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Hey all,
My second attempt at writing something. Its a bit long. I hope you all will like it.

Ram confronts Priya and tells her that he is not convinced with her 

explanation and he will be taking Pihu with him to mumbai and that she is not welcome in KM anymore. However after Priya pleads with him a lot and he also deliberates over the situation, he realises that tearing Pihu away from her mom won't be fair to Pihu. He doesn't want Pihu to go thru the trauma of adjusting to new surroundings without Priya by her side. So he lets Priya accompany them however warns her that she will be in KM only as Pihu's mom and not as Ram's wife. Ram, Priya and Pihu take the next flight to mumbai and reach KM

KK is at the door to welcome Pihu and Priya. Saumya is also with her. Ayesha 

is standing in a corner clearly not happy with the happenings. After KK does 

the arti she welcomes Priya inside. Ram takes Pihu inside. She is feeling shy 

seeing so many people around and all of them fussing over her. She hides behind Ram. 

Just then Kush comes over.
Kush: Papa...  and gives a hug to Ram. 
Ram also hugs him back. Ram kneels down to his level and says: Beta apne 

mujhse kaha tha na mein aapke liye eisa koi gift le aaun jo sirf Dubai me milta 

ho to ye dekho mein kise le aaya. she is your sister Pihu. Pihu, he is your 

brother Kush.
Both Pihu and Kush are excited to meet each other. 
Saumya: Chalo didi mein apko apke kamre tak le jaati hoon. 
They start walking towards RaYa room, just as they are about to climb the 

steps, Ram stops them. 
Ram: Saumya don't take her to my room. woh mera aur Priya ka kamra tha aur 

hamesha rahega.. Saumya, KK give him a confused look. 
Ram: Ye jo wapis aaye hai woh sirf Pihu ki ma hai, meri biwi Priya nahi hai. ise 

guest room mein le jao. Bansi Kaka, inke liye guest room khulwa do.
Priya's eyes well up hearing this. Ayesha on the other hand is glad.
Ram: Chalo Pihu mein aapko aap ka kamra dikhata hoon. Meine use bilkul ek 

princess ke kamre ki tarah sajaya hai.
Pihu: Mein alag kamre mein nahi rahungi, mein mamma ke saath hi rahungi. She goes and hides behind Priya holding her dress really tight. 
Ram is about to say something, when KK stops him. 
KK: Jaane do Ram use Priya ke bina rehne ki aadat nahi hai, give her some 

time to adjust to these new surroundings.
Ram agrees and goes to RaYa room.
Priya goes to the guest room and settles down. After a while, KK and Saumya 

come to her room. 
Saumya: Didi aaj na humne aap ki aane ki khusi mein ek party rakhi hai to aap 

bhi tayar ho jayiye. 
Priya: Saumya lekin mere pas koi acche saree nahi hai. aur party shyam ko hai 

to shop karne ke liye bhi waqt nahi hai.
KK: Priya why are u worrying so much. Go to your room and pickup a saree from your old collection. Ram ne tumhara sab saman bohot 

acche se sambhal ke rakha hai.
Saumya: Haan aur maa woh bhi to saree hai na, jo Ram Bhappa  Banglore se 

leke aaye the. pata hai didi, Ram Bhappa ek baar jab Banglore gaye the to 

hamare liye shop karte samay unhe ye saree bohot pasand aayi, to unhone 

woh tumhare liye kharid li, aur hamse kaha ke agar Priya hoti to use ye saree 

bohot pasand aati and she would look so beautiful in it. So I just bought it for 

her, I know she won't be able to wear it but mere man ko accha lagega.
Priya's eyes welled up again listening to Saumya and she realised the depth of 

Ram's love for her, and she started feeling guilty for her actions all over again 

and tears started flowing from her eyes.
KK came near her and consoled her: Don't worry Priya, every thing will be fine. 

You will have to give him some time. He is really angry right now, but I am sure 

he will come around and accept you. He loves u very much and won't be able 

to stay away from u for long.
Priya just nodded. She decided to go to RaYa room and check with Ram if she 

can borrow one of her old sarees.
As she started climbing the stairs, she remembered all the beautiful memories 

that she had of the time the 2 of them spent in their room. She pushed open 

the door and called out: Mr Kapoor..
Ram was in the changing room and so didn't hear her call him. Priya didn't get 

any response and so assumed that Ram must not be in the room. so she 

stepped in. Once inside, her eyes started to well up again. She saw their 

picture that was taken at the Mah-Guj border still up on the wall. Nothing had 

changed in the room. It was exactly as it was 5yrs ago. She went near the bed. 

She remembered herself running her fingers thru Ram's hair. She remebered 

herself sleeping in Ram's arms and listening to his heart beat. She just couldn't control her tears any more and she started sobbing. She sat down on the floor 

next to the bed and burried her head in her hands and started crying. Ram 

heard her crying and came out of the changing room. He couldn't see her 

break down like this. He wanted to take her in his arms and console her and 

wanted to tell her that lets start everything afresh. But just as he was about to 

take a step further, he saw Pihu come into the room and remembered that Priya 

had not only wronged him but also his beautiful daughter, so he stepped back. 

Pihu went directly to Priya said: mamma aap kyun ro rahe ho. kya hua? just then 

she spots the Picture of Ram and Priya on the wall. She says: Mamma yeh kitna 

accha photo hai papa ka aur aapka. Papa kitne acche lag rahe hai isme. 

Hearing this Priya starts feeling even more empty and bad and starts crying 

even more. 
Pihu: Mamma aap rooa mat na, aap bhi bohot acche lag rahe ho. infact aap to is 

world ki sabse khubsoorat mamma ho. Papa aap she acche nahi lag rahe hai.

(she thinks that Priya is upset because Pihu said her papa is looking better 

than her mom). 
This brings a slight smile to Priya and Ram's lips. Ram remebers his first 

encounter with Pihu when she had described Priya as the most beautiful mom 

in the world.
Pihu makes Priya sit on the bed. Priya takes Pihu in her arms and starts crying 

again. Pihu pulls herself away and then she spots Ram standing in the 

doorway of the changing room. She goes to him and drags him and makes 

him sit on the bed next to Priya. 
Pihu: Papa dekho na mamma kitna ro rahi hai. meine use gale bhi lagaya but she 

is not stopping. Aap try karo na. Mein jab roti huun to mamma mujhe gale lagati 

hai aur mein chup ho jati huun. lekin mein mamma se choti hun na is liye woh 

shayad chup nahi ho rahi hai, par aap to bade ho, to aap use chup karao. 
Ram just looks at Priya. Pihu takes his hand and rests it on Priya shoulder and 

then asks him to hold her. 
Pihu: aare yeh kya papa mamma ke aason bhi to pocho na. 
Ram doesn't have a choice but to follow Pihu's instructions. He starts wiping 

away Priya's tears. Priya looks at ram and they share an eyelock.
Pihu then notices the earings that Ram has kept next to Priya's photo on the 

side table. She takes them and says: wow yeh kitne khobsoorat hai. Mama 

aapke hai? lekin na yeh jaroor papa ki choice hogi hai na papa?
Ram and Priya are still looking at each other and hardly hear what Pihu said. 
Pihu: Papa.. hai na yeh aapki choice. Pata hai papa, mamma ki choice na ekdum 

boring hai. isliye yeh to aap ne laya hoga. 
Ram : ha beta yeh meri hi choice hai. aur woh aaj bhi wahi hai par tumhari 

mamma ki choice badal gayi hai.
Pihu: papa mein yeh earrings chachi  ko dikhaki aaon? 
Ram: han jao beta. 
In a hurry Pihu doesn't  notice Priya's foot and trips and is about to fall. 

Both Ram and Priya grab her in order to prevent her fall. In this attempt, 

Ram's hand lands on Priya's hand. Priya shivers at his touch. Ram noticeses 

that and is happy that his touch still has a magical effect on her. He 

withdraws his hand. Priya helps Pihu on her feet and checks if she is ok.
Pihu: mein thik hun mamma, and she runs out of the door.
Ram to gets up and starts going out of the room
Priya: Mr Kapoor.. Saumya ne bataya ki aaj party hai aur mere pas, koi acchi 

saree nahi hai, kya mein mere purani saree's mese ek le sakti hun please?
Ram nodded his head and went out. 
Priya went to the changing room and opened her closet. She was shocked to 

see all her stuff intact and so very well organised. It sure had Ram's signature 

on it as everything was arranged so nicely as she could never organise her  things so well, she had always been very clumsy.
She started browsing thru her sarees and noticed a nice blue one. She 

immediately thought that this must be the one that Saumya was talking about. 

It was absolutely stunning, after all it was Ram's choice so it had to be 

beautiful. She pulled it out and started admiring it. But she dared not wear that 

one, as she wasn't sure how Ram would react. She started to put it back. Just 

then Ram came back to the changing room and noticed the saree in her hand. 

Ram: You can wear that one if you like.
Priya: thankyou Mr Kapoor.. its.. She was about to say "very beautiful" but 

before she could complete her sentenced Ram had left the room.
Priya decided to get ready there itself as all her accessories were also in there. 

She got ready and then went to the dressing table(in the changing room) to 

put on her bindi. She purposely put it tedhi as she was hoping that Ram would 

notice it and would definitely come and adjust it. She wanted to feel his touch 

again. Ram came back to his room, saw the changing room door closed and 

for some reason assumed that Priya must have taken the saree and gone back 

to the guest bedroom to change. so he went towards the changing room and 

here inside the changing room, Priya was ready and she was heading out. She 

looked back at herself in the mirror and walked forward. And at the same time 

Ram opened the door, so she unknowingly walked staright into Ram's open 

arms. As she bumped against him, he instinctively held her in his arms. Before 

they knew it, they were holding eachother and their hands started moving up 

eachother's back. Both of them pressed their bodies against each other and 

tightened their grip. 
Ram(thinking to himself): I have longed for this so much, and finally after 5 

years, I have her exactly where she belongs--In my arms.
Priya(thinking to herself): I missed these strong arms so much and finally after 

5 years, I am exactly where I belong-- In his arms.
Neither one of them wanted to let the other person go. They were so lost in 

each other that they didn't even notice, Pihu calling "mamma..mamma..." as 

she ran up the stairs. Finally when she reached the bedroom door and yelled 

"Mamma", did Ram and Priya come back to reality. Both of them instantly 

withdrew from the embrace and looked at the door. Pihu came in. 
Pihu: Mamma, dekho chachi ne mere liye 2 dress laye hain. Tumhein kaunsi 

pasand hein? Mein kaunsi Pehnu?
Priya: Dono hi bahut pretty hai beta koi bhi pehnlo. 
Pihu was not satisfied with the ans. so she went up to Ram and asked him the 

same question.
Ram: ye pehnlo, mujhe yeh color pasand hai. Pihu was happy as it was her 

favorite color too. 
Pihu: Papa apki aur meri dress ki choice bhi same same.
Priya looked at the father daughter enjoy each other's company and decided to 

head downstrairs. 
Priya: Pihu mein niche ja rahi hoon, tum jaldi se niche aa jana so that I can get 

you ready.
She took a few steps when 
Pihu: Mamma ruko.
Priya turned back. Pihu asked Ram to pick her up and walk towards Priya. 
Pihu: Yeh mamma bhi na itni badi ho gayi hai phir bhi bindi tedhi hi lagati hai. 
While in Ram's arms, Pihu attempted to correct Priya's bindi. Ram was so 

mesmerised by Priya's looks, he wanted to correct the bindi himself, but Pihu 

did it for him. She then climbed down from his arms and tugged on Priya's 

arms to take her downstairs. While walking out of the door. Priya againlooked 

back at Ram with eyes filled with love. Ram too wanted to stop Priya and take 

both the beautiful ladies in his life in his arms and hold them forever. Pihu 

dragged Priya downstairs. Ram went back and sat on the bed still thinking of 

the beautiful moment that he shared with Priya, when they were in each other's 

Here Priya reached the guest room and sat herself down on the bed and she 

too was thinking of the same moment.
Ram(thinking to himself): I wish the moment would have lasted forever and 

Priya(thinking to himself): I wish the moment would have lasted forever and 


part 1: Page 1
part 2: Page 3
part 3: Page 4
part 4: Page 6
part 5: Page 7
part 6: Page 10

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its awsum...hey keep updating...loved it...
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Originally posted by cutiesakshi

its awsum...hey keep updating...loved it...


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Omg Omg Omg... Itz truly Amazing...*clap clap* Clap loved it to the Core... Simply Awesome... Smile ahaaa So golu ka Kaam Pihu ne kr diya..*mumma kitni badi ho gayi hai lekin fir bhi Bindi tedhi hi lgaati hai* woww.. nutz k bday wala scene yaad aa gaya...We too hope that moment lasted Forever... Smile Plzzz Do cntinue Soon... *huggss* ...
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luved it...
plz plz plz continue...
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Aww loved it...ram priya ek dusre ki bahon mein...*whistels*
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Posted: 2012-08-06T01:28:24Z
Aww.. It was so beautiful.. Loved it!
Plz continue soon..
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awesome part loved it... peehu is so cute... cont soon...
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