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HII BALHIANS.. so this is  A Short OS which  i have written after seeing yesterday episode which  make me write this reunion 
i know it is just like this randomly come to my mind no connection with balh current story...so sorry for that 
free feel to criticise and appericate...Smile
waiting for u r comments...



Ayesha turned around and looked with surprise at her brother-in-law. She was here to meet rishabh's nephew

"Jiju...what are you doing here?" she asked as she got over the surprise. She hugged him, expressing that she was happy to see him.

"How are you? And your...di?" he asked quietly, his eyes glowing warmly at the mention of her sister.

"Fine...jiju...really fine. She is happy in her own way." Ayesha answered with a smile on her face. "I hope you will go and see her."

ram nodded, "I plan too...rishabh should be here soon. He just said he had something to do first."

An awkward silence fell as both tried to figure out what to say next. Before either could utter another word, their silence was interrupted by rishabh  "Ayesha'" He seemed out of breath as his chest heaved in and out. rishabh thrust a large bunch of colourufl boquet in Ayesha's face. "For you'man it is so hard to find flowers. I hope you like them'"

ram had an amused look on his face, while Ayesha blushed. "Thanks'rishabh'they are'lovely."

"Phew'I need a cold drink now. bhai'care to join us for drinks?" rishabh asked having recovered from shortness of breath.

"No'you two go ahead. I think I will go out'Ayesha'I hope I get to see you again." ram said. rishabh casually put his   hand around her, Ayesha tried to shrug it off, "Sure Jiju'you will come for lunch tomorrow'with rishabh'di would like that." She added.

"Sure'rishabh'behave." ram gave a threatening look to rishabh

rishabh dropped his arm from around Ayesha and impishly nodded his head, "Err'yes bhai."

Ayesha sighed as ram walked away. "I hope he tries to patch with di'they are both miserable without each other."

rishabh grinned, "I couldn't agree with you more'he is back to his khadoos way at the office. Everyone jumps when he is around." Ayesha jabbed rishabhi n the chest, "I hope you are working and not fooling around 'I didn't give up everything for nothing. I was hoping that you would prove to jiju'that you are mature and capable of getting married."

"Married'whoa Ayesha'are you proposing?" rishabh said, his cheeks growing bright red.

"I am proposing until I am sure you are ready for marriagerisabh. Its not a game'and you have your bhai and my sister as a real life example."

rishabh face drooped, "Yeah'and you think maa'stops even for one day without making a dig about it."

Ayesha felt sorry, having lived few months in that house'she had seen first hand niharika's meanness to everyone in that house except her older son sid. She took hold of his hand squeezed it, "Don't think about sid'you know its just words. Come lets sit down."


Bavari piya ki

Bavari piya ki
Ooo bavari piya ki
Kase kahe jake peer jiyaki

Bavari piya ki

Piyu rang man ki chunar rangai

Piyu rang man ki chunar rangai
Piyu piyu ratha ke piyu main samai

Ban gaye chhaya

Ban gaye chhaya
Chhal baliya ki

Bavari piya ki
Bavari piya ki

Itha utha dekhe panth nihare

Itha utha dekhe panth nihare
Har din palchhin naam pukare..

Sud nahin bisare
there is no news

Sud nahin bisare
Man basiya ki

Bavari piya ki
Bavari piya ki
Kase kahe jake peer jiyaki
Bavari piya ki

priya bend over the crib, cooing at the baby gurgling up at her. "My little angel is up. Hope you had sweet dreams rashi'of papa of course."

rashi was six months old, small and dainty just like her mother. At the moment there was nothing much to remind anyone of her father'ram kapoor. She was the only reminder of her estranged husband'of that one night when she had surrendered to him in a moment of weakness'wanting desperately for him to acknowledge that she did mean something to him'to be loved as only two people in love would experience'the oneness that would wipe out everything between them'the silence, the bitterness and the loneliness. 

priya had lived the rest of the day with memory of that one night and now she felt complete in a sense that she had his child to love, to that child she would give all the love she had in her heart.

The baby gurgled and tried to latch on to priya's finger. priya smiled, "Someone is hungry'" She lifted the baby and rocked it, feeling it nuzzle into her breast. With a soft laughter priya sat down on the bed and moved the pallu of her sari away'to feed the baby.


The black Mercedes came to halt in front of the house'no longer was it the dilapidated cottage, but a grand mansion, few of the envious property in shimla The gardens were full of flowers and trees. As he stood looking through the iron gates' ram pushed at the gates and it opened easily and stepped for the first time on the property'the house that had become a sanctuary for his wife and child'yes he knew he had a child'

ram had literally become blind to whatever happened around him at home or outside the company'the only thing that occupied his attention was his business and priya. He had used Ayesha as a way to keep himself informed of what was happening. Yet the news did not bridge the loneliness or make the heartache any less. The fact that he could be there to share the joy of her carrying his child, touch or feel the womb that contained the life that had been created that one night'the one night when he too had let go of his emotions and showed her how much he loved her.

Standing at the door now, a shiver ran through him. The fear of being unwelcome'of rejection ran through him. The nausea welled up'what if he had to walk away without seeing his rashi'would he be able to do that. At this moment he wanted nothing more than to hold them both in his arms'to kiss their faces, to tell them he loved them. He wanted to get lost in those beautiful brown eyes that had showed him thousands of promises'promises that never got a chance of being fulfilled. In her eyes, he learnt what unconditional love was'what faith in God and the ones you loved was'the selfless passion to do anything for others happiness.


The key turned in the lock and he pushed open the door. It was eerily quiet. The glow of lamp in the corner showed the space was empty. He slipped out his shoes, the stone floor felt cold under his feet. With soft steps he made his way further into the house. His steps stilled as he heard a sound of soft singing'a lullaby'some memories returned from his childhood'the sound of his mother singing. His heart bubbled with unstoppable joy, 
Now his feet did not want to stay rooted, they almost ran...to where the singing came from. The eagerness'the craving of seeing them overtook his mind and he ran into the room, in front of his wife who was cradling his daughter.

"ram'" the whisper floated at him.

The gurgling of the child followed'oh how sweet it sounded'the innocent sound of a baby. It made his heart sing'his eyes cloud with tears and his mind to go blank.

Her hand on his arm brought back to sense. Her beautiful brown eyes were smiling at him'they did not tell him she was unhappy to see him'no he saw warmth of love in them. "ram'you came." She whispered softly.

He put his hand on top of hers, "Yes'I had to come. I couldn't keep away. Just once'just once I wanted to see you'see our rashi."

A look of surprise crossed her mind. How did he know? Then a flash of something'of course Ayesha.

ram looked down and stared at two twinkling soft brown eyes'just like the mothers staring back at him. The tiny pink lips puckered into smile'he smiled'his hands reached out to touch the face. Instead he found the baby being placed into his arms, priya arms pressing his arms close his body so that the baby rested in a crook of his arm, close to his chest. "rashi'our rashi." A teardrop rolled down from his eyes and fell on priya's arm. She gazed up at him and then with the pallu of her sari wiped the wetness around his eyes.

"Don't cry'please'she is yours'she will always be yours."

He shook his head negatively, "No'she is ours priya. Without you'she would not be here'you have given me so much'I love you priya'I will always love you." The tears now rolled down his cheek profusely and some fell on her arms. Tightness grew in priya's chest, her head fell on his amr and overcome by his declaration she too cried softly. 

Tu Mile Dil Khile Aur Jeene Ko Kya Chaahiye 
Na Ho Tu Udaas Tere Paas Paas Main Rahunga Zindagi Bhar 
Saare Sansaar Ka Pyar Maine Tujhi Mein Paya 
Tu Mile Dil Khile Aur Jeene Ko Kya Chaahiye 

Chanda Tujhe Dekhane Ko Nikala Karta Hai 
Aaina Bhi O ... Deedar Ko Tarasa Karta Hai 
Itni Hasin Koi Nahin 
Husn Dono Jahan Ka Ek Tujhme Simat Ke Aaya 
Tu Mile Dil Khile Aur Jeene Ko Kya Chaahiye 

Darling, Every Breath You Take, Every Move You Make, 
I Will Be There. 
What Will I Do Without You, I Want To Love You 
Forever And Ever And Ever. 

Pyar Kabhi Marta Nahin Ham Tum Marte Hain 
Hote Hain Woh Log Amar Pyar Jo Karte Hain 
Jitni Adaa Utani Vafa 
Ik Nazar Pyar Se Dekh Lo Phir Se Zinda Karado 
Tu Mile Dil Khile Aur Jeene Ko Kya Chaahiye 
Na Ho Tu Udas Tere Pas Pas Main Rahunga Zindagi Bhar 
Sare Sansar Ka Pyar Maine Tujhi Men Paya 
Tu Mile Dil Khile Aur Jeene Ko Kya Chaahiye 

Gham Hai Kise Ho Sara Jahaan Chahe Dushmana Ho 
Kya Chahiye Haathon Mein Jo Tera Daman Ho 
Tu Hai Jahan Manzil Wahaan 
Dhadakano Ki Tarah Apane Dil Men Mujhko Chhupa Lo 
Tu Mile Dil Khile Aur Jeene Ko Kya Chaahiye

Soft glow of the moon filtered into the dark room and onto the two people who lay in each others arms wide awake. There were no hushed whispers just the breaths mingling as they gazed at each others. Words were not needed between them'their eyes spoke what their hearts felt. Love did not need to be vocalized'for them it flowed from each other to blanket them with it. The physical need was not necessary when the emotional need was filled with just one brush of the hand or the light touch of the lips. The one night that had united them forever could never be repeated again for that bond had never broke'could never be broken'would be eternal for them'to bring them together over and over again in the cycle of life and death.


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omg i was just listening to this song and here is an os ...its really very nice...loved it.
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Am happy to see u with u r os.it was awesome.thanx 4 pm.plz continue writng os.
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awesom os. thanks for the pm.
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so magical update u r back i m wait u plz restart ur ff plz
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Beautifully written.loved it.
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IT WAS SO ADORABLY WRITTEN... HATS OFF TO U ETI DII.. LOVELY.. Smile Edited by Lavi_961 - 2012-07-04T05:39:30Z
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Awesomely written Etika babyClapClapClap...really loved the way you described the baby and its gurgling..Awww!! superbly cuteEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..really a happy and perfect re-unionBig smileSmile...tum ne kamaal kar diya bacchiThumbs UpThumbs Up...thanks a lot for this beautiful OSEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...perfect song choiceBig smileStarStar...my fav one too..Smile
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