RaYa OS- Madno Re!

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Well as per many articles Ram's memory was supposed to be gone after meeting with an accident. So as today their was no RaYa I decided to pen an emotional OS about Ram and Priya. Here Ram comes to know about his marriage to Priya after his accident and lashes out to her. But then I made up a story about how both will react to the fact! After the accident Priya was staying in the outhouse!


So hope you RaYa fans will love it!Embarrassed

RaYa OS- Madno Re!


Ram had got to know the truth of his relationship with Priya. He had sad those horribly; painful words to her. The amount of pain; hurt that he gave her just on those two minutes were un amountable! He didn't mean to hurt her. He even didn't know that he shared such a beautiful past with her; he didn't even know that she was his life! Then even after knowing about his memory loss and then his eventual apology; she told him to leave her all alone; in that vulnerable state. She had rejected his apology; he tried to pacify her by trying to entangle his fingers but she had moved back. She didn't even let him near. She pushed him back and left his room; "Their room." The refusal was too painful to be washed away just by crying. It wasn't her fault that he lost his memory; and yet I wounded her mentally and emotionally. She had just something to him before running to the Outhouse!


He remembered her saying;


Priya: "Ram Kapoor agar mere itna batane ke baad; bhale aapko kuch yaad nahi; agar iss waqt aap mujhpar vishwas karte hai to yahaan se chale jaayiye. Aapke bina sikh liya hai Priya ne jeeni apni zindagi. Aapko meri kasam."


Though he didn't believe in all these "Kasam" and all but still from somewhere deep his mind; told him to play safe. And without uttering a word; he left her there.


He was a defeated man today and he lost the most precious gift of his life. But Ram wasn't the one who would give up so easily! He was lost; defeated; hurt; all the angst burning in him; he decided to recollect everything. Ram was in tears and was deeply in pain. He hurted and insulted the one woman whom he considered his life. He accused her of betraying her husband's love. How could he stoop so low? He fell to his knees crying inconsolably. He didn't know what to do?


In the outhouse:


Priya ran to her room in the outhouse.  It was her Maayka. It was her house. Though she lived in Kapoor mansion; she belonged here. Her love journey had started from this house. She remembered their first fight. The first time she had made paranthas for him. The first time he had clipped the hook of her blouse. The sweet bitter memories all came back to her! The memories she has kept so close to her heart!


The first time when he came here as the Groom. And she was his Bride. And then their wedding. Their journey was worth the pain and anguish both went through. The trials and tribulations both underwent to be with each other till death does them apart.


Every time she felt low; she came here. Many instances were their even after marriage that Priya came here. She could actually keep herself in outside the situation and analyze it. This house would give her strength. This house gave her courage; gave her optimism. After all it was her Maayka.


She sat their looking at their wedding photos; the album copy which is always kept in her room. And she admired him all the more because of the fact that he always managed to surprise her. In her life never ever kept her wishes; her happiness above theirs; but it was Ram who did that. Ram was the one person who mattered the most to her.



And she kept blankly staring into the black night outside! Her life had taken a dramatic turn. Her life had changed the time she met Ram. She remembered their every encounter; every fight. Everything came back to haunt her in the form of his memories. Though she told him I can live without him; the truth was that he lived inside her. Her heart would stop beating if she didn't see him; her breath would stop if she didn't sense him around. Her world stops when she heard he has not been taking care of himself.


Ram's room!





Madno re


Hai dil ko teri aarzoo

Par main tujhe na paa sakun

Hai dil ko teri justaju

Par main tujhe na paa sakun


It was as if his every part of the body was trying to be with her! His heart was searching for her day and night. But he just couldn't get her back in his life! He tried but failed miserably! I can't get you Priya! And he felt crushed! And then he left it for the fate to decide his life now! It was as if he left it up to Bhagwaanji to decide whether to give him back his happiness! His "Anmol Tohfa!"


Main hoon shab tu subah

Dono jud ke judaa

Main hoon labh tu dua

Dono jud ke judaa



He was living like there was no time. It was as if time stopped! He was living life as a mechanical robot would do. He had tried to be normal but couldn't. He feared the world now. They were together but not together in every sense. She was staying in his house but she wasn't even acknowledging his presence. To be their but not to be with her was surely trying his patience. But he was taught to be patient by Priya! He would do anything to be with her! Even if it means living life on her conditions!


Kyon dil ko dukhana bewajah madno re

Kyon dil ko dukhana bewajah

Phir aansu bahana ik dafa

Phir aansu bahana ik dafa


Looking at her pictures and then remembering their old moments; which he could some how blurrily recall; he would run away from it. He had become an afraid man! He was not that Ram that he once used to be! He feared hoping again. He feared losing himself again! He feared that I will hope and she will leave me. He feared himself and the Fate now! Why give yourself a heartache without any reason; Beloved. And then shed tears once again?


Priya had told him to stay away from her life. Priya was saying that she had learned to stay without him. Earlier there wouldn't be a moment when she didn't even breathe without staying close to him. There wasn't a moment when she didn't need him; and then he recalled her words in the jail.


Priya: "Aisa nahi hoga.  Main aap se keh rahi hoon na.  Aap ki Priya aap se keh rahi hai.  Main kal bhi aap ke saath thi, Aaj bhi aap ke saath hoon aur hamesha aap ke saath hi rahungi. Haan?"


"Mujhe aapki zaroorat hai Ram. Nahi raha jaa raha mujhe aapke bagair. Meri saansein waisi hi jaa rahi hai. Mujhe aapke paas wapas aana hai."



He hadn't understood the meaning of her lines then; but today everything was clear to him. It was the first time she confessed that she needs him and she feels his absence around him. He may be there mentally but she needs him around physically too. It was the first time she confessed that for her HE MATTERS the most. It was the first time we realize that she can fight the whole world and stay aloof from them but not from him. His presence his words his talk matter to her more than anyone else in the world and for him all that matters is her. He forgave her coz it was the first time she confessed to him how desperately she needs him and the barrier between them is killing her too. He realized that his cold attitude actually could take her to extremes which he couldn't even think of.


It all came back to haunt him. He was reminded again that what he had lost in his moment of anger. He had questioned her dignity. He had questioned the purity and divinity of their relationship.  He has questioned her fidelity? How much my words would have hurt her. He had gone to make amends but she had flatly refused to forgive him. She was right. Till date every time she had compromised because his anger.



Ram: "Main sab kuch haar gaya; par sab kuch haarkar aapne mujhe meri zindagi wapas de di. Aur is cheeze ke liye main aapka zindagibhar rini rahoonga. Aapka lakh lakh shukar. Aapne mujhe Priya lauta di."


He wanted to thank Bhagwaanji again. For at least letting him know that Priya was his reason to live! Priya was his wife! She will need time; and I have to give it to her. I always wanted to be happy! But I never knew that one day I would be the reason for the tears in her eyes.


Saying this he collapsed and looked carefully at their wedding album. How happy had she been? To be his bride was an honor for her. It was dream come true! He had promised to take care of her; to protect her! To love her; cherish her! But the fact was he failed in doing so. He was not her protector; but her assaulter; he was not the one who had loved and cared for her. It was she who did everything! I am sorry Priya!

Haan tera saaaya to mein hoon 
Par sang tere na reh sakhun 
Haan Iss safar mein to mein hoon 
Par sang tere na ruk sakun


I am your shadow Priya! But I will never be able to stay with you. That's destined. I was the one who broke our relationship. And I deserve every pain that you give me; every hurt that you inflict on me! I will be your protector in this journey! I will be with you all the time but u can't stay with you. I can't stay with you!

In the outhouse:


She gently took out one photo of him. it was Ram dressed in her Sherwani. He had promised her that he will make their wedding a dream wedding! And he had just done that! She had been blessed by Fate to have him in her life! To have his family and friends supporting her! Man he looked to handsome and happy on our wedding day! It was as if all her dreams were coming true that day! It was such a dreamy affair! To be officially Priya Ram Kapoor! The name made her feel tied to him! She shared her name with him and will do so till eternity!


Kayi khwaab dil tujhko le kar sajaaye

Par khauf yeh bhi kahin par sataaye

Agar yeh bhi tootey toh phir hoga kya re

Mujhe raas aati hain khushiyaan kahaan re


These were all these dreams she had weaved and she had innumerably thanked her Bhagwaanji for actually living those dreams! Only to know that they will be shattered. My heart makes and prepares many a dreams with you! But I fear; I fear of turning them into reality! As soon as I see them in reality they will break! And exactly what had happened! Her perfect life had been gone! She was left alone again by destiny to fetch for herself. She thought to herself. Happiness doesn't suit me.  Whenever I feel I am about to reach out for the happiness; I loose it.


Tu hi to har pal bandha hai

Lamhon ki inn zanjeeron mein

Tu hi to har dum raha hai

Khwaabon ki har taaberon mein

Tu hi to har din dikha hai

Dhundhli ujli tasveeron mein



You are still tied in the shackles of time! Every time I see you; I remember the golden moments of my life I spent with you! But there is no remembrance on your part Ram. Every time I try to think something else; you are always there in my path of dreams! Still being my Knight in Shining Armor! I am still standing there; where you left me; but you moved ahead in life! I can lie to the world; I can lie to each and every other person including you; but I can't lie to myself! I see you daily! I see you in clear and unclear pictures daily! I can't be defeated by anything else but your love! Your love! Our love!


Tere hi to hai khushboo mujh mein haan madno re

Tere hi to hai khushboo mujh mein haan

Ab tu hi to har su har jagah

Ab tu hi to har su har jagah


She held out his sweater in her hand. Which she has knitted for him. She took in his fragrance. His scent which is always in her body! A shiver ran down her spine; how he had teased her when she announced she would be knitting a sweater for him. Everything was gone except his fragrance! Your fragrance is in me. You are everywhere; every moment! Enveloping herself in his sweater and keeping his photo close to her heart she went in deep slumber; only to wake up tomorrow morning and Hoping He will be fine!


The End!

Do leave your precious comments! They really mean a lot to me!


So guys how were it? I hope I have lived up to the standards of all the RaYa fans!


Positive criticism is always welcome!Big smile


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Love And Luck Always!


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ufff...cmmnt krne se pehle to bht sochna padega boss...strict warning h possitive cmmnts r welcome...socho veena socho!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by veena23

ufff...cmmnt krne se pehle to bht sochna padega boss...strict warning h possitive cmmnts r welcome...socho veena socho!!!!!!!

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Cryaww.. :( Mayu..last part... stil teary eyed.. awsum OS.. thnx 4 the PM.
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are no no there is not any negative cmmnt its really beautifull...kidding yaar...kya karu adat se majbur hu...vry sweet OSClap
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luved it..
thenku for writin and for d pm...Smile

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its awasome really awasome very well written
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i am running out of words ...you write so beautifully each time...awesome work dear
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