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This was written after much deliberation because there was nothing much that I could / would add to the already existing list of FF/OS/SS penned by people who are a degree crazier than me for RaYa . Neither can I compete with their love for RaYa nor their flair for writing but few of those FF have left a remarkable mark in my mind and this is a tribute for all those beautiful people who have always made me cry..crib..laugh..smirk..irritate me with their pen  !



"If at all there comes a day when we have to part," he said softly, and turned to look at me, "if my last words are not 'I love you'- You will know it was because I did not have time."


I was taken aback when he told me this but all I could do was stare at him and hug him tight…it was only silence between us because both of us knew that wherever there is love , the speaking is unnecessary.


Priya sighed and closed the book, these lines were her favorite from the book 'Bade Acche Lagte Hai'


Priya {to herself} : Why are the authors so bent on separating the couple ? Uff , kya kare thought will read again …..but Mitu Kapoor gives a tragic end as though the reader don't have enough of tragedies in their lives ! This is not done yaar , am now in a mood to only read happy endings…


{She calls up kady and asks her for a suggestion …}


Kady : Hmm…so you are bored with Bade Acche Lagte Hain that you want to read something that is interesting…well there is this one book written by collective authors and its first of its kind…


Priya : How…so ? Well there are books written by more than two or more authors and wat is so different in this…


Kady: Well , for one you would hardly find any romantic novel with multiple authors…second all the authors here use the same lead pair to continue the story…to date there is no single novel which describes with such length the continuity of emotions , depth of storyline and the amazingly articulated ideas of the authors.


Priya: Arey wah...itni badi description. …than am sure, I will have to read this story. Send me the link

 kady….#Sigh..Wish you cud be this efficient when it comes to work also and one more thing it's also high time that you either cut the tiny pig tail that hangs in front of your head…its kinda irritating me leave alone the customers…ahh thanks, got the books, will catch you up tmr.


{Priya got the story and she was astonished to find that it was written by 4 authors! She decided to sit in her bedroom to read the book and also to keep an eye on peehu who was sleeping peacefully.}


Preface to the story:


The beginning is always a mystery crowded with its own delusion but with kind of certainty for mysticism which keeps us motivated to life and this was same case with us. Each of us had our own dream...excitement, profession, personal life till one day…one day where it all had to collide!!  30th May 2012  , to be exact 10.30 PM  - All our lives changed , it was somehow intertwined and we felt as though we are on one long voyage traveling together towards an unknown destination. Sometimes our best action result in things that are most regrettable but you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that whatever has happen will have some sort of connection in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life! Looking back now we see the connection , this story is one such where the characters go through numerous turns and encounter so many people in the name of happiness,anger,guilt,sadness,love,contentment,possessiveness,jealously,insecurity etc etc and how these people help the main characters survive through their multitude of good and bad destiny to shape their lives…We have identified each of us with one of the character at every point in their life…have laughed when they laughed, cried while they cried , breathed out when they exhaled in…fell in love when they choose to love each other in short we saw ourselves in them…loved it..critique it..lived it…We only hope you enjoy reading it as much we enjoyed writing them….


Priya : Lovely..Kaash …hope even I am able to connect the dots in my life!


She was feeling cold, so she got up went upto the bed to cover Peehu with a comforter and got herself a shawl. She decided to start the chapter with a hot steaming cup of chai…she got so lost in her thoughts


{Flashback – Priya and Ram were fighting over an issue and finally ram sorted it out, the convo follows post that…}


Ram : Ahha…I told you so ! Its only kapoors who can think and solve like this…now that you are a kapoor, don't worry you will pick it up over time! {He winks at her}


Priya : Yea Yea…my dadi used to tell ! Sharma's can think 100 things in one day…while the Kapoors' think once in 100 days! Since am a Kapoor now, even am falling in line with your thinking habits ! Uff


Ram : Arey..Ye Kya ! Priya , Your Dadi forgot to add one small point to this great diagnosis of hers…this is a rare occurrence with the Kapoors and they start exhibiting this symptoms (of thinking once in 100 days ) only after marrying a Sharma !


Priya : Very Funny…Mr.Kapoor !  


Ram : Hahaa…


Priya : Yes ..you laugh it out ! Am going…I would rather do something worthwhile instead of this…


She was about to leave but he caught hold of her


Ram : What happened ? You got angry….what is this, you can make fun of me but I cant? Not fair …?


Priya : Leave me Mr.Kapoor…you don't understand my love at all, you just play with my feelings for you..


Ram : {With Irritation} Arey…ye kya hua thumko ? Why are taking it too seriously and what do you think is Love…? Yea..probably I might not fit into your definition of what love is…but atleast according to me…Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the declaration of promises of everlasting passion, it is not the desire to have sexual pleasure every second minute of the day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that I am kissing every cranny of your body. These are all the act of being "in love", which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when "being in love" has burned away, and this leftover is what i feel for us  priya ...I fail to understand ..{Before he could complete,she hugged him }

{ She was awakened to reality..out of her thoughts by the boiling sound of the water...}

Present - Priya came out of her thoughts , everytime she thought about this,she had tears in her eyes, still wondering will she ever be able to connect the dots..why did they have to separate..What has destiny got in store for her,Ram and Peehu...


She got her tea and covered herself with the shawl and sat comfortably to read the first chapter of the book ….


{PS – Character name in the book will be Ram and Priya, well there is no surprise here!}


{Will be contd}

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cool  plz  continue ..
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Posted: 2012-07-18T07:25:53Z
Hey nice start    ...plz continue asap
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Posted: 2012-07-18T07:26:36Z
Grt start frnd! Cntinue sn..
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Very interesting. Please continue soon.
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nice start up yaar ...
cont soon ...
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Its nice n interesting
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nice yaar cont soon...
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