New Ramayan Series on Zee TV !!

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I Found Many Articles abt the Upcoming Show !!!


'Ramayan' to be rebooted?

Top telly stars are being considered to play Lord Ram and Sita in the third version of the classic

With Devon Ke Dev Mahadev drawing viewers to Life Ok, it seems as if mythological shows are once again in demand. That's what the decision makers at Zee TV seem to think anyway. A li'l birdie has just chirped to us that the channel is looking at bringing Ramayan back to television screens. Ramanand Sagar's production house Sagar Arts, which made the first two versions in 1986 and 2008, will revisit the epic. Gurmeet Chaudhary and Debina Bonnerjee, who starred in the 2008 version, won't be reprising their roles. Instead, talks are on with some other big names in telly land. These include Aditya Redij (Sawaare Sabke Sapne Preeto), Aamir Dalvi (Sanskaar LakshmiChhal Sheh Aur Maat) and Avinash Sachdev (Chhoti Bahu) for the role of Ram and Sanjeeda Sheikh (Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka), Suhasi Dhami (Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli) and Rubina Dilaik (Chhoti Bahu) for Sita.

From what we hear, the aim of Zee is to introduce Ramayan to today's generation who has not watched the 1986 version. But surely they did see the 2008 version? Maybe because it aired on a rival channel, it doesn't count? We wonder'


ZEE TV will be launching the new series of the mythological series 'Ramayan' in August, BizAsia can confirm.

As previously reported, the revamped version of 'Ramayan' will be produced by Sagar Arts. Other star details have not yet been announced.

Notably, ZEE TV had last experimented with 'Ramayan' in 2002, which did well in the ratings. The show was produced in-house.

Sagar Arts has previously worked on 'Dwarkadheesh' on the now defunct channel, Imagine TV.

The new 'Ramayan' will air on Sunday mornings at 11:00 from Sunday 19th August.


Zee TV

Sagar Pictures, who produced Dwarkadheesh Bhagwan Shri Krishn on Imagine TV, is now working on yet another mythological show. Yes, the production house will now come up with Ramayan for Zee TV.

We hear that the casting for the show is in full swing. The plan is to go on floor sometime in July. The channel is looking for an August 2012 launch. The show will be a weekly and most probably will be aired on Sunday.

We tried calling producer Moti Sagar and dropped a text message too, but could not get a confirmation.

Our efforts to reach Sukesh Motwani, Fiction Head, Zee TV also proved futile.

Let's see if Zee TV can further strengthen its weekend programming with this mytho series.


Ek aur Ramayan?

Published: Monday, Jul 23, 2012, 16:39 IST 
By Aakanksha Naval-Shetye | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

According to buzz in the TV industry, the Sagars ' whose Ramayan(1986) starring Arun Govil andDeepika had first got audiences hooked to their TV sets decades ago ' are now preparing to bring the mythological show back to the small screen albeit with a new Ram andSita. Confirming this, SukeshMotwani, head of fiction programming, Zee TV (the channel on which the show will be aired) reveals that the show will be an absolute recreation of the original classic. "As a story, Ramayan is timeless and will never lose its relevance. We have roped in the Sagars to recreate the magic of Ramayan.Ramanandji (Sagar) did it once and Moti Sagar and Minakshi are all set to recreate the classic."

This will be the Sagars' third Ramayan outing after their last one that featured Gurmeet Chaudhary with Debina Banerjee in 2008.

However, the cast is yet to be finalised. Says a source, "Prominent actors are being considered for the roles of Ram and Sita. While actors AdityaRedij, Avinash Sachdev and Aamir Dalvi are being considered to play Ram,Sanjeeda Sheikh, Suhasi Dhami and Rubina Dilaik are in the race to play Sita."

Motwani adds, "We have a twin objective in bringing Ramayan back ' to foster the concept of the whole family engaging in a joint TV viewing experience. And our other equally important agenda is to reach out to an entire generation of youngsters who have not had the privilege of growing up watching Ramayan like the rest of us have!"

I DOnt think there is Need of this Series by Sagars Just after 4 Years of the Last Ramayan !! Well looking forward for its Responce weather it will be able to catch the Sprituality and Devotion Like Last Two Ramayans !!

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Thanks for sharing. I hope they telecast the whole series and not show only the important scenes. 
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The choice of actors for Rama & Sita above are horrible.  I liked Aditya Redij as Rajbeer (in Preeto) and Amir Dalvi as Kabir (in Jyoti), but those roles are completely different from mytho roles.  Plus, this show is even more bound to attract comparisons w/ ASR, and looking @ who they are eyeing, doesn't seem like it will be any good.

If Zee wants a mytho show, why don't they do a unified show on Krishna & the Mahabharata all rolled into one?  Exceot that this time, be true to the script, and be more genuine about the sets.  DBSK, despite having arguably the best Krishna, bombed, b'cos they had a somewhat mediocre cast (barring the early cast such as Revathi, Balarama, Kalyavan and Jarasandha) and even worse direction.  Here, they could start w/ the Mahabharata, somewhere along the line, while bringing in Kunti, bring in Vasudev as well and then show the story of Krishna's birth.  All the time, have parallel tracks on what's going on in Hastinapur/Indraprastha and Mathura/Dwaraka.

But if they are not planning to be true to the script, my suggestion - don't do it.  Instead, make it episodic - each episode will be a single event in his life, but a true one, such as Rama killing Viradh, Rama killing Taraka, meeting Shavari, marrying Sita and so on.  That way, every episode is standalone, and if the serial doesn't take off, pull the plug w/o disappointing many viewers.
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I have to admit that I'm not very exicted by this news.Unhappy We've had two great Ramayans by the Sagar family. Why the hell do they want another one? There is a limit to how many adaptations of Ramayan we can take.Angry I agree with Vrish. We have yet to have a complete show on Lord Krishna among new mythos, so why not research on Krishna and take a proper show that doesn't go the way of DBSK, re-casting Vishal if at all possible?
Moreover, the old and new Ramayan had 20+ years gap so it made somewhat sense to recreate it, but it's hardly been five years since NDTV Imagine's Ramayan was over. Why do we need another one since most mythological viewers obviously remember the 2008 one?
Also, the articles got some information wrong. Imagine's Ramayan was from 2008-2009, not 2002, and the articles contradicted each other first by saying that this Ramayan is taken by Sagar Pictures, and then by Sagar Arts. I'm pretty sure Sagar Pictures is the one taking this one, in which case I do not have much hope as they're generally worse than Sagar Arts with the depictions. Jai Shri Krishna was their only popular show.
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Why do they keep doing the same thing over and over and over again? There's a wealth of material available and they restrict themselves to the same thing. Try something new for goodness' sake. 
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Posted: 2012-07-23T13:09:02Z
Originally posted by Kal El

Why do they keep doing the same thing over and over and over again? There's a wealth of material available and they restrict themselves to the same thing. Try something new for goodness' sake. 
I agree! The Sagars are really angering me these days. They will do anything for money.Angry Well, Imagine's Ramayan brought in lots of money due to its popularity so they probably want to recreate it for the same reason. They lost so much due to DBSK, didn't they?
I doubt the new Ramayan will do good though. The Imagine version is still fresh in people's mind and its fans will not be able to accept new actors so easily. Maybe it will attract new mythological fans, I don't know, but the old ones are either divided between the 1986 or 2008 one, so it won't be easy drawing them in.
Moreover, I have lost faith with Sagar Pictures after what they did with DBSK.
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Posted: 2012-07-23T14:07:05Z
Can someone please post pictures of the people who will possibly play the roles of Ram and Sita? I never heard of them before as I don't see fictional soaps that much, but I'm curious to see how they look.
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