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Posted: 17 years ago
The Mukul factor on chat

He has many fantancies, he loves playing on the Play Station and has his hands full with a televison project... Mukul Dev shares all his likes and dislikes with the many fans in the indya chat.

indya: Welcome to indya chat, people!
indya: Welcome to indya chat, Mukul.
indya: Keep those questions coming

mukuldev: Hi!
guest12: If not an actor what would you have been?
mukuldev: A pilot because I was one! I would be flying in these commercial airlines!
ronitfan: Who according to you is TV's baadshah?
mukuldev: Baadshah... I think it would be Shekar Suman, he is come along a long way, he is a super star in his own level, very flamboyant, he has indeed come a long way!
guest2: Who is the best comedian in Bollywood?
mukuldev: I would think it's Govinda, he is very good with comedy! But I think Govinda is extremely good, I think Shah Rukh is very good, Amir too is great! Andaaz Apna Apna was very funny!
mng258: Have you stopped signing films?
mukuldev: It's not like that! I do get offers, I am very selective. I want the roles to be good enough and the script too, because I am too tied up with a lot of tv commitments I don't get time to give a large amount of time for films!
ronitfan: The most beautiful woman alive, according to you..??
mukuldev: Ahh... Most beautiful is, there are so many!
guest12: The one thing that you can't do without?
mukuldev: As for right now, it's a cigarette!
luqkhan: What is your favourite dish?
mukuldev: Tandoori chicken, rajma-chaaval and butter chicken
guest38: The day that you would never forget?
mukuldev: The day my daughter was born!
ronitfan: Ronit Roy or Rohit Roy?
mukuldev: Both actually, they are both good.
guest38: One bad habit of yours that you have tried hard to avoid, but still...
mukuldev: Smoking
guest12: Who do you think is a better actor - Rahul Dev or Mukul Dev?
mukuldev: Hmm... I think Rahul Dev is a better actor!
guest10: You are Rahul Dev's brother right, what is common between you and your brother?
mukuldev: The blood of course! We have the same parents! Actually, we are totally differant people, though we both like sports!
guest2: If given three wishes by God, what would it be?
mukuldev: Success, happiness for me and my family and lots of money!
guest12: The most memorable women in your life so far?
mukuldev: My mom, my daughter!
ronitfan: One role on television which makes you go Wow!
mukuldev: I always loved the host of Fear Factor on AXN and now that I am playing that role in the Indian version, I love it.
guest2: Who do you think is the best action star till date?
mukuldev: Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan too!
ronitfan: Your favorite TV show?
mukuldev: I used to love Koffee with Karan and Rendezvous with Simi Garewal, I like watching TGILC and Friends are great fun to watch too!
guest12: The first thing that you do everyday?
mukuldev: I want my tea!
guest5: What would you suggest Govinda, to be an actor or a politician?
mukuldev: An actor!
guest38: When you see a good-looking woman... What is the forst reaction from you?
mukuldev: Wow!
mukuldev: I wish all the women a very Happy Women's Day!
guest38: What is your daughter's name?
mukuldev: Sia!
ronitfan: Which was your first movie?
mukuldev: Dasthak!
guest38: Where did you first meet your wife?
mukuldev: She was my neighbour back in Delhi, I saw her moving to the neghbourhood and that was it!
ronitfan: One thing which attracted you to play Arindham in K Street Pali Hill?
mukuldev: The whole concept of the show, and the fact that it was huge! Even the role I played was very nice.
guest38: When have you most admired yourself?
mukuldev: I have never really done that, may be first time I flew alone as a pilot.
guest38: You are scared of...
mukuldev: Ghosts! and snakes, it's a childhood thing and I am really scared of them.
jassivirk: Mukulji what kind of student were you in college or school?
mukuldev: In school, I was fairly intelligent, but my mind used to fluctuate. After school, I went to the flying academy. I love to study and I loved Geography! I was a really good student and that does not mean, I was a book worm!
nishaobray: How was your experience working with Madhuri Dixit?
mukuldev: It's was absolutely nice, I was in awe of her, she is such a diva! She is so amazing, it could be acting or dancing, she was just so very nice!
ronitfan: The most memorable day of your television career?
mukuldev: I don't really have one.
guest38: Biggest turn-on in a woman...
mukuldev: Feminity! Her hair and her smile! And her hands
jassivirk: Mukulji, do you believe in love at first sight.
mukuldev: Yeah I do, I mean it can happen,
guest38: You said you hate ghosts... Will take the offer to act in a horror film?
mukuldev: I don't mind acting in a horror movie, but I cannot watch it alone!
guest27: How did you come to the film industry?
mukuldev: It was totally an accident, one of my brother's friends Rohit Bal was responsible, he clicked some pictures and Mukul Anand asked me to come to Mumbai and he asked me if want to act! And it all started there.
guest38: Rahul Dev is into regional movies, do you also wish to be part of any regional movies?
mukuldev: I don't mind! That's not a problem at all
guest38: Shekar Suman, Mandira Bedi, Jaaved Jafferi, Sahid Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Madhavan - Who do you think is the best host around?
mukuldev: Manoj Bajpai and Shekar Suman!
jassivirk: Mukulji, did you ever break anyone's heart?
mukuldev: Yes! May be, one or two
prekshagupta007: In the industry, whom do you wish to act with?
mukuldev: Naseeruddin Shah
guest38: Kohram - The Explosion starred Amitabh Bachchan and Nana Patekar, along with you. How was it behind the scenes.
mukuldev: It was fantastic! Two great actors and me. I knew Big B before, he launched me with ABCL but the movie didn't release, I had worked with Nana in Wajood and they both are very nice to me, they are both very skillful actors.
guest57: Who do you think is the most over-rated actor - Shahid or Hrithik
mukuldev: Both are very good, Hrithik was very good Koi Mil Gaya and Lakshya.
jassivirk: Mukulji, I'm from Canada, and I'm your big fan. Are you going to do any show in Canada in the future?
mukuldev: I have no plans as such, but definitely some sort of shooting will bring me to Canada!
guest39: Your first crush...
mukuldev: My school teacher - Miss Chatterjee!
guest38: Is it true that Fear Factor was shot in Kaula Lumpur? How was the location?
mukuldev: It was fantastic, an ideal location. It has huge tall builings and water bodies, nice people and great food.
guest57: You said you liked reading, which is your favourite book, why?
mukuldev: Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull... Very inspiring!
guest57: Hi Mukul, I am Roopam here, I have liked all your work till date, tell me what is the one thing that always motivates you?
mukuldev: As an actor it is always myself in different forms of life. Love and adulation I get when I am on the street, the respect and the fact that people like to watch me on TV... It feels great!
guest10: Do you plan to be part of more reality shows?
mukuldev: Yes, why not? At the moment, I want to endorse Fear Factor.
guest8: According to you, who is the best actress presently in Bollywood?
mukuldev: Tabu
ronitfan: The only actor who comes close to Amitabh Bachchan will be?
mukuldev: Shah Rukh Khan
guest8: What do you want your daughter to become, when she grows up?
mukuldev: A pilot
nishaobray: Mukulji, I'm a big fan of yours, so if I take your autograph then what would you write?
mukuldev: I would write 'Lots of love, affection, keep smiling and keep shining!
guest38: What did you gift your wife on Women's Day?
mukuldev: Nothing!
guest38: Have you done stage before modeling and movies?
mukuldev: No, I have not been on stage, but I was part os amateur plays in school.
guest38: Where do you see yourself in another decade?
mukuldev: I see myself doing what I am doing right now, I shall be playing grandfather, I guess
guest57: Mallika Sherawat or Bipasha Basu?
mukuldev: Definitely Bipasha Basu
guest38: Are you more an action oriented person or a romantic type?
mukuldev: Action oriented!
ronitfan: One theme you would love to make a serial/film on?
mukuldev: I like to make a film on Indian law system
guest76: What do have to say about the blasts in Varanasi, yesterday?
mukuldev: I think it's a very sad thing, it's done by militants, but any form of terrorism which kills people is really sad and horrible.
guest76: What upsets you most about India?
mukuldev: The fact that we don't realise our own strength, there is lack of education, about our environment and we don't know what resources we are wealthy with. I see the kids begging on the streets, I feel really sorry, there is a lot of corruption.
guest10: Exercise or diet, what would you suggest people who need to lose weight?
mukuldev: Both - very, very important
guest38: Would you turn director one day?
mukuldev: I would like to.
guest38: Love or career? What matters to an upcoming star?
mukuldev: Love, I think it's not correct to differentiate between both of it.
guest38: What attracts you more in a women - beauty or brains?
mukuldev: Both!
guest38: The worst comment you have received till date?
mukuldev: There so many... Your hair is long and I can't act!
guest38: The model turned actor who you think is the best actor around?
mukuldev: Rahul Dev my brother, Arjun Rampal and there's me. I think I am a good actor.
guest57: Would you go the Hollywood way, like other actors or stick to Bollywood?
mukuldev: I would not mind doing Hollywood movies
guest38: The most difficult act according to you?
mukuldev: Is to be yourself.
guest38: Who according to you is the best actor among: Rekhaji, Madhuri Dixit and Sushmita. The leading ladies with whom you have worked with!
mukuldev: I think Madhuri Dixit would be.
guest2: Are you a techno-freak, which is the latest gadget you picked recently?
mukuldev: I bought a Play Station by Sony
guest38: How was it to face the camera for the first time?
mukuldev: I was very nervous, I gave a lot of grief to my director.
guest57: When is your birthday?
guest38: How was the transition from a model to an actor?
mukuldev: Acting came easy to me, because I was a model and I had been part many commercials. I did more of smiling and acting in commercials! I came from Delhi and I could speak in Hindi very well.
guest38: Have they shot the 13 episodes of the fist season of Fear Factor already? Can you tell us who all are part of the first season?
mukuldev: There are so many, there is Salil Ankola, Chetan Hansraj, Swetha Salve and Mandira Bedi.
guest38: According to you, the perfect gift that a man can give his woman?
mukuldev: Diamonds!
ronitfan: Your wildest fantasy?
mukuldev: I have lots!
guest5: According to you, who is the best director in Bollywood, today?
mukuldev: Shekar Kapoor
ronitfan: If you were Bill Gates for a day, what would be the first thing that you would do?
mukuldev: I don't really know. I would really do something for the children who are suffering throughout the world!
ronitfan: Your all time favorite song?
mukuldev: I like many songs, but I think I like Rain keep falling on my head...

Thanks for the great chat, Mukul. Any last messages for your fans or your email ID where your fans can write to you?
indya: All the best, Mukul. Thanks!

mukuldev: I thank for giving me such an opportunity, and I love all my fans. Play Holi! and play safe.

Mukul Dev

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