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Hello everybody Big smile So hows everyone been holding up on this VERY very long dragging weekend? lol Mines been SO boring. Sssooo In anticipation for mondays episode I thought why not attempt to write something so I penned down a random scene Cause I knew if I tried to continue from thursdays episode I would've ruined it LOL  So basically Here it goes! 

Note: I don't write often cause I get bored with writing (hence ive written 2 other os's which I never finished cause I got bored LOL) Im more of a reader and Im very detailed when I tell a story which leads to dragging on which kinda seems like I have a few times in this LOL But anyways Let me know what you think!! Also If people like it I actually have thought of a update #2 which would focus more on Ram and Priya but it would be kinda short anyways if I get a chance Ill try to update second part but we'll see Tongue Enjoy! Embarrassed

Hamesha & Forever Heart

Its 8am, on a beautiful Sunday morning. The birds chirped and the sun peaked through the tiny opening of the green curtains in Ram and Priyas room. Priya stirred a bit in her sleep turning her back towards Ram snuggling into the bed and duvet a little more, Priyas movement caused Ram to stir a bit as well and he turned over on to his side snuggling closer to Priya, wrapping his arms around her waist and both again dozed off into a sweet peaceful sleep with slight smiles on their faces.
"Dadi! How do I look?" Peehu comes out of her closet and stands infront of kk (whose sitting on the bed), hands out to her side with a huge smile on her face showing her her outfit for the day. She's wearing a cute white, a little below the knee, dress with red ribbon around tieing to the back.
"Absolutly adorable my kaddu" kk says as she pulls peehu closer and pulls her cheek
"Hey! Im not kaddu Unhappy Im Peehu!!" she pouts
"Okay okay sorry meri peehu!" kk turns peehu around and starts to comb her. Rishab walks in and informs Peehu that all preperations are set, done and ready to go and gives a high 5. Peehu's all excited and just can not wait! Peehu had big plans for the day and all according to her likings and suggestions. She had asked Rishab, kk, Soumya, Vikram and Neha to help her out and of course nothing was possible without the help of Dadi as well, Thanks to her par-dadi everything happened very quickly because of dadi and her demands. kk finished combing peehus hair and made a last minute check before sending peehu off to wake up her parents.
Peehu entered Ram and Priyas room and saw her parents still sleeping she hit her head "uff hoo" and stomped over to the window and opened the curtains wide Ram stirred and grumbled in his sleep "Pprriiyyaaa let me sleep todays sunday" he snuggled closer to priya holding her tighter. 
Priya: mmm.. Raamm let go of me, she slightly winced her face and said sleepily
Ram: Priya? Confused
Priya: I said let go! Your crushing me!Pinch
Ram: flung his eyes open, let go of priya and propped up on his elbow, oh oh im so sorry I didnt even-
Peehu: Interrupts ram, aap log ithne bade hogaye lekin abhi tak so rahe hai! (Peehu styleWink)look Im  5 and a half and up showered and ready and you STILL sleeping!! she puts her hands on her hips
Ram and Priya turn their heads towards Peehu Ram turns his head back to priya and whispers Ram: Loh! the teachers here they both giggle and Priya opens her arms and peehu comes running and jumps on the bed, Ram and priya make room for her in between them Priya hugs peehu and kisses her on her cheek "Good morning mere gudiya rani today your up so early"
Peehu: I'm not up early your up late! Peehu notices something on rams kurta she places her hand on his chest trying to clear off the messy stuff when it rubs off on her hands she looks at both her parents and says Aap log holi khel rahe the! Aur voh bhi mere bina! Priya looks at peehus hand and then at Rams kurta top and notices faint marks of her sindoor she instantly blushes and starts to stammer not knowing what to say as ram stares from Peehu to priya lost of words trying to think and scratching the temples of his head
This is not fair huh! You guys always play without me next time Ill not invite you guys to play with me ill have someone else to play with. Ram and Priya start to laugh and say "oh really?" and both tickle attack peehu all laughing immensely Peehu finally screams bloody murder STOP! We have things to do today! so come on quickly get up get ready!
Ram and priya look at each questioning through facial expressions asking whats up but neither know and peehus acting as if shes about to go and get her most awaited toy from the toy store, Ram: but peehu where are we going?
Peehu: oh god (smacks her head) papa you know you really are golu! (Priya giggles at her comment and ram stares at her giving her the dont start look) Whats the date today?! she says as she shakes her hand in the air
Ram smirks at priya and Priya shyly smiles at peehu, instantly realizing what peehus been talking about. Just then KK, Rishab, Dadi, Soumya enter their room saying "Happy anniversary!!!" Ram Priya and Peehu all look towards to door.  Ram and Priya quickly sat up priya fixed her hair and quickly tucked her hair strands behind her ear. All say good morning to each other and talking about how Peehus been really excited all morning and all last night and that she planned the full day all on her own with the help of everyone to accomplish it and make sure their little princess got what she want. 
kk: but first things first! Bansi!! Just then bansi kaka walks in with a trolley full of food covered with silver lids. Bansi kaka places a bed table over cross all three of them. Priya ties her hair up in a messy bun as Peehu folds her hands together in anticipation waiting to see the food, she had no idea about this surpise, as Ram said "Oh wow breakfast in bed!"
kk: I thought that since peehu planned so much for today least I could do was make you guys breakfast in bed bansi kaka places the dishes on the table and unveales the food. Peehu makes an instant "EW!" reaction and Ram looks at her plate Both squint Ram says "ghas phoos!!" Everyone laughs and Priya says "thats not 'ghas phoos' that healthy nutritional food to start a good day and im guessing that would be my breakfast" Bansi kaka unveils the rest of the food One plate has aloo parontay and the other has mini chocolate chip pancakes with smiley faces. Ram Priya and Peehu thank kk for the wonderful food she tells them to enjoy and as she dadi rishab and soumya walk out Rishab turns around and says "Eat up quickly, according to peehus schedule you guys have places to be and your almost nearing time and might be late!" Peehu quickly looks up and says "LATE! uff ho mama tum hamesha late kardte ho"
Priya turns to look at peehu in disbelief and just nodds her head Ram laughs at this and Everyone leaves the room. They have their breakfast and get ready Peehu leaves and waiting for her parents to come down.
In changing room, Ram and Priya are ready and about to leave. Priya is wearing a turqiose/green color sari with heavy embroidery dangling earrings small minimal amount of bangles hair curled to one side and and very light and simple make up but still looking as stunning as always, Rams wearing a white t-shirt with a black blazer and dark blue jeans and hair combed to the back. They stare at each other for a minute mesmerizing each others beauty priya then turns back to look into the mirror puts on her bhindi when ram stops her by holding her shoulders priya looks at him through the mirror and ram slowly turns her towards him and grabs the bhindi from her hand and puts it on her he then takes the box of sindoor on the dresser and fills her maang. Ram and Priya gaze into each others eyes completely lost
Ram: Now you look asolutely stunning, gorgeous and complete (Priya blushes and smiles, Ram puts his hands around her waist pulling her closer Priyas hands on his chest both gazing into each others eyes with full awe) Happy anniversary Mrs.Priya Ram Kapoor
Priya: (smiles even harder as she wraps her arms around his neck) and a very happy anniversary to you too Mr. Ram Kapoor.  Ram closes his eyes and leans in for a kiss Priya looks from his eyes to lips repeatedly and just as they are milimeters away, feeling their breathes mingling as one priya pulls her head back and puts one finger on rams lips. Rams lips puckered out lips frozen on her finger and eye opened wide Priya says "Chale?" with a slight smirk and turns around to walk away sensing Ram about to lunge out towards her she speeds up and runs for the door just then  peehu sees them coming out of their room priya running and ram after her as she runs down the stairs where the rest of the family is standing and they both come to a complete halt supressing their smiles.
Peehu (All excitedly):  Kya game khel rahi ho!? then disappointingly she says kya aap log phirse holi khel rahe ho mere beghar?!  Every bursts out laughing and kk puts her hand on peehus head bringing it down her face to her chin laughing at her innocence Peehu strares at everyone in confusion Priyas lowers her gaze and ram giggles. Peehu grabs both their hands and pulls them towards the door saying that theyre already late so lets go they all bid goodbye and off Ram Priya and Peehu go for a day full of events...
The day went by fast! They visited many places had so many snacks went shopping had an early dinner ate Kulfi as they Visited the beach, where Peehu started to get tired so ram picked her up and put her on his shoulders and pulled priya close to his side and put his hand around her waist as did priya and they walked along the beach as the sun started to set. They spent the whole day just in the presense of each other.  Teasing each other, making jokes making future plans and holidays, ram and priya sharing stories from their childhood and about each other to peehu, Ram flirting with priya and priya getting playfully mad at ram for embarrassing her infront of peehu. The day couldn't have gone any better They all enjoyed the presense of each other and what wonderful way to spend it in a more better way then planned by the symbol of their love, their life, the apple of their eyes, Their daughter Peehu.
Hamesha & Forever
Jab Tak Saanson Ka Saath Hai
Hamesha & Forever
Jab Tak Taaron Ki Raaat Hai
Hamesha & Forever
Tab Tak Teri Hi Baat Hai
Hamesha & Forever Dil Mein tu

Like and comment and tell me what you think!!! Big smile

Actually this turned out alot shorter than I thought it was LOL anyways actually after reading the whole thing I think I might just do the part 2 tomorrow cause This is not justified Tongue Anyways til then! Embarrassed
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Posted: 2012-09-16T02:46:57Z
Wow i totally loved it Clap plz plz continue soon.
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Posted: 2012-09-16T02:52:06Z
It's a treat to kill the Sunday boredom!!

Thank you, I hope part 2 is on it's wayBig smile

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Posted: 2012-09-16T02:58:14Z
awsome dear!!! continue soon!!
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Posted: 2012-09-16T03:19:25Z
Hey that was so goood...Loved the OS...Will be waiting for the part  2...
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Posted: 2012-09-16T03:38:48Z
Rani you write so well...ab toh tumhe next part jaldi hi update karna padega...
so sweet...peehu planning things for raya...wow loved it loads...
do complete the other 2 os that you had stopped midway too na...
eager to read them too...Smile
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Posted: 2012-09-16T04:03:23Z
u wrote it so well...
It was awesome
continue soon
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Posted: 2012-09-16T04:09:39Z
Awww rani... im so glad to read your story dear ... hmm what to say pleasantlly surprised to se the OS from you , and that was amazingly writeen and too beautifull .. loved it and you mentioned you write some other too before , if you posted in if before plz give me the links i want to read them also .. and now im eagerly waiting for 2nd part .. hmm super cooll...
thank you so much for this wonderful os
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