RAYA OS:Tere Bina Mushkil Hai Jeena ,21/6/12

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Mere sukh dukh mein rahthe ho,
thum banke hum saaya,
tere apne banke aaye meine bhi sar jhukaaya,
Bade achche lagthe hai saath thera... ye dilaase, humdardhi aur thum...

Ram who was sitting lonely on the bed clutching priya photo near to his heart..thinking how could he get rid of priya with all this mess..
He already shattered bcoz that nih was no more and she confessed him that she didn't love him ..whatever he loved her like his own mother ..
A son never get angry on mother and im too not amongst them ..i can't save her atleast i have to bring my love back ..
she took whole blame on herself and went to jail ...his train of thoughts never ended the entire night ...
* * * * * *
Priya :Its almost 3 days , she hasn't seen him ,he could be shattered ,he needs me right now , she looked up and pryed god give him some strength to face this situation.
Her eyes were not willing to close for a moment ,tears flowing from her eyes .she called his name "RAM"
* * * * * *
ram zolted for a sec ,looked here and there ..no she wasn't here ,but he heard priya calling his name...

* * * * * * *
"RAM" i love you she hugged her knees weeping like hell ,"I Miss you " ram ...kya aap ek baar aa nahi sakthe hai kya ??
i just want to see you once , i want to sleep in your presence ram . ek baar ...i want to see you once ...
lady constable tried to console her but invain ,she is seeing this women frm past 3 days ...
* * * * * * *
her face flashes infront of his eyes ..Her voice echoing in his ears  ...RAM ...
rammm... rammm... he closed his ears with his hands ,kneels down on the floor ,tears brimming from his eyes...

Tere Bina Mushkil Hai Jeena , Tu Mera Humsaaya

* * * * * * *
she is crying copiously calling his name again and again..
Tujse Bichad Jaane Ki Dar ne Ye Ehsaas Dilaaya

* * * * * * * *

He reached her cupboard brought her pink saree which was his favorite ,he unfolded it remembering the old times , he covered himself with the saree [like quilt]
he lost in her smell ,his erratic heart beat came to normal ,he promiced her i will bring you back priya ,he kissed her photo ,he felt an assurance smile slowly drifted off to sleep..

* * * * * * * *

and at a time her sobs controled ,her hands freed from her knees ,her body lies down against the desk..
her eyes rested for night..

Tere Bina Mushkil Hai Jeena , Tu Mera Humsaaya
Tujse Bichad Jaane Ki Dar ne Ye Ehsaas Dilaaya
Bade Ache Lagte Hai... Ye Raina... Aur Tum...

* * * * * * * *

At the court ,everyone gathered and waiting for priya to come ,ram missed her today as he was busy with the case ,he thought that priya already reachd here ..but she wasn't..inspector came and apologied for their late arrival ..ram eyes were searching for priya..
judge: it's ok ..
inspector: but sir priya's health is not so good,so they have shifted to hospital ,doctors told that she has to stay there for couple of hours..[ram astonished and got up from his seat , vikram consoled him]
judge: ok ,we will continue this without priya bcos already priya's lawyer submitted their proofs ,so continue..

ram arranged a detective to get this case done , he got all the proofs that sid has done this sign and he provided a video tape of dealing and signing the contract ...
that the judge sentenced sid for 14 years and released priya ...

Ram rushed towards the hospital ,he never ever drove car this much speed ...
he found her in a room , the constable who is security for priya narrates the incident to ram ..
how she cried the entire night and she thought she was sleeping , when she called in the morning she hasn't opend her eyes so we hurriedly brought her to the hospital ..
she looked so pale ,weak and fragile to him ...
he slid his hand in to her sat near her ,kissed her back of the hand patting her head that he was with her ...
Doctor came to check priya and gavesome medicines ..
ram asked him about her health ...
Mr.kapoor no need to worry indeed a good news for you...his eyebrws knotted with confusion ...
nothing mr.kapoor , you are going to become father ...his tears told how much happy he is and unabble to speak up..
asked doctor ,how ..how many months ..
3 months , with in 7 months you will play with a Jr kapoor , congrtulations.. she is very weak and bahut stressed so just take care of her ..i will discharge her in the evening with in 1 hour  she will get her sences back ..

After sometime he heard a low pitch voice of her .. elated to hear that ,he leaned and asked her what you want ??
wa..water ...
he gave some water to her ,how are you feeling priya ,she flinched her eyes to see who it is , how this is happening ,all she could see is a blurry image of her plumpy husband,she blinked her eyes twice to clear the tears ,elated to see she is her husband arms , she cuddled more close to him ,clutched tightly his collar sobbing hardly telling how much she misses him, his coat all wet by her tears ,she hits on his chest ,why you didn't come to see me , why ...i .. i was ...
 he held her tightly pleaded  her look at him..
she looked at him , don't cry my dear , you should be happy now ,no one separate us ...
she glanced at him with astonishment ...
Yes ,explained her whole court incident , she was glad to hear that she released and she wil be with him the man she loves most ..
that's it ,she wont wish for anything ,she hugged him tight ,he keeps on talking when he feels her weight against him , his lips curved into smile by seeing her peaceful sleep ...he forgt to tell her about their baby ...
he make sure she slept properly, hurriedly left from there made some arrangements in thieer room , came back to hospital to take her ..
he gave the saree and necesary things to her which he packed from home ...she got ready,as always she islooking  absolutely stunning ..
he traced her kajal from eye with his finger put kala thikka behind her ear ...
she laughd at his behaviour , and he earned a soft kiss on his cheeks...
they reachd KM ,and dadi did aarthi for them , both took blessings from her..
he leads the way to her ...telling someone is also waiting to welcoming her ..
he takes her to the bedroom and leading her to the adjoining room ,he blindfolded her ,still she could hear baby laughs ,muffle sounds ,some noice ..
he opened her eyes ,surprised to see the decorated room ...
bunch of 3 to 4 year age kids wear smiling at her all were dressed in blue and pink dresses like the resembling of that room walls ,when ram signaled them everyone singing  congratulations and celebrations with  their sweet, husky tones and showing congratulation cards ,same time rose petals  showered on her ..
she kneels down to their level everykid kissed her and went away with vik and neha..

she bewildered ,asked him what's all this ,the room ...
he showed her a cradle ,she saw it, found his gudiya sleeping in the cradle ...
he kneels down infront of her ,he kept his head on her stomach , and our gudiya sleeping here ...
overhelmed with the news , she just couldn't belive her ears what he just told her ...
ram..aap ..kya...ye sab ..sach ..
he hugged her in same position ..ha sach ..we are going to become parents ...
bas 7 months baki hai ??? with moisten eyes she hugged him ,cried her heartout ..
he wiped her tears away , you like it ..ha i like it ...he caressed her cheeks , i love you ..this is precious gift for me ...
i too love you and i missed you very badly ,fresh tears forming in her eyes ..he kissed away her tears ,than ckeeks,chin he sealed her lips with his ..
his hand rested on her waist another hand entwins with her hand,they gasped for a breath and he fevereshly planting enumerous kisses on her neck ,she arched back to give full access to him , soft kiss turned to passionate and passionate turned wavy ,nobody knows who made first move,enduring their promices eachother, they found solace in each other arms sleeping peacefully welcoming for a new begining of their life..

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A Promice To Keep

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Yippee...First time first one to hit 'like'
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Originally posted by fan_fiction123

Yippee...First time first one to hit 'like'

Thank you dear Wink
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Oh i wish...

Superb dear..Clap
Loved the OS...
The way Ram surprised Priya was fabulous.. Loved the idea..
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ohh its awesome... just too good... wow just loved the way ram disclosed the news to priya... there were so many nice moments...

the only thing i didnt like was that ram didnt
like was that ram didnt went to meet priya for 3days... how could he though its justifiable but nothing is more imp than priya and their love...
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when are you updating other ff
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sooo cute neel...superb way of disclosing the news of them becoming parents soon to priya...loved each and every part...
continue the other ff's soon too pls
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So cute yaar, ,wow ,thanks for the pm.
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