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hey buddies, this os is specially for jass,for her better future.al the very best buddy,may god bless you..i wil not be able to pm..but hope you wil read it..
and also thanks to al my buddies selfless suport..hope you wil like it..


a lady was totaly lost while cooking food..
suddenly there was a loud childish voice
child-mama..mama papa is coming tomorrow..he called and told me..
then the lady came back to realty..that brought big smile on her face..
lady-sachi maneet
ady-you are not joking nah maneet?
maneet-no mama i am not..sahi mein babaji ki promise
suddenly a smile came to her face and they both stared dancing..
suddenly got an idea..
lady-maneet beta wil help your mama
maneet-yes,but we have to mumma?
lady-beta we have to take small revenge from ur dad.for leaving us alone for two month.wil you help me?
maneet-yes maa.but how?
lady- dont worry .akhir i am geet maan singh khurana
maneet- and i maneet maan geet singh khurana
gave each other high-5
maan(thought)- finally home, i feel so great, now i am gonna meet my two most important lady in this world, i know they will be angry with me, but mein unhe mana lunga..i promise, after all i am maan singh khurna
and he rang the bell
maan- atmosphere is very silent, whats the matter
 maaneet opened the door
maan hugged her
and said
maan- how is my princess
maaneet- perfect
maan(thought)- no scolding, no anger, whats the matter, pakka geet hogi?
maaneet ran away
geet- welcome back maan
said very cutely and politely
and she hugged him
maan(thought)- ye chakkar kya hain??
geet- kya huin maan
maan- kuch nahi
geet- acha go and get fresh, we have a important guest to come
maan- guest?
geet- yes guest..
maan was totally confused his expression told this thinking
while geet and maneet was enjoying
geet and maneet- ab aya ga maza...
and started to laugh and went to their respective work..
continue below...

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maan came down,
maan-  again sab silent hain,,,chakkar kya hain
he saw geet and maaneet all set, looking beautiful
maan- why are you so dressed uo
geet- arre maan i told you nah, a guest is coming
maneet- yes dad and he is very cute
maan- he?
geet- hain he
geet was setting the table, while maan was pretending to read the paper
maan(thinking)- ye kaunse naya guest agaya??
geet and maneet was enjoying
geet- ab aya ga maza
maaneet- hain, left us nah...
geet and maaneet gave high-five to each toher
suddenly the door bell rang
maan- i will see
maan opened the door  and saw  one man and one boy child
maan- yes?
man- hello, i am yash
boy- i am armaan
maan- so?
yash- i have come to meet geet
armaan- and i to maneet
and they started dreaming, that angered maan..
geet heard it all..
geet- oh yash, finally you are here
yash hugged geet, maan was hating it
yash- tumne bulaya aur hum chale aya
geet smiled
armaan ran to maneet and kissed his cheek
armaan- hi maaneet, kaisi ho?
maaneet- good tum batao?
armaan me also fine
maan was hell angry with the intruders
geet- arre yash meet maan, my husband and maan this is yash my close friend
maan was hating it, while other girls were enjoying it


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geet- chalo, lets have dinner
maan- yes
yash- hain chalo beautiful
the word beautiful strike hard to maan, he wanted to kill yash
get blushed and siad
yash- tumbhi nah yash
and they sat on the dining table
all started eating
armaan- you look so pretty maaneet
maaneet- thanks, you also look good
maan(thought)- flirting with my princess, voh bhi mera samne
 while geet who was noticing maan expression was enjoying it
yash- vah geet, you cook so good, i want to kiss you hand
maan was now hell angry
maan gave an angry glare to them
and they quietly started eating
geet- yash yaar tu tho aur handsome ho gaya
yash- kya karien
maan was hating
maan(thought)-- my wife praising other person in front of me
and gave an angry glare to geet
the dinner was finished
yash- i dont want to go, but its important
geet- yash, i wanted you to stay
maan(thought)-yash i wanted you to stay..my foot
maneet- dont go na please
armaan- but its important,
maneet sad
armaan- dont be sad and kissed his cheek
maan(thought(- i will kill him, he is not allowed near my princes
they went away, maan hugged them
maan- you both are just mine..mine, mine
and geet and maaneet hugged him and winked each other
and gave a thumbs up to armaan and yash who was standing at the door...
they went away
maan- vaise plan acha tha..
geet and maaneet totally shocked, while maan gave a smrik..

how was it,
do comment
and hit like button..

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cont soon dear...
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Posted: 2012-06-25T01:51:06Z
gud start...
Continue soon..
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Posted: 2012-06-25T02:08:20Z
awesome  start
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Posted: 2012-06-25T06:53:44Z
Interesting continue soon
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Posted: 2012-06-28T05:14:03Z
good 1 cont soon
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