Alag starting Akshay Kapoor

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Posted: 17 years ago

It's Different

Director::Ashu Trikha
Cast: : Akshay Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Jayant Kriplani
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Alag begins with with the death of a man when he suffers a cardiac arrest. On investigations it is learnt that the man did not live alone. There's was somebody else living in the basement too. The young man turns out to be Tejas Rastogi (Akshay Kapoor) who has not been exposed to the outside world for the past eighteen years. He has lived in the basement - the only things giving him company are his books. Tejas is endowed with special powers. He has a photographic memory. Birds and butterflies are drawn to him like bees to a flower. Tejas is different. He is alag.

The police decide to place Tejas in Purva's care. Purva along with her father (Jayant Kriplani) is running an institute for orphans who are from the world of crime but want to change the course of their life.Thus begins Tejas journey into the new world that he has never seen before. Experimental films are in today and hats off to Ashu Trikha for trying to something different. Though lifted from Hollywood hit Powder, the plot of Alag seems absolutely convincing and plausible. The viewer often sees his or herself in the character. Particualarly noteworthy are the dining hall scene. Also the climax deserves a mention though it ends to abruptly.

But Alag has its share of drawbacks. The main protagonist never retaliates. Also the romance between Tejas and Purva comes across to be incomplete. Another out-of-character instance is the song Apun ki toli. Full marks to Akshay Kapoor for doing full justice to the role! He carries the whole film on his shoulders and does so with confidence. He imparts certain freshness to the character. All though Dia does not have much to do in the film she makes her presence felt. But a film like Alag will appeal to the niche audience only.

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Posted: 17 years ago
#2 sounds kinda intresting
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Posted: 17 years ago
sabb say alag
sab say alag
sab say alag............
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Posted: 17 years ago

sounds intresting n quite different from other movies!
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Posted: 17 years ago
i saw it
i liked it
its different

(its not this akshay)

it is this guy
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Posted: 17 years ago
This is a remake of hollywood movie "Powder",does ne one remember.