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Posted: 8 years ago
                          ~Welcome to Aartzz.Art~
^Vanshu, I love you forever for this amazing banner<3

Hello my beautiful people! I'm Aarti also know as Aartzz and Aartzzuu, and you're berry berry velcome to my shop ;). I've been making siggies since June of 2012  but I just couldn't wait to make a shop! I love making siggies and avis. If I could do it as a job I would :) 

Desi Pakoras; My jaans. I don't even know what I would without you. When I first met all of you I knew I would love all of you so much! You all make it worthwhile to make siggies or even try to. You all are the most amazing people I've ever met and I love all of you. (Even Jen's other personality LOL) I owe this shop to you guys. Vanshu, Jas, Jia, Jen, Mini, Sani, Sneha, Asha, Sara, Nityah <3
Ri; Ohmygod Ri where do I begin? Ok I love you so so so much first of all. My writer! You can make me feel better in an instant with all your talk about John. I can rant to you and you'll take it LOL. You're amazing and you're such an encouragement to me<3
Mya; I don't know if you're going to read this but ahhh, what the hell. You were the person that actually got me making siggies so I basically owe this all to you. You're hilarious and such an amazing person. It's so freaking awesome talking to you. <3

I LOVE;Tellywood

I LOVE everyone in bollywood basically except for Sonakshi Sinha and Ali Bhatt :D :D 

~What I Make~
 -Siggies (Non-Animated)
-Avis (Stacked or not)

- Please, please, PLEASE do not claim my work as your own. You can be inspired by it but DO NOT copy it
- Do not paste my work on another site or hotlink it
-Only request when my shop is open.

~Shop Rules~
 -Only request when I'm open
-One request per person PLEASE
- I do not accept requests by PM. Please request on this shop ONLY
-Don't claim my work is yours
-Tell me what text you want.
-Provide HQ pics
-No more than 10 pics please :) If the pictures are un-usable I will tell you
-Use your request for at least 2 days. I put a lot of effort on your siggie so you could at least use it

AVI Rules; -Please provide a HQ vid 
-Only youtube/daily motion videos
-Torrents are allowed but you must provide me with the link of the torrent and the timing. Also it MUST be HQ. Since it's a torrent, your request will take longer than everyone elses 
-Tell me what size you want the avi to be
-Tell me from what second to what second you want the avi EX; 1.20-1.40 secs.
-Tell me if you want it stacked or not

I ONLY TAKE REQUESTS FROM REGULARS. I don't think it's fair that if you haven't commented in my shop at least twice that you can request. Sorry :/ 

-Vanshikaa- (Vanshu)
aishhh (Aish)
fizzi_gurl (Fizzi)
..-Jia-.. (Jia)
jenny1000 (Jenny)
honeyimhomeee (Shrey)
perdimenticare (Swetha)
Aishu (Aishu)
Sano88 (Sano)
-Fatz- (Fatima)
*~sneha~* (Snehu)
and basically everyone else in this forum :) 
If you think I've been over inspired by you PM me. We can def. talk it out 

Textures- Deviantart, Northerndawn and Jyo who sent me a billion textures which i'm forever grateful for<3
Fonts- dafont.com, fontscape.com
PSDs- drunkandcoloring.tumblr.com flawlesscoloring.tumblr.com
Most of the colorings (90 percent) i use are my own. I may or may not release PSDs. It depends on whether i'm done with the coloring
Pictures- Google, tumblr, I-F, and myself
Full List (x)

Siggs- Aartzz.Art
Stacked Avis ONLY: AZ

For Pms please ADD ME TO YOUR BUDDY LIST! :) 

Personal : aartipartyy.tumblr.com
Fyeah Sidharth Malhotra (wt Jen and Avantika): fyeahsidharthmalhotra.tumblr.com
Pretty Little Liars (wt Shreya): dirtylittlerosewood.tumblr.com
Tellywood (wt Kimmi and Sai): tellywood.tumblr.com
Qubool Hai (wt. Mehak, Jen, Usha and Avantika) : qubool.tumblr.com
Bollywood: jhanak.tumblr.com

Scroll down for Index!

Lots.Of.Love- Aarti 

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Posted: 8 years ago
Page 1- Random Icons/Bwood/Arhi/PV/Kryan
Page 20- Arhi Avis/ Kareena/ Deepika/ Parineeti/ Cocktail/Mahira Khan+Reqs
   Page 30- HUGE!: Bollywood, Arhi, Deepika, Katrina, KajolSRK
Page 39- Nina Dobrev/Nian/TVD (Katherine Pierce)/ Harry Styles icons/ ArHi/SGP/Rani/Deepika/Avis
Page 47- Arhi/Anushka/Nargis/Cocktail/Kareena
Page 56- ArHi, Sanaya's Gun Guna Dance, Kurbaan Hua, MJHT, SOTY
Page 65- Geet/Arhi (OLD)/SOTY, Sidharth,Drashti
Page 75- Arhi(OLD)/Qubool Hai/SOTY Interviews/Fanaa/Birthday
Page 92- HJNH/Karan Wahi/Bolly
Page 109- ArHi (Holi),  QH, Bolly

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Posted: 8 years ago
Arhi Icon Sets. 
I just love them so much! But i was too lazy to make siggies :P
If anyone would like INDIVIDUAL icons please let me know. I'll make them Embarrassed

Second Set




Stacked (Thank you Sani!)

Different Coloring (not stacked cause i don't want to :P)



 Kratika Sengar
This woman is amazing. 



Bipasha Basu
ICON, thingys



Kareena Kapoor
ICON, thingys



ICON, thingys


^ok that is probs too big to be icons


Ok, that's it for now!! :). It would be appreciated it you left your lovely comments and hit the like button!
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Posted: 8 years ago
MINE MINE! <3 Will edit this later tonight! <3


c . o . n . g . r . a . t . s.

Congratulations on your first dukhaan hun! I am so happy for you and so proud of you! May this shop be successful and may you open many many more shops with your wonderful wonderful creations! <3

I have seen your ArHi stuff in the CC. This icon set is my favorite --> http://i.imgur.com/LxXVU.jpg. The coloring of the siggy is beautiful! I loved how it came out. The other set is gorgeous as well! Pshht you are so PRO with the gifs. Look I have had your ArHi gifs in my dubba since yesterday. It is so prettyful! Love love love the coloring of the gifs. Simply beautiful! <3

The Kratika siggy is beautiful! Love the blending! <3 She has a beautiful smile! Embarrassed

Coming on to the bollywood stuff Shocked OMFG everything looks amazing. My favorite from the update has to be the Bips icons! She is a beauty Embarrassed <3 All I can say is that your blending is out of the world for the other siggys. The Kareena one looks stunning. I love the 2 Asin siggys. They are too gorgeous! <3 You are such a PRO hun! <3

Last but not least, thank you so much for listing me as an inspiration. That means so much to me baby! AHHH! Hehe <3 And thank you for the message for us desi pakoras! Hug Means so much for all of us! We all LOVE you so much and we will be right by your side hamesha and forever! <33

Love you hun! <3

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Posted: 8 years ago

You did it! Congrats girl, your first shop!Big smile We're all so proud of youBig smile

And just loving the first update! The Arhi sets are to DIE FOR. You captured all the beautiful moments of today's episode either through the icon sets, avis or whatever elseLOL

Although everything was amazing and very unique, I have to say that I LOVED the Asin edits! They really captured her beauty and charisma along with adding Aarti's own flavour to it!LOL I'd say an extremely successful first updateThumbs Up And i cant wait to see what else is in store!

Congrats once again. LOVE YOU!
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[Content Removed]
Posted: 8 years ago
Omg!!! Lovely shop AD!!! ClapLovin all the avis && siggys! EmbarrassedPlease hurry with the update even though you barely opened it today. WinkI dont even know which one to use. They are all really amazing. And I love the shout out you gave to all the Desi Pakoras!Heart *runs to go update dabba*Embarrassed
Love ya!! HugHeartEdited by DaMiniiiii - 8 years ago
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