Update for June 2nd please

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Posted: 17 years ago
Hi, can somebody please update June 2nd? The video doesn't work properly for me, so I really appreciate if someone can do this for me. Thank you.


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Posted: 17 years ago
No one watched the episode??
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Posted: 17 years ago
Okay wow no one helped. It doesn't take that long to write a two line summary of what happened....

Anyways, I would appreciate it if someone can at least tell me who won.... thank you!

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Posted: 17 years ago
hi, firstly- i apologize for not readin this msg earlier

the contestants were
Bhaktiyar Irani
Manav Gohil
Shweta Kawatra
Sai Deodhar
and i cant remember the other contestant

first round- (manav and the other contestant got knocked out) they are tied upside down and have ti unlock 3 boxes and get the FF flag out

second round- (Shweta got knocked out) they have to open up 3 pie's and inside the pie there were 3 tomato's and then have 2 put them in a pot and then eat them all up at the end.

last round-
they are in water and they have to unlock themselves. Bhakhtiyar got disqualified coz he started before the timing started and Sai was jus slower than Sandeep

therefore, SANDEEP WON! 😊

that was a brief update of what happened in that episode and sorry for any mistakes coz im typin summin which i saw a month ago! 😛
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Posted: 17 years ago
Hey thanks a lot!! I hadn't checked out my topic for a while and then I realized that someone responded.Thanks once again!! 😊
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Posted: 17 years ago
arshdeep do you know why fear factor india not   work ❓
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Posted: 17 years ago

ur helped 😊

btw I haven't watched the episode , so sorry, I couldn't help u

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