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warning this is the first ever time i am writing any os on "RAYA" and probably it would be the last one so please bare with me.
hope you enjoy reading it.
please please let me know how is it...
joota chappals aanda tamater all welcomed...

Priya was sitting hugging Rams photo close to her thinking about how her life changed in past 5years. How the love of her life her angel entered her life. That dread full day which converted the bubbly happy go lucky girl Priya into a lifeless piece of stone who just wanted to end her life. But her angel her sole reason for leaving brought the spark that life back to her. The day that proved Priya that Rams love for her is beyond any other thing that exists in the world.

**************5 years ago**********

Priya was alone at Sharma house. Kartik and Nuts out were out for the trip. Shipra accompanied Aayesha for her modelling assignment Sudhir had to visit his friend in the hospital. Ram (her fianc who was deeply in love with her ) was busy in some meeting. So Priya with no other option left had to stay alone at home. Mean while Ashwin (who claimed that he loved her during college and left her for money) visited her place in drunken state.



Priya: Ashwin tum yaha???

Ashwin: Priya tum uss Ram se kyu shadhi kar rahi ho. I ve everything that you want par tum mere pass vapis aa jao.

Priya: Ashwin you are out of your senses just leave. I don't want to talk to you. So just take a leave.

Ashwin (looses his control and grabbed her tightly from her shoulder) : Nahi jaaunga yaha tumhe liye bina toh nahi jaunga. Please marry me Batao Priya us Ram mein aaisa to kya hai jo mere pass nahi hai. Batao Priya (he shouts at her)

Tears have started forming in Priyas eyes by now

Priya : Muje tum se koi baat nahi karni please go. Apna nahi toh apni biwi ka to khayal karo...

Ashwin : Muje tumhare alawa kuch aur dekhai nahi deta na he kuch sujta hai. Tumhe to mein aaj paa kar he rahunga Priya kisi bhi kimat par.(moving close to priya)

Priya (was hell scared by now) : Yeh tum kya bol rahe ho please nikal jao mere ghar se...

By the time priya could say any thing else or ask for some help he slammed his lips on her. She tried the best to protest hit him with all the forces and energy that she had but failed ashwin lost all his control and raped her.

After that she was lying on her bed like a lifeless body there were lots of thoughts running around her mind about what happened with her today.

Suddenly her phone starts ringing flashing Rams name she got more scared thinking about what would be rams reaction after coming to know what happen to her today. Will he accept her what will he think of her. She thought that Ram don't deserve her. She is not that pure that ram expected her to be. She didn't have that courage to face him. All such thoughts buzzing around her mind meanwhile she saw a knife near the table. Thinking there is nothing left for her to live she lost everything she had took the knife and cut her wrist.


On other hand ram was continuously trying to reach Priya but she didn't answer any of his being tensed about her he rushed to Sharma house. Where he found the floor flooded with blood and Priya lying almost dead. Without wasting a single second he took Priya in his arms and rushed to the hospital doctor immediately took the charge over him and informed Ram what must have happened and the reason behind Priyas attempt of sucide.

Soon Sharma family also reached there.

Few hours later Priya got consciousness but was unable to face anyone she was scared looking Ram beside her. She was unable to face him. She cursed herself for being alive. Ram tried to talk to her but she refused to talk to any one. She just laid there like a lifeless body. After hell lots of attempt by Ram priya refused to react.


But Ram never gave up he had full faith full trust on his love he used to be with Priya 24/7 tried to talk to her make her laugh make her react . It to almost a month to ram to make her respond and react.

(Please play this song to feel what ram did for Priya to know there actual feelings

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiAco4XwI0w )


Movie: Aashique Banaya Aapne
Casting: Sonu, Tanushree and Imran Hashmi
Song: Aa kareeb aa

Zindagi luta dun ek baar muskurade
Kuch nahi mera sab kuch teri ek hansi ke aage
Zindagi luta dun ek baar muskurade
Kuch nahi mera sab kuch teri ek hansi ke aage

Ankhon ki ye nami tere gum ye sabhi
Aaja de de mujhe meri jaan
Aa kareeb aa... aa kareeb aa...

Sab kuch karunga main
tera sath dunga main
Koi mushkil ho sab kuch sahunga main
Raste faasle kah rahe sun bhi le
Ab sath chalunga main..ab sath chalunga main
Aa tujhe pyar doun zindagi vaar doun 
Tere kadmo mein rakh doun jahaan

Aa kareeb aa...aa kareeb aa

Kho diya khud ko
Maine tujhko paya hai
Aaj ye ek raaz honton pe aaya hai
Saadagi ne teri jaan meri mujhko bhi
Ashique banaya hai...aashique banaya hai
Hai mera sach yahi tu meri jindagi
Tu meri hasraton ka jahaan

Aa kareeb aa...aa kareeb aa


Tujhko paa na saka, paas la na saka
Tujhko paa na saka paas la na saka
Phir bhi kehta raha dil mere

Aa kareeb aa...aa kareeb aa

Zindagi luta dun ek baar muskurade
Kuch nahi mera sab kuch teri ek hansi ke aage
Zindagi luta dun ek baar muskurade
Kuch nahi mera sab kuch teri ek hansi ke aage

Ankhon ki ye nami tere gum ye sabhi
Aaja de de mujhe meri jaan
Aa kareeb aa... aa kareeb aa...



It took almost a year to Ram to get back the love of his life his Priya back to normal. He loved her pampered her and took care of her like child. He left no stone unturned to make priya fell like a princess. Finally his love won over Priyas guilt and he got his priya back.



Today its there forth anniversary ...

Ram entered their room and saw priya buzy in her own world but didn't miss the tears in her eyes he very well know what she was thinking. He sat next to her  kept his photo aside and took priya hand in his and asked her to forget that day thing of it as a nightmare that it was never a part of her life.

He made her stand got the best saree for her and got her ready his own hands. Whispered in her ears Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor where is my gift she just turned around and hugged him as tight as possible and placed her lips over his and kissed him passionately thinking him for giving her a new life.

Then they went to beach where he had arranged candle light dinner for her after that they were back to KM ofcorse having kulfi on their way.

Priya again thanked him for being by her side when she lost all hope and before he could reply she sealed his lips with hers giving him full mouth kiss. They made love whole night telling how much they loved each other showing their depth of love their power to overcome any circumstance in their life. 

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I am very happy about that.. I always see you commenting on all the FFs, OS', SS' etc and i am delighted to see an OS from you...


I only have one complaint... Actually no i have two complaints with this post...

number 1: it's tooo SHORT!!! I want to

number 2: Why is this an OS?? turn it into an FF and murder that bas***d Ashwin

how dare he hurt Priya.. grrr.. he's so ANNOYING!!

I want to see more of your written work so now that you have posted this OS I know you can and my expectations are very high, but don't worry I am confident that you won't disappoint..Hug
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Posted: 2012-08-06T19:26:53Z
woow it was an awsm story :) thanx for the pm...
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Posted: 2012-08-06T21:50:21Z
Priya got RAPED :o...that a****** ashwin...:@

anyways the ff was very nice yaar...plz write some more
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Posted: 2012-08-06T21:54:03Z
Hey that was really nice... Just loved the OS... Please do keep writing...
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Posted: 2012-08-06T22:01:17Z
Loved it...please continue writing!!!
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Posted: 2012-08-06T22:26:16Z
wowww tashu ...that was a big SURPRICE for me ...

im angry on you - you haven't informed me that you ar gonna post this ...

im sad that i missed the first to comment  and late commenting tooo ..

and for the oS ...its truly truly awesome ...

that b****** ashwin abused my princess ..ohhh i want to kill him ...you could have add what ram must done with him LOL

so caring ram pampered alot priya ...that was really touchy ...

commone girl you have the talent ,plzz do write more often ...

Love you . i too like  song  ...muhaaa sweety ...Clap ClapClap

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Posted: 2012-08-06T23:38:47Z
Very nice story...everything was super like but you should have had Ram teach a that Ashwin a lessonAngry
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