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Posted: 2006-06-27T19:25:51Z

These are the banners that were received from our very talented members at I-F. Please vote for the banner that you like the best. Voting will go on until July 15.

If you are not able to view a banner, try refreshing the page. If that still does not work, then feel free to pm me and then I will be able to send you the banner you are not able to view. If you submitted a banner and you do not see it up here, please do send a PM right away to either myself or one of the 2 viewbies.

    You are only allowed to vote for one (1) banner. Voting for more than 1 banner will result in your vote not being taken in. This banner contest should remain anonymous so it is a request to the members who have made the banners that they do not advertise their banner in any way. Any advertising will result in disqualification. If you are a member who has made one of the banners, you are allowed to vote for it, if you like.
  • Do NOT create multiple IDs to vote! It is against IF rules and will result in your banner being disqualified.

Before selecting your favourite, keep in mind the following:

* The banner is clear.
* The banner has a variety of different celebs.
* The banner is creative.
* The banner is unique.


Please note that banners #6 & 7 are not working.Confused

Banner #1

Banner #2

Banner #3

Banner #4

Banner #5

Banner #6

Banner #7

Banner #8

Banner #9

Banner #10

Banner #11


We apologize for the delay in voting.Embarrassed

Celeb. Fan Clubs Dev. TeamTongue

Edited by shahidlover24 - Wednesday, July 5, 2006 at 8:30 PM
Posted: 2006-06-27T19:32:26Z
no khushi in the banner, Preeti - not fair! LOL

awesome job everyone! i vote for 4
Posted: 2006-06-27T20:03:15Z
Realli nice bannerzzz

I vote for #4
Posted: 2006-06-27T20:09:48Z
Great job! Banner 8.
Posted: 2006-06-27T21:56:58Z

WOWWW!! It was hard to pick between 4 & 8, but my vote goes to 4!

and I know who made it as welllWinkBig smile

Posted: 2006-06-27T22:48:08Z
wow good job every1 n i like 2 the most tht is no 4 n no 8 and my vote goessssssssss ttttttttoooooooo.. no 4 Clap Clap
Posted: 2006-06-28T02:23:11Z
OMG wt a banner my vote goes tooooo no 4
Posted: 2006-06-28T05:53:50Z
my vote goes to banner no 4..gr8 work everyone!!!!!


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