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Hey guys,

I started this OS on thursday after the episode and wanted to make everyones weekend a little better but didn't get around to finishing it.  Just finished it now.  It's one of those 'KAASH' OS hahaha.  If only it happened... *Sigh*. but its not going to... Ouch  Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like/comment!


Dr. David Matthew: There is some good news for you..  Aap Maa ban ne wali hai..

Priya turned her head completely to look at the doctor as her eyes widened.  What did he say?  She looked at him with a slight shocked expression.  Seeing her expression, the doctor confirmed the news.  

Dr, smiling: Yes'

He talked over her to the nurse who was standing on the other side of Priya's bed.  Priya looked ahead as her lips curved into a small smile.  

Priya, in her thoughts: Kya? Sach mein, main Maa bannewali hoon?  Hamara sapna poora hone wala hai?  Hamare zindagi mein ek nanni si jaan aane wali hai?  Hamari pyaar ki nishaani aane wali hai?  Ram kitne khush honge yeh baat sun kar.. Ram' 

Her smile disappeared as realization hit her and tears started forming in her eyes.

Dr: Aur haan.. (Priya turns her face to look at him again) Aap ko apni sehat ka khayaal rakhna hoga'

She nods, slightly smiling, still unable to believe the good news.  She swallows, fighting back her tears, trying to hold them in until the doctor left the room.  She couldn't understand her emotions.  One one side, she had just received the best news of her life, and on the other side, she couldn't share it with the one person she loved the most in this world; that one person who had every right to know since he was an equal part of it; that one person who would be even happier than she was upon finding out; that one person who currently thought she was dead and his happiness would be undescribable when he found out she was alive and carrying his child; that one person: her Ram. 

Dr: Maine kuch tonic likhwayi hai, woh aap ko aaj se hi shuru karni hogi.  Theek hai? (Priya nods) All the best.  Take Care. 

Priya: Thank you 

The doctor and the nurse leave the room.  Priya grasps on to the bedsheet, trying to channel her emotional pain towards them.  She had never felt so torn in her life before.  Timing had never been her friend before but this time it had become her enemy.  If only she had found out before she left India.  If only someone had seen her enter Kapoor Mansion and stopped her when she tried to leave.  If only she had been selfish and thought about the present instead of the future.  If only circumstances had been different.  She looks up at the ceiling as tears start streaming down the sides of her eyes.  She slowly sat up as tears continued to flow from her eyes.  She hugged her knees and put her head down.  She started sobbing and her sobs became louder and louder until she was bitterly crying, with one hand pressed against her stomach.  She was struggling to breathe between her sobs.  But she just couldn't stop.  She finally calmed down and pressed her hand against her stomach again, this time her sobs sent out smiles with them.  She smiled through her sobs at the existence of a new being within her.  The feeling of being a mother came crashing to her like a ton of bricks.  She had to share this news with someone.  She couldn't keep this happiness to herself.  It wouldn't be fair.  Maybe this was a sign from God to reunite her with her Ram.  Maybe this would be the way they would finally end up together forever, and have their happily ever after.  Her eyes wandered around the room and landed on the phone on the table.  She got off the bed and walked over and sat down on the small couch. 

She quickly dialed his number, and was shaking impatiently while she held the receiver to her ear.  

Priya, impatiently: Phone Uthaao Ram, pleas phone Uthaao.  Ram, phone uthaao' 

But to her dismay, it kept ringing.  She hung up and dialed the landline number, sure that someone would answer there.  She had to get in touch with Ram.  She had to tell him she was alive and that he was going to become a father.  She needed him right now more than ever.  She needed him to tell her that she was going to be okay; that he would protect her and that he would never let anything happen to her or their baby.  And most of all, she needed to tell him how much she loved him. 

The line stopped ringing and she heard a click.  Someone had picked it up.  

Priya, in between sobs: Ram'Ram I'm pregnant.  Main Maa ban ne wali hoon.  I'm pregnant with your baby.  Doctor ne abhi abhi bataya.  I'm missing you.  Yeh news main sabse pehle aap ke saath share karna chahti hoon kyunki iss khushi mein sab se bade haqdaar aap hai.  Yaad hai how badly we wanted a baby.  I'm so happy.  Mein aap ke paas aana chahti hoon.  I just want to be with you.  Aap kuch bol kyun nahi rahe hai?  Mujhe pata hai aap mujhse naraaz hai.  But kuch toh boliye na.  I'm sorry, main iss tarah se aap ko bina bataye aagayi.  But dekhiye Ram.. Bhagwan chahte hai ke hum saath mein rahe.  Tabhi toh mujhe ' Aap kuch bol kyun nahi rahe?  Hello'

Servant: Hello? Kaun bol rahi hain aap?  Zara jor se boliye, sunaye nahi de raha.  Kis se baat kar ni hai aap ko?  Hello? 

Priya puts her hand on her mouth and closes her eyes as tears continue to stream down her cheeks.  

Priya: Can I talk to Mr. Ram Kapoor. 

Servant: Ram Kapoor Sir toh apne doston ke saath dinner par gaye hai.  Aap baad mein phone kijiye.

Priya: Haan'

She holds the receiver for a few more seconds, clutching it tightly and reluctantly puts it down.  She picks it up and dials his cell number again.  And when he doesn't pick up, she dials it again, and again and again.

Priya: Phone uthao na Ram.  Kyun tang kar rahe ho, phone uthao na.  Please phone uthao na. 


Meanwhie in Mumbai, Ram is out for dinner with Vikram, Neha, Rishabh, Natasha and Kartik.  He is sitting silently at the table, his mind wandering off into space.  The only reason he had come was because Vikram and Neha had forced him to.  He really had no interest in being here right now.  He just wanted to go back home, to his room, where Priya's memories were and live in them.  He had no reason to live for himself now that Priya was gone, so why was he here?  This was obviously something they were trying to do for him.  Why didn't they understand that he was now living for his family?  His eyes were wandering around the restaurant while he was lost in his own thoughts, when they landed on a pair of earrings.  He squinted his eyes to try and get a better look at them.  

Ram, in his thoughts: Yeh wahi earrings hai jo Priya kho baithi thi.  Priya ko yeh earrings bahut pasand the.  Aur jab ek kho gaya tha, tab woh bahut upset ho gayi thi.  Do baar gaya tha wahi dukaan mein, doosri earrings kharid ne lekin mile hi nahi.  

Thinking something, he stood up and walked over to the lady sporting the earrings when his phone rang.  It was an international number.  He really wasn't in the mood to take an international call right now.  He needed to talk to the lady.  He rejected the call and proceeded.  But he didn't realize he had pressed the accept button instead.  Priya was on the other line, about to hang up when she heard him speak.  

Ram: Uhh,  Excuse me.  Sorry to bother you, my name is Ram, Ram Kapoor. 

Lady: Hi 

Ram: Aap ki earrings bahut khubsoorat hai. 

Priya's mouth fell and eyes started flooding her eyes again.  She dropped the receiver.  She put her hand on her mouth to prevent her from letting out another loud sob.  She closed her eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks.  What had she just heard? Ram complimenting another woman's earrings.  Why?  Had he accepted her death so fast?  Had he forgotten her so fast? Had he moved on already?  Maybe she should just let him be.  It wouldn't be right for her to waltz back into his life, only to leave again.  He had finally started living without her.  She couldn't put him through the pain of losing her again if something happened.  No.. She could bear any pain in the world but she couldn't bear to see the pain, the hurt, the sadness in his eyes.  

Lady: Thank you 

Priya picks up the phone and was about to put it down when she heard Ram's voice again.  She held the receiver to her ear and listened closely.

Ram: Kya main aap ke earrings kharid sakta hu.

Lady: Sorry, nothing on me could ever be bought. 

Ram: Aap galat mat samajiye.  Actually, yeh earrings aap ne Delhi mein kharidi thi, Canapy Market, shop # 21 right? 

Lady: Haan, par aap ko kaise pata? 

Ram: Darasal meri biwi ke paas bhi same earrings the aur ek kaan ka kho chuka tha, toh do baar mein Delhi gaya yeh earrings phir uss ke liye kharid ne ke liye, lekin do baar kharid nahi paya.  

Lady: Kyun?

Ram: Ek baar meeting mein phas gaya tha, aur doosri baar hum dono ka jhagda hua tha isiliye. 

Lady: Hmmm.

She looks him up and down and then slowly takes off the earrings.  She hands them to him.

Lady:  Aap ki wife ke liye.  And now I realize, it's better off with you.

Ram: Thank you, thank you so much.  

Lady: My pleasure.  Waise, aap ki wife kahan par hai?  I mean, kisi table par? 

Ram: Nahin' 

Lady: Phir kahan par hai woh?

Ram, pointing to his heart: Yahan. 

Priya instantly knew Ram was pointing to his heart.  She could picture him and remembered all the times he had put her hand on his heart so she could feel his heart beat.  She knew his heart beat only for her just like her heart beat only for him. 

Lady: Sorry, I can't see her..

Ram: But I can.  Main apni biwi ko bahut acchi tarah se dekh sakta hoon.

Lady: Aap baatein bahut ajeeb si karte hai, Mr' Ram right?

Ram: Meri biwi aaj aap ki vaja se bahut khush hongi.  

Lady:  Ek baat hai.. Aap ki wife, bahut lucky hai.

Ram: Nahi mera maan na hai ke main usse zyada lucky hoon.  

Lady: Mhmm?

Ram: Thank You. (He turns to leave)

Lady: Mr. Kapoor' (He turns back to look at her) Waise, next tme jab aap Delhi jaoge, toh apni wife se jhagda mat karna.   Phir kisi se kuch mangne ki zarurat nahi padegi.

Ram: Ab mujhe nahi lagta ke main kabhi bhi apni biwi se jhagda karunga.  

Priya's eyes filled with tears and everything that she had felt in the last few minutes about Ram moving on disappeared.  After hearing the pain sadness in his voice, her decision to call him was even stronger than it was before.  He was in so much more pain now than he would ever be in in the future.  She couldn't hide the truth from him.  

Lady: Oh.. How sweet.

Ram turns around and walks back to his table with his head hung down. 

More tears streamed down her cheeks as Priya slowly put the phone down.  Then she picked it up and dialed his number again.  

Priya, in her thoughts:  Ram, maine aap ko bahut dukh diya hai in kuch dinon mein.  Ab aur nahi.  Aap ki Priya zinda hai.  Aur itna hi nahi, woh aap ki bacche ki maa bhi ban ne wali hai.  Aap ko phone uthana hi padega.  Please Ram phone uthaye.  

Ram's phone rang again and he rejected the call seeing the same international number.  It rang again, and he rejected it again.  And finally after the third time, he decided to answer it. 

Ram: Vikram, yeh phone kabse baj raha hai, aur pata nahi wahi koi international number hai.  Main dekhta hu.  

He steps away from the table and answer the phone. 

Ram: Hello?  Who the hell is this, aur baar baar kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho.  Jab phone kaat diya, toh matlab baat nahi karni.  Then why the hell are you calling me again and again?

Priya felt her jaw tense up and even wanting to, she couldn't speak.  She just sat there, listening to him.  Ram was getting irritated. 

Ram: Hello?  Hello? 

Then he heard someone breathing on the other line and he fell silent.  He felt it.  The same feeling he felt when Priya was around him.  The same uneasy feeling.  He felt his heartbeat accelerate.  And he felt the tears pricking his eyes.  Could it be true?  Could she really be alive?

Ram, whispered: Priya? 

Priya clutched the phone with both her hands as tears continued to stream down her face. 

Ram, whispering again: Tum zinda ho? 

She held the phone tightly as tears flowed from her eyes.  She couldn't speak because she knew she would break down if she tried.  

Ram, loudly: Priya, tum zinda ho? Answer me dammit.  Kuch bolo Priya!  (Then softly) Main jaanta hu tumhi ho.  Mujhe tumhari saanson se pata chal jata hai aur jab tum mere aas paas hoti ho, meri dhadkan tez ho jaati hai jaise abhi ho rahi hai.  

Vikram, Neha, Natasha, Kartik and Rishabh all looked up at Ram in shock.  They all stood up and rushed over to where he was standing?

Priya couldn't hold it in any more.  She just started sobbing on the phone.  

Priya, in between sobs: Haan Ram'main zinda hoon Ram.  Aur sirf itna nahi, Ram I'm pregnant.  Main Maa ban ne wali hoon.  I'm pregnant with your baby.  Doctor ne abhi abhi bataya.  I'm missing you.  Yeh news main sabse pehle aap ke saath share karna chahti hoon kyunki iss khushi mein sab se bade haqdaar aap hai.  Yaad hai how badly we wanted a baby.  I'm so happy.  Mein aap ke paas aana chahti hoon.  I just want to be with you. Mujhe pata hai aap mujhse naraaz hai.  I'm sorry, main iss tarah se aap ko bina bataye aagayi.  But dekhiye Ram.. Bhagwan chahte hai ke hum saath mein rahe.  Tabhi toh mujhe ' 

Ram wiped his tears: Kahan ho tum Priya?  Main abhi isi waqt aa raha hoon.  

Priya, in between sobs: D..D'Dubai. Hospital mein' 

Ram: Main abhi nikal raha hu. 

He hung up the phone and started to walk out when Vikram grabbed his arm.  

Vikram: Ram, yeh sab kya hai? Kahan jaa raha hai? 

Ram: Dubai.  Priya ke paas. 

Vikram: Kya? Tum aise kaise jaa sakte ho.  Zarur koi galat fehmi hui hai.  Priya toh'

Ram: Vikram Priya zinda hai, Dubai mein.  Main abhi isi waqt jaa raha hu.    

Vikram let go of his arm: Main bhi chalta hu.

Ram: Nahin.  Main akele jaunga.  Tum log sab ghar jao.  Main bhi ghar chalta hu, mujhe kuch lena hai ghar se, phir agli flight se Dubai jaa raha hu.  

And without another word, he walks out of there, gets into his car and head straight to Kapoor Mansion to pick up a couple of things he needed. 

Priya put the phone down and walked over to the bed.  She laid down and curled up into a ball, hugging her knees as tears continued to flow from her eyes.  Her lips formed into a smile as she waited for Ram, her Ram to come and get her.  She couldn't wait to see him, to be in his arms, to hug and kiss him.  She couldn't wait to see his face when he saw her and felt her stomach for the first time.  She knew he hadn't digested the part about the pregnancy yet.  He had been too caught up by the fact that she was alive.  Slowly her eyes closed as she remembered all the times she spent with Ram. 


A few hours later, Ram walked into her hospital room.  He was tired and his eyes were red from crying.  As soon as he walked in a smile crept across his face.  It was true.  She was really alive.  His Priya was alive and in front of him.  He couldn't believe it.  He slowly walked closer and more tears flooded his eyes as he saw her, lying there in the hospital bed, looking tired and worn out.  She looked so weak.  He came even closer and his eyes fell on the cuts on her forehead and then on the IV in her hand.  He couldn't bear to see her in so much pain. 

He stood next to the bed and leaned down and planted a soft kiss on each of the cuts.  He kept looking at her as tears dripped onto her forehead, right into the wound.  Priya flinched as it burned her.  She slowly opened her eyes and looked up to see Ram standing there with tears in his eyes.  She jumped up, straight into his arms, threw herself on his chest and started sobbing.  She buried her head into his chest, as deep as it would go.  He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, one hand resting on her head, pulling it closer to his chest.  He squeezed his eyes shut as tears escaped his closed eyes and dripped onto Priya's head.  Neither one of them spoke.  They just held each other and cried their hearts out.  Cried because of all the pain they had faced in the last few weeks, cried because they thought they'd never see each other again, and cried because they were so happy to be in each others arms after so long. 

Priya remembered her pregnancy news and stopped sobbing.  She composed herself and looked up at Ram, who still had tears rolling down his cheeks.  He tightened his grip around her and held her even tighter, as to never let her go now.  He would never let her leave his sight for even a second.  He looked down at her and kissed her on the forehead.  Seeing his non-stopping tears, Priya buried her face into his chest again.  

Priya:  I'm sorry Ram.  I'm really sorry'

Ram lifted her head.  He raised her chin up with his index finger and thumb to make her look into his eyes. 

Ram: Kyun? Kyun chali gayi mujhse itni door? Why Priya? Why?  Tum jaanti bhi ho mera kya haal hua hai?  

Priya closes her eyes as tears stream down her face.  

Priya: I'm sorry'Mujhe laga ke agar main aap ki zindagi mein wapas aajati aur mujhe dobara jail jaana pade, toh aap ko bahut dukh hoga, aap bardaasht nahi kar payenge.  Is se accha ke main aap ki zindagi se hamesha ke liye door chali jaun taake aap ko kabhi koi takleef nahi hogi.  Aap sochte the ke main mar chuki hoon toh aap aage badh jaate Ram.  

Ram let go of her immediately and took a step back. 

Ram: Aur woh dukh Priya, jo mujhe sehna pada jab mujhe pata chala ke tum mar chuki ho?  Uss ka kya haan Priya?  Tum jaanti bhi ho mera kya haal hua tha?  Tumhe kya laga, ke main bas aise hi aage badh jaunga, tumhe bhool jaaunga Priya?  You're wrong Priya.  Main jeete jee mar gaya tha tumhare bina.  6 din ke liye main tumhe dhoondta raha ussi accident wali jaga mein.  Main iss baat pe yakeen nahi kar paya ke meri Priya, jiss ne mujhse vaada kiya tha ke woh kabhi bhi mujhe chod ke nahi jaayegi, hamesha mere saath rahegi, mujhe hamesha ke liye akela chod ke chali gayi.  Tumhari tasveer se baatein karta raha.  Raat ko tumhari tasveer ko gale lagte hue, couch pe sota tha kyun ki mujhse bardaasht nahi hua ke main bistar pe tumahre beger soun.  Hamari khubsoorat yaadein ko yaad karta raha kyun ki uss ke ilava mere paas aur kuch nahi tha Priya.  Tumhari har cheez ko chute hue meri aankhon mein paani aa jata tha.  Tum itni selfish kyun ho Priya? Tumne yeh sab isiliye kiya kyun ki aage jaake tumse mera dukh bardhaasht nahi hoga.  Hai na? Tum toh Dubai chali gayi, toh tumne kya dekha mera dukh.    

And with that he turns away from her.  Priya comes close to him and puts a hand on his arm.  He shrugs it off.  She steps back and slumps down on the bed and starts sobbing. 

Priya: I'm sorry Ram.  Please mujhe maaf kar dijiye.  Aap nahi jaante mujhe kitni takleef hui hai.  Aap yeh sochte hai na ke main chali gayi thi toh mujhe aap ka dukh nahi dekhna pada, lekin mujhe mehsoos hua Ram.  Har pal, jab aap ke aankhon mein aansu aaye, meri aankhon mein bhi aansu aaye.  Mujhe apne dil mein takleef hui Ram.  Lekin iss waqt mujhe sirf aap ke paas ho na hai.  I just want to be with you Ram.  

Ram turns to look at her.  She presses her hand against her stomach and shuts her eyes tight as tears squeeze through.  Then he remembers what she told him on the phone, about her pregnancy.  He hadn't had time to digest that piece of information.  He hadn't had time to be happy over it.  What had happened in the last few months wasn't important anymore.  All that mattered now was that she was with him, she was in front of him and she was in tears.  And he couldn't see her in tears, ever. They had both dealt with so much pain and anguish over the last few months that they deserved to be happy now. 

He came close to Priya and held her face in the palms of his hand.  He made her look up into his eyes and shook his head.  He wiped her tears and made her stand up.

Ram: Bas Priya.  Aaj se tum mujhe chod ke kahin nahi jaogi.  Kabhi bhi nahi.  Main dobara hazaron maut nahi mar' 

Priya put her fingers on his lips to stop him. 

Priya, shaking her head: Dobara aisa kabhi mat boliyega.  Kabhi nahi.  

They look into each others teary eyes and see their feelings reflected in each others eyes; their love for each other, their pain and fears, the happiness of being in each others arms again.  He slowly moved his hand and put it on her stomach, pressing it gently.  They both looked down at his hand as Priya took her hand and put it on top of Ram's.  Then they both looked up at each other.  Priya smiled through her tears.  

Priya, whispering: Aap papa ban ne waale hai Ram.  Hamara sapna poora ho gaya Ram.  Yahi hamari pyaar ki nishaani hai.  Yahi bhagwan ka ishara hai ke hum kabhi alag nahi ho sakte.  Bhagwan bhi nahi chahte ke hum kabhi alag ho.  

Ram held Priya's face in his hands.  He wiped her tears and then hugged her tight.  He buried his face in the crook of her neck and she rested her hand on the nape of his neck, brushing her fingers through his hair.  She felt his tears slide down her neck. 

Ram: Priya tum nahi jaanti main aaj kitna khush hoon.  Mujhe tum wapas mil gayi aur tumhare saath saath, hamara baccha bhi. 

He lifted his head and gently kissed the crook of her neck.  Then he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her forehead, and then took a step back to look at her.  Her eyes were still watery, but they had a new glow in them.  That feeling of being a mother.  Except there was something missing.  He stuck his hand into the pocket of his blazer and pulled out a small box.  He opened it and took out her wedding ring.  He took her left hand and slid the ring on her finger.  Then put his hand back in his pocket and pulled out a small sindoor ki dabbi and her mangalsutra. 

Ram: Priya, aaj tum ek maa jaisi lag rahi ho, lekin meri biwi jaisi nahin.  Yeh saari cheezein be sabri se tumhara intezaar kar rahi thi. 

He opens the sindoor ki dabbi and while looking her straight in the eye, he puts it on her hairline.  Priya closes her eyes as tears trickled down her cheeks.  He takes the mangalsutra and places it around her neck.  She lifts it up to look at it as tears dripped down.  

Ram: Aur ek aur cheez hai tumhare liye Priya. 

He puts his hand back in his pocket and pulls out another small box.  He opens it and shows it to her. 

Ram: Yaad hai tumhara ek earring kho gaya tha?  Dekho main tumhare liye kharid ke laya hoon.  Pata hai Priya, tumhara phone aane se pehle maine yeh earrings tumhare liye kharid li thi lekin maine kabhi nahi socha tha ke main tumhe pehnte hue dekh paunga. 

Priya closes her eyes as he slowly takes off her current earrings and gently puts the new ones on her earlobes.  Then he places a soft kiss on each ear.

Ram, whispering in her ears: I love you Priya. 

He steps back and looks at her from head to toe.  

Ram: Ab tum lag rahi ho, meri Priya.  

Priya smiles through her tears and throws her arms around his neck.  She buries her face into his neck. 

Priya: I love you too Ram.  I missed you so much.  Maine aap se kaha tha na ke hamari kahani ka the end uss kitaab ki tarah sad nahi hoga. 

Ram moves her back a little to look at her again.  He held her chin between his index finger and thumb and raised it a little so she looked into his eyes.  He couldn't get enough of her.  She was here in front of him.  He just looked into her beautiful eyes and was instantly lost in them.  They told him everything he needed to know.  Her eyes were a direct path into her heart.  No matter what her mouth said, her eyes would never lie.  And right now, he saw unconditional love, happiness and relief in them.

He slowly leant down and gently touched her lips with his.  Priya's eyes closed automatically.  He moved back and looked at her again.  She slowly opened her eyes and lowered them, blushing.  He raised her chin again and she looked deep into his eyes again.  He leant down again.  This time he kissed her forehead, each one of her cheeks.  He traced his lips down her cheek and they landed on her lips.  He held her chin firm as his other hand snaked around her waist to pull her closer.  Priya could feel herself going weak at the knees.  Her hands moved to grab his collar for support, also pulling him closer.  

Ram broke the kiss and moved his lips across her jawline to her neck.  He placed a soft kiss on her neck as he traced up her neck with his lips.  He nibbled her ear slightly.  Then he rested his lips on her ear, and she could feel his hot breath in her ear.  He took her hand and placed it on his heart for her to feel his racing heartbeat. 

Unable to take the tension, Priya hugged him tight, nuzzling her forehead into his neck.  She wrapped her arms around his back as her fingers dug into it, pulling him as close as she could.  He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. 

And they both stood there in the comfort of each others arms, in a long tight passionate embrace, feeling the intimacy and heat between them.  Their actions speaking all those feelings in their hearts which they couldn't articulate into words.  Their ending was going to be a happy one for they were now united and no one would ever tear them apart again.  Putting the past behind them, it was time for a Nayee Shuruat... 

The End...  Wink (Of Season 1 of course TongueWinkLOL)

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Kaash OS.. kaash aisa hota.. kaash Priya phone par poori baat sunti.. kaash.. kaash.. kaash..


But thanks to you.. we can atleast read and content ourselves through your beautiful writing Amby! LOVED it! Just what I wanted PK-RK to do.

God bless ya partner! Thanks so much!

P.S.  - Don't worry about the delay... Something good is always worth the wait and above any timeline.
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AMBAR!!!!!! am SPEECHLESS!!! CryCry this is exactly wat we wanted to watch and i knw we wnt get to and dats y i requested u on twitter  to write down an OS on p's pregnancy news..more dan watching it i wanted to read on it in ur words..e1 the scene that day dnt bring so much tears to my eyes jitna this OS has made me teary eyed.Cry.as always.. thnx a ton ambar.. *hugs*SmileHeart
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really amby kaash aisa hua hota...
reunion is so beautiful...i was in tears reading it...Tongue
superb update dear...loved this os...Thumbs Up
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Awesome Amber, wish aisa hi kutch hotaConfusedCry So lovely.. really beautiful..I had tears in my eyes.. you did an awesome job of writingClap
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Superb, beautiful,marvelous,emotional update Amby.ClapClapClapClapClapClap...really touchingCryCryCry - thanx a lot for the PMEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...hope it happened in the showStarStarStar...the emotional re-union was just perfect Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up...keep writing as and when you get time...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-07-09T18:12:29Z
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Amby, Seriously girl. Rethink your career ... We can live without another doctor but can't afford to lose a writer like you.. Tongue

Phone Convo between Ram & Priya was sooo original...just as we would expect from the characters yaar. & WHAT A Beautiful reunion!

I think I just saw an ad for BT writer Wink Shall I send your material there?? Pack your bags for Mumbai girl.. Ekta can use writers like you... Tongue

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Posted: 2012-07-09T20:36:04Z
OMG!! I'm speechless! This is the best 'Kaash' OS I've ever read!! Wink Big smile Had tears in my eyes when I read it.. So beautifully written!! Thanks a lot for this amazing OS! Embarrassed
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