Arjun 18th Aug WU *An organ smuggling racket*

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Posted: 2012-08-18T14:47:17Z
Hey heyyy.. Okay here is the Updateee...Embarrassed

~ Arjun Written Update ~

  • A marriage is happening the bride places her hand under the groom's when Pandits corrects her to put it on top..The groom named Dr Jatin is dead in his own marriage's manadap and comes out he was alergic to peanuts and had diabetes
  • His blood traces show no findings of peanuts o anything related to peanuts in the blood stream
  • He was the son in law a of a very famous hospital owner named Jain and the hospitals called Jain Hospitals.. he was married to their older daughter but she died due to asthma attack and this time he was getting remarried to his sister in law Supriya..
  • Hospital records and staff say that there was something going on between Dr Jatin and a nurse called Maya.. she always used to work with him regardless of what
  • When inquired Maya she says that she and Dr Jatin used to love each other and His marriage with Supriya didn't matter him.. Rathod doesn't believe her and leaves..
  • In the mean time Arjun gets all nostalgic seeing the wedding videos he remembers his and his wife's marriage..
  • Dr Jain says that Jatin had a fight with someone on his wedding day and when looked through the wedding video they find the person..Ria asks if anyone in the family knows that guy? at the very same moment Jatin's best friend excuses himself saying he has something important to do.. Arjun signals chotu to follow him..
  • Shree tells Ria how Arjun was married before and his wife was murdered infront of him.. Ria feels bad
  • Ria and Arjun go to question Supriya and she says she didn't find anything wrong with Jatin's behavior.. Arjun says if she was really close to her sister? Supriya says yes..
  • Ria consoles Supriya and deliberately says that she understands what one goes through when a close one dies..Arjun listens to her but ignores..
  • On their way back Ria keeps looking at Arjun and he asks if he has something new on his face? LOL Ria asks why does he always wear the bandage in his hand? Arjun says statistics show if an officer does his work whole heartedly and not divert his/her mind here and there the success rate is 89% Ria shuts up..LOL
  • Chotu gets hold of Jatin's best friend and the guy found in the video.. best friend runs away but he arrests the video guy..
  • The video guy says that he doesn't know anything but upon being questioned he says that BTS (bio medical tissue company) was Jatin's client and he was just going to pick up the delivery..
  • he says he doesn;t do all this but Tushaar (Jatin's bf) does it..he says he just went to discuss with Dr Jatin..
  • Arjun asks about the nature of delivery to which Video guy says organs of the body..
  • Team ETF goes to BTS and Dr Khanna the head says this is impossible.. he says thatthey can check whatever they want and they won't find anything.. ETF leaves.. But Arjun suspects Dr Khanna.. he says if the organs or naything was available in BTS Dr Khanna wouldn't have given them such an open invitation.. Rathod disagress and says they still have to check.. Arjun says they will only find the information at Dr Jatin's place..
  • Rathod asks Arjun to go there and sends Ria with him..
  • Arjun reaches there and asks for papers to which the receptionist refuses.. he tells Ria that they will have to try another way out.. Ria says she'll try.. Arjun says how by giving him data records and percentages..
  • Ria gives him the files and opens her hair.. she goes to the receptionist and Receptionist goes flat on her LOL he gives her the papers
  • Ria tells Arjun that one should never question what a woman can do and Arjun looks impressed..
  • ETF is discussing all the points when Arjun says that sister Maya used to work with Dr Jatin all the time and didnot have a shift pattern.. he says Maya maybe included with him in the orga racket
  • They Visit Maya to see her dead.. she has a syringe in her right hand and everybody says it's a suicide when Arjun says it's a murder since Maya was a leftie..She had the laptop's mouse on the left hand side and lipstick marks on the cup reversed too..
  • They find a file there which gives them some more information about the organ racket.. Arjun says someone is helping them to expose the racket..
  • Upon investigation they find that the file found in Maya;s house has papers from a clinic which is a branch of BTS.. They raid the clinic and see people being operated.. just then they recieve a call that Tushaar has been caught.. Rathore goes to see Tushaar and asks ARjun and everyone else to get the clinic sealed..
  • Arjun goes throught the wedding video again and notices something..
  • Tushaar says he doesn't know anything as he didn't kill Jatin..
  • Next we see a person in black entering the house and gets to the bedroom with a syringe in his/her hand.. when he/she takes the bed sheet off the person on the bed he/she finds a dummy.. just then the lights turn on and we find that the killer is Supriya..
  • Supriya says she killed all of them.. Ria still wonders how she killed him cuz there was no peanut traces found..
  • Arjun says when Supriya put her hand on the wrong side of Jatin's she has peanut oil in her hand and in this way peanut oil was transferred to Jatin's hand..
  • when Jatin had the attack instead of rubbing his plam Supriya was seen rubbing the top of his hand because then she was cleaning the oil.. She also added peanut flour in the fire so that when the mandap fire lights in goes in Jatin's breathing canal..
  • She says she did all this because Jatin, Maya killed her sister.. her sister was a top doctor and there was no way she dies because of an asthma attack..Supriya says her sister called her and wanted to say somethign about Jatin but a day later she was dead.. Supriya then searched her sister's house and found the file.. she found out that her sister already knew about Jatin's organ smuggling and that's why Jatin killed her..
  • ETF takes Supriya with Arjun's song playing in the bg.. in the car Arjun adjusts her mirror to Supriya and says he can understand why she did all this.. Ria is looking at him sadly..
  • ETF's car is going on the road and in the bg Ria says If someone snatches a close one we don't see anything other than revenge.. but a crime cannot result in another crime.. she says a gunaah's answer cannot be another gunnah..
  • ENDS !

Precap: Kailash Bhatia is murdered.. he was a graphic artiist in a police depat 8 years ago.. Rastogi is founf but be is running away.. Ria says she has to steal a paper from Arjun.. Arjun has a file in his hand and he tells Ria that he can sense her intentions from whatever she does and Ria is crying..

WOOAAAHHH Longg ehh.. kay folks.. next saturday !

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Posted: 2012-08-18T14:58:35Z
Thanks for the update! Eager to watch it tonight :)
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Posted: 2012-08-18T16:33:47Z
Thank you for the update ! :)
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Posted: 2012-08-18T23:20:13Z
thanx for sharing wu
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Posted: 2012-08-19T02:24:39Z
tfs dear...ur a nice updater...Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2012-08-19T04:22:08Z
nice update...thanks for this
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Posted: 2012-08-19T08:48:24Z
Thanks a lot for the well written updateClap and the pre cap.!Smile
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