OS: Making Up!!

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OS: Making up…

Ram gulped his 5th peg of whiskey in a shot.. he was depressed.. He was angry.. He was dejected..

They had fought a few days ago over a petty issue.. The fight had turned huge because of their ego.. Both, Ram and Priya were hell bent on proving that they were right and did not want to listen to the other's point of view.. This resulted into a huge fight and Priya left home to stay at her parents house.. Ram was disappointed with that but he made no attempts to stop her.. He just let her go.. And that made him sadder..

Priya on the other hand was having horrible days and desperate nights.. She wanted to go back home.. go back into her husbands warm embrace.. her ego prevented her from doing so..

She tried to solve the problems between them, no doubt.. She messaged them the day she left home.. He never replied.. She tried once more and had the same result.. no response once again.. That hurt her.. She was trying and he never co operated.. That made her sadder..

Both of them loved each other to the core.. They never wanted to live away from each other even for minutes.. But this time, the minutes had extended to 3 days.. 3 whole days..

Sadness was evident on each of their faces.. However, the families did not know the reason.. Ram told everyone that sudhir was unwell and Priya wanted to be with him.. Priya on the other hand told the sharma's that Ram was not in town and hence she came to visit them..

Priya was sitting on her bed.. Alone.. Lost in thoughts.. thinking about her man.. Ayesha was out of town for an assignment and thus, she had the room to herself.. She kept looking at the phone still witong for Ram's reply.. Though she knew there would be none, he heart still hoped..

Meanwhile, Ram was sitting with another peg.. Ready to gulp that down when Rishabh entered..

Rish: Bahi bas..

Ram: Nahi.. mai bas nahi karunga..

Rish: Nahi bhai.. Yeh aap ki sehat ke liye theek nahi..

Ram: tujhe meri sehat ki itni kyu padi hai.. Mar jau toh bhi tujhe kya?

Rish: Bhai.. ye aap kya keh rahe hai.. Aap ko kuch nahi ho sakta.. Aap hai toh hum hai.. Aur hum sabse zyada, koi hai jo aapse boht pyaar karta hai.. Aur uss insaan ko aapki fikr bhi boht hai..

Ram: Kya bakwaas kar raha hai.. Koi meri parwaah nahi karta.. Agar parwah hoti toh wo mujhe yahhan chod ke nahi jaati..

Rish: Agar parwaah nahi hoti toh wo pal pal mere through aapki khabar nahi rakhti.. Wo mujhe nahi batati ki jaa aur apne bade bhai ko rok.. Mujhe iss ghar me rehke pata nahi tha ki aapka haal yeh hai.. Par wahaan baithe unhe pata hai ki aap pee rahe honge..

Ram hung his head in shame.. He kind of knew that.. He knew it was Priya who sent Rish..

Rish: Bhai, bhabhi ko leaaiye.. Aap dono ek dusre ke liye bane hai aur ek dusre ke bina aap dono nahi reh sakte..

Saying thus, he left the place..

Ram thinking to himself..

Ram: Ye mai kya kar raha hu.. Priya bale ghar gayi, usne jhagda suljhane ki koshish toh ki.. Usne mujhe message kia.. Par maine ignore kia.. No Ram.. This is wrong.. Mai Priya se pyar karta hu.. AUr mera ego humare pyar se badkar nahi ho skata..Mai kal jaake Priya se baat karta hu.. Nahi kal kyu.. Abhi jaata hu..

He saw the watch.. It was almost 12 at night..

Theek hai.. I know Priya must not have slept.. Lekin mai iss halat me gaadi kaise chalau.. Nahi.. mai taxi leke chala jaunga (there are taxis that run overnight in Mumbai)..

Priya was now sitting in her balcony.. A pic of Ram in her hand.. She was crying her heart looking at the pouring rains.. She badly wanted to be with him.. In his arms.. in their room..

Her trail of thoughts were broken by the ring in her phone.. The name flashed on the screen and a smile broke out on her face.. She receieved the call but spoke nothing..

Ram: Priya.. Priya tum soi nahi..

Like hell she could sleep when she was away from him..

Priya: aap bhi toh nahi soye.. Par aaj meri yaad kaise aayi aapko? Aap ki zindagi me merit oh koi value hi nahi hai na.. I'm a big nothing to u.. Toh phir..

Ram: Stop it Priya.. Pehle toh.. Can u please open the door.. Mujhe thand lag rahi hai..

Priya: huh? Kya?

Ram: Mai tumhare ghar ke bhr hu.. aur bheega hua hu..

Priya did not respond.. She was already on her way to the door.. Running to catch a glimpse of him..

As soon as she opened the door, he was there.. Standing wet.. not fully but almost.. In his white kurta pyjama.. looking disturbed and holding the phone to his ear..

Priya opened the door and stood at the doorway staring at him.. looking deep into his eyes, sensing all the agony.. all the pain he went through..

Ram: Kya mai andar aa sakta hu?

Priya moved in.. turning her back to him..

Ram: Priya.. Priya.. mai..

Priya: Kya hai.. aadhhi raat ko mera naam bolne aaye hai..

Ram: Mai wo.. Mai tumse wo..

Priya grew angrier oat that.. Ek sorry bhi nahi bola jata.. She walked into her bedroom.. Ram following her suit.. He shut the door behind him and went towards Priya..

Ram: I'm sorry Priya.. I so sorry.. Mujhe tumhe jane nahi dena chaiye tha.. Humare pyar se badkar mere lie kuch nahi.. Mera ego bhi nahi.. Mujhe tum chaiye Priya.. Mere zindagi me tumhare siwa aur kuch maine nahi rakhta.. tum hi meri zindagi ho..

Priya who had her back facing him, was crying hearing all this.. Her eyes were full of tears and her heart, full of pure love for Ram.. Ram sensed this and came up to her and tapped on her shoulder.. In an instant, she turned and hugged him tightly.. He wrapped himself around her too.. After being in each others arms for a few seconds..

Priya: Ram.. I'm sorry too.. Mujhe bhi aisi baat pe ghar chod ke aana nahi chaiye tha.. Hu iss baat ko ghar pe hi solve kar sakte the.. I'm sorry Ram..

She cupped his face and felt something wrong..

Priya: Ram.. Aap ka temperature high lag raha hai.. Feels like you have fever..

Ram: Nahi jaan.. I'm ok.. Mujhe kuch nahi hua..

Priya heard no more and made him sit on the bed.. She brought a towel from her closet and wiped his wet hair.. He loved it when she did that.. He loved it even more when she was concerned for him.. She then made him lie down and covered him with the duvet..

Ram: Priya mujhe thand lag rahi hai..

Priya: Mai fan bandh kar deti hu..

Ram: that's not really necessary.. unless my heater refuses to be by my side..

Priya and Ram smiled looking at each other.. their eyes did all the talking.. Hers said I love You to him.. And his replied the same.. These words were never really necessary in their relationship.. Their feelings were depicted in their actions.. in their eyes..

Priya walked over to the other side of the bed and got into the duvet.. After three days without mental peace.. thir hearts and soul were now peaceful in each others arms..

The next morning, Shipra opened the door and saw them smiling and sleeping peacefully embracing each other..

Uff.. ye dono pyar ke panchi bhi na.. Ek dusre ke bina toh reh hi nahi sakte.. Damadji kal aaye honge apne trip se aur KM me Priya ko naa pakar aa gaye honge yahaan.. bilkul inseparable hai ye toh.. Khair..

She shut the door again and went back to doing her chores..

The End..

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Posted: 2012-07-30T08:42:49Z

aww it was lovely Heart  Heart  Heart I can imagine RK & ST in this scene, they would've rocked it..  sigh.. if only these moron CVs could understand our agony.. Aisa ek bhi scene BALH mei dekhneko nehi mila.. And there is no hope also  Cry

so Shipra too has got some grey matter in  her brain, huhQuestion :P I thought her brain is filled with garbage only LOL .. Phew! she didn't spoil that moment by creating a scene! 

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Posted: 2012-07-30T08:51:32Z
that was soo cute...aww loved raya...Tongue
true they are inseperable...

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Posted: 2012-07-30T08:54:08Z
Originally posted by sss283

that was soo cute...aww loved raya...Tongue
true they are inseperable...

Hehe.. thanks Subu.. Wrote this long back.. just that posted it now..
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Posted: 2012-07-30T09:09:17Z
awesome OS... gr8 imagination... i loved it... Heart


thanks a lot fr this... !!
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Posted: 2012-07-30T09:10:30Z
Awwweee... That was do cuteee... I just lovedd it... Superbb...
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Posted: 2012-07-30T09:11:39Z
Ssho shweeet... Love it!
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Posted: 2012-07-30T09:19:02Z
Aawww! That ws awesme... Realy missng raya nokjhoks.. Thanks fr the pm.. Jz lovd itHeart
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