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Posted: 9 years ago

Banner will be made x it's under con Ashu is makin it :)

Ummm I have no clue wht to say lmaooo I normally just copy and paste frm my previous shop but cause of some one not metionting any names * Lesboo * ROFL she said in the shop once 2 change my beginning intro sooo here I am :P u see I'm such a nice person I can't break anyone's heart so I'm typing all this frm scratch on my damn iPad * no baby I seriously love yah Jaan-E- Maan * EmbarrassedLOL Tut tut anyone blaze my being nice comment and ur all dead * in a nice way * ROFL 

You all knw wht I make so do I need to type all that x I just can't be botherd so butter cup that :P I will just say it in simple words I make siggies , Avi's , Icons and wht not LOL I'm not that much of a genius on PS I've been making siggies 4 2 years now and I've think of improved no I knw so have u seen the crap I used 2 make I have lol I was like going through my 1st shop and whn ever I saw a siggy made by me I made pukin noises ROFL ahhh the good old days I was such a prick ROFL I used 2 take like 10 mins just 2 make a siggy nd now I take like 45 mins till an hour 2 make a siggy x I have no life I tell yah :P

Time 4 me 2 shuraaap and give my intro I'm a shareef * no one lauf * 17 year old gyal :P turning 18 I feel sooo old ji I'm tellin yah LOL ummm I'm kinda of a freak/nutter/crazzi/drunken Chika well only whn I have boost that is * IHeartThisDrink * ROFL I'm from England :) ummm wht else marn I've seen peopl write paragraphs about themself's how do u people do it :D I'm gonna make some one clever write mine next time I will tip em some cash and make em write it 4 me ROFL that's it really that's all u need 2 knw about me that's I'm a full on nutter so beware whn talkin with me ROFL 
Hmmm about Sai's intro i can't be bothered typing hers so she can do that herself or whn I'm on lappie I will copy and paste the previous one x she makes me do all the work I swears nd she's the older one hmppp :/ everything like learning to make Avi's and Avi siggies I learned em my sister just makes me shoe her and in 5 mins she knws and it takes me like 5 hrs just to learn swear down not fair :/ 

Hey I'm Sai, I'm 25 and am from England. I'm a
mad Kash and Maaneet fan so our update is mostly going to be on them. I'm still
a beginner so they will not be the best but as we get used to making them
hopefully they will turn fab.

Hope u all will like our Siggies


Yah yah I knw I've still gotta add the request stuff and rules and that which I will add later whn on lappi x cause I can't be botherd 2 type it all out and I cant change font size usin iPad after copying so my shop will have to wait later :) x  oh and before I forgt thank u 2 those who visit my shop and comment regularly really means a lot <3

.. R u l e s ..

- Do not crop any of my work and name as urs
- Do not paste my works on other sites
- u can request as many times as yah want but 1 siggy at a time 
- if its a personal siggy feel free 2 PM oh and also plz dont ask Sai 4 requests she aint taking em in yet she is busy with work and dat so only im takin request at da moment x
- Only Req when im open [O=OPEN] [C=CLOSED]

.. R u l e s 4 R e q u e s t ..

- Only request whn my shop is open x [O]
- U can send me up 2 12 pics 4 a siggy but if i cant use em all will defo PM yah and ask yah :)
- Text of ur choice 
- use da siggy 4 like 2-3 days 
- Do not call my work urs 
-- People dat only comment on da shop can request otherwise i will ignore

For Avis x
- YouTube vid 4 like 15 seconds
- Ask if yah wnt border and coloring and dat x
- Tell me if u want da videos stacked and dat 
- Give me da size

Hope u all follow da rules :) x 

.. C o p y R i g h t s ..

Sai Creation

Inspiration everyone lmaooo I find everyone is my inspiration in their own unique ways so I'm not naming people :) I wanna thank 7 special people in my life :)
Sunni , Lesbooo , Pinkz , Pod , Iqzstah , Stalker and Pop :) you guys r sooo not normal ROFL but I just lurveee yah 4 how u r crazzi people :P u guys have been wiv me through thick and thin and I just love yah sooo much <3 you all r like the bestiest * I'm sure that's a word in my dictionary that is * people I have meet and I'm glad I did cause I can't imagine my life without u lot <3 love yah umuahh xoxoxo

.. P r e v i o u s S h o p s ..

Lesbooo r u happi now I have written my intro just cause of u I want Sumfin in return now a long long emofied comment by u * u knw I love the emo's especially my legally wedded hubby Evil Smile * ufttt ain't he hawwwt :/ fan me ROFL thank u all 2 those who comment in my shop I just lurveee yah all and plz do keep the lurve cumin lol x 

Luv Sanzy <3 

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Posted: 9 years ago
.. Index ..
I don't knw why I've added a index cause I never update it LOL But hopefully I will this time I have sooo many people saying update it update it I just cbb I'm such a lazy ass and oh if I don't just some one kick me in da ass and I will defo update it :) 

Thanks Pinkz I lurveee yah <3

Barun/SaRun- pg 9
Cocktail/Sanaya/SaRun- pg 19
KaJen/ArHi/Sanaya- pg29
ArHi - pg37
SaraReq/ArHi- pg 48
ArHi/Cocktail- pg61
Sai'sUpdate/MaanEet- pg72
Shilpa/SaRun/Sara- pg88
SaRun/SanShti/KaSh/KSG - pg107
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Posted: 9 years ago
RESSS!    k first things first i am maha proud of myself that i ediited within the same day cuz usually i take days,fine months to edit but i believe it my love for you that made me wanna edit   :P dont get too happ i still hate ya so dont go thinking i luv ya fat assROFL urghh do I have to use emo'z? Finee only for you I'll find diff emo'z & graphics & make this comment 'Fabboomastic!'Cool err don't make a face as if you've never heard that word  ...its in the Oxford dictionary on page something somethingEmbarrassedROFL I really need to stop this habit of rambling away for ehhvay my comment is always unique for it's Rambling by me  LOL do you see how many peeps end up liking my comment?  cuz I'm siik like that braaap! ahaa I remember when you sent me ur ghetto memo & you sounded proper gansta with ur girlish voice   Goshh 7th already?! Blad I swear like a few months ago you were stuck on ur 3rd  shows that my presence changed everything ;) anyways n'awwh ur intro bought tears into my eyes   ...oh wait it was probably cuz of my wet hair drippingROFL *does a hair flip like a heroine*   owwwh my head hurted after I flipped my hair :( Seeing my name well my nickname so many times shows how much you lurrrvee me   & since I'm giving you a lamba comment (even though I dunno what I'm gunna ramble bout) I want sumat in return  surprise me like last time marn :L woohoo congoo shongoo on ur naya dukaan  ,meh dua karungi ki tum aur hazaro dukaan kholongiROFL<-how was my Urdu? Pretty good ehh   waiting for super stunning banner by ashh eeeps I already know it's gunna look dashing & amaziing all over,  pssht peepz don't know what there missing out on,I mean my DD sig is like totally the best gift everr<33    like c'mon I wasn't even expecting that sig & you were like BOOM here's a sig for you ;')   you are soo amaziing marn & I frikking loveey woveey you wifeyy/hubby<3   LOL I really don't know if ur the wifey or the hubby with the number of relationships we have,LOL tbh i've been with you longer than I've been with himEmbarrassed  see this is what I talk about when I comment in ur shop I talk about random crap & ur probz laughing away cuz you know I'm just a hilarious soulCool  blad make more stuff on MG I seriously miss em marn pfft I'm surprised you didn't make anything on KH'z second anniversary :L aha peepz are already waiting for you to open so they can requests fom the maharani but they dunno only I control you mwahaha  Evil SmileROFL haaye I'm ur inspiration goshh I knww how talented I am thats why I inspire you  ROFL & blad seriously you update more than 10 siggy makers combinedROFL oooh guess what? I made cookiesCool   I am soo proud of myself the I can actually cook something other than toastWink gawshh I've written a lot for sumat'z that's suppose to be like 1 sentence long  ,next time I'll just post Congo on ur shop with a pic of some mithai like a true AsianTongue  ROFL k I'm finished & I cba typing more crap so I'll just end it here   :D lovee youuu lots like jelly tots (urghh I hate em thoROFL)    

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Posted: 9 years ago
My shop look sooo rainbowfied ROFL
Posted: 9 years ago

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Posted: 9 years ago
------- res editied ----------

PartyCO NGRA T U L A T I O N SParty

First of all many many many congratz for the new shop! Cant belive its #7 Shocked already. Time flies so fast doesnt it! I may have not been here since your first shop, but I am very proud of you! You simply deserve it cause you are one craziest bitchh I ever met who can make the wickest siggies ever!
Looking at your siggies before and now, you have improved alot! I mean look at the coloring, blending, text! I am just becoming fidaa over these siggies! I want your talent so badly LOL not that Im saying your good! So dont go way off! I am just in love with your siggies not youTongue
Okay enough praising you, you deserve that much for your hardwork lol! Dude. I hate you very very much, I feel like strangling your neck right now cause I have to talk to you badly, something very important but someone is not replying to their scraps missy! I hope you have many many shops like number 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 more! I love you <3
- From Pinkyy
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Posted: 9 years ago

Thanks For The PM

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