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Posted: 2012-09-07T13:25:26Z
This time It's me Cool Rafi is Absent on a Official Leave. And we sure do miss her terribly, Also do we miss our beloved SwaRon, but this thread has to keep going and Nidhi was kind enough to let me do the honor once Embarrassed So friends, I present the SIXTH thread to you. 

The rest in our very own Rafi's words.

Not very big phans of LOWE stories and mindless fluff. Who are supposed to be here ? Ppl who Like / Love / Admire SwaRon cuz they are different and complicated and disturbingly awesome but dont hesitate to call a spade a spade when they suck, thanks to CMG ppl reverting to their traditions occasionally. We ain't Slabs of concrete but we ARE allergic to too much cheese. Romance is awesome as long as its justified. Kk thanks Stern Smile 

P.S : This is an invite only thread. You cannot post here if you havent been invited / informed about this thread by me. You cannot ASK to come here no matter how familiar you are with any of us from the forum. As blunt as that sounds, if we feel u belong with us here, we will INVITE you, we do not take requests. This is a CC for like minded ppl who wear spikes for a 2nd skin and not everyone can digest the barbs we dish out and hence the really small , tight and exclusive circle. This CC isn't currently planning on adding ANYONE. Thanks .

To make Life easier here's listing our names :

1. SwaRon911 = Rafi

2. Savage = Kankshita/KD

3. Sawyer_Tom = Nidhi

4. marauder = Shishir (Boy ! LOL)

5. lyfisbeautiful = Shalini

6. Sudha-SK =  Sudha 

7. meevee =  Meera (Middle East)

8. meery. =  Meera (Delhi)

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Posted: 2012-09-07T13:38:32Z
Wow! This feels surreal. THE 6TH FREAKIN THREAD!!!! Party
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Posted: 2012-09-07T15:02:12Z
Sixth thread here we come Party. Congrats everyone.
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Posted: 2012-09-07T15:03:11Z
Congrats everyone Party
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Posted: 2012-09-07T15:03:35Z
750 pages of mindless fun behind us.. 6th thread here we come!!Party

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Posted: 2012-09-07T15:04:29Z
Ok bye guys..looking at the system is making my headache go bad.
Talk to u all tomorrow.
Take care Hug
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Posted: 2012-09-07T15:05:16Z
I can't believe you calculated that Shalini! *cough* nerd *cough* GeekLOL
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Posted: 2012-09-07T15:05:37Z
Bye sudha.. tk care!Hug
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