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people please do not comment here.
this topic will update all of "eran's" I LOVE YOU story parts.

here it is

The stars r out, the moon is full and shining on our madam Disha, she is sitting next to the swimming pool[i dont know if they have one but they do now!] she is sitting thinking about her relationship wih DK remembering all the happy times and of course th enight scene where DK confessed his love!!!

Disha then says to herself:

dish:Am i falling in love with DK, why is it that i keep aboout him an dwhy is it i don't want to leave him.

while she is thinking this she has not noticedd that from DK's bedroom DK is watching her from a distance and thinking why is disha looking upset, this worrys DK so he goes to see whats wrong.

DK whats the matter disha?

Dish: Nothing im fine [looking at him then turn her head towards the pool]

DK then sits next to disha looking at her reflection in the pool and smiling, he then grabs disha's hand and disha then starts to turn her head to look towards DK. They look into each others eyes for about a minutes but it feels like centurys when they do.

DK then asks again:

DK: whats the matter Disha?

Dish: Nothing!!!! DK is a little hurt but still smiles!!!

Disha then starts to think to her self:

dish: should i tell DK i have feelings for him.

concense: No Disha DK doesn't understand relationships they would be no point in telling him. You will leave this house soon!

Dish: Disha you should tell him you know how much DK loves you.

after debating with herself for five minutes!!!!

Suddenly out of the blue.....

Dish: DK I LOVE YOU!!!!! echos!!!!!!!

Dk is shocked and says... WHAT!???

Dish: I love you!!! i really love you!!!

Ends on DK's shocked face!!!

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Posted: 2005-05-03T16:55:35Z
this part was written by Princess Mad
here it is.

disha then realizes what she has said and blushes she has a sad expression on her face and thinks it is too late, she then starts to walk off and Dk is just staring at her but still in shock becausse of what she said.

Disha was going and then Dk held onto to her hand swung her like he did when he confessed his luv 2 her! It was very romantic indeed. Disha could not cum face 2 face with him so was lukin down, Dk then looked at her completely mesmerizied by her luks!!

he said

DK-disha mujhe toh laga tha ke tumahare zubaan se yeh sab sun na mere liye ek khwab banke reh jayega tunme ne to kaha tha ke tumahre liye rishte mann se bante hai kya tumahre mann ne mujhe apnaliya hai??

dish-[all coy and shy doesn't know what to say but keps syaing Dk woh woh!!!]
DK-kuch bolo disha woh kya, kya tunhe sach mein mujhse pyaar ho gaya hai!!!

Dish-Dk pehle mein is baat se bhaagti hti par ab mujhe yakeen ho gaya hai ke meri zindagi mein tum hi ho jo mujhe khisiyan de sakte ho, aur jise mein pyaar karsakti hoon!!

DK brings a look of relaxation on his gace and sweetly Disha is very blushy and coy, DK then touches her face like in the romantic promo then DK embraces Disha [in other  words hes trying to say u r my disha and only mine]

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Posted: 2005-05-03T17:09:21Z
this was written by eran
thanx a lot these r grt.


DK and Disha r still cuddling each other until dish comes away and is still smiling, she then goes all shy and puts her head down, DK then gets a hold of her chin and lifts it up,then they look it to each others eyes again and start walking towards the pool once again and sit down for a heart to heart.

Dk-do u know something disha when i was young i always use to think about a large family. U know about 10 kids i think that enough!!?

Dish-10 kids!!! I cant have that many1 what will people think?

Dk-ok ok how about 5?

Dish-still too many Dk we can decide later.

both of them laugh

Dk-if v have a girl i want her to be like you?

Dish-why me?why cant she be like u?

Dk-i want her to have ur smile ur eyes [dish starts to blush]

Dish-No Dk she should have ur smile.

Dk-ok ur eyes and my smile Ok?


Dk-shall v prepare for our daughter now?


Dk-u know!

Dish is shocked and shouts DK!!!

Dk-just kidding!!! i luv u disha

dish-i luv u 2.

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Posted: 2005-05-03T17:11:13Z
if u need to post comments please do so in black font so that others can diffrentiate b/w the story parts and commentsWink
hope u like what i have done eran.

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Posted: 2005-05-03T18:06:26Z
author of this part was eran.
here it is.


after debating abt their daughter Dish then gets serious and says:

Dish-Dk can i say something?

DK-yes sure tell me

Dish-Dk we r husband and wife and v luv each other very much, but still we have had so many pblms in the past i want to forget abt them and move on in life which is why i think v shuld re-marry.

Dk is shocked but is happy.

DK-if this makes u happy dish i will re-marry u, but this time there will be no contract. Just me and u!!

Dish-Really Dk this time will we able to live a happy life?

DK-just us and our future together! And of course our 10 kids!!!


Both laugh!!!

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Posted: 2005-05-03T18:17:13Z
After they have stopped laughing dish looks up to the sky and smiles and then looks at Dk an says:

Dish-this night is so nice i wish it could last forever!! i should go and check on mummyji its getting quite late and i think both of us should go to bed now.

Dk-no disha don't leave this night is for us.

Dish smiles and flashes her eyelids as to say OK!!

Dish out of the blue:

Dish-i don't want to marry u!!


Dish-i have just decided i dont luv u!!

Dk-just decided have u? Dk laughs!!!

Dish-[joking around] yes im serious i don't luv u!!!

Dk-OK! i'll marry pori instead!!! Or even sanya?

Dish- WHAT?!! i mean fine!!!



i better go and propose!!!i'll ask pori first!

Dish-u go and i'll never speak to u again!

DK smiles.

Dk-do u think i would leave u for anyone never! do u know why? b/c u r mine and only mine!!!

Dish blushes!!!

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Posted: 2005-05-03T18:26:04Z
author eran

After blushing for a long time and Dk amiling at er dish then decides to run and Dk just laughs and smiles, dish runs straight to her room and closes the door. She is smiling like a mad!!!

Dk goes to his room and then it is shown that both are sitting on their beds and smiling and htinking about there evevning together, suddenly dish goes out of her room b/c she can't sleep and what coincidence Dk comes out  of his room and they look at each other and smile.

Dk comes closer and says - what is the matter disha?

Dish-i can't sleep.


Dish-i don't know

Dk-i know why u can't sleep, u can't stop thinking abt me, right?

Dish smiles and nods to say yes!!!

Dk then smiles and grabs her hand and pulles her closer and says- thats the same reason i can't sleep, where ever i look i c u!!!

Dish then blushes!!

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Posted: 2005-05-03T18:39:07Z
author eran


Dk and Dish finally go there rooms to get some sleep.

Next Morning:

Dish goes to go to the temple to pray b/c mummy ji has got her memory back and the fact she has Dk in her life. While she is away Pori is still acting to be the bahu of the family b/c mummy ji is sitting in the sitting room.

Pori then says to her - mummy ji shall i go and make some breakfast for u mummy ji.

mummy ji- thanks beti, u look after me so much.

pori puts on a fake smile and starts to walk towards the kitchen, saying under her breath - im a star not a cook!!!

Dk then arrives and sits next to his mother

Dk-how r u maa?

Maa-im fine sunny don't worry

Dk-maa it is so noce to hear u call me sunny again i have waited so many yrs

maa-i luv u sunny.

she then hugs Dk and maa has her back to the front door then disha walks in Dk smiles at her while he is cuddling his maa.

Dk lips-i luv u disha

Dish by lipping 2-i luv u 2

bith smile and finally maa lets go of Dk and turns to c Disha who is smiling

maa-disha where have u been beti?

dish-i went to the temple

maa smiles. dish then walks off to her room.

Dk-maa i will be just back

maa- where r u going?

Dk-i have a little work to do. i will be back soon.

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