FF: PS I LOVE YOU PG 56- Final Part 03/8

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Hey  Everyone

I really do not know if this would be worth a read but never the less had some free time at hand so just attempted this. The story, characters are all different. Hope you like it.

Dedicated to Shweta- You have always been the inspiration for my writing
Nancy (Niharika), Luvhbalh(Molly) Shahzeen- Thank you for persuading me into writing all over again...

P S I Love You !!!

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Screeechhh!!! the tires squealed to an halt just as Priya slammed the brakes. 
Damn, she muttered to herself...Inspite of being born and brought up in Mumbai and driving for the past 5 yrs she could still never get used to the traffic chaos. Priya put her head out of the window to see an errant cow blocking her path with no sign of moving. One glance at her watch told her that she was getting late. Priya honked loudly so as to make the cow move. The cow just threw a lazy glance at Priya and as a move of protest just sat down in the middle of the road. In a desperate move Priya switched on the headlights of her car and began using the lights to shoo the cow away. The cow still refused to move away. Priya was cursing her luck, i have to be at the meeting and now this...Priya looked heaven ward to lodge a complain with the almighty. 

Just then her cell phone rang..and Priya cringed at the name being displayed on the cell phone. It was Mrs. Desai, the owner of her company... Priya cut the call and grabbed the steering harder. with nothing happening she decided to take matters in her own hand and got out of the vehicle. Determined to have her way Priya tried to make a noise and get the cow to move. This time the cow did not as much throw even a look at her and was happily munching away. All of a sudden there was thunder and lightning followed by showers...Like all people the cow too got up and hurried away to a safe spot..

While Priya was caught in the unexpected showers. Seeing the cow move away the others cars starting honking hearing which Priya rushed to her car fully drenched. Lodging the keys in the ignition Priya started the car. Her sweet little Dugdug (thats the name she gave her car) sprang to life and was ready to roar down the street. Priya smiled to herself thinking of her loyal dugdug.
Shifting the car into first gear, she gently touched the accelerator. The car lunged forward as Priya glanced at her car watch, she could still make it in time for her urgent meeting.

Priya reached the basement of her office, parked the car in her regular space, flung the bag over her shoulder and marched towards the meeting room. She knocked the door once and entered the room. There was complete silence as Priya entered the room. Mrs Desai looked once at Priya, her star performer but a maverick at one. How she wished that Priya curb her carefree attitude to fully reach her potential. Mrs. Desai gave her trademark exasperated look to Priya while Priya just shrug her shoulders.

Priya was about to say something when Mrs. Desai said,' Thats all for today people, i truly wish that you ll will put in the same commitment and dedication in future as well. All the best and thank you for making this company what it is today.

There were loud cheers and claps and everyone seemed excited enough. Priya was clueless as to what had happened and was looking at everyone with a question mark expression. Her eyes darted across the room to search for that one person who could answer all her queries. There she spotted Neha, her best friend since god knows how many years chatting nineteen to the dozen to her teammates. Priya made her way through the sea of people and finally reached Neha. Neha and Priya were surrounded by her team members, Harshit, Uday, Tanya and Radha. As soon as they saw Priya, all spoke at once while Priya was unable to comprehend anything that was being said. Sensing her discomfort, Neha immediately brought the team to order and told them that they would have a meeting in exactly 45 mins to discuss the new venture. All the others dispersed one by one and only Priya and Neha were in the room.

Priya: Neha, for the love of God, what is wrong? What the hell happened at the meeting and what is the buzz all about.

Neha: From your outburst i assume you havent checked my messages or you wouldnt have bothered to come to office?

Priya: What messages?

Neha: Please take out some time and check my messages, they are not always some stupid forwards.

Priya: Oh ok Madam, sorry will do it next time. Now can i get the first hand information about what is exactly happening?

Neha: Yaa ok. Just sit down for a while, will you?

Priya: Yeah. Priya grabbed a glass of water and sat down on the chair. This is exactly what i call Murphy's law the moment i reached office it stopped raining. Phew you should hear what i went through this morning.

Neha looked at her friend in awe not knowing how to break the news to her. But then she was not the one to mince words. She was known in the entire office especially for her fiery attitude and her straightforwardness but still this was a delicate issue and Neha knew her friend better than anyone else.

Neha: Priya, well the meeting was about the take over. Our firm has been sold off and we are heading for a complete take over. The new owners have announced 50% hike for every staff member along with additional benefits. The cheers and excitement among the people was for that reason.

Priya: Ohh, thats great. 50% hike. Imagine what all things we could shop for. Ohh by the way i just saw a very chic pair of shoes.

Neha: Priya... Neha cut her off mid sentence...

Priya looked at her friend, there was a sense of urgency in her voice, a desperation.

Priya: I still have my job dont I? Asked Priya fearing the worse

Neha: Well you do have your job along with the pay hike as others but i am sure you would have liked the unemployed status.

Priya was alarmed by the tone of Neha's voice. Neha, what is it?

Neha: Our company has been brought over by Kapoor Industries, and the man heading our unit would be, Mr. Ram Kapoor.

Priya stood up from the chair as if stung. She looked at Neha in disbelief...Shell shocked she could only concentrate on the last two words, Ram Kapoor

To be continued...

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 GREATWink  This is the Nayi ShuruathWink
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Neha u r ff is totally rocking.
Good start. :-)
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hey Neha, one awesome start. u gave it a kick start and keep going dear. waiting for the nextSmile Edited by ChitaRK - 2012-07-09T02:32:23Z
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Hey Awesome start.. continue soon..
P.S. i love the title...
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great job but bit confused can u give character sketch... please
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Hey that was grt...Plzzz continue...
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m superrr HapppyyyParty

this is one fresh story that i always look forward too. Superb start Superb writeup ...and gives me a feeling its gonna be super awesome !!

the dedication makes me feel so goodd...Thank You so much DiiEmbarrassed

PS- The title is great !!Heart
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