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Hello Friends.. I m not a writer, never even dreamt of being one. But just felt like penning something on BALH and sharing with all of you, thanks to my BALH tweeples , and specially Amy who thought it was worth posting. Its written randomly, and does not necessarily reflect my views on how the future track of BALH should be. Please do read and leave your comments. Juta, Chappal, Tamatar, Anda (I am non veg) ' all are welcome!!



A silent prayer

Priya was gazing through the glass enclosure as Pihu enjoyed herself at the Snow Park. It was already late, and Priya was signaling Pihu to come out, but she would not listen. Finally after loads of pleading in gestures, lil Ms Kapoor came out of the enclosure , and ran towards her mother.

Priya: Pihu.. beta kab se Mama bula rahi hai aapko.. kyu nehi bahar aa rahe they aap?

Pihu: I was enjoying inside Mama. Waise aap kyu nehi andar aye? We wud have enjoyed together na Mama!!

Priya: Beta mujhe kuch kam tha is liye'

Pihu: Kya kam.. poori time toh aap bahar hi khade hoke mujhe dekh rahi thi..

Priya knew it was impossible to win arguments with Pihu'.she just smiled at her and said next time she would definitely come inside. A small drop of tear rolled down Priya's cheeks as she thought of how she had been struggling to give the daughter of the Ram Kapoor the bare minimum pleasures of childhood.. which the lil angel so rightly deserved!

By the time they reached home it was already late, and Pihu was half asleep in Priya's lap. Priya opened the door of her apartment, gently changed Pihu into her night dress and put her on the bed. She instantly went off to sleep' and started snoring. Pihu was so much like Ram.. Priya wondered, as she stared at Pihu sleeping peacefully .Priya too changed and came to the bed and lied down beside Pihu. After a hectic day of work, this was the most difficult time for Priya everyday. Throughout the day she would be juggling between her bookshop, Pihu's school and managing the household, but every night she would be buried in her thoughts about Ram. It had been 5 long years that they have separated, but still the intensity of her love for Ram remained the same and Priya knew this well that it would not get diluted over time. Priya reached out to her phone, and started playing a small video clip .. It was a 15 min interview that Ram had given to a news channel about 6 months ago. Ram looked more handsome, dashing and confidant than ever, in a pink shirt and a black waistcoat. The interviewer asks Ram after being so successful over the years in building such a big empire, what motivates him to take up new ventures now.

"My son Rohan.. whatever I do , I do only for him .. He is the one who keeps me going.." quipped Ram calmly.

Everytime Priya came to this part of the interview, she cud nt control herself.. Why it pained so much to think that Ram has moved on in life? Wasnt it what she wanted? Ram was ready to wait and pine for her for 14 long years, yet she was the one who had CHOSEN to leave Ram so that he cud find new love in life. And now that he had actually moved on.. why she cud nt accept it? How cud she be so selfish? Why a part of her still said it cant be true? Priya sobbed silently as contradictory thoughts slashed her mind'.

Pihu : Mama.. Kya hua.. Aap ro kyun rahi hai?

Priya suddenly tries to fake a smile '..

Priya: Kuch nahi.. aap soye nehi ab tak?

Pihu: Soyi toh thi.. aap ne jaga diya.

Priya: Sorry beta.. chalo so jao..

Pihu: Mama.. o phone wale uncle kaun hai?

Priya looks embarrassed and replies in a shaky tone "Kaun?"

Pihu: "Wohi.,.jo aapke phone ke video mein aate hai.. jinhe dekh ke aap kabhi kabhi raat ko roti hai'.."

Priya just did not know how to answer this one.. "Koi nehi beta .. aise hi.." and she tried to change the topic immediately "Achcha batao kal school mein lunch box mein kya chahiye? "

Pihu: "Aloo ka Parantha, with extra ghee aur dahi'"

Priya: "Uff .. Kabhi toh kuch alag manga karo.."

Pihu: "Mama Plzzz.."

Priya: "Ok . chalo milega.. abhi so jao plz'"

Pihu gave a broad smile and closed her eyes in an attempt to sleep. Priya put her arm around her and tapped her gently on her shoulder. She should have been more careful in watching that video' Priya started thinking in her mind..Pihu must have noticed her many times over last six months watching that clip. Pihu sometimes played with her phone also ..'.. it was better if she deleted it from her phone.

Suddenly Pihu jumped up and sat on the bed..

"Kya hua?"Priya asked surprisingly .. "Aise kyun uth ke baith gaye aap?"

Pihu "Mama.. who phonewale uncle hai na.. woh bilkul mere jaise hai'"

Priya : "Matlab?"

Pihu: "Aapne dekha nehi.. eyes, cheeks, smile sab same to same'"

Priya too sat up on the bed.. staring at her 4 yr old daughter in utter disbelief'

Pihu was still continuing .. "Aur Mama who mere tarha lefty bhi hai.. aur jab sar hilate hai toh'."

Priya tried to stop her in the middle .. "Pihu aap itne raat ko kaun si baat leke baith gaye ho beta'.?"

Pihu: "Mama agar mere Papa hote .. toh who bilkul phone wale uncle ki tarah hote.. same to same'"

Priya was trying to be in control of her emotions for quite some time now.. but those words by Pihu just broke all the barrier of emotions in her.. She tightly hugged Pihu close to her heart and started crying inconsolably.. She had been trying hard to double up as a "father" to Pihu.. but somewhere in her heart the little one had always yearned to meet her father. And once she had "seen" him.. she had connected instantly without even knowing the truth... such was the unseen bond of love. Priya never knew how long she would be able to keep Pihu away from the truth. Suddenly Priya's thoughts raced towards Rohan. Though Pihu had been deprived of the love, care , protection and companionship of a father, at least Rohan would have fulfilled Ram's emotional needs of parenthood. As she hugged Pihu more tightly to her bosom, Priya uttered a silent prayer for Rohan'.. and accepted him whole heartedly as an integral part of Ram's life!
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i loved it...you should write more often...Wink
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hi aditi

great FF man. why do you think that you are not a writer.. dont assume or underestimate yourself man.. that is one great view that you have projected here.. Priya's dilemma as a mother is so well etched.. her grief at being responsible for her daughter not having access to all that money can buy is so clearly evident along with the fact that she loves the little from the deepest recesses of her heart.. I like lady 

True blue PK fan that you are you incorporated her mahan avatar.. a prayer for Rohan.. good one man.. makes her a mother more than just any woman

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Posted: 2012-07-15T11:20:13Z
awesssomeee...!!!! plz do write more ffs/os
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Posted: 2012-07-15T11:24:33Z
That was really nice...Plzzz continue this...
You are really a fab writer...
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Posted: 2012-07-15T11:44:06Z
its touchy and emotional, trying hard to put her emotion aside in front of Pihu who is replica of the man she loved her most in her life, is indeed painful
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Posted: 2012-07-15T11:53:55Z
it was absolutely smashing...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
loved it ...
do write more or continue this...
its damn good and you are a fab writer...!!!!
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