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Priya cursed herself for the umpteenth time...thinking what on earth made her agree to Ayesha's stupid plan of arranging a blind date for her...she tapped her fingers on the table..looked here and there...she thought her mother would side her and tell Ayesha that the blind date idea was a stupid thing..it happened to be the opposite of it...

"nice idea Ayesha" shipra said.

"maa please you dont start...and you know am not comfortable in going out on dates and stuff...forget alone a blind date..." Priya said...

Priya had given up all her hopes of finding true love in her life after having ditched by Ashwin...she knew she would marry the one her parents will choose for her...and she landed on this decision after her mother kept on pestering her about getting married as she was gonna step in her 30 in the next few months...

"beta all the eligible bachelors are already taken and the ones remaining surely are looking for a girl younger than you...so with you always shrugging of the marriage topic wont do any good to any one..."

Priya snapped out of her thoughts with the loud music...

"couldnt Ayesha just fix this date in a much quite place other than this..." she frowned clutching her her head...

The club was stuffed with people...Ram looked around and cringed at the music playing in full throttle...he regretted his decision of agrreing to Vikram's idea of blind date...he did not like such places...although he was just 30 ...nothing could excite him now a days apart from his business...he was the heir of the Kapoor Industries andd worked day and night to show the world he surely deserved the empire his father had established...it had become his obsession lately...he passed through girls who gave him flirtitious looks...he smiled at them...he scanned the place the spotted her...Vik had told him that the girl he is to meet will be waiting at table number 20...he prepared himself to deal with the night that was uncalled for them both...

"hey..." he said...

Priya who was lost in her thoughts came back to reality with his voice...she raised her eyes just to meet his...she felt her throat go dry...and her skip a beat...

"am sorry for being late.." he apologised to her with a cute expressions which could melt anyone..."i hope you didnt have to wait for long"...

This was the first time Priya felt breathless with the presence of a guy around her...

"its alright...anyways i would have left in a couple of minutes more..." she managed to say...

His lips curled into a tiny smile with her answer...he felt she was different...it was the first time some girl was being honest to him rather than trying ti impress him...he felt string attraction towards her...soon as he laid his eyes on her...he knew she wasnt like the girls he had dated in the past...

"well am glad you waited...it would have been embarrassing for me to be greated by an empty table..."...he said flashing hus cutest smile...Priya felt as if her heart has stopped beating...she thought her hormones were reacting way to agressively today..

She moved her eyes away...fearing if he would sense whats going within her...she wasnt sure what she felt for a stranger who dropped into her life from no where and is creating a havoc of feelings in her heart..

"hey...is that..are you blushing" he said smiling..which later turned into awe at the sight...he was mesmerised...she was beautiful adorable..not like the girls Vik used to set him up with..usually vik set him up with long legged skinny girls with artificial assets..but this girl was a goddes of beauty...her petite body cute face and eyes were to die for..she was perfect he thought..alongwith that she did had a curvey figure...his eyes fell on her cleavage which was not at all intentional..

"excuse me..will u mind looking at me rather than down there"..she said sharply..

"oh am really sorry..you are beautiful" he said embarrased..

Priya could fel her heart pounding and reacting to hum..but she didnt let that appear on her face..
Ram was amazed by her...she was a breath of fresh air...shy but confidant at the same time...he felt an urge to touch ...he tried hard to supress this urge growing in him nut as soon as the strand of hair touched her cheek he couldnt hold any longer...before Priya could react he tucked the hair strand behind her ear..while doing so he toucjed her cheeks and jawline...sh his fingers brushed her skin...she felt awkward ..she got up from her chair...
"i dont think its going well...i was nice meeting you Dev" saying this she abrublty started to move and in the process lost her balance ..Ram got up and held her...he was enjoying the closeness of her body against his...it was overwhelming...but then something struck him.."Dev" he asked himself...
Priya pulled herself away from him...

"dev"..he said sternly...
Priya confused..'arent u dev'...

"no am definitely am not" Ram said with unease which was more coz of jealousy.

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Guys wrote it from cell...will continue the reamaining in part 2.
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Nice start...Waiting for the next part. Update soon.
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wow yaar kya baat hai ! wat a Cell-Tastic START LOL keep it up !
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wow yar anjali 
forced date n both attracted to each other  n  ram looking at her body lolz men vil be men n dis ram is quite daring haan first meeting mein hi touching haan Wink
n it was quite obvious dat priya felt awkward though she has fallen fr him 
next part update asap

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Ram and Priya on a nlind date... Thats a grt concept... Its awesome... Plzz continue the next part asap... Will be waiting...
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Posted: 2012-08-08T10:20:24Z
Ram and Priya on a blind date... Thats a grt concept... Its awesome... Plzz continue the next part asap... Will be waiting...
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Posted: 2012-08-08T10:45:47Z
awesome update... plz plz plz update soon
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