OS : a walk to remember..

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Priya was to be shifted to outside Mumbai Jail. She got permission to spend a day at home.
She did not know what future had store in for her. But she had a few hours to spend with Ram, And she knew she had to make them count.

Priya was feeling like she was running out of time. She could barely keep the ominous feeling at the bay.
After paying homage to Niharika, meeting n consoling all family, Priya went to her room. She was still in the white jail sari.

She took a quick shower and changed into one of her regular saris. She came out of changing room and found Ram waiting for her.
As Ram looked at her, for a moment he felt he has got his old Priya back. His heart had broken a million times seeing her in that jail outfit. For a moment he forgot all his worries, as he hugged her. They held each other for a moment of bliss, and after that, it all came back. Ram had not cried even once since Niharika passed away. But now as Priya was with him again, he finally let himself feel the pain, and tears started flowing automatically.
Priya let him cry for a while. When he calmed down, he asked her in a hurt voice

R : why it's me always, Priya, why me? Kyu har wo insan jis se mai pyar karta hu.. Muzse dur chala jata hai?
kya mai itna bura hu?
P : how could you even ask such a question? Aap toh itne ichhe hain ki, aap ki achhai ne ek bure insan ko bhi achha banane pe majboor kiya...
Don't blame yourself for Niharika Ji's death and also don't have harsh feelings for her.. Jo bhi tha.. Unke sath chala gaya...
R : haan Priya.. wo toh thik hain.. Mai duniya ki koi bhi mushkil seh sakta hu.. Lekin agr tum ho toh.. Everything is just meaningless without you.. I don't wanna loose you..
P : haan to main hu to yaha..
R : par.. Kal ka kya? Kal se toh roj tumhe dekh bhi nahi paunga... High court me appeal.. Pata nai kitne mahine lagenge tumhe chhudane me..
P : are.. itne ne har man gaye? You'll have to fight for me.. Won't you?
R : offcourse I'll.. Par.. 

Priya kept her finger on his lips

P : shhh... I know we'll win.. Par kaise, ye kal soch lena.. Filhal we have a few hours to spend with each other..

Ram managed to smile at her

R : batao.. What do you want to do?
P : Ram.. if I have last few hours to spend, I would want to spend them with you.. Just like this.. Doing nothing.. Worrying about nothing...

and they did exactly that.. They spent the night talking.. Pondering over memories.. They went through photographs.. From their marriage to honeymoon to recent pictures..
They talked their hearts out, cleared misunderstandings.. Ram even agreed to talk to krishu Ji..

Time was moving at its pace. As the dwan neared, Priya could no longer ignore the ominous feeling. She felt something worse is coming for them. She wanted to make sure that Ram would be alright.

P : will you promise me somthing? chahe jo bhi ho.. You will take care of yourself, till I'm back to do that for you..

Ram said 'promise' half heartedly, which did not convince Priya. She went towards cupboard to look for something.

Priya came back with the Gudiya, that Ram had kept in his chocolate box. She kept that gudiya in the showcase, such that Ram could easily see it, all the time.

P : aapko meri kasam hain.. Jabtak aapki ye gudiya wapis nahi aati.. Apko khud ka khayal rakhana hai.. And this gudiya will remind you of the promise...

Ram did not say anything... He knew Priya had her ways to convince him. How could he not keep the promise now??
Priya looked at her left hand. She was wearing two rings, her wedding ring and the ring Ram gifted her in oz. She took off the Friendship ring and handed it over to Ram.

P : this ring is very special Ram.. Not just because it's your first gift to me, but it has always given me strength to fight for you..

Both of them remembered the tough time they went through after oz..

P : keep this with you.. And please keep it safe.. I want it back the moment we are back together..

Ram looked into her eyes. They were pleading 'Don't let me go...'
and he replied through his eyes that he'd never let his angel go..

Priya was fighting back tears as Ram bent down to kiss her forehead. They wished that time would stop then and there...

None of them wanted to waste any time in sleeping. They lied down on bed in each other's arms. After a few moments of silence, Ram could not help but voice his fears

R : Priya.. I don't want to loose you.. How would I live without you?

Priya somehow understood that Ram is talking about the same thing that she was afraid of. He too was feeling that some bigger disaster is waiting for them. But she knew she had to be strong, for his sake..
She said

P : It doesn't matter where I'm.. My love is always with you..
She got up and kept her hand on his heart..
P : Priya doesn't exist without Ram.. She resides in your heartbeats..   
As long as Ram's heart beat.. Priya is with him..and so is her love..

Priya could not say anymore. Fighting back her tears she cuddled close to him again. She closed her eyes and focused on melody of his heartbeats. That was the most soothing sound in her world which helped her escape the turmoil, even if for a few moments. Ram held her close, dwelling on what Priya had just said..

Soundtrack of 'If only' was playing softly as the two entwinted souls held onto each other, wishing that the night would never end..

" I love you
You love me
Take this gift and don't ask why
Cause if you will let me
I'll take what scares you
Hold it deep inside
And if you ask me why I'm with you
And why I'll never Leave..
My love will show you everything
My love will show you everything.."

No matter how much one wishes otherwise, time doesn't stop for anyone.
It was time for Priya to go back. She got up, and got ready.
She looked into mirror once and turned back. She found Ram standing behind her. She looked into his eyes, but before she could loose herself into them, she started to leave. She had barely crossed his large frame, when he held her arm and pulled her back.
She swung into his arms, with a deja vu.. 

Their lips met, just the way they had, 3 months ago... Priya closed her eyes, savouring the touch. A single tear escaped from her eye. On the first time, she had teared up, because she had felt unloved, today it was beacuse she felt so much loved, and had no time left to savour it... 

Alas! Games that destiny plays!

Ram pulled back after a brief moment. He looked at her teary face through his own moist eyes. Priya tried to say 'Love you' but her lips were trembling too much and she seemed to have lost her voice. Ram could read the language of her eyes and he moved to hug her again. But Priya knew it was more than she could take, wiping off her cheeks, she tuned hastily and walked out.. 

Ram fell on his knees. If only he could find his voice, he would be screaming
'Priya please.. Mat jaao.. Mai nahi jee paunga tumhare baiger...'

He lowered his head... Hoping that she will come back like she did before.. He waited desperately to hear the voice which would ask him to get up.. which would say
'uthiye warna ghutno me dard ho jayega...'
He waited and waited, but if there was anything interrupting the dreadful silence, it was only the sound of the clock ticking.. 

The voice he wanted to hear never materialized.. Because She did not come back.. Priya could not come back..
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Posted: 2012-06-24T17:29:02Z
Why do you always leave me crying!! 
I just came out of my depression and you pushed me right back into it... Ouch

Im glad you wrote though Ames! I know you're taking this hard too! 
Hugs girl! Hug
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Posted: 2012-06-24T18:22:20Z
Ur os stabed my heart million time. Just cant imagine the moment when our beloved raya will get seperated. Why ekta...? Why..? U hv to do this. Dnt u hv any other option left to make balh more popular without using the bloody seperation formula...??Edited by Pinkjali - 2012-06-24T18:24:08Z
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Posted: 2012-06-24T19:25:33Z
Omg.. Amazing OS! U made me cry soo much! Cry
Beautifully written.. Star
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Posted: 2012-06-24T19:41:02Z
Amy welcome back in Forum happy to see u here again with ur blast post , this is really awesome, i m almost crying to read this, really it's a precious moment for both Ram & Priya, it's very touchy & heart broken  moment ,when i was reading ur Os, it's seemed i a watching this show, watching this moment, & can't explain how much i attached with this, Thank u soo much Amy 4 giving me such a nice RaYalicious moment after long time, this is really fantastic OS, & u made my day, love u Hug i know ur very busy but please try to give some time in this forum & be active, we won't miss u .
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Posted: 2012-06-24T19:42:03Z
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Posted: 2012-06-24T19:48:24Z
oh! I am soCryCry this is beautiful, but I could not read it without tears, amazing, these days I am not at all enjoying the current track, stopped watching, I just follow the updates here, gosh wonder how long we have to bear this ,when are we going to get old Balh back, looks like never. Confused Thanks so much for this beautiful write up, by the way where were you? long time..
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Posted: 2012-06-24T20:23:29Z

Hi, a very well-written, subtle, moving post. I could visualize many of these lines being enacted by Ram and Priya. Especially, Ram saying 'Batao .. What do you want to do' in a sad but his own special way . Your imagination is awesome.

I wish this track comes true(will it?) and they do discuss their uncertain future and awesome immediate past(before Nutz fiasco) in those few hours they have. Sad to see Priya, the fearless, strong fighter in such sorrow. And what to say of Ram - he is completely shaken by the turn of events. And wish to see Ram-KK reunion.


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