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Posted: 9 years ago
Welcome to Sanayaz.Designz#7
[Banner made by me, Do not USE!]

OMGG!! Wait, What??? i'm on my seventh shop!!! Yippieee!!! Party PArty Party!!DancingLOL, Im really happy. Since January 12th 2011 with  70 updates, im finally here...getting rid of my 6th shop and coming to my 7th shop, because of who?? All of you MAN! thanks for being  regular visitors of my shop :D I really appreciate it. I know its not that secail yet, just wait till my 10th shop to arrive re ;) Cuzz seventh is not that cool for meEmbarrassed...I want double digits to arrive...Gonna be real fun for you guys :D &Once again thanks to all those people who have used, and liked my stuff so far. I LOVE YOUUU ALL!! A BIG teddy hug!! Hug Hug Hug

And since most of you know me, 'cause im already on my seventh shop, so i dont think i have to give that boring introduction again..or else ill be chewing all of your brains by giving the same introduction over and over again, hahaha


Since i have time right now, I'll mention all those specail people that I have on I-F ;) and who encouraged me to continue on...First of all you all are specail ;) but ill name some.


Alway's been supporting me, even if my work turns out to be crap she'll praise it as much as possible.

Partner <333

Here comes my favorite part, LOL...She Loves drooling, specailly in my shop...It's like her adda. we have gone through so mannyy memories in my shop :D
I Love yaaa PARTNER!


I finally got how to spell and say your name, Yippiee!! <33 And're one of the specail people who have always encouraged me to continue on no matter what, you have helped me to get over matters such as people not using my stuff and all, and thankx for all the advices you gave me :D they're really helping me, thanks for being there whenever i needed you :D



Dont worry I aint going to give a big explanation with 'em all, just quickly gonna name 'em all.

Sano88, .Aishhh., Ragini, Jenny, sanu, sanzy [bhootni], -.Preet.-, Aishua, Radhahibawari, Pooja, Reeno, Bushra, Anjali, Zunni, Mish, Farzana, Alisha.


What I Can make??



What I can't make?

Well, My stupid PS would not lemme make Avis, But yeah i can capture picures and then make an animation out of it, which will just Look like an avi, but im too Lazzy to do that, hahaha.



(c)[email protected]



Deviant art


Previous Shop's

#1            #2            #3            #4            #5            #6



Do not claim my creations as your's
Feel free to use any of my work, except for the ones that say for..Etc.
I am very nice but can turn deadly if someone cuts or crop my stuff.
|C| Is for closed. |O| Is for Open.
Please do not Pm me any sort of requests, even when im open or closed.


Rules for Requesting.

The Pictures must be high quality, if not please dont make me say no to it.
Max pictures |10|
When you request, please include the text..Or else it'll be hard for me to make it up...And it'll be extra difficult if I dont know who those people are.
I dont take requests which are related to your real life, Only television stuff please :D
do you use your request for atleast 3 DAYS! cuzz it pisses me off when someone requests and doesn't even bother to reply back >.< 



Icons|Sanzy's shop banner|Drashti & Sanaya|Arhi: Pg13
Icons| Arhi| Sarun: Pg24
Icons| Arnav & Shilpa| Arjun & Jeevika| Vivian & Sanaya: Pg 40
Arnav & Geet| Karan tacker & Sanaya Irani: Pg 52
Arnav & Khushi| Icons: Pg 63
Mayank & Nia| Shahid & Asin| Anushka & Ranbeer: Pg 79
Icons| One Direction: Pg 89
Ramadan Mubarak: Pg 100
Icons| Arhi| Specail siggy| Texture: Pg 118
Icons | Monaya : Pg 134


Love Sanaya <333

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Posted: 9 years ago
Res for Partner <333


O N G R A T U A T O N S 
Finally you are on your seventh shop Party I couldn't be more happier because you deserve to be this far with your talent .. infact you should have already done more shops Stern Smile why are you not on shop 10 yet? LOLLOL I hope it's not my fault for not drooling enough in your shop Silly ROFL I promise to drool whenever I get the time EmbarrassedLOL OKAYY, that banner is gorgeous Day Dreaming it's simply arhilicious Silly your sig is enough to drool on ROFL and the part you wrote 'do not use' well am sorry but i'd totally use if I even had a shop and my name was Sanaya LOLLOL 

oyee it took you a year and a half to reach your 7th shopShocked do you realize how big of an achievement that is? some people take a year to finish their first or second. I just hope you finish each shop faster than your last Cool you are just so talented <3 I envy your skills Embarrassed and you don't have any idea how much I love your textures LOLWink LAZY BUM, couldnt write an introduction ROFL good thing your partner knows you or thinks she does LOL aww, was so unnecessary to write something for me LOL but yes I lovee your shop and yours is the only one where I always drool Silly and the ONLY place I use that emoticon too ROFL 

OMG, I just saw the part 'what you can't make' Shocked you cannot make avis Ouch but I loved them so much esp the sarun ones you made on time .. I don't know if you know which ones im talking about LOL but I would have loved to see you make more avis. and again lazy bum ROFL now im going to req that animated wala when you open your shop ROFL 

okay chal, i've said way TOO much and I don't want you to have a heart attack when you see this ROFL just keep making absolutely beautiful creations and have tons more shops. 

and once again ::

^ it's a pretty rose na LOL

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Posted: 9 years ago
Res for Aisha


Originally posted by -.Aisha.-



Congratulations Dancing

Sanaya ki Bachi Congrats Dancing

Wow 7th.. kya speed hai.. congrats

liked banner. chalo forget kaisay 7th pe ai, buss be happy k 7th a gai finally ROFL

i dont know what to say. im very happy for you.i want to make something but i hvnt any collection of these two. jo google say mila wo use kia.

keep rocking. all the best for this gallery..




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Posted: 9 years ago
Congratulations Sanaya ! 

hope u have many more!

Vanshu xo 
Edited by -Vanshikaa- - 9 years ago
Posted: 9 years ago
ROFL I reserved cuz I thought there was an update ROFL Well, I can edit now as there's nothing to say but CONGRATS!!!! You made it Hug Hope you have many many more and all the best finishing this one ASAP! Love your creations and keep making them! The banner looks superb and beautiful! 

Luv ya
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Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by -Vanshikaa-

Congratulations Sanaya ! 

hope u have many more!

Vanshu xo 
Thank you very much, and hopefully ;)
Posted: 9 years ago
Hi Sanaya will edit 

Edited LOL

Hug My pyari dost aww I always try to read pg 1 whenever I visit Tongue
 Yes I see you did everything perfect. Banner color, intro all awesome!
I'm happiest person that you got your energy back & continue making creations. Hug
Very sweet of you to appreciate but really you make us happy when you post updates. 
That's the truth. I'm saying with all honesty. Love you Hug
Rock on and sure you'll reach double digit soonest. Keep your energy up & keep going 
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Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by ..first.rain..

Oyeee, jaldi se edit karo...!!

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