Samjhe ya Main Samjhaon?

Posted: 2012-08-15T22:26:08Z
Eek! I probably spelled that wrong but I love that dialogue by Arjun. Just the way he says it when everyone else is baffled by some random eureka moment that he's had is amazing. Obviously Arjun is shown to notice the minute details that everyone else seems to miss. Especially Sunday's episode, with the honors killings, bowled me over. Noticing the scarf missing from the dead body, understanding the hints that Kanika's sister was trying to convey, and ultimately the use of the dialogue! LOL and it ends up making everyone feel slightly inadequate I would say LOL

The contrast that is depicted between Arjun and Rathore, I feel, is really significant and might (?) have more of a role in the future. It seems that Rathore does resent Arjun quite a bit, with the way he reacted in the first episode to the mention of the name, and going on with respect to how his reactions to all of Arjun's suggestions (whether it was that the ransom call wasn't really a ransom call or that Kanika's case was actually a murder). So maybe there will be another angle added to the story eventually.

But regardless, I enjoy watching Rathore's impulsiveness because that's what a majority of the people would probably assume, his jumping to conclusions, trying to nab people instantaneously, etc. However, Arjun being the more observant one seems to notice the little things, which kind of sends a message in its own way about what we see not always being what the truth is, if that makes any sense.

Ultimately, I was not really coherent in this post, but bottom line being I'm totally enjoying the show, watching Arjun figure out all of these cases with the help of the team, and the balance between all the characters and everything. Absolutely superb. Clap A great job being done by the CVs here in creating such an amazing show. Can't wait till this weekend!

Any thoughts?

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Posted: 2012-08-16T00:39:27Z
Naina...Hug...very spotty first weekend for me but I know it will improve. Wink Will share more detailed thoughts later! 
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Posted: 2012-08-16T00:48:59Z

I really liked it.. Arjun Rawte is pretty sick.. and that Riya girl is cuteee...

Shaleen is good considering this is his first show..
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Posted: 2012-08-16T03:17:21Z
Yeah I agree with you, whenever arjun says his 'sys' dialogue it just fantabalous.
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Posted: 2012-08-16T05:31:57Z
Originally posted by meghasingh

Yeah I agree with you, whenever arjun says his 'sys' dialogue it just fantabalous.

really i love that dialogue samjhe ya samjhaon.. the credit goes to the script editor.. ultimately the credit goes to the actor for his power packed dialogue delivery
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Posted: 2012-08-16T12:16:02Z
Jaya! AND Pallo! Hug (Aww Maryada days. I just had to add that there LOL)

 But yesyes. I think it was a good start for a show. It could be better, and there's always always room for improvement but I felt like they did a really good job catching my attention with these two episodes. Combining fiction with a message - I like it. LOL

@Jaya - Looking forward to reading your take on the episodes soon :)

@Pallo: OMG. the guy is really good looking. holycrap. And yup the actor is doing a mighty good job. There's lots of potential for character development I think, which I really enjoy because static characters throughout the show would just be annoying.

@Megha/Sri: hehe I agree :D Go everyone who made it happen. Seriously :)
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Posted: 2012-08-16T12:44:40Z
im in love with the show n the actors r fab...must say that the producers did an awesome job...:)
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Posted: 2012-08-16T15:22:53Z
Agree with u.
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