Uravugal Aug 20-24 Updates in Pg1 & Discussions

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Posted: 2012-08-19T08:05:26Z
Monday, Aug 20th, 
No serial today!!! Escapuuu!!!
Happy Ramzaan !!


Updates by Roja

Tuesday 21 / 8 / 12 Episode No 818

Gayu head le lizard - ore azhugachi, Ore consoling Krish is unhappy...Gayu is unhappy.. sss habba mudiyalai mudiyalai mudiyalai - Net result - Gayu and Krish do not talk to each other.

Veera dheera Mugs comes to work with a kAal kadithasi in his pocket. Swetha does the job of usuppi viding with ease " You can not win over a chit of a girl like me?? resign pannittu Odare?? Ok ok , Odu..nee yellam enge urupadarathu?" As expected Mugs destroys the letter and accepts the challenge " Ingiye velai panni, velai and life renduleyum jeyichi kattaren " Swetha looks like a cat with a milk pot - mission accomplished . Some more torture for Mugs and us - Easwaraaa

PILS grad is pacing up and down like a kutti pOtta poonai  - " Chittu kuruvi Chittu kuruvi sethi theriyuma?? KAal kadithasi yai thooki vittu Yeriya pOna macchan  veedu thirumbalai..innum veedu thirumbalai " - Ellarum Roja kavithayini kku Oru O pOdunga jOraa Wink AZ uncle reminds that the world has grown by leaps and bounds from the old PILS days " cell phone...check out the whereabouts ..." PILS grad calls asap - Mugs tells her that the resignation letter has been destroyed - PILS grad needs more info but Swetha pisasu shouts at Mugs for wasting the office time - Dey vidungada , mudiyalai Roja va le !! - New rule is imposed immediately -
 " all of you should switch off your mobiles as soon as you enter the office. Lunch time le you can talk...apram only after office hours, gotcha?" The peon gets a promotion " Mobile phone catcher and watcher, ok?" Swetha Pey adicha Mugs moonjile



Updates by Swash

Wednesday Aug 22nd, 2012 updt.

Nothing much… Mugs fumes and fumes and at home, the threesome wait for him and he comes home late and updates. All are upset.

Then Mugs says that Swetha asked him if he not man enough to even win over her at work? And says he has to stay and work there and prove

Himself and make swetha fall on his feet.  Chiths and AZ deter him but Visa encourages and says that is the only way. All are pensive.


At Sudha's, gayu reads abt palli josiyam and is upset coz it says maranam if it falls on one's head. Sudha is also kind of upset but tries to deviate the talk.

She gives a cassette  recorder and encourages Gayu to communicate to mama thru that. Gayu is hesitant but finally does so.


Here Krish is also concerned abt lizard josiyam and Paru consoles him. Next morning, he refuses breakfast as he has lots of work and as he is about to leave,

Sudha enters with the cassette and he is happy.




Updates by atina

Thursday, August 23rd, Episode 820
Suda hands over a cassette to Krish and tells that it is from Gayu with her sweet talk for him. Paro tells," Suda what is this...? he did not even have his breakfast as he has some i mportant meeting nu...nee vereh?" Krish quickly calls Babu and asks him to take care of everything in the office as he has some other stuff to attend...and quickly goes to his room and listens to Gayu's polambal...(love...oh...lovuuu)  Sha satys that it is hard for her to be away from him and she suggests that they should celebrate Gowri's wedding anniversary on a grand scale. krish enjoys Gagyu's voice and he feels like she is sitting right in front of her and talking to him. Finally he comes to his sense...he is very happy and takes out the cassette and tells," sari gayatri I will do as per your wish"
Swetha is in her office loudly talking to everyone," This is a 5 crore RS project..each of you have to make a reasonable quotation and all the quotations will be checked by our regional manager who will select the best one. The person who quotes accurately will get a nice gift and also promotion will follo...so all of you rake your time but do your best" She murachufies at Mugs and walks away.
Everyone at the office is busy wolring on this new project. The peon Suruli collects all the papers and hands over to Swetha who goes thru all and gets irritated seeing Mug's. She calls mugs to be in her room. When MUgs comes there...firing...firing and firing...Mugs replies," Madam if we quot lik this only Govcernment will again and again give new projects to us...I just reduced our profit that is all?" But Swetha is not convinced and asks him to take his paper and get out.
 As he leaves Manu comes in...with his daughter...Mugs stares at his baby girl. Manu goes in and Swetha is surprised to see her. Mangu tells," Amma...since she is having fever I took her to the doctor...he gave some injection  ...baby started crying so bad...that is I brought her here"
Hearing this conversation Mugs feels bad for his baby...but Swetha turns to him and tells him to get out of there and she closed all the blinds too...so that MUgs can not peep thru...she tyell her mom," amma...even if he pleads you do not let him see my baby at all" Mugs comes to seat ..feeling very dejected...


Updates by Janu

Friday 24 Aug update
Scene 1
Kris comes to Gowri house to inform them about arranging party for Gowri Babu wedding anniversary as per Gayu idea. At fist babu refuses to have party mentioning about his past bad behaviour but Gowri agree to have it. Babu dad is happy and inform Kris to have it and ask him to come with his wife and mom earlier. Kris informs him about josiyar vaaku, Babu dad understand, inform Kris that he can come after Gayu left the party... ennamo ponga... Gowri orama poi ore thinking mode la irruka..
scene 2
Regional manager visit Mugs office. Mugs introduces himself to the manager. Then manager goes to swetha cabin, enquiry her about the quotation matter and asks her why she rejected Mugs proposal. Luckily Mugs emailed him earlier and he has choose Mugs proposal for submition. Regional manager ask swetha to call mugs and she did it reluctantly. Mugs comes and RM praises him and tell him that his proposal has been chosen. Mugs is happy but swetha is kadu kadu. RM leaves the place, swetha starts her attam towards Mugs. Question him why sent rejected quot to RM, Mugs replies that company matter is more important than her. Swetha ore kadeppu.
Nite at chittu home, chittu asks about mugs happy mood.. mugs tells her the incident at office today, As ussual chittu worried this will increase swetha kovam towards him. mugs brushes aside the thoughts and tells chittu that company is more important than this silly matter. Chittu asks him whether he has spoken to swetha personally and talk about his daughter Agalya. Mugs becomes sad and tells chittu how he unable to see his daughter when Mangu brought to offic ethe other day. Mugs polambying how he misses is daughter and his fate , he cant live with his children together.. chittu listening to his polambal and thinking
scene 3
Chittu meet swetha dad at some place. She tells him about mugs nilamai and how he suffered when they missing in action for sometime. She also tell him that mugs misses his daughter so much and startr polambying at home. She request Nad to bring over agalya once to their home, so that her MIL and Fil plus mugs can konjify her. She tells him not to inform swetha, if she comes to know that she will gives more torture to Mugs.. Now Nad in thinking mode

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Posted: 2012-08-23T07:55:46Z
I have a lot of questions:
1. How can a josiyar tell a married couple to be away from each other for some stupid reason...and they are also listening to him? in which century are we in?
2. Mugs calls the peon vaanga...ponga sometimes...and sometimes nee ...vaa...po...??? why is this kuzhappam MR script writer?
3. No female office manager dresses up like swetha does...I mean the hair style with some silk hair cover on her kondai...is she in 70"s?
I really hope all this kind os mistakes will not happen in the new serial...Please GB thambi.
Edited by atina - 2012-08-24T07:59:01Z
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Posted: 2012-08-23T11:34:31Z
3. No female office manager dresses up like swetha does...I mean the hair style with some sill hair cover on her kondai...is she in 70"s?
atina, my thoughts exactly.. Her appearance is best suited as a brothel head madam than an office manager, I am sorry to say.
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Posted: 2012-08-24T05:36:27Z
agree with both of you. Seekiram mudingappa , thaangalai intha kOdumai !! 
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Posted: 2012-08-24T08:01:28Z
one consolation is ...atleast in the new serial all these rubbish scenes will not be there...as the script write is a new one...
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Posted: 2012-08-24T22:18:03Z
atina.. Uravugal too started off with a blast.. It was doing really well for long time..

Every serial starts off very well.. Poga poga they lose track .. Just hope this time it will not happen..

New serial promo.. sonthabandham is out.. Which serial  is ending??
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Posted: 2012-08-26T21:20:01Z
Nithya, Haven't you heard ? "Man /woman lives on hopes "WinkWink
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