wont do all those things" Anjali joined in smirking and stressing at chotey while she looked at Arnav who nervously skimming his hand through his hair. Kushi muffled a laugh under her breath.

"ok Kushi come along now, we will go home" Kushi's Father, Shashi told her.

Kushi nodded and the family turned towards the hospital exit.

"Can I have a minute or two alone with my wife" Arnav called out holding her arm as she started moving, stopping her. The Family turned and looked at them and smiled.
"we will be waiting outside in the parking lot" the family left them alone for sometime



"So much for getting married. Now I regret spending so much money to make that pandit lie to my Dadi that she has to get me married quickly" Arnav sighed

"What? You did that? " Kushi gasped shaking her head..."Oh my god.. I cant believe this"

"yeah I did that so that you would finally say yes"
"I would have said yes to you...nevertheless.. I was already ...already...umm eh..." she tried to find words
"fallen for my charms? " Arnav suggested with a smirk
"...fallen in love with you and would have said yes if you asked me the right question.. no problem now... good that we are married right?" Kushi told igorning his devilish smirk
"good ? you call this good? this is getting worser..."
" I meant it is good because this way it is safer...I dont think if would have been able to stop you after I said yes... Imagine if we were still girl friend and Boy friend... and I, begging you to come to the hospital for check up"
"thats a pity you think so low of me" Arnav pretended to be upset
"you dont seem to deny the fact though" Kushi observed as he looked at her 
"No I wouldnt deny that... But I would'nt let you beg me... Look what an Irony...I have to ask your Parents permission for a few minutes with you even after making you my wife... I cant even spend time with my wife peacefully" Arnav sighed again "I dont know why I agreed to this stupid plan for your study time away from RM"

"because you are distracting me so much.. but I agree this plan didnt help me much.."
"I cant wait for the exams to gets over Kushi... do well in this for our sake..."

"Or maybe I should flunk.. they would think that staying away had worsened my studies and put us back together..."

"Trust you Kushi.. for such plans"

They burst out laughing. Arnav pulled her close

"Arnav, Hospital corridor, People are watching us."

"yeah I know" he sighed "may be we should find a empty corridor or room.. whatever"

"No.. I need to leave now.." Kushi told freeing herself from his grip

"What the" Arnav pulled her back as she started walking towards the hospital exit

"Arnav please.. I know how frustrating and stupid all this feels... only a few weeks...I will be back at RM after exams... then after that we will go somewhere for the vacation ok? " Kushi consoled him, but he still remained angry.

"and after that last semester is only for internship and less of theory papers... that should be fun.." Kushi continued and that seemed to cheer him up a little

"Yeah.. lots of fun.. you can do internship at AR and we have a lot of wide tables and empty conference rooms to explore" He winked at Kushi

"Nothing doing I dont want the staff to get free PDA of their Boss and his wife at office" She laughed

" will do internship at AR and no where else"

"I will do it there.. but no experiments like you said..."

"That...we will see" he grinned as he earned a playful smack from her

"Thank god they didnt suspect anything else... "

"I think Nani and Di knows..." Arnav told while kushi went wide eyed "But relax... They both wont mind"

By that time they had come out of the hospital building and going towards the parking lot.
"Kushi..walk slowly... few more minutes.."

"Arnav the family is waiting.. Its not polite.. your Dadi is there too"


"Smile now... they will think we had an argument...they are watching us"
Kushi instructed him while he stared at her.
"whatever" he muttered annoyed

"cheerup.. its matter of hours only...I shall keep my bedroom window open tonight as usual" she winked

"I will be there at 11 sharp." he slowly smirked

"yeah you better dont be late" she replied cheekily as he gave her quick cheek kiss surprising her as they walked towards the parking lot where both the families were waiting for them.

The end.

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oh my these two are they were married...hahahahhah  i as gearing up for some emotional drama and they were already married...gosh this was awsuuum n thnx 4da pm hun.,...
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interesting...liked the twist in the tale
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