OS - Khubsoorat Safar Yamuna Expressway Par

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Hello everyone...my OS based on the Ad of the Yamuna Expressway Featured on Ram and Priya..dedicated to all my friends specially dedicated to Mittal didi, Angie didi and Amby...

Ram and Priya had been re-united after a long gap of 5 years...Ram had shifted base from Mumbai to Delhi as he had to focus on re-modelling one of his businesses there. He assigned the task of looking after the business at Mumbai to Rishabh and his trustworthy friend Vikram. After they had won the case and Priya's release from Jail, both of them did not want to stay back in Mumbai as it was very difficult for them to accept all the harsh realities in their lives and they came to this decision of shifting as they needed to begin everything new - including their living place..the only old thing in Delhi was Ram's business which he had set up there 10 years ago.

One fine Saturday morning, Ram decides to take Priya for a long drive - he tells about it to her and she happily agrees. Both of them had never been in a long ride - the last one was on the occasion where Ram was fulfilling Priya's wishes during her days of anxiety during the breast cancer scare. It was one of the happiest memories of their life especially for Priya...she had wanted to see the Sun from being in two places - yes she did get her wish realized - her one feet was in Gujarat Border and the other was in Maharastra Border. Though it seemed silly to her Ram had dismissed her thought that whether it was silly or not what was important was whether her wish got fulfilled or not...all these thoughts flash in Priya's mind and she smiles to herself and gets ready for the drive..

Both of them get dressed at their casual best...

Ram and Priya start from Delhi...Ram was also wanting to see some business models in Noida. So it was a business cum pleasure trip for him. His passion for business never came down with his advancing age and he needed nothing more when his dear wife was there to support him in every stage of his life. The Yamuna Expressway had just been inaugurated a month back...It was a 165 KM long access-controlled expressway connecting Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida. It was an amazing weather too - though the sun was blazing, there was a chill breeze throughout...it was  the perfect weather for going for a long drive. Ram drove first. Priya, who was in a very happy and teasing mood asks him to sing a song...

Ram flashes his broad smile and sings in a loud voice

Suhana Safar Aur Yeh Mausam Haseen
Hume Dar hai hum kho na jaye kaheen

Priya closes her ears

Ram: This is not fair yaar...tum aisa nahi kar sakti Priya

Priya ( making a puppy face ): Kyun nahi kar sakti?...aisa hi karungi...

Ram: Teek hai...main tumse baat nahi karunga

Priya: Aap itna serious kyun hote hain? main aapka mazaak nahi kar saki kya?

Ram: Tumne hi to kaha tha ki agar koi mujhe gaane ke liye kehta hai to main jo bhi saamne hai usse bhi mere saath gaane ke liye kahoon...is waqt tum hi to thi mere saath tumne kyun nahi gayi? maine nahi kaha lekin tumhe to yeh baat yaad rakhna chahiye tha na

Priya: Sorry baba..maan jayiye na...aage se aap ko gaane ke liye nahi kahungi. its a promise.

Ram( Smiling): Teek hai.

Both of them keep silent  for a while...Priya recollects about the Ferrari drive which she and Ram had during their honeymoon in Australia - that was their very first drive together...her hair was flying haywire during the drive and Ram had adjusted it with one hand and with the other hand on the steering. All these thoughts bring a smile to her face

It was already noon and Priya decides that she would drive for sometime as it was not advisable for Ram to go on for a long time keeping his health in mind...Ram reluctantly agrees - the car stops at a corner in the expressway and Priya takes on the driving. She had made coffee for both of them and stored in a flask which was lying at the back of their seat..there were also two pairs of cup and saucers along with the flask...Ram who felt that they needed to have something takes out the flask and pours some coffee in one of the cup and holds it balancingly so that it did not spill and takes the saucer with his other hand...he successfully managed to drink 2 sips of coffee and as he was about to drink the third sip, some of the coffee got spilled over his shirt...it was a white shirt too...

Priya: Sambhalke le sakte the aap

Ram: Tum sambhalke gaadi chala sakti thi na Priya

Priya: Sorry

Ram: Main abhi saaf kar deta hoon...

Priya: Nahi ab nahi...main gaadi ko rok leti hoon...

Priya stops the vehicle at the corner of the road..there were huge dense trees on both sides of the expressway it was such silence that no one was to be seen in the vicinity ...she asks Ram to get down of the vehicle..

Ram: Ab kya karne wali ho Priya?

Priya: Aap apna shirt utariye...

Ram: Lekin kyun? ek choti si daag hai na?..what's the big deal?

Priya: Yeh daag aap ko choti daag dikhta hai kya? ( said pointing towards the stain )

Ram: Nahi Priya rehne do...hume isse zyada important kaam hai...chalo

Priya: Aap apna business ke liye bade logon se baat karne wale hain agar aisi shirt pehenke jayenge to accha rahega kya?

Saying thus, Priya starts unbuttoning Ram's shirt...he becomes nervous at this action of hers. Though both of them had become 'One' after their special night he wasn't touched by her like this - though they shared a few hugs with each other all these thoughts flash in his mind...he starts sweating immediately...Priya looks up at him and gives him a light smile and realizes his inhibition...she immediately pulls of the cloth ribbon which had supported her hair and wipes off the sweat of his forehead...the moment he saw her hair was let loose - he remembers that on their special night too she let her hair loose and he had been lost in her fragrance and what happened after that...

Ram: Priya chod do na yeh sab...main baaki ki safar ke liye aisa hi aaunga kya tumhare saath? mujhse nahi hoga

Priya: Relax Ram...main hoon na and she slowly brings her hand on his bare chest...her fingers and their touch tickle him...there is a chill down his spine when every finger of her played on his body - her other hand was firmly on his back with the fingers digging his hair first and then they travelled to the down of his back...he was no longer able to control himself as he was already overwhelmed by her touch and fingers  and without much reluctance he pulled her close to him by tightening his grip over her waist...

Priya then plants a kiss on each of his shoulders...Ram was too irresistible for her and after such a long time she had seen him like 'that'...and she realized how genuine he was to her and even their special night was an outcome of only her actions...he was very much gentle in handling her during their special night...both of them feel each other to their heart's content...this was a result of the pent up passion in Priya which ignited Ram's passion too...it was Ram's turn -  he placed kisses on both her cheeks and lip taking on some of the lip stick of hers on his lips...he slowly tries to release himself after that but Priya holds one of his hand and places it on her chest - Ram realizes what she wanted - he unbottons her shirt a little and kisses her in her cleavage..and then makes his way up to the side of her neck and kisses it...Priya holds on Ram's arms for support... after a while  she removes her jacket which was a little large for her and makes Ram wear it - It suited  him - she was wearing a T-Shirt inside so it was not a problem for her...Ram then smiles, kisses Priya once again on her cheeks and continues driving

Ram: Priya thanks for the coffee...

Priya: Thanks kyun?

Ram: Agar yeh coffee nahi hoti hamare saath to aaj ka hamara yeh 'milan' bahut saal ke baad  possible nahi hota na

Priya: Hmmm..lekin aap nervous hote the na beginning me

Ram ( blushing ): Haan yaar...woh kya hai ki itne saalon ke baad tum mujhe us haal me dekhi thi aur hamare special raat ke baad humne zaroor ek do baar ek doosre ko gale lagaya lekin achanak tumhara mera shirt utarna mujhe uncomfortable laga...sorry mujhe maaf kar do...

Priya ( Smiling ): Chodiye...aage se ghabrane ki zarurat nahi hai...main aapko khane wali to nahi thi..

Ram: Ha ha ha...

In another half an hour they reach the end of the expressway and go to Noida...they first see the industries on both sides of the road and each of them were very huge - then they spot a retail shop selling casuals...both of them get down leaving their car outside the shop and enter it...

Ram: Priya tum mujhe kahan le aayi ho?

Priya: Aap kuch mat boliye and then she calls to the worker to show her the casuals for Ram's size...the worker obeys her and she takes one shirt and places it on Ram's shoulders...Ram gets embarassed on her doing it but then he remembers Priya's words 'main aapko khane wali nahi thi'..that thought brings a smile on his face and he tries all the shirts selected by Priya and Priya selects a very different colour for him - he was very much surprised as it was the first time she had done this to him he loved that colour too - it was indeed different from all that he had worn before...though he wore casuals very less.

Their purchase completed, both of them continue their happy drive laughing and pulling each other's legs...it was indeed a memorable drive for both of them.

Hope all of you like it...

Thanks for supporting me in both the FFs I wrote...without all your support would not have been possible for me to write so much

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Posted: 2012-07-03T07:53:15Z
SmileSuperb thnking bhai.. Nd splendid writing.. Looking frwd fr mr such grt wrks frm u..
Thnx fr the pm..
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Posted: 2012-07-03T08:00:33Z
its AWESOME bhai ...just loved it :D priya is ahem ahem naughty :P
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Posted: 2012-07-03T08:22:11Z

First of all thanks for the dedication! Hug

WOOOWW!! Honestly, I think this is the best piece you have written so far! WinkEmbarrassedWink

Itna saara romance!? WHOA Kishore! Wiping the coffee off the shirt got a lot more heated than just that haan! Wink

I am sure Mittal and Angie will agree with me when I say you have not only come out of, but fully let go of your shell LOL. LOLTongue

This was tooo gooodd!!! Loved how you incorporated everything into it! Ahhh I am for sure bookmarking this one! Embarrassed

Keep writing Bro! You are fab! 

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Posted: 2012-07-03T08:25:15Z
You are the official king of romance writers!! Woah!! It was fantastic.. You got to come back to writing. There is no way we are missing these updates dude.
Thank you and Iam sure you are gonna look forward to more dhamki's on twitter incase u stop writing.
It was awesome!!EmbarrassedClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-07-03T08:42:25Z
Hey that was superbly written...Fabulous..!!!
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Posted: 2012-07-03T08:42:31Z
i really love it so sweet and romantic you we r turely fan of raya har jagha romance karwadethe hain inn dono se EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
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Posted: 2012-07-03T09:00:30Z
Bhai you came wuth another bang update ... sooo lovely ..superb
thanks for the pm,keep them coming
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