OS: Peehu spills the beans.

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In this time of uncertainty and inconsistencies that galore, was dreaming about Ram and Priya. Putting down my imagination. Hope you like it


Priya has been consciously avoiding meeting Rajat for a week in fear of bumping into Ram. She made sure Peehu too doesn't stay at the store. She herself was spending as less time as possible at the store making sure she is around in the office hours when the possibility of bumping into Ram and Rajat was low. She couldn't digest the fact of Ayesha being tagged along with her Ram's name. After all  her resolve that she will walk away from his life so he could move on, she still couldn't handle  this.

 She found herself miserable and could not fathom what might have happened and didn't have the courage to find out. The thought of knowing Ram's past 5 years was something she avoided. Now, she was curious and scared. 

That day was particularly tough. With thoughts on Ram she walked into Peehu's room and started cleaning things and taking out clothes for Peehu for the day. 

 When checking her backpack, she found a photo under it. It was Ram and Peehu's. Ram had his hands around Peehu and both were beaming a beautiful smile. Before she knew she was in tears. Must've been taken on the lucky draw day at the mall she thought. She knew how Ram has brought many reasons to smile for Peehu recently and how they were getting close. The warmth in his face towards Peehu could be clearly seen. The same Ram that was a cause for Peehu's smile was the cause of her uncontrollable sorrow now. She hugged the photo and was crying non-stop. Peehu meanwhile came in and saw her mom crying. Of late she has seen her crying a lot and it was affecting her innocent mind.

 Peehu: Yeh kya mamma aap phir se ro rahi ho. kyaa hua.

 She saw the photo Priya was hugging on to.

 Peehu: Yeh kya, aap mere aur Golu uncle ka photo dekh kar ro rahe hain? Iss me rone ki kyaa baath hai? Hum dono kitne acche se smile kar rahe hain. Mera to  yeh favorite picture hai. Shayad mere papa bhi aise hi honge.

 Hearing these words Priya let out a sob that didn't go unheard from Peehu. But she quickly gathered herself and said "Kucch nahi bete. Chalo jaldi karo. School ko jaane me der ho rahi hai. Aur kal to tumhare school me party bhi to hai. mein aap ki favorite black forrest cake aur samose banaoongi tumhare friends ke liye"

 Peehu immediately got excited. Took the photo and placed nicely on the table leaning on the lamp and got ready.

 Priya earnestly prayed to her Ganapati that day to give her courage to withstand this new situation and also prayed to him to keep her Peehu happy.

 Ram meanwhile was close to winding up his work at Dubai and was ready to return to Mumbai the next day. He made a couple of attempts to visit the bookstore to meet Peehu, but always found Kady substituting for Priya. Peehu was all over his thoughts. And the fact that he won't be seeing her when he leaves to Mumbai was somehow hurting him. He kept wondering why this was happening to him. He finally decided to ask Kady that day at the bookstore about Peehu.

 In the evening he got some of Peehu's favorite chocolates and went to bookstore. To his surprise he found Peehu with Kady at the store. Ram came to the chair where Peehu was sitting.

 Ram: Hi darling, how are you? Aaj kal dikhai nahi deti store mein.

 Peehu: Golu uncle aap!! Main bhi aap ko miss kar rahi thi. 

And gives a hug. Ram's heart was filled with joy. 

 Ram: Hi Kady. Kyaa main Peehu ko pastry shop le jaa sakta hoon. 20 min mein wapas laaoonga. Waise iski mom, iss shop ki owner kidhar hai. Abhi tak milna nahin hua. 

 Kady was aware of the fledgling bond that Peehu and Ram had developed and how Ram readily obliged to carry her on the KSKHH party.

 Kady: Jaroor le jayiye cutie-pie ko. Pooja aaj kal shaam ko Peehu ke aate hi usko lekar chali jati hai. Kucch ghanton ke liye main sambhalti hoon. Month-end nahin hain na. Iss liye uss par itna pressure nahi hai shaayad. All thanks to you. Aaj unko koi aur kaam tha. So mujhe Peehu ko pick up kar ke yahaan aane to kaha. Wo unka errand khatam karke seedha ghar chali gayi.

 Ram: Theek hai. Mein yun gaya aur yun aaya.

 Ram: Chalein pastry khaane?

 Peehu: Yess! Aap kitne acche hain.

 Ram smiled and held her hand and started walking to the store. Soon they were eating their favorite black forest pastry sitting on a table in front of the store.

 Ram: Pata hai, mein kal Mumbai wapas jaa raha hoon. Aur aap ko bahut miss karoonga. Aur ye aap ke saath pastry khaana, aap ki batein sab kucchh.

 And Ram put a sad, puppy face.Peehu's face involuntarily had the same expression.

 Peehu: Main bhi aap ko miss karoongi. But aap mujhe phone kar sakte hain. Karoge na.

 Ram: Jaroor.

 Peehu: Waise aaj ka din sab sad hai. Pata hai, aaj subah mamma bhi sad thi. Hum donon ki photo hai na. Lucky draw wali. Usko hug karke bahut ro rahi thi. Maine poocha toh kaha kuch nahin aur ready hone ke liye kaha.

 Ram felt it very strange that Pooja would cry on a picture of him and her daughter. But then he thought maybe she found out that he was the one replying to her emails to Anjaan. Or maybe she was crying thinking about her financial future. Meanwhile, Peehu changed the thought flow.

 Peehu: Pata hai mere papa bhi aap ke tarah golu hain.

 Ram let out a feeble laugh. Maybe I reminded her of her husband. Being a single mom and going through financial crisis every month was not easy. He could empathize with her. This lady must be still thinking about her past and here I am unkowingly pushing Rajat towards her. Thought he should meet her once and assure her about her finances and discuss everything so that he could to help her. She must have surely heard about him through Peehu and Kady as Rajat's friend and one who gave assurances to Peehu. He took Peehu back to the bookstore. On the way he assured her everything will be allright for her mom.

 Ram: Kady, kya main ek baar Ms. Pooja Sharma se mil sakta hoon. Kal Mumbai jaa raha hoon. Ek baar milke thoda to pata chalega aage humein aur kyaa karni chahiye unke future ke liye.

 Kady: Haan haan jaroor ek bar Pooja aunty se miliyechahiye. Ye raha unka address.

And she gives the address on a piece of paper.

 Ram took it, said bye to both of them and left for Pooja's house. Priya was busy preparing samosas and black forest cake for tomorrow's party at Peehu's school. He went to her apartment and rang the doorbell. Priya wondered who it could be at this hour. She was expecting Kady and Peehu in not less than 1 hour.

 She wiped her hands and opened the door in such a hurry that she forgot to peek through the eye. 

 Ram saw her and was shocked. There she was, the love of his life, the queen of his heart, his friend, philosopher and guide in flesh and blood. Couldn't believe his eyes. For just a second he doubted if it was true, but the face, the warmth in the eyes put that fleeting thought to rest. He was open-mouthed and speechless.

 Priya too was going through the same emotional roller-coaster. She was not ready for this encounter. Last week, she got ready to face him but instead had to come face-to-face with a reality that she could not digest. She could not say anything. Just stood there.


Ram meanwhile was getting nervous. His heart was beating fast. All along he believed she was emotionally with him and her death in accident was hard to digest as he didn't see her body. It was almost like he was going to faint. He blinked to avoid that. That blinking brought him closer to reality and brought both a smile and a tear on his face. With that teary smile he finally muttered the word "Priyaa". That was music to her starved ears. The earnest, warm, 

husky voice of his was everything to die for. That one word that hid her identity was back. Tears immediately flowed down her cheeks.


Ram: Priya! tum zindaa ho?

 Priya wanted to take her eyes off him but could not. Just helped herself to nod.

 Ram was ecstatic. Priya's nod felt like it brought him back the very essence of his existence. He was dragging along all these five years. Maybe just for this surprise. To re-unite him with his soulmate. Light at the end of an arduous tunnel. She looked beautiful and much more stylish.

 Ram mustered enough calmness to say 'andar aa sakta hoon' with the teary eyes. Priya was embarassed. Whatever negative feelings she has been going through for the last week, all those vanished. Standing in front of him was an uplifting experience. She too responded with a teary smile and showed him the way.

 Priya: Kaise hain.


For Ram her tone meant a lot of things. She was somehow aware that he was around. 

 Ram: Main? Guess kar sakti ho? Shayad nahin. Par tum batao, tum yahan kaise aur wo accident ke baad tho...


Priya cut him: Main bacch gayi. bees din coma mein thi. phir thik huyi.


Ram: Phir ghar kyun nahin aayi(he was getting upset now. His stomach knew it and his heart too. Both were reacting, but he is somehow not breaking apart).


Priya knew where exactly this was going. She was ready to reveal all to him and ask for his pardon.


Priya: Aap pehle naaraaj nahi hoyiye. Shanti se meri baat suniye.


Ram(sternly): Sunao.


Priya: mein aayi thi Naina naam ki ladki ke saath, jo mere saath accident site mein thi. Wahan aap log meri tasveer ke same ... and she paused. Maa, papa, Karthik, aap aur sab the. Aap ki aankh ro ro ke phool gaye the. mujhe kuch samajh nahi aayaa ki kyaa karoon. Agar mein aati to phir aap logon ko khushi to milegi lekin phir se mujhe jail jaana padtaa aur uss samay jo aap ki haalat thi, woh aur bhi bigad sakti thi. Niharika ji ko expose karne ke liye mera drama, Sid ka fraud, mera jail jana, aap ka behaal hona, phir niharika ji ki maut, mera accident aur maut ki khabar. Main jaanti thi phir se mera jail jaana aap seh nahin sakte the. Neha ne mujhe bataaya ki kaise aap judge ke ghar jaa kar unse behes karne lage and that could have lead to complications. Agar aap mujhe jaldi bahar nahi nikal pate to aap ka dukh aur bhi badh jaata aur mein woh bardasht nahin kar paati. Aap meri maut ko accept kar chuke the. Mein ne socha, agar aise hi continue ho jaaye, to aap wakt ke saath ye sab handle karke life mein aage badh jaye..


Ram: What? Main aage badhoonga? Is this all you know about me and my love to you. Mera pyaar par vishwas nahin hai tumhe? 


Priya: Bilkul thaa.


Ram(furiously): Nahin. Iss sab ka matlab hai tumhe nahin hai. Agar hota tho .. You would have waited in jail for me to clear your name. Aise chale jaane ka matlab hai tumhe Ram Kapoor par vishwaas nahin thaa. Maine galat decisions jaroor liya hai hain par itna incapable nahin hoon ki tumhe baahar na laa sakoon. 


Haan main uss wakt bahut disturbed thaa. Par usi wakt jiske saath tumne socha ki main aage badhoonga, theek usi wakt ke saath aur tumhe phir se accident mein zinda paane ki khushi mujhe nayi taakat de deti aur main jaroor tumhe chudwaa saktaa thaa. Apne pyaar par bharosa hai. Mere pyaar par nahin. Itnaa bhi kamzor nahin hoon. Mere pyaar mein wo taakat hai. Waise tumhe pata hai ki Sid ka fraud bahar aaya aur tumhara naam clear hua? Kabhi koshish ki tumne jaanne ki?


Priya was speechless. She had no answers. She insulted his love. Bent her head down and continued crying.


Ram: Mein tumhari yaad mein mar mar ke jee raha tha. Tumhare jaane ke baad halaat aur bigad gaye. Ek pal bhi tumhe bhula na sakaa. But that does not make any difference to you. Aur tum yahaan Dubai mein ...


She cut him short and narrated how she got here and changed her name. And now came the most difficult part.


Priya: Aur aane ke turant baad mujhe pataa chala ki mein aap ke bacche ki maa banne wali thi. Aap ko uss khush khabar sunane ke liye call kiya 3-4 times. Ek baar to aap kisi aurat ki earrings ki tareef kar rahe the. Phir maine socha aap sacch much aage badh gaye aur hamari bacchi ko lekar yahin par bas gayi. Main bhi itne saal aap ki hi yaad mein ji rahi thi.


Ram: Peehu?


In this excitement and shock of seeing Priya he had forgotten the connection. The symbol of their love. His own daughter. He always wanted a daughter. And whenever he saw Peehu he wished he and Priya had a daughter like Peehu. His happiness knew no bounds. Finally, somewhere something was going right after all these years. His eyes opened the floodgates and tears of joy were flowing copiously.


Priya: Peehu hamari bacchi hai. Bilkul aap ki jaisi hai.


Ram's happiness turned into anger again.


Ram yelled: Tumne itne saal chupaake rakha ye baat mujhse. Aur Peehu se. Apna hi nahi uska naam bhi badal diya. Baad mein ek baar bhi koshish nahin ki. Tumhare soch kitne badal gaye hain. Mujhe apni bacchi se chaar saal door rakha.


Kya main baith sakta hoon. Please I have to sit. And he slumped into the chair.


Priya could not see him like this. She felt terrible for being responsible for his condition. Just wanted to say she tried.


Priya: Please mujhe maaf kijiye. Aap ki Priya ko ek baar maaf kijiye. Meri galti thi. Bahut badi galti. Maine aap ko Peehu ke saath mall me dekha tha. I cannot describe how happy I was at that moment. Usi din decide kar liya that ki aur nahin chupaoongi. Party mein ayi thi aap ke samne aane ke liye aur yehi batane ki Peehu aap ki beti hai. Par usse pehle Ayesha samne aa gayi Mrs. Ayesha Ram Ka...


Ram: Wo sirf naam ki hai. 


And he narrated the whole issue of how Sid dumped her and she revealed she was pregnant and he came forward to help her just because of respect for Priya. How he adopted the child and gave them his last name. And just that. There was no marriage. And how he felt he was responsible for Sid's actions with Ayesha. 


After all this he was totally drained. Closed his eyes.


Priya could not believe how much this man did for her. She thought she made a sacrifice for this man and lived 5 years with his child. He was sacrificing every minute of those years just for the love and respect for her. Felt fortunate to ever have been associated with him.


Ram felt something touching his legs. Opened and it was Priya holding his legs and silently crying. 


Priya: Ram, Bas ek baar maaf kar dijiye. Mere liye aap ki pyaar ki gehraayi ko nahin samajh paayi. Aap ne jo mere liye kiya, uske aage bas natmastak ho sakti hoon. Mein buri tarah haar gayi. She put her head on his legs and could not utter anymore.


His name coming from her mouth was still music to his ears. But he could not see her like that. His Priya who has been his strength all these years even in her absence, is feeling defeated, vulnerable. She was human after all.


Ram: Bas. Aur kitna royegi. Main nahin chahta ab ye aasoon aage bhi hamari zindagi ka signature banein. 


He put his hand on her shoulder.


That was all she needed. That encompassing word 'hamari' that he uttered. Looked into his eyes. The eye-lock was truly relieving and magical. Her repentance and his forgiveness. The underlying love.  But she could not stop crying. It was more than 40 minutes and Peehu would come now. She quickly regrouped herslef, called Kady and asked her to drop Peehu with the watchman as she was busy in the kitchen and also had to get ready to go outside soon.

 Priya: Peehu bas aati hi hogi. Meanwhile, main aap ke liye kuch khane ke liye laati hoon.

 Ram: Mujhe bhookh nahin hai. Use aane to do.

 There was complete silence for the next 2 minutes which was interrupted by doorbell. Peehu came in with lots of excitement.

 Peehu: mamma, aaj Golu uncle mile. kal wo Mumbai wapas ja rahein hain. Main unko bahut miss karoongi. Maine unko bataya tha ki aap mere aur unki photo ko pakad kar ro rahe the. Unhonne kaha ki sab theek ho jaayega.

 Priya was stunned. She felt thankful towards her. Peehu had just sorted many things just by that one exchange of information. Ram was in the sofa listening to all this. He was feeling the same way. Their daughter unkowingly brought them together and he was glad he made the trip to meet Priya.

 Peehu came to sofa and saw Ram. 

 Peehu: Golu uncle!! Aap idhar??

 Priya: Peehu, ye aap ke uncle nahin, aap ke papa hain.

 Peehu: Kyaa?


Ram: Haan meri gudiya. Can I get a hug. And opened his arms.


Peehu ran into his arms and said, "Papa".

 Those words and that embrace was the sweetest. He was on his knees and just hugged her tight. Ram and Priya could not stop their tears.

 Peehu's confusion and excitement turned into barrage of questions.

 Peehu: Papa aap itne din kahan the? Mamma aap ne nahin bataya yehi mere papa hain?


Ram: Sab batayenge. Pehle, mere godh mein to baitho.

And made her sit on the sofa in his lap. Peehu hugged him again. 

 Ram smiled at Priya. She smiled back. This was it. There were many battles to be won and misunderstandings to be cleared. But all would be taken care of. For now the two soulmates who had become three were together.


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kaash!! asa hotha!!!! mmm.. awsome 1

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WOW...simply amazing. Will this ever happen?
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this is truly one of the best OS i have read very emotional n real
i really want this to happen in the serial too.no revenges,no blaming,no MU'S only heart to heart conversation 
thanq so much for this 
plz do write more Smile
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Woww! Tht was incredible.. Superb!
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awesome OS!! one of the best I have read so far.
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its vry nice...kash show me bhi sab jaldi se ho jata
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Aww that was too cute! Loved reading it :)
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