||16th creative Shopaholic Of The Week||

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Posted: 9 years ago


What's up guys?
You know what is happening today na?ApproveApproveApprove
Yesh, of course you knew it
it's time to announce our very own
*Drumbs rolls*
So lets announce the 16th Creative Shopaholic Of The Week
  This member is currently running the 4th GalleryClap!
 She makes animated and non animated stuffStar!
 She is an IF StunnerzWink !
She is a big fan of Arjun-Rati and Anushka SharmaBig smile 
She is none other than
 Congratz JENNY and ready to be grilled for this time??!?!Evil SmileEvil SmileEvil Smile
*I already see you in dancing moodTongue*
This is your winning prize
Credit goes to Guddi
Here a couple of question to answer
Real Name 


How you came about India-Forums?

 Favorite Sections/Shows  on IF 

Favorite Actor (Male & Female)
How does it feel being the Creative Shopaholic of The Week?

Thats all...see ya next time

Posted: 9 years ago
Congo Jenny, imma come to grill you tomorrow LOL
Posted: 9 years ago
well  thankyou for this post!!!;)..ghoshhh m damn  lazzyy upar se these  much questionsWacko.ROFL..anywz will be back with my answers soonBig smile
Posted: 9 years ago
Real Name - jennyBig smile
Hobbies - making sig's,Vm's,painting& listening songs:)
How you came about India-Forums?- hmm m so bad at remembering thingsErmm...i think i joined randomly.yeah i guess:)

 Favorite Sections/Shows  on IF -MJHT,EHMMBH,A&S.

Favorite Actor (Male & Female)
arjun,rati,jennifer,krystle,nia,shilpa& many moreBig smile
How does it feel being the Creative Shopaholic of The Week?
hmmm firstly i never expected thisBig smile...but yeah damn happy:$

Posted: 9 years ago
eee!congrats jenny! <3 truly deserving! Clap
Posted: 9 years ago

  • First Crush:
  • First Love:
  • Where You Die To Wanna Go Someday:
  • With Whom You Wanna Spend At Least A Day Of Your Life:
  • With Whom You Wanna Die With:
  • Favorite Color:
  • Favorite Dress Code:
  • Hot Or Cold:
  • Sweet Or Sour:
  • Addiction:
  • Favorite Actor & Actress:
  • Favorite Film (In any language, the best):
  • Best Day (Why?):
  • What is on the walls in your room? 
  • What kind of music do you like listening to?
Edited by -Zeenat- - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
::Did you set an alarm before you went to bed last night?
::If someone sits in front of you at the theater, do you move? 
::Have you ever freaked out because you noticed your shadow? 
::What was the last door you closed to? 
::Do you get out of bed on the left side or right side? 
::How many bars to you let your phone get to before charging it?
::Do you like cold hard liquor or warm hard liquor? 
::Do you stare into the mirror when you brush your teeth?
::How many different couches did you sit on today?
::Tell me about the last meal you prepared?
::Do you backspace to get to an error or click on it?
::You just won a free TV series on DVD. What is it?
::Do you like to be closer or farther back to the wheel when driving?
::Do you really search for the cold side of the pillow?
::Go to Google. Type in your last name. First website link?
::What is one song where you like the remix better?
::Are you finding some survey questions are too general?
::When eating dinner, do you eat foods in order or just inhale it?
::If a stranger looked at your signature, could he pronounce your name?
::Do you brake partially in the cross walk or totally behind the line?
::Is your phone usually on a hear-able ringer or vibrate / silent?
::Have you ever had a fmylife.com experience happen to you?
::Which side does the groom stand on in a traditional wedding?
::Type a "h" into your browser. What's the first website on the drop-down?
::When you lose your phone, where is the first place you generally look?
::Do you listen to music or watch tv when you browse the internet?
::When you sleep next to someone do you face towards them or away?
::Do you use the "1 Minute" button or put it in maunally when microwaving?
::What was the last thing you heated up anyways?
::Do you look into the bottom of the cup when drinking from a cup?
::Do you fall asleep with your mouth open or closed?
::What was the last bug you killed?
::Do you leave your window open at night?
::Do you hold the door open for strangers?
::Do you keep items in your front or back pants' pocket?
::Do you tend to use "..." when typing a lot? 
::You're at the local fair. It's 8pm. Where do you head to first?
::Do you brush your teeth with warm or cold water?
::Have you ever turned on the wrong stove burner and not realized?
::What was the last item or location you cleaned?
::Do you make up words when you're singing and don't know the lyrics?
::Can you remember what made you sneeze last?
::When you boil water do you fill the pan with warm or cold water?
::Do you have your own wireless netowrk, or steal off of others?

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