RaYa OS- A New Life With You!

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A random rambling as I was missing RaYa so much on weekends that I felt like penning down a story on them!Big smile


EmbarrassedHope you all will like it!Embarrassed





Post months after Ram Kapoor married his Priya in a glamorous wedding ceremony; there was everything in life Ram had asked for. Priya had agreed to marry him again after his numerous attempts. He had gone from being the ruthless, cold hearted, business tycoon Ram Kapoor to the lovable, warm hearted Priya's Ram. He couldn't be happier with his business scaling new heights, his sister finally recovering from the shock and trying to settle in a new relationship with her husband. And on top of that Priya, his wife, his life was carrying his child. She was pregnant with his baby. What else could he ask from life? Indeed he was blessed by destiny to have a second chance at life and he was surely treated as destiny's favorite child by gifting him Priya!






She raised the curtains to see her husband still in deep sleep. She had a nice hot shower, dressed up and left for the kitchen to get his coffee.


Priya: "Yeh Ram itni kadvi cheeze peetien kaise hai? Gale ke neeche kaise utarti hai?" she kept asking herself while making her perfect coffee. Just two sugar cubes and no milk.


She entered their room to see Ram still sleeping like a curled up baby! She kept the coffee mug on the side table and sat beside him on the bed. Caressing his face, she woke him up. He got up mystified to see his Shona by his side. She quickly pecked on his head, and said,


Priya: "Good morning Ram!"


He slowly rubbed his eyes, got up and helped himself against the head rest and spoke,


Ram: "Good morning Priya!he said caressing her cheeks.


Priya: "Chaliye Ram. Jaldi uthiye aur neeche aayiye. Coffee pee pilijiye. Aur phir hum mandir jaa rahe hai."


Ram: "Par hum mandir kyun jaa rahe hai?"


She ignored his words and was walking when he literally came running behind her,


Ram: "Priya...Priya...Priya'" he said finally catching her.


Priya: "Kya hai Ram?"


Ram: "Par hum mandir kyun jaa rahe hai?"


Priya: "Shayad aap bhool gaye hai. Par main nahi bholi."


Ram: "Kya?"


Priya: "Aaj aapka janamdin hai Ram. Happy Birthday!" she said while giving him a quick kiss on his lips.


Ram: "Par mandir kyun? Tum jaanti ho na ki main bhagwaan main vishwaas nahi karta."


Priya: "Jaanti hoon. Lekin maine mannat maagi thi ti mere khatir to chalenge na?"


Ram: "Haan tumhare liye kuch bhi."


Priya: "Acchi baat hai. Maine aapke kapde nikale hai. Aap jaldi aaiyiye. Aur haan aaj pasta wasta nahi milega. Aaj sirf kheer milegi."


Ram: "Haan theek hai begum sahiba! Mujhe mere baby se baat to karne do."


Priya: "To kijiye na baat."


It was a daily routine for him to talk with his baby right from the morning till the end of the day. He knelt in front of him and placed his warm hands on her belly;


Ram: "Good morning baby!"


Priya: "Ab baaki ki baatien baad main. Ab mujhe jaana hai."


And with that she was off to the kitchen. He took a fast shower and was wearing a white colored kurta pyajama. He reached the dining to see Priya in the kitchen preparing the breakfast. She came near the table with a bowl of kheer.


Ram: "Priya Dadi kaha hai?"


Priya: "Are Ram wo abhi tak nahi aayi hai. Main jaa rahi hoon unhe bilaane."


Ram: "Tum ruko Priya. Main unhe bulake laata hoon."


She smiled at him and he walked in to call Dadima for breakfast.


When he entered, he stood outside as she was busy with her daily prayers.


Ram: "Dadi chaliye na. nashta taiiyar hai."


Dadi: "Good morning Ram bete. Janam din ki bahut badhaiya."


Ram: "Thankyou Dadi!"


And from behind Priya entered and told him to seek her blessings. She joined along with Ram.


Dadi: "Khush raho donon. Are Ram aaj kahi jaa rahe hai kya aap?"


Ram: "Haan Dadi main wo mandir jaa raha hoon?"


Dadi let out a squeal, Ram in the temple.


Dadi: "Ram bete aap mandir jaayenge?"


Ram: "Haan ab ismain kharabi kya hai?"


Dadi: "Jaroor Priya ne kaha hoga. Chalo acchi baat hai, jo kaam hum nahi kar paaye wo Priya bete ne to kar diya."


The three had breakfast and both Priya and Ram left for the temple.


While they were returning, Priya made Ram take her to the dhaba where the first time they had a meal together. This time Ram was much more comfortable than ever. He could also pick up a few names of dishes and enjoyed his meal. He ate chillies and off course Priya had to stop him and make him drink a huge glass of Lassi!


Both returned home after a tiresome morning. Ram insisted that he would work from home and he made Priya sleep for some time. She needed rest as she was in her 7thmonth.


He placed her on the bed and kissed her a bye. And he set out on a task to the complete his surprise for her. He set up the entire room. Pictures adorning the walls, the photo frames were adorned by their photos, his photos.


He finally was done with the setup and took Priya to the table set up by him. Well the table was perfectly draped with shades of white and red cloth; white which resembled the purity of their love and red showed her how passionately their love was. That was their love- divine and pure. No expensive gifts were given to each other but their actions, gestures and the care they showed towards each other was the foundation of their strong relationship besides love, faith, trust and hope. Well everyone lives his life on hope, so that was their relation- two souls bonded as one by destiny first and now by themselves. It was journey worth the pain and anguish both has suffered and it was the greatest story of love.


He finally woke up Priya and told her to dress up as he had invited her for an in house date! She was ecstatic. This ruthless Ram Kapoor was all playing Romeo since their affair started. Each and every day he managed to surprise. He was such an amazing person. She had been married to him for 6 months, they were going to have a baby together, she had known him since 1 year and yet she was amazed at how she got to know something new about him every day. 

Ram: "Aao na Priya." He said pulling her a chair.


Priya was astonished to see Ramset up the table for them. It was perfect! How could it not be? It was Ram's date! A table for two; but with no food; no music playing in the background? What kind of a date was this? She went ahead and confusingly looking at him; asked him, Ram there is no food and no music; what kind of a date is this? Is this a joke? Ram rushed to comfort her; he gently showed her the barbeque arrangement. He said; whatever you like order me and I will prepare it for you. How can I let my wife be hungry on our first valentine? And about the music; I guess you are too much into Bollywood films. He teased her; he loved that! She slightly punched him and made her way into his arms.


He continued; Priya your voice is as sweet as music; I love listening to your thought! She made him barbeque the chicken; she enjoyed it!


The whole night; the couple found themselves with each other swaying to an unknown music; only making them closer to each other.


He gently picked her and placed her on the bed. He lied beside her and then she put her head on her lap. That's when she spotted the room to be different.


Priya: "Ram yeh sab kya? Aapne yeh kamra kab sajaya?"


Ram: "Jab aap so rahi thi maharani! Maine tumhe sulaya. Taaki main ye sab kar sakoon."


Priya: "Par aapko yeh sab karne ki zaroorat kya thi? Aaj aapka janamdin tha. Mujhe aapko kuch dena chahiye tha. Par aapne hi mujhe taufa de diya."


Ram: "Aur tohfa tum mujhe de hi rahi ho na. To maine soch ki main bhi tumhe kuch doo. Waise batao kaisa laga?"


Priya: "Ram bahut sundar hai. Waise maine kaunsa tohfa diya aapko?"


He placed his warm hands on her belly and it struck her. She was going to give him a baby! That was his gift! A lone tear left her eye! Rambent down and kissed the tear. He then went to pull her lips for a sweet kiss and she responded with equal passion!


She looked back again when she found out that he had enlarged their marriage photo and framed it. He put it up on the wall opposite of their bed.


Priya: "Ram aapne ye tasveer yahan kyun?"


Ram: "Priya jab hum donon subah uthenge to roz wo lamha yaad karenge jis waqt pe hum ek huye the."


Priya pulled his shirt and pulled him down. She took his lips in a passionate kiss. She parted to breathe to look up at him; she shied and hid her face in her palms.


Before that she got him another gift. She handed him a packet.


Ram: "Yeh kya hai Priya?"


Priya: "Khud dekhiye."


Ram was smiling that ever before. In his hands was the baby's sonograph paper. His baby was in his hands. He left a small peck on her head.


Priya: "Wo aap aa nahi sake the na to maine aapke liye laaya."


He sighed out a inaudible thank you!


He gently covered her with a comforter and entwined his fingers with her and both drifted to sleep. It was suddenly when she felt pain in her stomach. And that's when she realized that her poor baby had kicked her badly.


Due to her constant turning and her wincing, Ram got up.


Ram: "Kya hua Priya? Tum theek to ho na?"


Priya: "Haan Ram. Bas wo bachhe ne laath maar." She pulled his hand and placed it on her swollen belly.


Both smiled at the kicks. Ram felt it and he was amazed!


He placed her properly on the bed. He slept besides her; his arm automatically resting on her bulging belly and his neck making way into her hair. He kissed her ear lobe; whispering a Love you! She stirred and leaned back so he could give her support and whispered back a Love you!


 The End!



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OMG This is awesomeClapClapClap how romantic , i always wanted to see preggy track, Thank 4 this.
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luved it...
thenku for writin...
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awww!!!!! damn good dr.. awsome...  ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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awesome ... simply  superb
i  never  quote any ones ff or  os 

these  words   are  too touchy 


He placed his warm hands on her belly and it struck her. She was going to give him a baby! That was his gift! 

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ClapClapClapClap...Superb romantic update...thanks for the PM and continue next part as soon as possible...Embarrassed
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That was sooo chweet mayu dear...Tongue.
back again after a long time...
was missing you...Confused
super duper os
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so much romantic so much sweet so much dreamyDay Dreaming
yaar agar is kadar payaar dekhate toh kiya baat hotiEmbarrassedEdited by viny_queen - 2012-07-29T09:32:53Z
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