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Hey guys,

Wrote an OS on what I think might happen...Ideas came and I wrote.. Sorry if its not that good.. I had to rewrite the second half cuz it got deleted and after that i was just frustrated and gave up on it.. Hope you guys like it anyways! Don't forget to like/leave a comment! Will be posting a second part to this later on! 

Ram: Hello? Hello Priya? 

He was listening closely.  All of a sudden he heard some women scream.  And one of them was Priya.  He felt his heart starting to race.  He clutched the phone tightly.    

Ram: Priya? Priya kya ho raha hai? PRIYA!!!!

Then he heard a bunch of loud bangs and then everything went silent.  The line got cut off.  He frantically hung up and called the police station to find out what was happening.  They said they would inquire and call him back.  Ram immediately called Vikram and told him to come over right away.  Ram is pacing the room when Vikram and Neha arrive.  Neha puts a hand on Ram's arm. 

Neha: Ram, tum chinta karo, sab theek ho jayega.  Please calm down.  

Just then Ram's cell phone rings.  He answers it.  

Inspector: Mr. Kapoor, hume jaankari mili hai ke mausam kharaab ho ne ke vaja se Police Van ka Accident ho gaya hai.  I'm sorry Mr. Kapoor, lekin aag lag ne ki vaja se, humein nahi lagta hai ke koi bhi bachha hai. 

Ram drops the phone from his hand.  His eyes are blank and his jaw is dropped.  Vikram shakes him.

Vikram: Ram kya hua? Batao kya hua!? 

He picks up the phone.

Vikram: Hello Inspector, kya hua? Sab theek to hai? 

Inspector: Main Mr. Kapoor ko abhi bata raha tha ke mausam kharaab hone ke vaja se Police Van ka Accident ho gaya hai.  Uss mein aag bhi lagi thi aur humein nahi lagta hai iss haadse mein ke koi bhi bachha hai.  I'm sorry.  

Vikram looks at Ram and only one thing comes out of his mouth.  

Vikram, whispers: Priya. 

Neha comes to Vikram and shakes him.

Neha: Priya? Batao kya hua Priya ko?  Vikram!!

Ram falls on his knees.  Priya's smiling face flashes in front of his eyes.  No, it can't be possible.  There's no way Priya can be dead.  If she was dead, his heart wouldn't be beating right now because his heart beat only for her.  He stood up and briskly walked out out.  Neha ran after him but he shrugged her off and continued to walk.  

Neha: Ram, Ram kahan jaa rahe ho?  Ruko Ram.

Vikram held on to her: Neha, usse jaane do. 

Neha, with tears in her eyes now: Vikram mujhe batao Priya ko kya hua hai. 

Vikram made her face him and held on to her shoulders.  He told Neha what the inspector had just told Ram on the phone.  Neha pushed his arms down.  She took a few steps back.  

Neha: Nahin, Vikram aisa nahi ho sakta.  (she turns to the door and starts walking) Ram'

Vikram catches up to her and catches her wrist.  

Vikram: Usse jaane do Neha.  Usse is baat ka yakeen nahi ho raha.  Usse accept karne mein waqt lagega.  Usse thodi dehr akela rehne do.  He needs to find out for himself.  

Neha puts her hand on her mouth as tears fell from her eyes.  

Priya: Mujhse promise karo Neha, Mr. Kapoor ka khayaal rakhogi.  Mujhe un ki bahut chinta rahegi.  Shayad main unhe roz dekh bhi na paaun, but.. 

Neha: I promise you.  Jab tak tum wapas nahi aaogi na, tumhara Ram, mere paas amanat ban ke rahega.  Tum please apna khayaal rakhna.  

Their last conversation replayed in her mind over and over again.  Ram was having such a hard time living while Priya had been gone for a few days and Neha had been worried about how he would live for 14 years without her.  But now.. Now he would have to live without her for the rest of his life.  She covered her face with her hands and started to sob.  Vikram came close to her and hugged her tight.  He rubbed her back, his own eyes filling with tears. 

Neha, sobbing: Maine usse vaada kiya tha Vikram.. Ke jab tak woh wapas nahi aayegi, main Ram ka khayaal rakhungi.  Aur ab' 

Vikram: Shh Neha.  

Neha released herself from Vikram's grip.

Neha: Nahin Vikram, hume usse sambhalna hoga.  Tum jaante ho Ram kaisa hai.  Woh iss baat ko kabhi accept nahi karega.  Woh Niharikaji ke maut ki bhi baat accept nahi kar paya aur woh Priya se Niharikaji se bhi zyada pyar karta hai.  Woh saari zindagi kaise kaatega uss ke bina.  Vikram jitna jaldi ho sake usse yeh baat accept karwani hogi warna woh pagal ho jayega Vikram.  

Vikram: Neha ruko.  Main jaanta hu tum kya kehna chahti hi lekin Iss waqt usse akela chod do Neha.  Tum jaanti ho ke woh kahan gaya hai.  Woh police station gaya hai yeh baat ka pata lagane.  Tumhe yaad hai jab hum ne Ram ko Niharikaji ke maut ka ehsaas dilane ki koshish ki thi, woh nahi maana tha.  Usse apne aap iss baat ka ehsaas hua tha jab sab log aaye the.  He needs to accept it on his own Neha.  Tabhi woh aage badh sake ga.  Aur tab hum uss ki madad karenge aur usse sambhalenge. 

He comes close to her again and wipes her tears.  She hugs him again. 

Meanwhile, Ram drives to the police station.  After speaking to and arguing with the inspector, he leaves there with his head hung and tears clouding his vision.  He gets into his car and drives to the beach.  He sits on the sand with his knees folded in front of him.  Tears start flowing from his eyes.  It was night time.  The cool breeze on his wet face made him shiver a little bit.  It was a familiar feeling.  The cool breeze made him feel Priya's presence.  The sound of the waves were soothing to his broken heart.  His recent conversations with Priya kept replaying in his mind.  That darkness which he had seen and felt had come true.  A separation which had only deemed to be physical had turned far worse than that.  But he was not ready to believe it just yet.  His heart told him otherwise.  He believed Priya was still alive.  She couldn't just leave him, could she?

Ram: Kuch nahi dikhaye de raha hai Priya.  Sirf Andhera hi andhera dikhaye de raha hai.  Isiliye toh keh raha hu ke darr lag raha hai mujhe.  Baar baar bas yahi aa raha hai dimaag mein ke hum dono' 

Priya: Aisa nahi hoga.  Main aap se keh rahi hoon na.  Aap ki Priya aap se keh rahi hai.  Main kal bhi aap ke saath thi, Aaj bhi aap ke saath hoon aur hamesha aap ke saath hi rahungi.. Haan? 

Ram: Priya tum kahan ho?  Main jaanta hu ke tum zinda ho Priya.  Koi jo bhi kahe, main jaanta hu ke tum mujhe iss tarah chod ke kabhi nahi jaogi.  Tumne mujhse vaada kiya tha ke tum hamesha mere saath rahogi.  Toh phir tum kahan ho Priya? 

Priya: Main hoon toh aap ke saath.  Aur hamesha aap ke saath hi rahungi' 

He looked around to see where the voice came from.  It was Priya's voice.  

Priya: Aap na, Priya ko.. Mujhe, apne dimaag mein nahi, apne dil mein rakhiye' 

Ram: Tum hamesha mere dil mein ho Priya.  Lekin I need you to be here, with me.  Main kaise jee paunga tumhare beger?  Aur woh bhi saari zindagi?  Mujhse nahi hoga.  Main tumhari tarah strong nahi hoon. 

Priya: Mere bina jeene ki aadat daal lijiye Mr. Kapoor.  Aap ko mere saath nahi, mere instructions ke saath rehna seekh lena chahiye.  Ussi mein meri khushi hai' Lekin aap meri koi baat maante hi nahi hai.  

Ram: Main tumhari khushi ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hu Priya.  Lekin tum meri khushi ke liye wapas aa jao.  Please Priya mere paas wapas aa jao.  

The voices stopped.  And with that, so did the breeze.  All that was left was the sound of the waves, which were fading away, and even those could not heal him at this point.  Priya was gone forever.  And he had to accept it.  His life was gone forever.  

He put his head down and started sobbing. 


The next day, several miles away, Priya was lying unconscious in a hospital bed.  She slowly stirred and her heart felt heavy.  She opened her eyes and looking around at her surroundings, she felt tears starting to fill her eyes.  She closed her eyes again as the tears streamed down her cheeks.  They just wouldn't stop.  

Priya: Jab ek insaan ka dard dusre ko mehsoos ho, aur ek insaan ke aankh ke aansu, dusre insaan ke aankhon se aaye, toh iss se bada rishta aur kya ho sakta hai. 

Priya, in her thoughts: Mujhe aap ka dard mehsoos ho raha hai Ram.  Bahut takleef ho rahi hai mujhe.  Please yeh aansu mat bahaye.  Apne aap ko itni takleef mat dijiye Ram'

She put her hand on her stomach.  And she remembers the day she fainted in jail.  They had told her that she had low blood pressure, but she felt there was something else, something more to the situation. 

Priya: Pata nahi Ram, ek ajeeb sa ehsaas ho raha hai.  Shayad iss andhere mein thodi roshni aane wali hai.  

Just then, the doctor entered the room.  He asked her her name and some more questions about her general health.  She had been thoroughly surprised when the doctor didn't ask anything about her family or the past few days.  All he had been concerned about was her personal health and any medical issues she might have had in the past.  She answered every question truthfully, with the faith that if she was meant to be in jail, she would be in jail regardless.  She closed her eyes and prayed that they didn't realize she was a convict.  Then he told her that she had been the only survivor in the accident.  Someone had found her unconscious in the valley, near the top, by the road.  They immediately brought her to the hospital upon realizing that she was still alive.  He then went on to tell her how lucky she had been to survive the accident, because no one else had survived.  She should thank God that she had fallen out of the vehicle when she did.   

Doctor: Mrs. Kapoor, dekhiye, main jaanta hu ke aap Ram Kapoor ki patni hai. 

Priya froze.  If he knew that, then he would know that she was also a convict, from the media coverage of her court case.  Seeing her expression, he continued, 

Doctor: Aur haan main yeh bhi jaanta hu ke aap ko 14 saal ki saza mili thi.  Aur aap wahi jaa rahi thi.  Mujhe aap ke kapdon se pata chal gaya tha.  Lekin uss accident mein koi aur nahi bacha.  Aur kisi ko pata nahi hai ke aap bach gayi hai.  Mrs. Kapoor, Mr. Kapoor ne hamari hospital ke bahut madad ki jab humein un ki zarurat thi.  Main unhe achhi tarah se jaanta hu.  Aur main yeh bhi jaanta hu ke dawai ka jo bhi haadsa hua hai, na aap, na Mr. Kapoor in ke zimmedaar hai.  Main jaanta hu ke woh aisa kabhi nahi karenge.  Isiliye, main kisi ko nahi bataunga ke aap zinda hai.  Aap yahan se chale jaaye.  Duniya ke nazre mein aap mar chuki hai.  Yahi aap ka mauka hai ek nayee shuruat karne ka.  

Priya's eyes filled with tears.  God had finally given her a way out.  He had given her an opportunity to go home and be with Ram, forever this time. 

Priya: Thank you.  Aap nahi jaante lekin aap ne meri zindagi mujhe lauta di hai.  

Doctor: Hume bhi kuch milega aap dono ke liye kuch karne ke liye. Ek aur baat thi, main aap ko aaj hi discharge kar sakta hu agar aap ko theek lage toh.  Filhaal ke liye, koi complications nahi rahe, so you are free to go.  Lekin jaane se pehle main aap se bahut zaruri baat karna chahunga.  Aap ke liye ek khush khabri hai.  Aap Maa ban ne wali hai.  Lekin aap ko iss pregnancy mein bahut dhyan rakhna padega.  Iss waqt aap bahut kamzor hai.  Aur koi bhi stress bachhe ke liye theek nahi hoga.  You have to be careful.  

Priya: Thank you Doctor.  Main ghar kab jaa sakti hu? 

Doctor: Bas, ek do ghante mein.  Kya aap aap ke kisi parivaar waale ko phone karna chahti hai? 

Priya: Nahi, main khud chali jaungi.  Thank you. 

Doctor:  Anytime, all the best.  Apna khayaal rakhiyega. 

Priya just nods, holding back her tears.  As soon as the doctor leaves the room, she puts her hand on her stomach and the tears start flooding out of her eyes.  Her mixed emotions left her completely confused.  No doubt she was ecstatic, but at the same time, what if they found out she was alive and had to go back to jail? How would she leave Ram again?  She had finally convinced him to start living without her.  And even more than that, how would she be pregnant in jail? 

Her head was throbbing.  She wiped her tears and sat up in the bed.  She held her head and felt the bandage around it.  A nurse came in shortly after and replaced the bandage around her head with 2 crossed strips on the wound.  She was told to remove it after a few days, when it had healed completely.  The nurse handed her another saree and told her the doctor had sent it for her since her original saree had been covered in blood. 

Priya draped the saree and pulled the pallu over her back to the other side to cover any scars and scratches that she had gotten during the accident.  She tied her messy hair up into a bun and got ready to leave.  The doctor came back in with all the paperwork completed.  He gave her some money for a taxi to get her to Kapoor Mansion.  He wished her all the best in her life.  She thanked him and he left.  Priya walked out of the hospital and halted a cab.  She told the driver to stop about a block away, hoping he didn't realize who she was.  

Meanwhile at Kapoor Mansion, Ram was in his room.  He was sitting on his bed with an album of photos.  It was their album, all about Ram and Priya.  Priya had always had an interest in keeping their memories.  He had never been too keen on making an album of their wedding photos, considering the circumstances under which they had gotten married.  But now, he was thankful that Priya had insisted on it.  She had carefully placed all their wedding photos and had continued to build on it with the rest of their memories. 

He ran his fingers over the picture that was taken when some kid had pushed Priya and she had fallen back on him.  It was the day of her roka with another man, and Ayesha had joked about it looking like Ram was her future husband.  Who knew she'd been right at the time.  Priya was in his arms, looking up at him with a frightened expression.  He was looking back down at her, holding her from falling.  He smiled as tears dripped from his eyes.  He had never looked through this album before.  He had never known that Priya had kept all these photos, besides the wedding ones, from before they fell in love with each other.  

He flipped a few pages ahead and came accross a photo of Priya in a bluish-green saree, looking intently at him with a small smile on her face.  He was looking back at her with the same intensity and the same small smile on his face.  He clearly remembers the moment at Natasha's wedding when Priya had entered and he had thrown rose petals on her.  They had a moment, where they were lost in each others eyes, and Rishabh had teased them about it.  It had never meant anything to him back then and he had brushed it off as fast as it had happened.  But now, looking back, he realized that there was something about her back then that pulled him towards her.  Even though he wasn't in love with her at the time, there was something within him that always wanted her to be happy.  She deserved it.  He never knew that someone had captured that moment so he could treasure it forever.  

The next few pages were filled with photos of their own wedding pictures.  Both of them had been extremely uncomfortable.  There were a lot of pictures of them looking at each other or stealing glances at each other.  Now, looking at the photos as a third person, he noticed they looked so in love with each other, even before they had realized it for themselves.  He never realized it before but Priya looked gorgeous in every single picture.  Each picture was brightened by her beautiful smile.  The rest of the album was filled with pictures from various events and times they spent together. 

He carefully ran his fingers over each and every photo and finally came to the end of the album.  The last photo in the album had been of Him, Priya and Vikrams kids.  Tears flooded his eyes as he remembered the day that they had spent with the kids, and in the end decided that they too wanted to start a family of their own.  That only a child would fill the last bit of emptiness that they both felt in their lives.  That had also been Priya's last wish that he had not fulfilled during their 7 days.  It had been the only incomplete wish and now it would stay unfulfilled forever.  Their dream had been shattered.  He touched the photo gently.  

Ram: I'm sorry Priya, Main tumhari aakhri wish poora nahi kar paya.  Main hamara sapna poora nahi kar paya'Aur ab tum hamesha ke liye mujhse door jaa chuki ho.  

He shut the album and tossed it aside on the bed.  He raised his knees up to his chest and put his head down and started to sob.  Just then, he felt a cool breeze blow through the room.  It was coming from the open window.  He raised his head.  He closed his eyes and shivered at the cool breeze hitting his wet face.  

Priya: Iss ka matlab yeh nahi ke aap aage chalna hi chod denge' Mr. Kapoor, agar aap aage badhenge nahi, toh hum aage jaa kar zindagi ke kisi mod par dobara milenge kaise?  

He heard Priya's voice again.  He opened his eyes and looked around to see if she was there, hoping and praying that she was.  But there was no one in the room, except for him. 

Ram: Kaise Priya?  Main tumhare beger kaise aage chaloon?

Priya: Pyaar woh hota hai, jo hume aage badhne mein madad karta hai.  Woh thodi hota hai, jo pairon me bediyan ban kar hume aage badhne se rok de.  

Ram: Main tumhare beger kaise aage badhoon Priya?  Tum meri zindagi ho Priya. 

Priya: Aap Priya ko' Aap mujhe apne dimaag mein nahi, apne dil mein rakhiyega.  Yeh dimaag hai na, yeh bahut pareshaan karta hai.  Lekin jo dil mein rehta hai na, woh hamesha hamare paas hi rehta hai.  Main chahti hu ab aap mere yaadon ke sahare jeena seekh lijiye, Mr. Kapoor.  Phir dekhiyega zindagi kitni asaan ho jayegi.  Uss ke baad jab bhi aap kabhi khush honge, mujhe yaad karenge, toh aap ki khushi mein, aap ki yaadon mein, sab se pehle aap ko mera muskurata hua chehra nazar aayega.  Aur aap ki kaamiyaabi mein, aap ki zindagi ke har kadam mein, main hamesha aap ke saath rahungi.

He closed his eyes again as tears rolled down his cheeks.  Priya's smiling face flashed in front of his eyes.  She was there, just like she promised to be.  He slowly opened his eyes.  The breeze stopped.  He closed his eyes again and once again, he saw Priya's smiling face.  This time she reached a hand out to wipe his tears.  She would always be there when he closed his eyes.  Tears fell from his closed eyes.  He opened his eyes once again. 

Ram: Tum hamesha kehti thi na ke tumhe meri takleef, mera dard nahi dekhi jaati.  Aur mere aakh ke aansu tumhare aankhon se bhi nikalte hai.  Toh aaj se, main tumse vaada karta hu Priya ke main tumhe aur takleef nahi doonga.  Main na rone ka vaada nahi kar sakta lekin haan, main apne parivaar, apna business ki har zimmedaari nibhaunga Priya.  Main apni zindagi mein aage badhunga, sirf aur sirf tumhare liye.  Main Iss vishwaas ke saath aage badhunga, ke tum hamesha meri khushi mein, mere zindagi ke har kadam mein, mere saath hogi.  Main hamesha tumse kehta raha ke tum meri kamzori ho, lekin aaj ke baad, tum meri taakat ban ke rahogi Priya.  Main jaanta hu ke agar tum mere saath ho, toh main kuch bhi kar sakta hu.  I promise you Priya, main kabhi bhi tumhe shikayat karne ka mauka nahi doonga.  

He closed his eyes again.  This time he saw Priya's face, at Natasha's birthday party, when he had danced for her.  She was smiling and had tears in her eyes.  She mouthed a silent "Thank You".  Ram opened his eyes as a few more tears trickled down his cheeks.  Just then, a knock at the door snapped him out of his thoughts.  He quickly wiped his tears as Vikram and Neha walked in.  They were both dressed in white. 

Neha came and sat down on the edge of the bed.  She took one of his hands in hers.

Neha, with tears in her eyes:  Ram, Priya ne mujhse vaada liya tha ke jab tak woh laut ke nahi aati, main tumhara khayaal rakhun.  Please, apne aap ko sambhalna Ram.  

Ram, while wiping the lone tear that rolled down his cheek: Main theek hu Neha.  

Vikram came and put a hand on Ram's shoulder. 

Vikram:  Ram, pooja ka samay ho gaya hai.  Tum jaldi se tayyar ho jao, hum tumhara bahar intezaar kar rahe hai.  Chalo Neha. 

Ram nodded and then stood up.  He wiped his tears once again.  Neha also stood up.  Vikram and Neha both hugged Ram. 

Neha: I'm sorry Ram' I'm really really sorry..

Vikram and Neha left the room so Ram could get ready.  A few minutes later, he came downstairs in a white kurta.  He silently came and sat down next to Vikram, with his head down as tears dripped from his eyes.  He closed his eyes and saw Priya smiling back at him.  She gave him the thumbs up she always gave to her father.  He slowly opened his eyes and wiped his tears as the pundit conducted the pooja. 



Smiling, Priya walked up to Kapoor Mansion and entered.  She was ecstatic to see Ram and tell him the good news.  She looked up and the smile wiped off her face as she saw everyone dressed in white, in tears, and her picture with a garland around it.  Her eyes fell on Ram.  He had his eyes closed as tears rolled down his cheeks.  With filled eyes, and tears streaming down her face, she took a few steps back and turned around and walked out of the house. 

She walked up the street, thinking.  She remembered her last conversation with Ram, when she had reminded im of his responsibilities towards his family and business.  He had finally started living and moving on without her.  If she came back, and everyone found out she was alive, and she had to go back to jail, how would Ram react then?  He had already been through the worst possible pain of her being dead.  There wasn't anything worse that could come his way now.  Time would heal the rest of his wounds.  But if she came back and then had to go back to jail, Ram wouldn't be able to bear that.  It would shatter him to the core and that was something she couldn't put either of them through again.  She pressed her stomach with her hand.  And now they she had to worry about their child too.  She couldn't go back to jail, with her pregnancy.  And then what would happen after she delivered? 

Priya: I'm sorry Ram, lekin aap ki khatir, hamare hone wale bacche ki khatir, mujhe aap se door hi rehna padega.  Aap finally, mere bina jeena seekh gaye hai.  Main aap ko dobara takleef mein nahi dekh sakti.  Main jaanti hu ke mujhe zinda dekh kar aap ko kitni khushi milegi lekin woh khushi kuch hi din ka mehmaan hoga.  Agar mujhe phir se jail jaana pade, toh aap bardaasht nahi kar payenge.  Mujhe iss shehr ko chod ke jaana padega.  Lekin main jaanti hu, zindagi mein aage jaake hum dono dobara zarur milenge.  Aur jab hum dono milenge, tab hume koi juda nahi kar sakega.  Mujhe hamare pyaar pe poora bharosa hai Ram.  Lekin main hamesha aap ke saath rahungi Ram.  Aap ki Priya hamesha aap ke dil mein zinda rahegi.  Main jaanti hu ke aap meri yaadon mein hi jeeyenge.  Un khubsoorat palon ki yaadein mein jin mein hum ne hamari zindagi bitaayi.  I love you Ram.  Please mujhe maaf kar dena.  

She covers her mouth with her hand and lets out a small sob.  All she wanted to do was run to him, wipe his tears and throw herself in his arms.  But she knew he would be ok.  He had the entire family with him.  She knew he would be strong, if not for himself, then for them. 

She walked for a bit until she came across a temple.  She sat on her knees in front of the idol and folded her hands.  She closed her eyes as more tears escaped.

Priya: Hey bhagwan, mujhe Ram se door rehne ki Shakti dena.  Please usse duniya ki saari khushiyan dena.  Main jaanti hu ke woh is waqt bahut dukhi, bahut takleef mein hai, lekin uss ki yeh takleef sirf aap door kar sakte hai.  Usse phir se jeena ho ga.  Apne aap ke liye, aur mere liye.  Ab sab aap ke haath mein hai' 

She sat down against a pillar and hugged her knees.  She put her head down and dozed off remembering all her beautiful memories and moments that she had shared with Ram.  They flashed through her mind so vividly.  She would treasure these memories for the rest of her life.  That was all she had to continue to help her live' 

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Posted: 2012-07-01T22:00:42Z
subha subah rula diya tumneCry, this is really awesome & so emotional & touchy , Ram Priya's convo parts was fabulous, u r gem Amby, really hatts-off girl , & Ram-Priya's final sep part was too good. really can't see them such a bad condition .please yaar agli baar se i mean Leap ke baat se happy wala moment create karna ok .
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Posted: 2012-07-01T23:03:48Z
Amby.. ..

Girl.. If this is what you wrote  in a "hurry" after word crashed then...

Super Rona Dhona episode girl. Ram calling out to Priya at the beach just did it for me... CryCry. Holy Cow... How emotional ... ...

Too Good Ambs. Really.. Neha's performance in your OS was also Fab...just as we would expect her to react.

I was crying more at the end that you didn't make Ram and Priya unite in Dubai girl. I was hoping for a happy ending. This end leaves a door open for this story to become  FF  Tongue OR at least i hope it does.

Super OS.. and packed with Cry Cry Cry
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Posted: 2012-07-01T23:04:55Z
u made me cryCry...the os title is perfect  was able to imagine raya's expressions ..n i hve to say u are a very good writer who brings out ppls emotions in wordsSmile
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Posted: 2012-07-01T23:06:19Z
AwesomeClapClap emotional CryCry update Amby...thanks a lot for the PM...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...would be curious to know what would be Priya's next move...hope you watch the show and write your next OS according to what is being shown in that...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smile
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Posted: 2012-07-01T23:37:44Z
Super FF .But very very sad.CryMake it cheerful next segment.Now i am watching back episodes to 175Wink Only.No rona dhona for me.Thanx for the PM.
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Posted: 2012-07-01T23:56:52Z
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Posted: 2012-07-02T00:20:39Z
Yaar this is outstanding ...ClapClapClapClap

awesome just perfect potrayl my dear , you made me cry , and i want a happy ending ..
keep rocking
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