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This OS is set at the time when Kushi disclosed about Shyam to the family after rescueing Arnav... and Arnav brought back a broken down Anjali from the hospital after saving her from a near suicide. The OS has 4 parts to it.. the link to the other parts are at the end of the first update.
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part 1- The road is rough
"Stay away from me. I dont want to look at your face" the menacingly cold voice of Anjali cut through the air peircing Kushi's heart.
"Di" Somewhere behind her Arnav bellowed
"what ever I did was for your betterment di" Kushi pleaded..
"No! what ever you did was to take away my joy from me, my husband from me.." Anjali screamed...
"No di"Kushi whispered while tears threatened to spill from her eyes.. The whole family was watching this unable to stop the discussion turned nightmare...

Arnav had just returned with anjali form the nursing home.. the family had confronted her on how could she think of aborting the child.. all hell broke loose.. Anjali was  tired that everyone and most importantly her brother taking decisions for her life- and started blaming Kushi for what ever was happeneing in her life.. when Kushi approached her to calm her down, thats when she shouted at kushi to stay away from her...

Arnav wanted to stop this rift which was obviously growing out of hands. he moved calmly towards his sister.

"Di, please stop this.. dont you believe what she said? you still think Shyam is good? Unbelieveable!" Arnav tried to pacify her
"Yes Shyam cannot be wrong... this girl is wrong"
"No di, you dont understand" Arnav was surprised with this new found patience he was displaying
"No.. you people dont understand... what shyam told is true... This girl is a Man chaser! she broke Yours and Lavanya's relationship.. Lavanya backed off... she tried the same thing with me and shyam.. when shyam resisted- she turned the plate...But I wont back off!"
Kushi stood there shattered. her legs were going week and numb...
"No di.. Kushi.. Kushi was not responsible for my breakup with lavanya... I.. I was... I was never in love with lavanya"
"Oh is it? without being in love, you brought her home... you announced to a large crowd that you will get married to her isn't it?"
"I announced it because I was in love with Kushi at that time" arnav told them all surprising everyone...But he was looking at Kushi who was miserably crying..Kushi looked into his eyes surprised... "yes Di...Its true...Only that I didnt realise that I was in love at that time.. I was angry with her that she got engaged to some one else and announced that I will marry Lavanya.. But I could'nt carry on with fake relationship with lavanya and had to end it"
"isnt it what I told ? she hoodwinked you to fall in love, that you have to throw out Lavanya..."
"No di..you dont understand at all.. Kushi didnt even know that I had feelings for her"
"She?" Anjali started laughing like a Maniac "She knew it all .. she planned everything chotey.. you are so blinded by her so called love"
"Di, please calm down.. Kushiji is not like that... I saw, I was with her when Nannav got kidnapped"
"NK Bhai.. when married and taken men struggle you are a cake walk for her..."
"Anjali bitiya!"
"what nani? you have never scolded me.. Has she poisoned you too? I thought her charms work only on men!"

Nani sat down shocked at the fierceness displayed by anjali. Mami moved towards nani, shcoked by the happeneings herself.

"Di! you are tensed, you are angry.. You dont realize what you are speaking... I think you need rest now.. Come, lets discuss about this later!" Akaash tried to take anjali away but in vain
"You too Akaash? you too fell for her?" Anjali asked him then moved to Payal..."Payal, keep your husband away from your sister or then later you have to suffer like me..."
Payal was beyond shock, that she wasnt able to open her mouth... She looked at Kushi helplessly and tried to make Anjali understand..
"No di .. My sister is not like that" But her voice was drowned in a voice which roared like lion..

"Enough di.. I would not let you talk like that about my wife!"
kushi's legs finally gave away and she swayed on the spot...
Payal rushed to hr, but Arnav was by her side before that and held her in place...
"You alright kushi?"
But Anjali was not perturbed by any of this.
"Then I dont want to stay here... When shyam does'nt have any place here.. why should I stay here.."
"Di! you have lost it.. completely..." Arnav lost his control
"yeah.. I have lost it because I am tired of you having me in your control!..." Anjali screamed
"Anjali bitiya Dont do it,, It is not good for the baby.you are stressing yourself.. Arnav bitwa.. please stop this,," Mami pleaded but it went into deaf ears..
"oh yeah the baby.. who are you all to decide on the baby?" anjali asked everyone.."This is mine and Shyam's Only we decide to keep it or not.. I am leaving this place... I cant stay where she stays..." Anjali pointed at Kushi.. and turned to go..
"No.." a small whisper was heard.. clearly in that commotion..
everyone turned to look at Kushi"
"No you cant leave di!"
"try and stop me" Anjali glared.
Aranv looked at the two women who were the most important in his life staring at eachother...his heart was ripping itself into in pain. then he saw a pair of eyes belonging the younger one change into a pleading shade.. then he heard the words that he feared would be uttered when with whole choas started.
"You dont leave di.. I will leave"

to be continued...

Part 2: 61047265  
Part 3: 61057806  
Part 4: 61720639  
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Posted: 7 years ago
wow.. if it happens like this will be fab... I would love to see Anjali go wild... am sure Daljeet will do a super job
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Posted: 7 years ago
well written...i am sure that s what is going to happen...please continue!!
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Posted: 7 years ago
completely agree with the above comment!!
seeing anjali go wild will be a treat to watch!! a break from all the rona dhona!!
great work dear!!!
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NiCe Smile

Plz Continue SoOn ..!
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Posted: 7 years ago
very nice..pls continue..Smile
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Posted: 7 years ago
I seriously hope smthng like this happens in the serial.

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