Post-Bhagonwali Discussion Thread #3

Posted: 2012-08-21T09:09:41Z
Please note that Thread #2 is way too long, so I decided to open this one upon Surish's recommendation.  Kindly post your comments here.
With thanks
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Posted: 2012-08-21T10:31:01Z
Thanks Jpso1 for responding to my call expeditiously!
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Posted: 2012-08-21T12:15:07Z
Thank you Jps... you did the right thing...Clap
           but I didn't see this thread before, so posted in the old thread a few minutes ago...sorry..Tongue
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Posted: 2012-08-21T12:47:14Z
@ Godblessall, concur with each and every one of your comments below, but I would definitely post this in the LMYAM forum!!!Big smile Please do!!
FYI, Credit goes to Surish for opening this new thread - on his recommendation!!
Just read Pensink's write-up there...and I can't resist myself to say these things...!!
        Why in the new show from the very beginning it feels like the makers are trying hard to establish a forceful debate /disagreement  over some  unnecessary issues by showing unreasonable extremities in the characters...Shocked
          I mean...the boy's mom is shown too strong-head...she doesn't care about her children's feeling...why...?!
           The elder brother is too quiet and aloof contradicting his personality ...  why..??
              The younger brother is too much active and  over the top obliged as a lover...why..?!
            The girls are even more irritating in their views...!! One, being an adult , thinks of fairy-tale love story and not ready to think otherwise...! The other, is even more strange..!! After reading today's update, I'm clueless about why the heck she is advocating for mother decided nuptial even after knowing the fact that the boy loves someone else...I mean her case is different ..she is doing the arranged marriage because as a matter of fact she does not have a romantic interest elsewhere...and so is open to parents selected match...that does not mean she did not fall in love because she wanted to marry a boy particularly of her parents' choice.!  Because as they say, you don't opt to be in love, rather you fall in love. In her case she did not have that 'fall' yet...but that does not mean a modern , educated girl like her will support ditching your love and marry where your parents choose...!! This sounds too much impractical and illogical...Ouch
                  The other characters like sister-in-law are also shown unnecessarily behaving odd without a hint of the past back-ground..!why ?
                     As I said earlier, Sony's marriage shows are not up to the mark recently and did not do good also I do not find anything substantial storyline so far that will provide a strong backbone to the show.  But this is fully my view, I may be wrong...
                    What I mentioned above is entirely about the other it may not be right to post it here...but the only place I post in the new forum is Himm's appcn thread, and this is not such a note...the other places there is not comfortable for me...Tongue
                       This is the reason I'm posting this here as this place is way too cozy for me...  Wink             
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Posted: 2012-08-21T13:02:57Z
 "@ Godblessall, concur with each and every one of your comments below, but I would definitely post this in the LMYAM forum!!! Please do!! "
            Thank you Jps... and about the place of post : it looks like  I'm lacking courage in absence of my G-man...LOL
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Posted: 2012-08-21T13:48:36Z
Godblessall I second Jps01! Don't even hesitate to post it in a new thread! Girl you got talent!
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Posted: 2012-08-21T14:30:42Z
Surish...thank you...but I couldn't make a new posted in Himm appcn thread...
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Posted: 2012-08-21T18:15:19Z
@ Godblessall!... Hey girl! Back on fire I see, good for you! So nice to be able to enjoy your wonderful posts again, talk about deja vous!!Smile

This is the perfect place to voice your concerns, far away from the madding crowds of the LMYAM forum! Always remember this is your home  and we are your ( virtual) family, so put up your feet and get comfortable !! And that goes for everybody else as well!! 

Have not been watching the show, but reading Pensinks WUs, so I really can't give an honest opinion or comment, but what I will say is the show is new, seems a little tame, and the concept seems somewhat ordinary!!
Throw in the dreaded TRPs into the mix, and the characters will become over the top and overdone very quickly!! No room for subtlety or compromise, just same old,same old stereotypes!! Maybe that's what most viewers like and want,who knows? 

All I want is for Himm to find a foothold and do well in this role, he is a good actor and deserves a good role to display his versatility. 

By the way...where is everybody? Jay,Indi,Van,Rashaa...the rest of my G girls?? Don't let me have to come on the LMYAM forum and pull you off there!!Wink 

It's time to come home,if even for a short while!! We need you! Ok?!

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