Task 2 Results

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Hello fans we are back with the results of task 2 celebrity muqabala


Theme:Dream date with dream heroes

The man who can pop out of a gigantic egg and sing with ease such bombastic gibberish in Amar-Akbar-Anthony,"Wait wait wait....you see the whole country of the system is juxtapositioned by the haemoglobin in the atmosphere because you are a sophisticated rhetorician intoxicated by the exuberance...." and the 'most eligible hottie of a bachelor' of today. It wasn't something small for us - Meeting the most charismatic duo of the entire galaxy of Bollywood (which for us is nothing but- Bachchanwood).

Yes, we-Monika, Uma, Ankita, Laks, Sonal, Aparna and Shailee-were to meet the two Sarkars of Indian Film Industry-The Bachchans-who make this world of ours exciting. We didn't know whether it was a dream-If so, never should we wake up from it and if it wasn't-It was the work of a magician!

It was a perfect day in June. All of us were excited to the peak. In the evening, we would be there beside our heroes. Monika was home talking to her father about her day's programmes when the phone rang

*ring ring*


"Hiii yaar Mona! It's me Laks!"

Laks urf Lakshmi was a young, sweet and vivacious engineering student who claims to me "Mrs.Amitabh Bachchan" to her friends! She was a die hard fan of the AB senior &

becomes a small child when it comes to her hero!

"Hi Laks…Wassup?"

"Monika…Why aren't you here yet? Have you forgotten as usual? Hmphf"

Monika was taken aback initially. Then it stroke her.

"Oh no! I am so sorry yaar! I completely forgot…I..."

Laks cuts her short..."Not New news…Common yaar…be here as soon as possible.Anku is badmouthing you for the delay…OOpz."Laks gets a pillow thrown on her from the joker of the gang Ankita.

"Be right there": Monika puts down the receiver and pulls on her jacket. Soon she is rocketing down the lane towards uma's place. While driving she recalls how she and her friends had planned to meet at Uma's house at the morning to chart out their dream date later in the evening.

Monika was sure that she would get good scolding from Ankita.Chalak Mona tells herself "I will get sweet Uma back me up!"Uma was the cutie pie of the gang who gave in to her friends easily. She is 16 old and similar to Laks when it comes to her hero-Amitabh Bachchan.

Mona pulled the car into Uma's porch and rang the bell.uma's mom greeted her. After saying Salaam Namaste to Uma's parents Mona headed to her friend's room. She entered the room and saw the rest of the gang having a game of chess.

Laks and Uma v/S Ankita and Aparna. The game ended with *DRUMROLLS* Laks and Uma winning!

Anku and Aparna say "Oh no! Bad day!"

"Aye stupids…It's a great day!" Mona exclaims.

"Oh…Tum aa hi gayi! Itni der kar di! Aur mujhe 'Stupid' bulathi ho? Tum toh gayi kaam se!" Anku shoots back.

Sweetumotu Sonal who is the problem solver of the gang senses a quarrel and settles down the matter in a jiffy! Poor Mona is made to promise that she will never be late again.

The friends decide on how they would reach the place where they would be meeting the Bacchans.It was decided that they would have lunch in Uma's place and go straight from there in Mona's car.

After lunch, the gang browsed IF 4 a while.

Evening approaches and most of us have shivers send to our spines…Excitement, anxiety, shyness…& what not.

We all put my favorite dresses on and the lovely perfume fragrance fills the room.

We were soon driving to 'Village Plaza' – the town's finest hangout for people who like good food and scenery. Our gang had won the "miliye apni heroes se contest" and we had won a meeting with our superstars at Village Plaza.U must have seen our excitement the day we came to know that we really were meeting the most rocking father & son in the country! It really was a treat for us!

We reached Village Plaza and parked the car in the lot.

13 Yeas old Shailee and cool gal Aparna refuse to come out of the car.  Both are completely dazzled and shy! We-Laks, Monika, sonal, Uma, Ankita urge the two join us. We were already a bit late. Laks mutters to herself "crap" and turns round frustrated. She is stunned to see the mighty hero of hers standing before her! She was seeing him live! Oh wow! The Big B was right there before her eyes! The god of Indian cinema gave her a pleasant smile. The man looked stunningly handsome in his Black tuxedo. By this time, the others in the gang had turned to face the scene. Abhishek wearing a casual jeans and shirt came up behind his father and said "hello dears!" But none of us responded. Monika stood dumbstruck! Ankita had her mouth open. Her eyes were bulged out. Sonal had 2 lean on Monika 2 prevent herself from falling. And, poor uma almost fainted the moment she saw the Bachchans.

The Big B spoke out "Hello! Dears, if I am not mistaken, you are the gang with whom we are set to spend the evening?"

"Yes sir" Monika at last found her tongue.

The smiles of the father and son melted our hearts. We got Aparna and Shailee out of the car and walked into the caf plaza. The caf lot was already filled with reporters and fans who wished for that one glance and word of the megastars. We had our heads high AND felt so lucky to have gotten a chance to even walk beside them.

We sat down on our reserved table next to the window facing the clam sea. There was an air of tranquility around. The beautiful sun setting on the horizon spread an air of happiness. The wind blew singing a sweet song of melancholy. The leaves swayed making a soft rusting sound.

We introduced ourselves to the Bachchans who shook hands with us all. Our hearts were beating loud, clear and fast!

Aparna suddenly said, "I can't believe I am really beating the Bachchans! Is it really you?

Big B chuckled and replied mischievously, "I wish I could tell you how real we are."

Mona put in, "We are really honored to be meeting you both, sir!"

Abhi,"So are we! We don't usually get time to meet our fans! And this is a gift for us!"

We scrutinized them as they spoke-Their airs, their informality, and their gentleness.

We talked about the likes, dislikes and future projects of the father and son. We all were anxious to know when the next film with both of these actors would arrive. They laughed it off giving us a light *wink*.We smiled, we laughed, and we winked! There was a barricade of joy and fun which followed suit.

We all were gaping at the two men while talking, still speechless due to the charisma of these celebrities!

Big B said, "You girls look better while smiling! Not staring at us!"

We all blushed deeply and smiled broadly.

"By the way, Baatein bahut ho chuki hain.Where is your gift for us?" asked Abhishek smiling.

We stood up and walked away, leaving the Bachchans in utter confusion.

There was silence for a minute.

Monika came on stage and blurted out "Ladies and Gentlemen…..Oh forget it"



Abhishek looked at his father smiling whose face shown brightly with happiness.

We got everybody on the dance floor. Suddenly Abhishek stood up and walked towards Aparna and asked her for a dance! The sense faints describing the expression on Aparna's face that moment.

Uma and Laks wink at each other and go towards their table where the Big B was sitting. They look on at him.He catches their eyes and tilts his head.

He stands up, straightens himself. There he stood towering over all others. He bent his head and said "At you service Madams!" We submitted ourselves to that magical moment with happy hearts.




And as a finale we set the floor afire with *KAJRARE KAJRARE***

Later, we sat down on our table to finish the supper. The Big B and Lil B chatted away nonchalantly and so did we! After food, Ankita slipped away silently. She was back soon and all seven of us handed a bouquet of flowers to our dates!

Later on, it was gaana time! We sang a song dedicated to our heroes-"KABHI KABHIE MERE DIL MEIN KHAYAAL AATA HAIN….."

The Bachchans said to have loved it and Abhishek jokingly said "No points off for bad voice!" We all burst to laughter.

By this time, we were completely friends with the Bachchans.

Laks said,"Aapko maloom hain..We have composed a song for you both.Gaana sunayein?"

"Of course" cried the Bachchans in one voice.

           "Tere mere beech kaisa hai yeh bandhaan anjaan,

              Tu Haase to mera dil ho jaye bechain

              Tu gaaye to main tere saath gungunaaon

              Tu  …. Bas tu hi to hai mere dil ka jigar…

              Kaisa hai yeh bandhan anjaan…"

There was an instantaneous clap from the Bachchans and they declared themselves to be "Utterly delighted!"

"Short and sweet! Really good song! I am touched"Declared the Big B. Abhi said, "This is wonderful. Did you create this song when you were thinking about us?"

"We had your picture in our mind and the words came flowing into our hearts!" was our reply.

Soon it was time to end our dream date. The Big B took a photograph of his and Abhishek and wrote on its back-A PERSONAL AUTOGRAPH FOR US! After Abhi too signed it, the Big B gave it away in style to us and jokingly said "Share us!" There was a twinkle in his eyes. The dashing duo kissed us goodnight (Big B muttered silently "Jaya had better not know about this!") and they were off to their world. We stood watching them out of the caf. We did not regret that our date had come to an end.Itne saare memories jo leke jaa rahe hain humare saath.

We left he caf (Of course the bill would be paid by the sponsors...Lolz) and outside we took out the autographed photograph of the Bachchans and read it

"When you open your eyes, we will be there before you. When you close your eyes, we will be there in your hearts."

 Keep Smiling

Amitabh Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan

*******************************entry 2*********************
         &nbs p; 

This is about our fan club; komalash(Komal), abhyvakil_1992(Sneha), Dikte(Natasha), heart girl(Esha) & me(Sumesh).We are the craziest fans of AshTongue. How we met and become friends is a story in itself. We met in a forum where we all were members of Ash fan club. Whenever we met we got into a debate as to who is the craziest and figured none can beat otherLOL. I liked Ash when I saw her first in Miss India contest itself. I was so happy when that blue eyed gal became Miss India runner up to represent Miss World.  Needless to mention about my group friends, who were in the similar boat. Our stories were not much different. Each has a collection and album of her pictures right from her Miss India, Miss World days and then her route to Bollywood.

In such a day, it was like we won a jackpotThumbs Up. Komal's uncle's friend turned out to be a good friend of a producer named Karan. He himself tried out different ventures, so he knew a few big shots. We started pestering him for a 20 minutes meet with Ash. We were a little upset thinking that we were not taken seriously by himUnhappy. We were not so sure because Ash was the NO: 1 celebrity and with such a busy schedule she would accept to meet 5 people whom she doesn't even know or heard of, but we were still keeping out 1% hope alive. But we were lucky. He arranged the meeting. Oh dear God! We are still not able to believe it.Tongue

Ash was shooting for Guru with Abhishek Bachchan on Juhu beach. We were to be there on Saturday at 9 AM, so that she would be able to give us sometime before her next scene was to be shot. We got the news on Tuesday and we started preparing for that. We came to a logical discussion as to what all to ask her and what gift to buy for her etc. We decided to present Kajra re dance number for her too. For celebrities it could be a casual and day to day thing meeting different people/fans and interviews. For us it was a huge achievement, a golden opportunity. We didn't want to waste a single minute there looking at each other so we had wanted a streamline plan.

Finally it was Saturday. It seemed ages though. Only we know how the whole week was spent, sleepless nights. We reached Juhu around 8:15 AM and still there was no crew. We had our doubts if we were to meet today or different location.Confused Suddenly a bunch of cars stopped and we saw the traffic, people and equipments. The camera men were unloading the big cameras and equipments. There was so much of noise to put things at different places and arrange the sets. The crew was running late. We saw Abhishek ji getting down from his car. Our eyes were searching for Ash. And there she was, looking gorgeous in a simple blue churidar. Beauty, brains and simplicity we could see it all there. How can one person be so good looking, witty, jovial?Embarrassed Her smile was contagious.Big smile

Karan showed up on time,met with Ash. They spoke for sometime and we were just keeping our fingers crossed. We were called and with joy, tears, hesitation and a little nervous feeling we approached her. Karan introduced us to her and surprisingly she got our names correct in the first time. Though we had planned a lot but we were spellbound after looking at her, just staring at her constantly. She cracked up jokes and we realized that it was embarrassing.Embarrassed

As an ice breaker we presented flowers and cards that we had got for her. I also made a sketch of her that I presented. She was totally zapped and impressed with my talent and she started asking me if it was my hobby or profession and if I would be open to take up art projects. It was impressive to get that kind of response.Embarrassed Natasha showed her the album of her pictures that we had collected since her modeling days to Miss India, Miss World and then into films. She was totally impressed with all the gifts we had brought for her.Tongue

Komal started first and asked her about her future projects she would be signing. She talked about few names like Dhoom part 2, Umrao jaan & also about her Hollywood releases provoked, chaos etc. She asked her whats her criteria for movie selection are. She gently responded that she looks for a good story line and then her role, if it is gives a positive impact to the viewers. She sounded so intelligent with her answers.Clap She also told about her regular schedule, how important healthy and good food is, how important working out is and how she spends most of the day if she is not shooting.

She emphasized enough on how to true to ourselves and that would make us win what we want in life. That was her secret of success.Thumbs Up There was so much intelligence associated with a beautiful lady. We took many pictures with her. She gave us all autographs. And I asked about the secret of her beauty. She laughed & said I am beautiful because you all make me feel that way. I am a normal human being just as you all are and I think everyone is same. It's just a person's perspective. We were flattered by the answers.

She also mentioned about her struggle in initial days. How she decided to pick this as career. How she was praised by all and how much the success means to her. Asia's 100 Most Influential People, A wax figure of Ash on display in Madame Tussaud's wax museum, featured on Oprah's "Women across the Globe" segment, Cannes film festival visits, Hollywood Projects, Best Actress Awards like many achievements and no pride on her face was the most amazing part.Clap She gently replied to all our queries. She also kept in mind about or likes and dislikes. We asked her how she takes the criticism. She was positive about it. She said it is part of life, unless you are criticized for work or any thing, you do not know where and how to improve and infact the criticism helped her to come up so well at the par. We were satisfied and contented.Tongue We couldn't ask for more.

Esha and Sneha told(very hesitantly) her about the special present we had got for her. We expressed our desire to dance to the tune of kajra re and Ash was totally flattered. EmbarrassedShe thought we did much better than her, though it was her modesty. She also danced along with us and I was really zapped by her moves especially when the song goes like "Meri angadayee, na tute, tu aajaa".Embarrassed She was carefree and happy. We had lots of fun and danced again to the tune. People were gathered and had no clue what was happening there

Then we took out the surprise gift for her. We had brought a chocolate cake and the icing said from your crazy fans. She was impressed. She thought we took care of her taste completely and it was touching. We knew that she loves the cake. We took some pictures with her and then expressed our wish to meet the rest of the crew mainly Abhishek ji. She introduced us to all and most surprisingly she didn't mess up with our names. We were spell bound as to how she can remember our names so correctly.Embarrassed She understood our point and just smiled in her special way. Before leaving she had a token of appreciation for each one of us and that proved how much she cared for us, for her fans. The simplicity, modesty and nave nature of her impressed us a lot more and we would cherish this moment forever.Tongue

It was about time to leave as she was to get back to makeup room. We spent some time there saw the first shoot and then returned back. Not sure if it would be a memorable day in her life but it surely be a memorable day in our lives.Hug


Meeting khushi

We will be meeting in the park. Khushi is at the park because she is taking a break from siggy making for IF members. Pyaari_puja, missspriyaaa, rizi, natasshafan,wildchild ~lil*princess~, and july12_1995 are all meeting up and suddenly we spot khushi sitting on a bench and relaxing. We all go up and have a little chat.

k: khushi

P: pyaari_puja (puja)

MP:missspriyaaa (priya)

R: rizi

N: natasshafan (sana)

WC: wild child {asha)

LP: ~lil*princess~(princess)

J: july12_1995(janki)


____________________________________________________________ ____________

MP: Hey puja,rizi,princess,sana, asha, and janki, you wanna come on a walk to the park with me? Its getting really boring here and it will be good for a change.

P: surezzz priya.. Come on lets all go. It will be loads of fun.

R: aite come on

N: Fine lets all go what do u say princess?

LP: of course come on we'll have a blast

J: yep come on

WC: Okiezzzzz

On the way to the park

P: Hey so wats new with yall?

MP: nothing yaar… lolzz it was soo boring.. So I just thought we should all meet n chill

J: soo rite

We reach the park

LP: heyyyy look over there.. Look who it is

Everyone look at the bench next to the tree and they all see khushi sitting there. Khushi the most famous siggy maker on India-forums.com. She was sitting on a bench and enjoying her time sitting peacefully. We all went up to her.

R: Hey! You're tumhari_khushi from IF rite?

k: Yes! I am. Nice to meet you!(cand shakes hand with rizi)

WC: hey khushi im asha my ID on IF is wild child!

K: OH yes, I know you. You like Amir khan right?

WC: (giggles) Yeaa!

K: and what are the rest of your ID's on IF?

P: im pyaari_puja

MP: im missspriyaaa

LP: im ~lil*princez~

R: im rizi

N: im natasshafan

J: im july12_1995

K: oooo nice to meet you all. I know most of you!

MP: we are great fans of you and your siggys they are awesome. You make them really nice. I will I could make siggys like you.

K: aww priya thnx a lot. But your siggys are great also. I have sen thenm on IF. Tyou make them great.

P: you both make great siggys.

S: You both make them great. Anyways,khushi wat are you doing here?

K: me? I have taken a break in making siggys so right now I just came to chill and relax.

S: oo that's nice. You defentily needed a break ! You work too hard.

LP: waise isn't your fave actress rani moocher?

K; Yep she sure is.

LP: tho phir rani style- Mujhse dosti karoge?

R:arre sirf tumse? Instead thoda edit karo princess. Yeh bolo "Humse dosti karoge?

LP:arre same hai na

K: (giggles) Of course tum sab se

WC: So khushi, hows samir jiju?

K: samir? He is fine.

MP: oo cool.

P: So khushi how are you doing?

K: im great and you

P: im fine

K: Ok now yall I have to go now. I have to work on ma siggy making again

S: Khushi you don't know how happy we all are meeting you here.

J: yea we never thought we would get a chance to ever meet you in person.

WC: yea you noe with your tight schedule with siggy making and all

R: Yea. Khushi se milke hume bohat khushi hui

LP: Khushi I hope we will meet again

P: ok bye bye.. I hope we will meet very soon… it was great talking to you. You're a great person

K: aww thnx.. I hope we all will meet again someday also.. Im sure we will. Anywayz for now take care. BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!1

Khushi walks away and turns the corner.

MP: I think we should be goin now too.

P:yea wes hould!
S: but that was soo cool. Meeting khushi in person I never thought that would happen. Im so happy!!!!!!!!!

Everyone: we all are!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rani Muhkerjee Fanclub Fan-fic

Location: New York City, shooting for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna

It's a lovely summer day...a perfect day for shooting. Rani, beautiful and glamorous as usual, is preparing her next scene with Shahrukh Khan while Abhishek and Preity are enjoying their cup of coffee. Rani is wearing a lovely green sari, matching her make-up and .

The next scene is picturising a part of a song with Rani and SRK. Fans are surrounding the whole set, shouting "Rani, Rani autograph please!!" Others yelling, saying "Shahrukh we love You!!!" Both stars are used to this and are trying to concentrate on their next scene – an important scene in the movie.

"Shahrukh, Sharukh!!! WE LOVE YOUUU!!!!!"

SRK trying to locate them...as soon as he sees them, he shouts in his typical SRK tone: And I love YOU too!!" Again fans shouting, some cyring.

Rani smiles...saying to herself: "Yes, we love you too" Her slight smile changes into a bright smile...she looks to all the fans and shouts "We love YOU too!!"

Rani and SRK are done with their preparation...time to shoot the scene. They go inside to shoot the scne. First take...they start...the director says "cut cut cut, again!" Second take...now SRK has to hug Rani from behing but suddenly starts laughing..."ufff Shahrukh".

He keeps laughing "sorry, sorry sorry, one more time". Third take...wonderful scene...a magical moment. SRK hugging Rani from behind, a lovely song is playing.

"Excellent!!" says the director, "good job!!" He starts shouting "Abhisheeeek, Preity!! Ready??"

"Finally done for today", says SRK smiling. "Rani hasrahi hai..."yeah, finally. Let me go out to meet the fans, are you joining me?" SRK follows her, nodding. As soon as the fans see them, they start shouting again..."SRK!! Aaaahhhhhh!! Rani, Rani here!!! Autograph please, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaasee!!"

Both stars have a bright smile on their face and start shaking hands & signing autographs. "Your name?", asks Rani. "Priya" say the girl, "my name is Priya."

"Alright Priya...for Priya...keep smiling...Loads of Love, Rani" says Rani looking at Priya.

She starts asking the next fan for her name and signs the autograph.

After about 30 mins, SRK and Rani are done signing most of the autograph cards. "Wapas hotel jarahi ho?" asks SRK. "Naa, a fan won a meeting with me, giving the interview in a few mins...uske baat chalti hoon, you go ahead" says a smiling Rani.

"Theek hai, have fun" whispers SRK winking.

Rani thinks of having a cup of coffee before the interview starts...she sits down and observes Abhishek and Preity shooting for th next scene. "Ms.Mukherjee?" hears Rani a young man saying. "Jee?" she answers, smiling. "We're here for the interview, the one a fan won."

"Oh yes, I had been waiting for it...should we have the interview here or inside, we have a restaurant there.", asks Rani. "We prefer the restaurant", says the young man...looking at the girl behind him.

They move towards the restaurant, Rani sees a young girl around 16 companying the man. They choose a table in a silent corner. "Alright Ms.Mukherjee, this is Priya who won this meeting. I'll leave now, she'll just ask some questions"

"Oh, feel free to say Rani.", says a grinning Rani. "Haven't I met you before?", asks Rani looking at the girl. "Yes, you gave me an autograph some minutes ago.", smiles the girl.

"Oh yes, what was your name again...Priya, yes Priya...so tell me Priya...you don't seem to be really nervous, do you?", asks Rani.

"Actually I had been very nervous...but somehow am not that nervous anymore.", grinns Priya. "That's nice", says Rani and starts laughing. Priya, first a bit irritated, starts laughing too...in a shy manner.

"Feel free to ask Priya.", says Rani. "Actually...I've read most of your interviews and don't want to ask the same questions again. I'm sure they are boring, right?" says Priya, sounding confident.

A shocked but amused Rani bursts out in laughing..."sach kahoon tho...yes it is", she blushes a bit. "I thought so...well...I loved your Filmfare performance last year...and actually tried to learn that dance. I mean the long one with hit numbers."

"OMG!! That long one!! You really tried to learn that???"" asks a surprised Rani.

"Yes, I did" answers a very blushing Priya. "May I see that?" asks Rani, smiling.

"Ehmmm you want to see it?? But where, yahan??" says a surprised Priya.

Rani nodds..."Jee, no one else is here and no one will come in as they know we're having an interview", she winks. "Uhm...ok let me try..but without music??"

"Yes, just a small part for me, please.", grinns Rani.

Priya gets up and removes her jacket. "A shirt and jeans pants should be comfortable enough to dance in. Which part should I dance?? Ehm...the last one...say shava shava theme"

Priya starts talking..."alright, I lvoe the last part with the shava shava theme playing...so I'll dance that." Rani nodds, smiling. Priya starts but is confused on how to dance without music...but then suddenly starts dancing. Each and every step is perfect...just like the way Rani danced.

While a mesemerized Rani is looking at Priya dancing, Priya is trying her best to dance well..."what if Rani doesn't like it", is what comes in her mind. But she keeps dancing and when she's done dancing, she looks at Rani.

"OMG!!!!!", shouts Rani. "That was brilliant, I'm speechless!! You were fabolous, mind-blowing sweetheart!!" She runs towards Priya and hugs her.

Priya is speechless..not able to say a single word, she just nodds. "Ms.Mukherjee, says the young man entering the restaurant. "the interview is over". Both Rani and Priya look at each other and hug. Rani gives Priya another autograph, this time she writes "for the sweetest and most talednted girl ever. Thanks for a great interview ;-)...love, Rani."


Shahrukh Khan, that name definitely strikes some feeling in your heart, you also hear King Khan or Badshah of Bollywood, these are just a few names for our favourite star, the prince, Shahrukh Khan. We all dream that someday we'll meet the sweet, hot, sexy, humble, down to earth, caring, generous superstar, Shahrukh Khan. These words are not enough to describe him. All the members of the Shahrukh fan club proudly present this fan-fic of meeting our favourite star.

A day in our lives, which was like the time had stopped clicking, the winds had stopped blowing, and the atmosphere couldn't have been more cheerful. We were all dressed in black and why not, our Shahrukh loves the colour. We were standing outside his house, Mannat, heaven for all Shahrukh Khan fans; our heartbeats were faster then ever. We were nervous as well as excited. As we were entering his house Mannat, everything felt like a dream. A few minutes later he arrived with his charming dimples and greeted us with a cute smile on his face. We introduced ourselves and he hugged each one of us. We were all mesmerized and couldn't speak a single word after hugging him. It was a moment of absolute shock just seeing him in front of us, like our dreams had come true and everything we wanted was there itself. He was very down to earth and he asked us to relax as we were all shaking with excitement. He introduced us to Gauri too (Shahrukh's wife) and his kids, Aryan and Suhana, who were very kind to us. Finally, the moment came when we all told him what we felt for him. He said that he is very thankful to Allah for having such great fans. As he talked to us, we found him to be a very down to earth person with good values, and never did he express how big of a superstar he really was. He talked to us like a normal person and expressed how much he wished his parents were here to see him. He expressed how much he loved his family and also introduced us to his sister Shehnaaz. Shahrukh told us that he'll continue to do his best and that he wouldn't be anywhere without the love and support from his family, friends, and his fans. We told Shahrukh that we will always be there for him and wished him lots of success and happiness. We also made a video for Shahrukh, which showed his journey from a T.V star to a superstar and he really enjoyed the video. Then, we presented him with a song, which was very near to us as it had all the emotions, which we were the feelings from our heart.

Tum Paas Aaye Yoon Muskuraaye
Tumne Na Jaane Kya Sapne Dikhaye
Ab To Mera Dil Jaage Na Sota Hai
Kya Karoon Haye Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Na Jaane Kaisa Ehsaas Hai
Bujhti Nahin Hai Kya Pyaas Hai
Kya Nasha Is Pyaar Ka
Mujhpe Sanam Chaane Laga
Koi Na Jaane Kyon Chain Khota Hai

Kya Karoon Haye Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

As we were singing the song, Shahrukh also started singing with us...then we all presented him with gifts which we brought with us - a hand made statue, some video games cds, computer games, a painting featuring him in an Asoka avtar…Shahrukh loved our gifts and as we were about to leave, he signed a few autographs for us and he again hugged us saying that he will never forget us. As we left, we were all singing this song in our hearts, remembering the moments that we spent with him. We were leaving-leaving him now. It was like leaving somebody very close to us. Tears dropping from our eyes, but at the same time we were very happy because we met our jaan - Shahrukh Khan. We kept on singing, saying these two lines:

Ae Waqt Ruk Jaa, Tham jaa, Thaher jaa
Vaapas Zara Daud Peeche

We wished him lots of happiness and gave him our best wishes for his upcoming movies, and we all said goodbye to Shahrukh and left Mannat. This meeting with Shahrukh would be the most unforgettable moment in our lives. As we left, we also sang this song, which really expressed our interaction with the Baadshah, Shahrukh Khan.

Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahe
Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahe


Bachans:- 20/20

Srk's:- 17/20

aishwarya:- 16/20

Khushi:- 14/20

Rani:- 13/20

SO The winners for this task is

Bachans Fan club


The new task is coming soon so this time the house that send an entry are moving to the next round and the houses that did'n send any entry despite of many reminders are eliminated that is the Eijaz and Vinit fan club.

"ADVICE to all fan clubs going in next round"
Team work helps so contact ur other grp members and talk about the task instead of one working on a task"

(CFC dev team)

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Posted: 2006-06-12T08:44:46Z
Clap Congratss! Clap
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Posted: 2006-06-12T09:13:22Z
Clap Khushi Fan Club
Rockkkkkkkk Clap
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Posted: 2006-06-12T10:25:29Z
yay!!!!!!!we won!wow!we got 20 on 20!yipee!its the time to disco!
Embarrassed Congrats our club and all others too!it really felt great reading all of them!they wer all rockin! Clap
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Posted: 2006-06-12T11:21:03Z
ahhh i had so much fun ratin these. Big smile

congrats Bachchan's Club. "Rishtey mein tum humara baap lagte ho" na? Tongue
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Posted: 2006-06-12T11:26:15Z
CONGO bachan team
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Posted: 2006-06-12T11:27:43Z

Originally posted by Miss.Netherland

Clap Khushi Fan Club
Rockkkkkkkk Clap


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Posted: 2006-06-12T11:47:15Z
woow i didnt even know i was in the khushi di fan thing!
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