RaYa OS- I Will Be Yours Forever!

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Well I am back with a new OS on RaYa. I had been missing them terribly. So I thought of sharing this OS with you all!Embarrassed


RaYa OS- I Will Be Yours Forever!

He stood there; the earth beneath him crumbling; he stood there; clutching his heart; that can't happen. Priya can't leave him all alone to face the world! That can't happen. It just can't happen.


Since her sad demise in the accident, only one thing kept playing like a broken record in his ears.



Ram: "Kuch nahi dikhaye de raha hai Priya.  Sirf andhera hi andhera dikhaye de raha hai.  Isiliye toh keh raha hu ke darr lag raha hai mujhe.  Baar baar bas yahi aa raha hai dimaag mein ke hum dono."


Priya: "Aisa nahi hoga.  Main aap se keh rahi hoon na.  Aap ki Priya aap se keh rahi hai.  Main kal bhi aap ke saath thi, Aaj bhi aap ke saath hoon aur hamesha aap ke saath hi rahungi. Haan?"


If this was the truth, then why did she leave me and go. His heart wanted to believe that she was alive, his heart knew it. He could still feel her presence even miles away. But his mind overpowered his heart. He believed to what his mind told him. Priya was no more. His reason for existence was no more. He was a heart broken man today.


He walked back to their room, sat on the couch; he tugged on the blanket that she used to use. He could feel the same warmth, the love, and the feelings they shared. He was about to sleep when he could hear the thunders roaring. The rains were about to begin, and that's when he heard her. He remembered her words about the rains, and their conversation,


Ram: "Baarish hamesha bura sandesh hi laati hai."


Priya: "Nahi. Baarish hamesha accha hi sandesh laati hai."


If this was true, could he get his Priya back today? In a bid to relive him of his sorrow, he decided to walk on the cold lawn. He walked down the stairs. He removed his shoes, walked barefoot on the cold grass, enjoying the walk along Priya on his mind. Anything he was thinking was that Priya should come. Later he slept on the floor and was counting when the rains started and then he saw a figure. It faintly resembled someone. And the cool breeze started and it made him shiver, the rains lashing on him. But nothing affected him. He was with his Priya he thought. And with Priya, he loved the rains! And that's when he felt her. The winds, the rain cried at their long lost union! The God had blessed him!


Priya: "Ram please uth jayiye. Dekhiye main aa gayi hoon. Aapki Priya aapke paas wapas aayi hai."


With that voice he shook his sleep and saw down from the window. There she was standing in the rain, water dripping from her body. He immediately ran to her and hugged her tight almost crushing her! He couldn't believe the fact that she was here! Right in front of him! He wanted to say so many things to her. But he had a lump in his throat to see her alive! He touched her face; he made her look up to him. He saw the same warmth, love and feelings his Priya had for him.


Ram: "Tum aa gayi. Main jaanta tha Priya ki tum aapne Ram ko akela nahi chodogi. Tum wapas aaogi! Tum aa bhi gayi. Mera dil jaanta tha ki tum aaogi!"


Priya: "Mujhe to aana hi pada Ram! Mujhe aapko ek khush khabri deni thi."


Ram: "Kya Priya?"


Priya: "Ram main maa bannewaali hoon. I am pregnant with your baby! Hamara sapna, jisse hum donon ne sajaya tha, wo aaj poore hone waala hai. I am bearing your kid Ram! Chaha tha ki aise hi chali jaaoo par aapke saath sabse pehli yeh baat baatna chahti thi. Aap haqdar hai Ram. Aap papa bannewaale hai Ram!"


Ram: "Tum sach keh rahi ho na Priya?"


Priya: "Haan Ram. Aajse hamari zindagi badal jaayegi. Hamari nayee zindagi ki shurauat hum aajse karne jaa rahe hai. Aajse hamara aangan khushiyon se khil jaayega."


Ram: "Haan Priya! Main bata nahi sakta ki tumne mujhe kitni badi khushi di hai."


Ram tooks Priya's lips in a sweet kiss and she responded with equal passion! And then suddenly the rains stop, when they both realize where they were. They look up at each other and that's when she notices his tear strained face.


Ram: "Aap itne ro kyun rahe hai? Main aapke saath hoon Ram."


Ram: "Priya. Aaj tum wapas aayi ho. Jab tumhare bus ka accident hua tha, inspector ne bataya ki sab log mar gaye hai. Aur maine inhe haathon se tumhaara shradh kiya tha." he said picking his hands up and cupping her face.


He was hitting and trying to wash away the sin he committed by declaring his wife dead in front of everyone when his heart knew she would return!


But she was a criminal in India! She being Priya, a self independent woman, a woman who respected her self respect, she was a principled lady and she would soon surrender herself to the law.


Hence he took her with him inside to their room. He made sit on the bed. He sat next to her. He clasped her hand.


Ram: "Mujhe maaf kardo Priya. Maine tumhe mara hua samjha. Jab ki mera dil yeh jaanta tha ki tum wapas aaogi. Tum apne Ram ko akela nahi chodogi. Tum wapas aa gayi Priya."


Priya: "Iss main aap kyun maafi maang rahe hai? Aapko jo sahi laga wahi aapne kiya. Par mujhe aaj ek baat ka ehsaas hua hai, ki mere Ram mujhse is duniya main sabse jyaada pyaar karte hai. Aapko hamare pyaar par yakeen tha Ram! Aaj aapke pyaar ke karan to main yahan hoon. Sahi salamat!"


Ram: "Nahi Priya. Hamare pyaar ke karan yahan ho. Aur aajke baad hamari zindagi ek nayi shuruat karegi, ek naya savera dikhayegi aur bahut jaldi hamara baby bhi hamare paas aayega."


He placed Priya on thebed, made her lie down. He sat next to her, their fingers entwined. He placed his one hand on her stomch. He wanted to speak to his baby!


Ram: "Baby! Main aapka papa hoon; jo aapse bahut pyaar karta he. Shayad aapki mummy se bhi jyaada. Par haan; agar aap meri jaan ho; meri kamzori; mera gurrur to aapki mamma meri taakat hai. Aaj agar aapki mumma hume milti nahi; main unse se pyaar nahi karta to shayad meri zindagi bhi aaj utni hi adhoori hoti; jitni aapki aur aapke maa ki. Baby main bas aapse yeh kehna chahta hoon ki; aap jald se jald is duniya main kadam rakhe; kyunki ab mujhse se aur intezaar nahi hota.


"Main aapke mummy se bahut pyaar karta hoon; mere liye use ahem koi nahi; lekin Priya ke liye aap se ahem koi nahi. Aaj mujhe aapne sikhaya ki bhagwaan hote hai; aur woh sabki sunte hai. Un insaanon ki bhi jo un par kabhi yakeen nahi karte. Aaj main sirf aapke liye mandir gaya tha; aur mere bhagwaan ne meri mannat sun li. Aap theek ho. Priya aapke wajah se aapne aap ko maa kehlayegi. Aap bahut khush nasib hai ki aapko maa ke roop main Priya mil rahi hain! I love you Baby!"



She hugged onto him; burying her face in his chest. Trying to soak in the moment. Just wanting to be in his arms forever! She had desired this long back; and she was there; in his arms. Letting the feeling fill in her body to be with her man; the man she owes her life to! The man with whom she is in love with; her knight in shining armor; her Ram!


Priya: "Aaj aap mujhse waada kijiye ki aapne Priya ko kabhi apne baahon se alag nahi karenge."


Ram: "Waada karta hoon Priya tumhe apne aap se kabhi alag nahi karoonga. Tum sirf meri ho hamesha ke liye!"

It was as if Destiny had tested them enough. It was like destiny adored his two favorite children happy with each other in each others arms.


The End!

Do leave your precious comments! They really mean a lot to me!


So guys how were it? I hope I have lived up to the standards of all the RaYa fans!


Positive criticism is always welcome!Big smile


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Love And Luck Always!


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Posted: 2012-07-06T12:48:21Z
OK IM HERE! LOL and claiming my first comment position yet again Wink
Just got your PM!

First of all, really really sorry! I've been super lazy with comments on IF lately! haven't really commented on anything, haven't even responded to people's comments on my own posts.. Just been silently reading everything on my cell phone.  Been really busy with personal issues and yeah i only log into IF to either update or read OS/FFs now... BUT I've read every single one of your posts/updates and loved every single one of them! You are such a great writer Mayu you have no idea! Honestly, your stories flow so well!  I love every single one of them and believe me i've bookmarked them all for those dark days like now LOL.. 

Second of all, this one was FAB!! Simply Amazing! I really really wished this would happen! Loved Priya's entry and the good news and every single word of it! It was just fabulous! I don't even have words left, which is another reason why i'm just a silent reader now LOL..you just leave me speechless every single time!  And you're so right!  This is very emotional, just the way i like it hahaha.. Love how well you guys know me by now ROFL...

I'm in the middle of writing a few things too but having major writers block and the words are just not coming out haha.. 

KEEP WRITING, we really need them in these dark days of separation with haddis in the middle Wink

Lots of big hugs to you
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Posted: 2012-07-06T12:51:55Z
thanks for the pm and this is tooo goood kash hamari ekta aur uske cvs itnehi suzhe hue hote toh we would have seen our RAYA but weve lost them and their chemistry and this os is one way to remember good journey we shared with them ...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-07-06T13:37:01Z
superb tha yaar kash aap ekta ke cv hote to hum yeh leap nahi dekhteBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
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Posted: 2012-07-06T14:12:56Z
hey mayu..first of all thnx for the pm.. in one word FABULOUS!!! loved every single line of the OS..i wished this wld have happened.. keep writing more..:))
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Posted: 2012-07-06T16:26:51Z
It was mindblowing. Hopefully ekta change the writer of balh soon and keep someone like u who understand our feeliing toward raya very nicely. Thanks for the pm.
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Posted: 2012-07-06T18:45:19Z
Kaaashh.. Kaaash yeh hota... Am overwhelmed aftr reading ths.. Thnks fr the pm..Heart
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Posted: 2012-07-06T19:16:21Z
Very beautifully writtenClapClapClap...hoped to see something like that in the show...but unfortunately it was not like thatCryCry...Ram's pain was conveyed perfectlyClapClapClap...his memories of Priya were AwwwStarStarStar..thanks a lot for the PM and continue next part or OS  A S A PEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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