Hum Hum Saath Saath Hain *KSBKBT*

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Posted: 2006-06-27T15:10:25Z



Gautam & Damini Virani


Karan & Nandini Virani


Sahil & Ganga Virani


Mihir & Tulsi Virani



I thought I would explain the story a little bit before I start after Ganga left the house Damini took over for her and raised her kids but always told them that Ganga was their mother and she loved them both very much. Tripti was angered that the kids were always with Damini and in order to cause problems she told Nakul that Damini and Gautam were his real parents. Nakul was heartbroken and felt he was unloved by his real parents so he attempted to leave Shantiniketan but Gautam explained why Nakul was adopted by Ganga and Sahil and Nakul began to call Gautam and Damini mom and dad as well as Sahil and Ganga. Karan and Tanya are currently living together but she is totally aware that she is to leave when Nandini is found. The brothers are not feuding and are all living in peace Sahil regrets losing Ganga and he has not married Tripti, Meera, Mohini and Tripti are still trying to break up the family. Manthan and Bhoomi have been corrupted by Meera. And the story begins……………



Nakul comes into the dining room and asks Ragu Kaka to bring him his breakfast but Manthan comes and orders that his breakfast be given first b/c he wants to go out with friends. Nakul says he is getting late for the office he has to leave soon so Ragu Kaka bring my breakfast first, Manthan gets annoyed and pushes Nakul. Nakul falls backwards into Gautam's arms. Gautam yells at Manthan and tells him to remember that Nakul is his older brother and he is to treat him with respect. Hearing the commotion Damini & Karan & Tanya come in. Manthan tries to blame Nakul and Tanya believes him but Karan knows that Manthan is lying and makes him apologize to Nakul. Manthan says sorry to Nakul and walks off Tanya goes after him. Sahil comes and says that they should leave for the office because they are getting late. Karan says you guys go I will come later. Karan goes upstairs to talk to Manthan and Tanya says Karan you always take Nakul side you never stop to think that maybe Nakul is wrong. Karan says Tanya you have spoiled the kids not just Manthan but his little angel Bhoomi too. Tanya begins to cry and Karan with his back turned says if Nandini was here the kids wouldn't be like this. Karan leaves and Tanya cries.


Damini walks into Mayank's room to wake him up. Mayank beta time to get up but Mayank doesn't move so Damini takes his blanket off and there is nothing but pillows there. Damini looks around the room calling his name but he is no where to be seen so Damini goes to Kisna's room and it is empty the bed is made and he is not there. Damini walks down the hall and she sees Baa sitting on the sofa so Damini goes over to her and there she sees Kisna and Mayank listening to Baa talk about their Tulsi Dadi. Damini comes up to them and tells them to go eat breakfast and Mayank says Maa mujhe Baa ki kahani suni hai. But Damini tells them to go eat and they can hear the story after. When they have gone Baa tells Damini she worries too much about Mayank and that he perfectly fine now and nothing is wrong anymore. Damini says she just doesn't want to lose him and Damini and Baa flashback to a hospital scene a doctor comes out and says that Nakul and Mayank are just fine and it was a small accident and there is good news Mayank is now normal he says some doctor mumbo jumbo and everyone smiles. They come back to reality and Damini says Baa is right she gives her a hug and says she is going to clean Mayank's room.


Nakul, Gautam, Sahil and Karan come back from the office and Nakul runs up the stairs to see Kisna and Mayank. The brothers meet and hug each other and Kisna tells Nakul what Baa told them about Tulsi Dadi and Ganga mom and how Baa wants to go to Haridwar. Karan, Gautam and Sahil sit down on the sofas and begin to discuss business and comes in and says is that all you guys talk about. Sahil has flashback to when Ganga would say that and misses her. Nakul, Kisna and Mayank come running down the stairs and Karan says Oh my god you guys are so much older now and you still act like little kids when you're together. They all smile and say Karan Chachu we have some good news that's why we are so happy. Sahil asks what it is and they announce the family is going to Haridwar for Baa's birthday and that everything is booked. Gautam says they have an important business meeting coming up and Nakul says that he had the meeting moved up to tomorrow so that the family can leave the next day and be there for the Shiv Ratri poojha. Everyone is happy and Gautam, Karan and Sahil are proud of the kids for being so smart and surprising them.


Karan goes upstairs to tell his kids that they are going to Haridwar for Baa's birthday and Manthan and Bhoomi refuse to go saying the don't want to waste their time and that they will stay at home with Meera Dadi. Karan gets mad and says she is NOT your Dadi and both of you will go to Haridwar with us so pack your bags. Tanya comes in and asks Karan if she should pack his suitcase and he says he will do it himself and that she should go talk to the kids and tell them to pack theirs. Tanya leaves the room and Karan goes over to Nandini's picture and cries while he talks to her. Nandini everything has changed since you left Bhoomi has changed so much she barely listens to me and Manthan just thinks I am against him, oh Nandini if you were with me then none of this would have happened I am so lost without and you and Maa. Sahil comes in and puts his arm around Karan's shoulders and the two brothers sit and talk about how much they miss their wives. Sahil tells Karan even though he knows where Ganga is he cannot talk to her and he knows what Karan must be going through wondering where Nandini is and how she is doing. Sahil says he promises Karan that once they get back from Haridwar they will look for Nandini together and that he sure Karan will find his wife. Karan smiles and thanks Sahil for his support and tells Sahil to try and talk to Ganga.


Mihir is in his room thinking about Tulsi when Baa comes in and discusses the trip with him he says that he doesn't feel like going and Baa tells him that Tulsi would want him to go. Baa says that she feels like something good will come out of this trip, after hearing Tulsi's name Mihir agrees to go to Haridwar with the family. Baa tells him to pack his bags. Gautam and Nakul return from the office after the meeting and are discussing the facts when Mayank comes down the stairs with Kisna and they ask Gautam for his credit card b/c they want to do some last minute shopping for the trip. Gautam says the bags have been packed and they have everything they need but in the end he gives them the card and sends Nakul and Sahil with them to the shopping center. While they are at the shopping center Kisna and Nakul recognize Ganga in a small boutique and while Mayank and Sahil are in another store they go up to her. They tell her that they want to buy something for their Baa b/c it is her birthday and they are taking her to Haridwar and want to give her another gift she would like. Ganga remembers Baa and all the good times she shared with her and picks out a small baghban ki murti for them to give Baa. They thank her and leave while they are walking away Kisna asks Nakul Bhaiya if we knew that was Ganga mom why didn't we tell her the truth. Nakul tells him that he is sure she will go to Haridwar and that is when they will bring their Sahil Papa in front of her.


They all head home and Baa is sitting on the couches with Damini and Gautam and when the kids give her the gift she starts to cry and says this is something Ganga would have given her. Kisna and Nakul smile. Meera comes down the stairs and says oof Baa don't you have enough murti's if it was up to you the house would be a mandir. Karan comes down the stairs after Meera and says that it is Baa's house and Baa can do whatever she likes and that it is out of kindness that Baa is letting her live here if Baa wanted she could have kicked Meera out. Meera gets annoyed and walks, Sahil announces that everyone should get to bed early so that they don't miss their flight.


The next morning everyone is getting ready to leave when Meera comes down the stairs with her suitcase and says that she is also ready. Everyone becomes quite and Mayank laughs and says that she isn't going Meera tells him to shut up and that she is in no mood for jokes. Damini tells her to watch her mouth and that this is a family trip and you Meera are not family. Meera is stunned that she isn't going as they family leaves.


Once they are on the plane Baa remembers all the times she went to Haridwar with Tulsi and Ganga prays to Thakur ji to reunite her family with their beloved Ganga and Nandini.

The family arrives in Haridwar and once everyone is settled in they head to the Mandir.

As Mihir walks towards the mandir he remembers all the times he and Tulsi went to the Mandir and the time she spilled sindoor all over him. Gautam, Karan, Sahil, Tanya, Damini and Baa remember all the times they shared with Tulsi in the mandir. After going to the Mandir Mihir takes them to eat gol gappas and Manthan and Bhoomi actually enjoy themselves but don't let it show. While they are eating gol gappas a parade passes by and Karan, Gautam and Sahil take off screaming Maa into the parade. They follow a lady that looks like Tulsi into an empty street and she turns around starts screaming at them to leave her alone. The brothers are disappointed that it wasn't their Tulsi Maa and are sad that she really is dead. As they walk back Tulsi and Krishna Tulsi walk past them but they are too sad to notice but feel her presence and look up. They see that it really is Tulsi and take off after her once again. They follow her to her house and decide to come back with Baa. They go back to the family and do not tell them who they found instead they take every one straight to the house. Karan knocks on the door and Nandini open the door…………..


Everyone is shocked to see Nandini and after 20 years Karan finally has the love of his life back.  "Nandini tum mujhe chor ke kaha chali gayi thi tum to jaanti ho na ke mein tumare bina ek pal be nahi jee sakhta" Nandini cries and says she is sorry but she felt she would just cause problems in his life and Karan says that Nandini you will never be a problem for me I love you and they both hug as the song wada raha pyar se pyar ka ab hum na honge juda plays. Nandini takes everyone inside and once everyone is sitting down Gautam and Sahil think that maybe they didn't see Tulsi after all and when Nandini asks how everyone is and what has happened over the past 20 years Karan tells her that Tulsi is dead and that after her death Mihir has given up on life and all he does is drink and think of Tulsi and now thanks to Gayatri Meera is living in their house and basically gives her the update. Nandini is shocked to hear that Tulsi is dead, she says Maa is not dead she is very much alive. There is a knock at the door and Tulsi and Ganga come in with a bunch of bags in their arms so they cannot really see the family as they put the bags down Tulsi sees Baa and rushes over to Baa. Ganga sees Sahil and remembers how Gayatri threw out of the house and she couldn't even take her kids. Ganga walks out the door and Sahil follows her once they are outside he sees Ganga crying to herself and hears her saying why can't I stop loving Sahil even after everything he has done to me it was because of him and Tripti I lost my kids. Sahil goes up to Ganga and tells that is was after he lost her he realised how she truly meant to him and to his family he apologizes for everything and she says how can I forgive because of you my kids probably think I hate them my kids must hate me so much, as she says this Nakul and Kisna come out and say how can the kids who have waited for their Ganga Maa for so long hate her. They tell her that they love and can never hate her Ganga hugs her kids and tells Sahil she forgives him but what about Tripti he tells after he had business loss she left him and attempted to come back when he was rich again. Sahil says sorry once again and Ganga and Sahil hug. Damini and Gautam come out and Gautam worries that now that Ganga is back he will once again lose Nakul again but Ganga tells him that Nakul knows he has 2 mom n 2 dads and she is happy that Nakul calls both of his parent's mom and dad. Gautam thanks Ganga and Damini and Ganga hug as Damini tells her it is so good to have her sister like devrani back. They all go inside and Mihir and Tulsi have reunited and by looking at Mihir everyone can see that he has finally got his life back. They decide to all go back to Shantiniketan and Krishna Tulsi who was standing in the corner the whole time says Baa aap mujhe chor ke chali jaho ge and Tulsi says of course not beta mein apni Tulsi ko apne saath le kar jaaoon gi.



Meera is sitting in a chair at the dining table thinking about Mihir and how even after twenty years have gone by since Tulsi died Mihir still hasn't forgotten her and won't accept her. Mihir ji mein aap se kitna pyar karti hoon Kash aap nhi mujhse pyar karte.Meera decides she will ask Mihir for his hand in marriage, she goes upstairs to prepare.


Meanwhile the reunited Virani parivaar is coming back to Mumbai via bus Tulsi and Mihir are sitting next to each other and Tulsi is resting her head on Mihir shoulder the two talk and discuss the past twenty years as  Mihir tells Tulsi in the past twenty years you have never once left my heart or my mind I thought about you day and night, Tulsi please forgive me for my mistakes as your husband I should have given you support but I was blinded by my pain at losing my mother it was only after I lost you that I realised what you truly mean to me and not to just me but to the entire family. The family has fallen apart in these past twenty years the kids don't get along Gayatri Cha Chi kicked Ganga out of the house Nandini never came back after her sentence was over Karan waited outside for so long. Our kids have broken down Tulsi ever since they lost their Maa they seem so lost they pushed themselves into their business to forget their pain but were unable to get over losing you.  Bhoomi has changed so much she is no longer the sweet little girl who brought happiness to the family just by coming into the room. As Mihir and Tulsi talk Karan and Nandini are sitting together catching up.


Nandini where did you go I waited so long for you but you never came? I didn't want to upset your life again Karan. When I woke up from the coma I put you through so much and Tanya she was going to have your baby I didn't want to cause problems so I took our son and left. As I was walking towards the bus-stop I saw Ganga sitting by the side of they street crying and since that day we have been together. We decided to go to Haridwar and that is where we met Maa but she made us promise never to tell anyone about her. Nandini where is our son? He is in Delhi doing is business degree, he wants to be a great businessman jus like his Papa. Karan smiles and hugs Nandini.


Ganga is sitting with Nakul and Kisna and Sahil is watching her thinking how could I have ever let her go how could I be so blind to not see that she is the only woman I could ever love. Nakul and Kisna talk with Ganga and ask her Maa didn't you miss us? Didn't you want to see us to see if we were okay or did you forget about us? How can a mother forget her kids? Beta not a day went by when I didn't think of you I thought of you everyday but I could never face you because I thought for sure you must hate me. We could never hate you Maa. Damini Mummy always told us how much you loved us and how much you cared about us and how you wanted to take us with you but Dadi wouldn't let you.


Damini and Gautam are sitting next to each other and Gautam says do you think that not that Ganga is back Nakul will stop calling us Mummy Papa? Damini comforts him and says of course not Nakul accepts both of us as his parents and he will always call you and Sahil both Papas. Gautam smiles and says it is so good to have Ganga back because now Sahil is finally happy after all these years and you have your sister back. Damini puts her head on his shoulder and says I hope our family never separates and that we can go back to being that happy parivaar we once were living in our Shantiniketan.


Tanya is sitting in the back with Manthan thinking now that Nandini is back I will have to leave and maybe Manthan will not get his rights. I will make sure my son gets his fathers love and rights.


KT is sitting with Baa and Baa says KT and Kisna make a wonderful couple and laughs while KT says who itna bhi bura nahi hai Baa par mein abhi shaadi nahi karna chati.


The bus passes a shop with guitars on display in the window and Mayank makes the driver stop the bus and runs into the store, everyone is shocked and wonders why he would run off like that Damini and Gautam go after him and see him at the counter buying a guitar, they all smile and go back on the bus Mayank beta where did u go Mihir asks. Dadu today is Eklaviya bhaia's birthday so I wanted to buy him a present. The bus driver starts driving and everyone is happy to be going home.


A couple hours later the driver says we have reached Mumbai. Within half an hour they reach Shantiniketan.


What will Meera reaction be when she sees Tulsi and what was it that Meera has planned for Mihir.

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Posted: 2006-06-27T18:25:14Z
hey !

Pls... continue soon m too interested in knowing wht happens next but would like to make a suggestion. Pls... don't mind. I haven't really written ny fan fiction till now so i might be wrong n would like to apologise to u before only . I think tht u shouldn't have sgown everyone being reunited in the first part only. Sorry if u hurt u. But ur story is really good n would like to read the next part. Pls... post it as soon as possible. Clap
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Posted: 2006-07-12T13:31:13Z
pls continue soon
the fanfic is really intresting even better than the real ksbkbt
cant wait to read the next part
this part was really nice
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Posted: 2006-07-12T18:00:35Z
continue soon..............
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Posted: 2006-07-18T09:55:50Z
Please continue soon, eagerly waiting for the next part
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Posted: 2006-07-18T11:04:44Z
plz continue it was a great part
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Posted: 2006-07-18T11:56:23Z
wow this sounds great plz continue!
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