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Ok.. Though i'm trying not to watch the show.. Which is daamn difficult for me.. My mind cant help but think about scenes for RaYa.. So here i am again with my crap..

Kya karu?? Sitting without work.. And idle mind is a devil's workshop right.. So my devil just has one thing in mind and thats BALH...

Here goes my devil...


Days were slow and nights dull for ram and priya..


Ram had some important assignments in office.. He spent hours in office.. He would leave early in the morning and would come back late at night... At home too, he had no relief.. He was always busy over the phone.. Trying to instruct his subordinates...


Ram and priya hardly had the time to even talk to each other.. Most of the days, he would leave even before she woke up... And would return late into the night..Priya would have breakfast alone, go to her classes.. Spend evenings either in sharma house, the NGO or with neha and the kids and sometimes with dadi and rishabh... Then have dinner after coming back home and fall off to sleep on the couch reading a book...


Ram would come home ate into the night.. He would pick her up from the couch and put her on the bed.. He would then fall off to sleep beside her.. Tired from the days work... As soon as he would start snoring, priya would know he's home.. She would lie there looking at him for sometime and then fall asleep admiring him...


Initially, priya would wait for him to have dinner.. Then it was decided, she wont wait beyond 8.. If its past the time, it was sure ram would have dinner and come.. Ram hardly even had the time to reply to her sms..priya understood ram's position.. But she missed him badly.. She felt alone and lost.. And she now wanted to spend some time with him..


She sat on the couch thinking about ram.. She wanted to be by his side.. It was cold outside.. She wanted to be wrapped in his cozy arms.. Sipping cup of hot coffee with him..Her trail of thoughts were disturbed by a ring on her phone.. It was an unexpected number.. RAM.. She instantly picked up the call..


Priya: haan ram...

Ram: Priya.. Wo actually ek kaam tha..

Priya: haan kahiye na..

Ram: ek file thi.. Mai ghar pe bhool gaya.. Mujhe wo urgently chaiye..

Priya: kahaan h bataiye..


Ram instructed her where the file was.. She took it out..


Priya: haan mil gayi.. Aap kisiko bgej dijiye ghar.. Mai de dungi.. Yaa phir driver k sath bijwa du??

Ram: nahi priya..wo file boht important h.. Mai kisiko trust nhi kar sakta.. Kya tum office laa dakti ho usse?? Please..


Priya: ok.. Mai aati hu..


Priya came down the stairs with the file.. When niharika spotted her...

Nih: Priya baby.. Kahaan jaa rhi ho iss waqt.. Wo bhi file k sath??

Priya: office.. Mr.kapoor ko ye chaiye..

Nih: haan toh tum kyu itni takleef ar rhi ho?? Driver k sath bhej do na..

priya: nahi.. Wo keh rhe the imp file h.. Toh mai hi jau..

Nih: theek h.. Sambhal ke jana..


Priya left for office.. She pushed open the door and entered.. The whole place was empty.. There was no one in there.. She asked the watchman..

Priya: sab kahan gaye??

wm: aaj sahb ne sab ko jaldi ghr bhej dia..koi overtime nhi.. Bas saab khud baithe hai apni office me..


Priya: theek hai.. Aap jaiye..

the wm went out.. Back to his duty...

She walked towards ram's cabin.. However that was empty too... She walked towards ram's desk.. And there she found a red rose and a note...

Dear Priya..

I know I've been busy over the last few weeks and not spent enough time with u.. in fact, not spent any time with you.. but darling, I was helpless..

Thanks Priya.. For coming into my life and being there for me.. Without complaints.. U stood by me always.. and I'm ever so grateful to u for that..

But today, I'm done with all my work.. And all my time is just for you.. Just you and me.. I wanna be with you And that's all I really wanna do… The file was just an excuse..

So darling, waiting for u at the canteen.. With the thing u have in mind.. Yes Coffee..So mam.. Would you do me the honor of joining me for a cup of coffee??

Love you..

Priya smiled looking at the note and proceeded to the canteen.. Priya entered into the dark canteed.. And as sson as she did, someone grabbed her from the waist and held her close.. He shut the door and hugged her.. Priya hugged him back..

Ram: I'm sorry Priya.. mai tumhare saath samay bita nahi paya.. Par aaj ki sham humare naam.. Pehle coffee.. Phir drive.. Phir dinner…

Priya: Ram.. aapko sorry kehne ki zarurat nhi hai… mai janti hu aap busy the.. Its ok.. Bas thoda akelapan mehsoos ho raha thha.. Aur wo bhi aapne door kar dia..

Ram: toh coffee??

Priya: Iss andhere me?

Ram: Ek minute..


Ram left her and walked towards a table.. He lit a kept on the table.. 2 mugs of hot coffee were ready too.. He walked back to Priya and put his arm round her shoulder.. He led her to the table and made her sit.. He sat across her and held her hand in his..

Priya: Thank You Ram..

Ram: Thank you kis liye? Arre koi mehrbani nhi kar raha hu.. Apni biwi ke sath time spend kar raha hu.. Coffee pee lo.. thandi ho jayegi..

Both had the coffee chatting away and laughing… the poured their hearts to each other and compensated for the missed days… They loved spending time with each other and that was what they were doing..

Priya: Ram.. Bahr chale?

Ram: Haan chalo.. Batao kahaan jana hai tumhe..

Priya: Beach pe chale?

Ram: theek hai chalte hai..

Soon enough.. They reached the beach.. Ram parked the vehicle and led her to a nice corner.. Away from the crowd.. the noise.. Just the two of them.. Lost in their own world…

Priya: Yaad hai Ram.. Pichle baar jab hum aaye the..

Ram: Haan tare gin ne..

Priya: haan ram.. uss din men eek boht acchi baat seekhi thi.. Aapse..

Ram: Kya?

Priya went close to him and placed her palm on his chest.. Right above his heart..

Priya: Yei ki zindagi ki har khoobsurat cheez mehsoos ki jati hai.. Aur iss waqt mai sabse khoobsurat ehsaas ko mehsoos kar rhai hu..

Ram: Kya?

Priya: Aapke paas hone ka.. Aap ki dhadkan..

Ram: mujhe bhi kuch mehsoos ho raha hai..

Priya: Kya..

Ram: Mere pet me daudte hue chuhe.. Dinner ke liye chale? Its almost 9..

Priya hit him lightly on the chest..

Priya: Kya Ram aap bhi.. Chaliye..

They went into a five star and ordered all of Priya's fav's.. Afterall Ram meant to make Priya's evening special..

Priya: Ho gaye shaant aapke chuhe?

Ram: Haan yaar.. Finally..

Priya: ghar chale? Its late..

Ram: Mann nhi ho raha hai.. Tumhe kahin aur le jana chahta hu..

Priya: Kahaan?

Ram: Chalo.. Bata ta hu..

Ram kept driving and priya kept wondering where they were going.. Her eyes suddenly fell on a kulfi wala..

Priya: Ram.. Ram.. rokiye gaadi.. Mujhe kulfi khaani h..

Ram: Pagal ho Priya.. itni sardi me kulfi?

Priya: Plz ram./.. Thand me kulfi khane ka mazza hi alag hota hai.. Please… Please..

Ram: Achha theek hai..

They went to the kulfi wala and relished it..

Priya: Acchi hai na?

Ram: Haan..

Soon they were off to their destination.. The WESTIN OBEROI..

Priya: ram hum yahaan kyu aaye hai?

Ram remained silent..

Priya: Ram.. Kya hua.. hum yahaan kyu aaye hai?

Ram: Chup nhi reh sakti kya thodi der? Chup chap chalo na..

They walked into the reception.. Ram took the keys and they went towards the room.. He held out the keys to Priya and she opened the door..

The room was the one they had on their honeymoon.. Decorated in exactly the same way..

Priya: ram.. Ye sab?

Ram: I think hume dadi ki wish poori kar deni chaiye..

Priya: Konsi wish..

Ram: Pardadi ban ne ki.. I think we should start working on it..

Priya: Hmm.. I agree..


And guys.. u can imagine what happened next…


The end…

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Posted: 2012-08-02T03:12:28Z
Oy Priya, give the remaining part of it dear
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Posted: 2012-08-02T03:16:40Z
wow..surprise by GOlu!!!!!!!!!! 
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Posted: 2012-08-02T03:42:11Z
loved it ..where is the remaining part ...
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Posted: 2012-08-02T03:43:24Z
Posting it in sometime...
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Posted: 2012-08-02T03:52:12Z
Hey that was great yaarr, waiting for the remainig part...Plzz post it soon...
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Posted: 2012-08-02T03:54:12Z
This is cheatinggg Priya...:/ remaining part kaha hai
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Posted: 2012-08-02T03:59:06Z
Wow.. Cnt wait to read further!
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