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Hungama Gang On Red Carpet 

Rules 4 this CC
#1 : This is an "Open 2 all" CC so anyone can come in

#2: Don't hurt anyone's feelings.

#3: If you don't like someone's post, say so with calm and patience.
#4: Respect everyone.
#5: No bashing whatsoever!

 Members of this CC 

Clever.Foxxy ( Naaz)

--Devil-mind-- ( Ansar )

-Delicious_BS- ( Tasfia )

Love_for_all ( Waqas )

Mayurlover4eva ( Simran )

Rafid. (Rafid)
Keenal (Keenal)
Dayafan1 (Aditi)
-Skipper- (Abhijeet)
Kash14 (Dhruvi)

PrinzylvsKaSh (Prerna)
Sandy118_RiDdHi (Riddhi)
Arezo. (Arezo)

-.Shriya.- (Shriya)
RockStarHuda (Huda )
Anjalika13 (Anjali)
Be.A.Rebel (Abdul)

arti_4ever (Dua)




Each day i meet s0me0ne new...
But never find any 0ther like y0u...
The w0rld is full 0f pe0ple, itz true..
Yet n0 one ever equals t0 y0u



[FLASH WIDTH=1 HEIGHT=1]http://files.myfrogbag.com/sobozl/videoplayback_4.swf[/FLASH]

Read this for fun:

hahahhhahaha ROFLROFL

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Adrita---1st January
Jugnu---1st January

Soumya---8th February
Prerna---9th February
Aditi---27th February 

simran---4th March
Dua---22nd March
Anjali---25th March

Keenal---14th April

shriy--- 8th June

Abdul--- 2nd august
Riddhi---11th August
Jitu---14th August
Naaz---21th August
Huda--- 29th August

Ansar--- 3rd September
Rafid,---11th September 

Elvina---20th October
Nikki---26th October

dhruvi---6th December
Tasfia---25th December



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daily ke 2 cc khatam ho rahe hain ager eysa he raha to ak month main hum

*~H.G.O.R.C.~* #60

tak chale jayein geLOL

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congrats every 1...Party
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congozzz PartyParty
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