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Tuesday 4 / 9 / 12 Episode No 828

PILS grad is at a loss but manages to say that she fell down at home and ended up with a muscle pull. Senthil gives a smile which says " I know... I know... I know " a la Raghuvaran. Function starts - all are decking up Gayu...she looks happy ...ahhh apdiyellam happy aa irukka vidalaama ? Swetha pisasu enters .

Senthil pesa...Swetha egira... Ranjani kurukke vara...habba , Roja kku mudiyalai The whole family now knows the story ( for a minute Roja thought that PILS grad will extend a warm welcome to her sakkalathi " Swetha va va correct time kku vanthe, neeyum bangle pOdu - habba ) Mugs hitting Swetha, Swetha returning the favor, PILS grad getting pushed on the floor... Swetha is adamant " enga amma kitte ennai pathi kevalama pesina Senthil ai Oru adiyaanum kuduthu ttu thaan Poven " Finally Paro aunty intervenes and says that it is a function for Gayu " you can settle your differences elsewhere, now scoot " Swetha managed to break the bangles and generally make a mess when Senthil pushed her. Gayu cries looking at the damaged bangles.

AZ uncle veedu. Mugs wants to see one hand " antha Swetha vai summa vittathu thaan thappu..ippO pOi.." VIsa aunty is pretty sure that Mugs can do squat , so offers to take up the cudgel  - Roja kku jOram vanthuduthu - enga ppa innum more lage lage?? Nalla Kaalam, Aabadh Bhandavar, Roja Rakshagar AZ says that he will take care of this himself "Aal aalukku think panname nadanthu this issue has become complicated. I know how to set this right, ellarum keep quiet "

Krish goes to Swetha's house. - quietly asks " why did you spoil our function? You, Mugs and PILS grad have a score to settle, fine. But won't you think before you come in to my house and upset my wife?? As   it is we are upset about the separation. I planned everything well and wanted to make my wife happy when she is pregnant.  I am so careful about doing things for her and you spoil everything just like that?? So, what is your problem? " Swetha repents - uh huh, finally !! She tells Krish that she was so angry that she never thought about hurting others " I wanted to slap Senthil as he talked ill of me, my intention was not to hurt you or your family " Krish now addresses Mangu aunty " You are an elderly person, you could have done some thing " The entire clan looks uneasy and the final barb is thrown by Krish " What Senthil did is wrong and I apologize for that " - Leaves. Swetha Pey adicha mathiri nikkaraanga -  engiyaanum Oru pEy innOru pEy kitte adi vaanguma??


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Wednesday, september 5, 2012 updt

Hi sorry makkaas, was out on training plus no PC the last 2 days..

Watches Wednesdays only yesterday.


First segment deals with Gayu and Krishna talking thru' their cassettes.   Gayu cries buckets abt the disturbed valaikaappu and Krishna consoles


2nd segment deals with namma AZ going to Swetha's house and informing them abt all the atrocities commited by swetha, hitting Mugs, not allowing them to see their granddaughter, etc. will you guys be without seeing her for even one day? So how can we keep away from her?

Also, Mugs did do wrong when he pledged your home and was responsible for u guys losing it in the end. But by the time he came home, told us the news, we thought of giving a helping hand, 2 hours had passed and when we came to get you all, you had vanished. So whose fault is that?

Also, I told you time and again not to give that money to thangaraj and said he was with rajendran but did u listen? So how come u blame mukundan alone? Isn't that wrong..ennikki irundhaalum swetha is mugs' wife and has to live with him. Please advise her…walks off.


3rd segment – officela one of the worker tells the peon SuruLi that he had borrowed only Rs.1000 while SuruLi insists it was 5000. He calls mugs for saakshi and Mugs says yes it was 5000. In fact, Suruli does charge a high 10% interest and even on that day, he took 500 and gave u only 4500..poor guy, he gives and lends money and saves for his sister's marriage. Please don't cheat him. That guy feels ashamed, promises to pay back soon.


Suruli comes inside Mugs room and thanks him profusely and spills the beans abt Swetha coming that Sunday and flashbackla, she screams at suruli for coming late on a Sunday as summoned for twice the pay…and then while he is out getting tea, she goes to mugs computer, adjusts the accounts and gets back to her room. So, Suruli says, she must have tampered with the accounts then and then deliberately yelled at u the next day and slapped u. so whats betw u two…mugs says find that out yourself…and is thinking……………


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Thursday, September6th, Episode 830
Swetha is in fornt of her PC in her office room. Mugs is also busy with his work. The regional manager comes to Swetha and asks for the report which he has to sublit urgently.  Swetha says that she has just finished it and takes a print out and proudly hands over to him. He goes thruuu...that file and thorows it ," what this Swetha...what kind of entries are these..? if we submit tom the clients...we will never get any projects..are you out of your miund?" Swetha repeatedly tells that she enters everything correctly but the figures are change...it must be some computer glitch. But the RM does not want to accept this and shouts at her. Swetha gets up and tells," Sir give me a few minutes..I know who did this"
She storms into Mug's cabin and kanna..binnaanu shouting. Rm comes there and MUgs loses his patience and tells that," yei...when you slapped me the other day I simply ignored it as you are a lady...but...what do you think in your manasu? " Rm comes to know about this ..and he tells Swetha to behave but Swetha calls him also ..yov...poya...etc. RM gets so angry and shouts," Ok this si the lim it..you are suspended for 10 days...go home and do some meditation or something and come back...the order will come to your house...Mr muguntha until she comes you please take over.
Swetha  car oattifies Kannaa pinnaanu and reaches home and shows all the anger to her parents. Her dad advises her and tells about AZ's visit there. AT this point telephone rings ...swetha picks up..from the other end...one happy mugunthan talks," do you know who did all that ulta work in your nsytem...? naan thaan...since you did the same to me...on a sunday...I did it on a week day...so stop with this...if you play with me again,...I will see that you will lose this job" Swetha kaachu...mooochu kathals and then walks to her car...while her parents watch her helplessly.
Mugs comes home and peethals about Swetha's suspension...Chittu tells," this is wrong...it is bacause of her only they lost everything and now you are doing this to her...ava paavam nga..." Here comes Jansee Ranee..."Mu.ggguuunthan.." Arguements ans screamins starts...Visa tries to talk...but Swetha asks her to mind her business...and she says," do you want to see wehat I can do now...ha?" She goes and muttifies on a pillar ...she starts bleeding from her forehead...Everyone is shocked...Swetha goes out.
Swetha is in a police station...complaining about Mugunthan. AZ is very upset with m ugunthan and asks him to go and talk to Swetha's parents..and chittu also tells the same. Here comes the  police and tell him," who is Mugunthan...? there is a complain made against you that you hit a lady..." Mugs and others are sh0ocked tom hear this.
( aahaa...all these naanthaan muttikittu irunthen...ippo...intha swetha kooda...comany thara vanthutaanga paa...ithu enna kodumai paa)
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Friday Sept 7th updates 
Tongue Birthday specials... Tongue
Scene 1
Police at Mugs house, asking him to ajar to police station due to Swetha complains. As ussual everyone show their shock expression and Visa n Mugs tell them that Swetha hurt herself. Police doesnt wanna hear anything from them and Mugs have to follow them anyhow. Again as usual Chitra and Visa go to Setha house for asking nyayam ...(etherna vathi pathalum no thiranthening). Swetha asks Chitra who are you and start addressing Mugs vada poda. Before that swetha complains to her parents that Mugs hurt her and Mangalam was taking badly about Mugs to her husband. But when she heard that Swetha did on her purpose both are shock (again). Shock panni enna irreke.. appa n amma just like doll to swetha. Chitra and Visa mari mari scold Swetha but she does not care (aracha maavu arikirange). Finally Chitra tells Swetha dad that, he is just looking and doing nothing on his daughter attam and ask her MIL to leave that place saying she knows how to bring Mugs back. Nadaraj and Mang try to advice Swetha but she tells them that she knows what to do ... and timira goes to her room..
Scene 2
Nadaraj at Swetha office meeting with her Area Manager. He reveals everything about Mugs Swetha relationships and ego clash, revenge process. He pleads the manager to help him to withdraw Swetha suspension order so that he can persuade his daughter to withdraw complaint at Mugs. Eventhough manager reluctant to do it at first, later agrees to withdraw it as he believe both Mugs and Swetha are good employee of the company. Nad is ver happy. He goes back to home and throw the letter on table asking Swetha to read. He told his daughter that he has revealed averything to the manager and plead for the letter. Swetha ore shock and tell her father that she did not expect this . Her main goal is to thukify n torture Mugs not the job. She can find better job anywhere...
Kris come there, and for his pangu, appeal to Swetha to withdraw the case. Swetha say she still respect Kris for his honesty and in past he saved her life. She willing to do anything for him but not this one. Kris also telling her Mugs emantha pona story (again arache maavu here)
Kris pakkuvuma advising her, aanal her mara mandai not taking it. Finaly Kris said, if she really respect him and wants to do something for him, please withdraw the case on Mugs and left the place. As ususal her parents look on and Swetha in thinking mode... thodarum
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Tuesday  11 / 9 / 12 Episode No 833

As brief as possible uh huh.

Gayu comes to know the story of "bike mutti food kizhe " story . apram enna? azhugaachi , consoling uh huh. - full segment azhugaachi ppa

Office - Swetha ore lovey dovey . Visiting rights given "eppo Vena vanthu Agalya vai paarkkalam" Mugs comes home , keeps PILS grad in the loop who decides to cash Swetha's permission immediately.

Sudha and Gayu - temple visit. They see Babu going somewhere in the bike - pillion le Oru figure.
Sudha smells a rat, Gayu ponders...

Freeze - Roja kku suthamaa pOrumai illai ppa awww

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